Panasonic is the profitability path in moving away from the general public.

That were formerly termed eternal rival Sony, the Japanese giant Panasonic, confirmed on Thursday an improvement in profitability, but by taking a path that derives more in addition to that of his competitor and compatriot. Panasonic, who had lived two dark years before recovering during the year past, announced Thursday an increase of 28% of its operating income to 82 billion yen (595 million euros). During the months from April to June, Panasonic turnover increased by 2% to 1. 852 billion yen (13.4 billion euros), helped by foreign exchange-related gains. He acknowledged a decline in its net profit to 38 billion yen (275 million euros), is due to exceptional factors which do not jeopardize improving its operational performance, praised recently by the financial rating agencies. The great joy of the latter, Panasonic has made the sorting in its activities and has yet announced several changes Thursday. De facto even if Panasonic sitting its world reputation with the general public on its televisions, hardware audio, appliances, including absorbing Sanyo or the National mark, he turned more and more to professional customer, there where competition is less fierce and profits less uncertain. Therefore, it has benefited from the good health of the automotive sector to which it provides number of equipment and electronic components, including navigation, integrated circuits or battery systems. This area has become for him one of the most important side of the supplies of various elements for the building sector, whether it be wiring materials, energy management systems, or various coatings. -Agreements signed in arm circumference – and the policy from the ex-Matsushita, who took on the later the name of its flagship brand Panasonic was to do everything itself, from the component to the finished product, in recent years, adversity requires, pragmatism tends to prevail. And the Group less than scruples to get rid of the badly divisions or put double mouthfuls in the areas it considers promising. Four announcements made Thursday prove it yet. First, an agreement with the US automaker Tesla on his participation in the construction of a joint battery lithium-ion, master piece of green cars. Then, the signing of a letter of intent to sell its activities of equipment for cellular networks to the Finnish Nokia, because the priority is no longer there. Then the creation of a joint venture of organic screens with Sony, Japan Display (World number one of the small ways screens) and a Japanese public funds. This appears as a means encouraged by the Government to save this activity at the Japan while South Korean Samsung and LG Electronics are in advance. Sony and Panasonic will be very minority, who were there little abandoned a joint project in this sense without having reached the objectives. Finally, the Osaka Group (West) also concluded the transfer of activities of ICS on a large scale in a joint venture to be born with compatriot Fujitsu to no longer have to bear the heavy investments required. With this transformation, Panasonic remains on the same line that three months ago for the entire fiscal year. Its turnover is expected to reach 7. 750 billion yen (+ 0.2%) and its earnings from operations 310 billion yen (+ 1.6%), You should click this blog to learn extra regarding this interesting matter.

Louis from Funès, c’est chic!

In the 1970s, it was not very Guermantes celebrate him a genius of comedy. Playwright Valère Novarina had not published his pioneering ‘For Louis de Funès’ text (1985), praise not less ardent that mannerism of the gendarme of Saint-Tropez. Portrait of Cruchot in Manisha Artaud Blanchot, pure absence (in kepi) which "is murdered herself" and "whose speech is nothing else the sound modulation of a centre empty. Theatre of cruelty or the Great_tony22. Or for transcribing in the dashing franglais «Grande Vadrouille»: «I risk tremendously and on the two tables.» A year later, it is the turn of Jean-Louis Bory to asphyxiate him. Its targets: "big holiday" by Jean Girault with Funes and "the crazy from the 4 Lab" with Jean Lefebvre: Besides Bourvil, only Yves Montand will be able to ably contain the one-man show of De Funès. The death of the first, it is the second that replaces it in "delusions of grandeur" by Gérard Oury, Polnareff music. The film must turn in Spain. "Or early December 1970 begins in Madrid the trial of ETA activists. Montand announces to the delusions of grandeur will not happen. On 28 December, the verdict falls: nine death sentences. Three days later, yielding to international pressure, Franco gracie convicts. The movie is saved. » . For extended regarding this topic visit

Schrannenhalle: The Italian option.

The wind blows the tenant of the Schrannenhalle, Hans Hammer, currently powerful in the face because of his plan to replace Feinkost Käfer against Simmel supermarket. Are by a large majority, however, the merchants of the Viktualienmarkts, a supermarket is a direct competition, they find. And also in the Town Council, little chance are therefore admitted the project. Mayor Dieter Reiter explained: my enthusiasm to make the Schrannenhalle, an Edeka to GDP. No shortage of appropriate shopping rule because the Department stores in the surrounding area. Hammer needs City Council but, if he wants to rent to the retail merchant Peter Simmel. A supermarket moves in the Schrannenhalle, then the lease contract must be changed because, and it needed the approval of the City Council. She not apparent currently but yet at all. The former electrical goods retailer who had made a Fortune with his chain of Mediaworld and then sold it, is befriended by the slow food founder Carlo Petrini and has designed the Eataly markets according to its principles. The first prototype in Turin ran splendidly from the outset, there are now ten branches in Italy, and worldwide York over Chicago for more new to Tokyo and Istanbul. The total annual turnover of the chain is the 300 million euro, 2016 Farinetti with Eataly wants to go on the stock exchange. The Eataly concept is to meat, fish, fruit and vegetables combined with restaurants and cooking stations in a large building to offer high-quality Italian dishes from pasta risotto: to each product, there is also the appropriate local, as well as factories, where, for example, made noodles or beer brewed. The offer is complemented by appropriate seminars and a cooking school. This mesh transitioning combination of gastronomy and gourmet market could be ideally implemented in the Schrannenhalle and would be a less competition for the Viktualienmarkt as an Edeka market that Yes more relies on ladder. In other cities, the Eataly markets have also become tourist attractions. In Germany, there is still no Munich would be the ideal location, it says from Turin headquarters. The negotiations, it is said, were thrived already pretty far with Hans Hammer. Three or four Luca Baffigo Filangieri, the business partner of Farinetti, in Munich, also a kind of preliminary agreement should have already given it. Ultimately the negotiations had failed then but for the time being, so Baffigo Filangieri to Sueddeutsche Zeitung, because Mr. Hammer had demanded a high rent. That is to generate but not with food. He is however confident to come with hammer in the business: we have not yet given up and will make a new attempt in October. The Schrannenhalle is the absolute dream location for us. . Extended data can be read visiting link.

Bombs on Gaza, the war is never-ending Israel mobilizes other 16,000 reservists Summit of UN Security Council.

No one seems able to stop the war in Gaza, arrived at the 24th day. Yesterday a shot of Israeli artillery hit a school of the UN Agency for refugees in Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip by 23 deaths (including women and children) and dozens of wounded. A strike called by UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon ‘ unjustifiable ‘: ‘ nothing is more shameful that attacking children while they sleep, "he thundered, noting that all the evidence indicate Israeli liability. The United States also spoke of "innocent civilians" killed and condemned the attack. 17 dead and 160 others wounded, according to Palestinian sources, have occurred in the Sajaya, one step away from Gaza City, during the four-hour humanitarian truce announced by the Israeli army–and rejected by Hamas–to areas where there is no fighting.   Yesterday the dead under the bombs in Gaza, according to local sources, were about 70, for a grand total, since the beginning of hostilities, of approximately 7200 1336 victims and wounded. Israeli soldiers killed rose to 56 with three dead today in the South of the Strip for a tunnel and a House that are blown. Israeli hospitals–while continuing to rain rockets, especially in the South of Israel (2670 beginning and 280 launched by Hamas in its own territory)-are approximately 117 wounded. The gear of the conflict does not appear destined to hang easily: the Security Cabinet of Benyamin Netanyahu-lasted 5 hours-has ordered the army to continue assaults to Hamas and to continue the Elimination of tunnels that Israel considers lethal to its civilians. In this regard, the Israeli commander of the South Sami Turgeman was not optimistic regarding the times: "it will take-he explained-days to destroy all those who know». Opposite view former President of Israel Shimon Peres that "Israel has instead used the military option": the solution to the Gaza crisis, was his appeal, must be diplomatic, with the Strip to be placed under the control of Palestinian leader Abu Mazen.   The humanitarian situation in Gaza is worsening by the day. There are more than 200 thousand internally displaced people: since the last conflict the number of Unrwa schools ‘ is four times higher, according to John Ging, Operations Director of the Un Office for Humanitarian Affairs. For the NGO Gvc are about 600 thousand people in danger of not having access to safe drinking water. Right on the humanitarian crisis, the UN Security Council will hold a new emergency meeting today at 10 premises, 16 in Italy. With the background of the situation in the Strip, the diplomatic aspect seeks to accelerate: the Vatican has moved its diplomacy for the cessation of hostilities in Gaza and finding a reconciliation. And to urge the international attention on the tragic situation of Christians in Iraq. The State Secretariat has sent the embassies accredited to the Holy see a "Note verbale" to recall the recent calls on the Middle East aimed by the Pope. As well as the US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukry «agreed to resume contacts and to continue consultations and coordination to follow up the deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip. "   . Root data could be read checking the following

Tumors, a simple blood test to discover them.

A simple blood test could revolutionize cancer care.  The new blood test, developed by British researchers at the University of Bradford’s School of Life Sciences in Bradford, Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, it would be able to detect tumors and precancerous conditions in people. If the tests confirm the validity of the method can avoid invasive procedures and sometimes painful like biopsies and colonoscopies also economic saving.   The new test is a simple blood draw followed by a calculation of damages of white blood cells, blood cells responsible for the defense of the organism. The first experiments seem to have given the results that bode well in practice proved to be a high degree of accuracy in diagnosing some cancers, such as colon, lung and skin. British researchers have submitted samples of white blood cells from 208 people to ultraviolet radiation, known to damage cellular Dna, and thus able to induce responses on the part of white blood cells. They then quantified the damage caused to the latter, finding that white blood cells of patients with tumors were, following the submission to ultraviolet radiation, much more damaged white blood cells from healthy subjects. Experiments have also revealed that the white blood cells of people who suffered from cancer conditions had considerable damage intermediate levels and thus were more damaged respects to healthy ones, but not as much as those of people already suffering from tumors. "These are the first results accrued for three different types of cancer and we know that many other research should be conducted, but the results so far obtained are substantial," said David Anderson, Professor of Biomedical Sciences who leads the Group of researchers. . For more information regarding this subject check link.

Dealer pass numbers works: Dax is covered.

At the lower end, Infineon lose significantly 3.0 per cent. The semiconductor group can not score with his interim report. The company has reached again its long-term return on objectives in the past quarter thanks to good business with industrial and energy technology chips. Traders react surprised on the losses. It is cannot be ruled out that some investors with higher expectations in the numbers are gone, it says. The DZ Bank had referenced already the possibility of profit-taking in reaction to the numbers in their comment. Siemens give 0.8 percent put on 1.1 percent after OSRAM. The Group wants to change thousands points. Austerity measures get naturally well on the stock exchange. This is very dramatic, said a dealer. Tend to be streamlining should be welcomed, on the other hand, she show how big were the problems of the company. Because it was after the decline in the share to a soil formation to 34 euros, recreation potential is present. Numbers that were better tick to be added. At the other end, Wincor losing 1.1 percent. . You should check the following home page to learn more on this great topic.

First case of transmission of hepatitis C and resistant.

Currently, to reduce the viral load in these patients, it is often used interfer n and Ribavirin, but taking into account also the new f drugs that have emerged in the past to you, which are safe and effective, such as telaprevir and boceprevir s m [although not all regions have access to n]. Others such as sofosbuvir and daclatasvir, contin, non est n n en Espa (s in Europe) approved. This last one is used in our country, with no special authorization, for cases m serious s, i.e., patients on the waiting list for a transplant, or that they have already been transplanted, but they have developed a reca da grave infection n. The novelty that held these d as the world of hepatitis D is another of these new treatments (simeprevir) be available on the national health system since August 1. The new study describes for the first time, emphasizes the researcher, transmission n by v to sex of resistant virus. Know there is the hepatitis C virus that do not respond to treatment, not necessarily by strength, but by other causes (because the dose of medicine is not sufficient, etc), but not be hab to ever described passing resistant virus of hepatitis C n, exposes the expert. It is a situation only new cl n, is wing expert, to the gu international as on the management of n infection have no response. There are no as above c mo gu treat resistant virus of hepatitis C. In fact, with the reinfectado patient to n are looking cu l is going to be the best treatment strategy. Convendr to, on the one hand, expand the management of n infection Protocol and, on the other hand, increase health p measures public and education n health. Since hepatitis C occurs with m s frequency in people with HIV, much emphasis on passing the AIDS virus n, but not so much in the hepatitis C. Adem s f IOS using, you need to increase p public health measures to prevent the transmission of n. And here is where the problem is, underlines: everyone gets n prevention measures related to drug users (such as sharing syringes), but there are many m s. . Additional info can be found clicking web site.

Skin cancer: The solarium Tan casts its shadow.

The number of skin cancer treatments in hospitals has increased. According to the Federal Statistics Office in Wiesbaden, 23 percent more patients in inpatient treatment have gone in 2012 than five years earlier. Overall, there were 91. 900 patients, of which 55.3 per cent male and 44.7 per cent female. About a quarter of the patients had to be treated due to a malignant melanoma, called "Black skin cancer". Black skin cancer can metastasize and freely spread in the body; He is considered extremely dangerous. This form occurred in men most frequently on the upper body, women mainly in the lower limbs. 73.4 percent of patients were affected by the "bright" skin cancer. He proliferated especially in areas of the body that were subject to regular sunlight: face, scalp, neck, and ears. The increase in skin cancer treatment is due to the demographic changes in parts. "Decreases the performance of the immune system with age", says Claas Ulrich from the skin cancer center of Charité. This increases the number of Plattenepitelkarzinome, a subtype of bright skin cancer. Earlier suffered mainly because farm workers and other occupational groups who are long in the Sun. Some decades ago to would therefore not necessarily treat older, with cancer patients. "That would not worth it", says Ulrich. Today that has changed, because patients are usually completely healthy with the exception of their cancer. Malignant melanoma were a late effect of solariums wedding, however, in the 1990s. You are often people who are bloodstained intensively in their spare time. "Typically Office staff and workers in confined spaces are. Which can often do not wait on the weekend, to go in the Sun, so fast they wish to be Brown. "This also applies to many younger people," You should read the following to read more about this amazing topic.

War in Gaza: A family between all fronts.

It all started actually so hopefully, remembers Jachir s (name changed) in the year 2007, when Hamas won the election in Gaza. Hamas had the Palestinians promised a return to the roots of Islam, in short a peaceful Muslim life clear rules. An end to the cronyism and corruption that had spread during the reign of Al Fatah under Jassir Arafat as an ulcer. The killing of his wife seven years ago is only the beginning of a brutal purge of the Hamas. Another 14 members of the family through targeted killings die until 2013, because they refused to cooperate with Hamas or to allow weapons hiding places in their homes. These executions Act of deterrence: fear no one dares to contradict Hamas. After 10: 00 no one may not even look more on the road, out of the window, explains Jachir. At night would come masked Hamas, go in your yard or climb on your roof and fire rockets towards Israel. Most Palestinians would not even know that, because they are not one time dare Yes, to look out the window. Hamas are like fascists: shy a its own population, killing dissidents and attacking Israel with missiles. You hate the Jews and some glorify even Hitler. Yes, these are fascists, the 50-year old Palästinser with a German passport says. Hamas would act in the name of Islam, but Islam is not so. Because Islam is peaceful. What then happens is many documented: Israel Army calls the homeowner with an automatic announcement or sends an SMS: you’ve got ten minutes to leave her house. Then follows a so-called small bomb, which damaged the House a little. This is your last warning. Later the actual bomb, which puts the House in ruins and explodes. There are reports that in some cases not even 58 seconds were located between two strikes. Currently Jachir s mourns again: last week four cousins in my family, were all killed at the age of nine to eleven years, playing the ball through a bombardment of the Israeli army. I thought the fight only the Hamas or terrorists,. As well as Jachir, more numerous Palestinians on Twitter ask whether because children are terrorists. And why the UN and the world would look to sit on their hands. Meanwhile, the bloody tragedy of the family s seems to be not yet finished: just yesterday killed three more children of this family during an attack by the Israeli army. The children were playing in a park. Jachirs anger rises: Hamas killed 15 family members, including two women, and the Israeli army in a week seven children. Hamas and Israel shoot us, kill civilians – and the world is watching only, he says bitterly. On the question of why there seems to be no answer. Anger turns into hatred. On both sides. . For more data on this topic visit

Video: War in Gaza: Netanyahu long Announces military action.

Attacks began after nightfall. The sky was lit by flares, shots were heard. According to the Palestinian, a rocket ran into the House of a leading Hamas member Ismail Hanija. There have no victims, the Interior Ministry in Gaza said. A spokeswoman for the Israeli military said it exist no information about the incident. In a televised speech, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu had vowed his countrymen on a long conflict in the Gaza Strip. ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER BENJAMIN NETANYAHU we must be prepared for a prolonged offensive. The military operation is terminated then if our goals are achieved. A solution to the crisis is possible only with a demilitarisation of the Palestinian territory controlled by Hamas, said Netanjayu. On 8 July, Israel launched a military offensive against Hamas. More than 1000 residents of the densely populated coastal region have been killed so far, most of them civilians. On the Israeli side came 48 soldiers and three civilians killed. LOCATION: GAZA city, KHAN YOUNIS and GAZA TEL AVIV, ISRAEL closing. You should click this home page to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.