There are still many doubts about the case of Yara Gambirasio, the teenager killed in Brembate di sopra in the province of Bergamo. The man accused of his murder, Massimo Iguazú, received while in prison to visit his wife and children on the occasion of his birthday 44mo. In these days Bosetti enjoyed lifting isolation regime it was from the day of his arrest that occurred four months ago. -In that situation was not a question of punitive but protective measure, given the consequences that the unwritten code of prisoners provides for offences related to spot children. This will not be easy for the direction of via Gleno, in Bergamo, finding the right location. It is likely however that Iguazú is hosted in the "protected", i.e. that of detainees accused of sexual offences of various kinds (from pedophilia to rape) or crimes that might expose them to retaliation by cellmates. The decision to revoke the isolation was taken on its own initiative by Deputy Prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri. . Extended information can be read checking

Costa Concordia: the relief work of the hull.

The captain Damiano Capurso, head of technical Department of captaincy explained that it had received requests from the international supervisory bodies, in order to carry out the inspection on board the ship. It is the Coast Guard investigative body and American marine casualties, that is the adoption of the Imo (International maritime organization). In Italy, the body has been formed in the Ministry of infrastructure and transport and is conducting an administrative investigation on the sinking of Concordia. Ministerial inspectors have already visited the wreck but only until 4 bridge (beyond was not possible). Now the goal is lower, down to where the Gash of the hull. The Ministry, however, do know from captaincy, is a cognitive investigation, like that of the u.s. Coast Guard. The goal is to learn, especially in the security field, the study of the wreck. Targeted, instead, to define personal responsibilities for reparations is the formal investigation, still under way, which is leading the direzione marittima di Livorno. Yesterday Ferdinand Garré, CEO of Ship Recycling, as well as San Giorgio has made the point about the progress of "easing" of the vessel on which they work, in this phase, 80 people, destined to become 150. From here to January will be removed from the wreck between the 8 thousand and 10 thousand tonnes of materials (furniture and fittings of bridges). The geographical areas where are located the disposal plants, Valerio recalled Mulas, project manager of the Consortium, "are between Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy ‘. This phase is meant to bring the draft of the wreckage from the current 17.5 14.5 meters, so you can move from the port of Pra ‘, where he is now moored at the naval repair area of Genoa, which has less depth. Garré explained, however, that you will be able to move the ship as draught of 15.5 metres (and thus before January), thanks to dredging carried out and proud in Lantern yard. In any case, the full dismantling of the wreckage should end, as expected, in may 2016. Garré affirmed that the goal of Ship Recycling goes beyond Concordia: we want to give a pole of disposals of ships in the port of Genoa. Activities that the Italy has abandoned since the ‘ 80 ‘, for reasons of cost and that he can now return to the limelight thanks to the attention that the EU requires Member States in environmental protection, even in naval disposals. On the draft of this pole San Giorgio has invested so far about one million euros. . Similar data can be inspected checking

Eduardo Noriega: ‘it would take Me a rod up to my greatest enemy’.

Actor puts his face in the new field of the variant of the mark, without though it has not so clear if provide also your back. Seen, ask me him, responds to the tica hipot possibility to take off all the clothes for an advertising spot. They are those mysteries that has television n. I’ve gotten ball nose-dive in the cinema, for front and behind s, and nobody never made me ning n comment. However, the happy announcement you report an CDOT as curious as one in which a woman in full flight are you zoom and you asked if it was his. Do qu?, replied without knowing to what they refer to. Neither short nor lazy, he proposed to the curious stranger go to ba or to check for same s than what he sees in ad was her own butt. It is a fen meno inexplicable, very extra or makes you think a little m s projects in television n by the impact which has the means, explains, to while acknowledges that right now there’s nothing on the small screen. Back to put him to the test. Take account of the ‘clashes’ of the film industry with Culture Minister Jos Ignacio Wert, invite you to drink a beer? I hope l pay it to me and that he explain me certain things that I don’t understand. Wert or Montoro, specifies. I’m not qui n to say what they have to do, but there are things that escape me. There are people who say that they deliberately go against the culture. I don’t think so. In any case I think they are inept, but don’t think having bad intent n, in all case are bad managers. There are Montoro or Wert gaffes that find me quite inexplicable and me not matter that they clarified them to me. He admits the dif cil situation which crosses the movie espa ol and not believed to raise VAT or reduce tax incentives help to change it. In fact, think that cinema become an art luxury ass is absurd and that subsidies are not the solution n. Also initiatives such as the Festival of the cinema – which takes place this week-that are well as incentive to attract spectators to the rooms, but not to keep afloat an industry that has been in crisis too many to you. . Similar information can be read checking

Brittany blessed Mainard to Grand Canyon, countdown to sweet death.

Brittany Maynard to Canyon: giddy side of one of the great wonders of the world really starts the countdown toward la dolce morte. The 29 that girl in January and was diagnosed with brain cancer chose the monumental canyons of Colorado as the last stage of his bucket list, good things to do before you die. It is said that a trip to the Grand Canyon is one of those life changing experiences. Yellow shirt, pink sweater, a calm smile on his lips, Brittany has made taking pictures with her family and her husband on the rim of the Gorge. After a first operation and a cycle of care, in April the girl had been diagnosed six months of life and it was then that she decided to leave on his own terms. Will happen on November 1, the day after the birthday of her husband, Dan, in a house in Portland, Oregon, when, accompanied by his family, Brittany take prescribed medications by your doctor. Oregon is one of five States–the others are Vermont, Montana, New Mexico and Washington State-offering legal protection to the terminally ill who decide to put an end to their sufferings: Brittany we moved from San Francisco for this purpose. The girl can change her mind at any time, but doesn’t think it will, because its not a suicidal instinct: I don’t want to die, but the reality is that I’m dying: want to do that to my conditions and with dignity. On her blog she told Brittany the ultimate experience from any tourist, as millions of Americans and foreigners who overlook the precipice of the Canyon was beautiful: I was happy to put together the things I love most, my family and nature. Unfortunately, however, the cancer has not wanted to forget, he posted the girl on her blog on 24 October. At the aftermath of the trip to the Canyon the girl was hospitalized with more serious epileptic seizure in the brief history of his illness that left her unable to speak for hours. The attack reminded me that the symptoms continue to worsen and the tumor is making its course, wrote Brittany who is using his last days to support America’s approval of other laws to defend the right to die with dignity of the sick without hope: my dream is that every American in my condition can choose to do so if they wish. . You should read the following to learn extra regarding this interesting topic.

The milmillonarios feeding inequality.

Extreme inequality is a brake on prosperity for most of the inhabitants of the planet. Today d a, econ mico s growth it is benefiting the m s rich, and continue being as while Governments do not act in to reverse this perverse mica din. No duty masters allow that you doctrines the econ micas – s the benefit in the short term-, or persons seeking it rich and powerful – that s seek it to own profit – us blind to these facts. Around the world, millions of people die due to lack of attention n health and millions of or you no access to school, while a small Lite accumulates m s money that is you can spend in a lifetime, said Winnie Byanyima, Director Ejecutiva of Oxfam International. ESPA a has to stop being the second pa s m s uneven of the EU. But this is not enough to wait for the economy to rebound. Econ mico growth per is does not create societies fair s m or pr speras. They are necessary pol ticas m redistributive s that are committed to reduce inequality: raising of a fair and progressive way and invest in pol ticas p public that guarantee equal opportunities, together with a shortening of the salary scales and the decreasing n of the gaps between men and women. The Government espa ol goes in direction contrary to promote a tax reform that does not serve to raise a m s fair way and to present some general State budgets that do not opt for an increase in social spending, says Vera. . Related facts can be inspected reading

Crash test: The last, turn off the light.

Quick, but if not much work in the formula 1 – fast, they can still. Especially quickly spend much too much money. We wrote last week at this point, it would probably damn it tight for Caterham with the participation in the Grand Prix of the United States in Austin, Texas, this weekend (starting race: Sunday, 20 00 pm CET / live at RTL, sky and the formula 1 ticker in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.) NET). That was on Wednesday – Thursday was then final closing time at the current worst team of formula 1; the liquidator made to the factory, and choose the light. So far no one has found, which is ready to flip the switch again and pay the outstanding invoices. However, not only Caterham not in Texas will appear, but also Marussia. The team from Banbury is managed by a liquidator (other). The Russian financier Andrej Tscheglakow has discontinued its support. The billionaire from Moscow wanted to keep obviously the team Prix up to the first Russian Grand three weeks ago in Sochi over water, now he does not want more on wrecking investments. No one can be forced to put money – would Tscheglakow however earlier implemented the idea into action, would experience the team, whose precarious financial located was known for months, not even the terrible accident of his driver Jules Bianchi in Suzuka must in a not obviously working business model. So 18 cars start as few as last 2005 not only six as in Indianapolis in Austin, but at least in that year. At that time managed the formula 1 with the waiver of the Michelin-shod cars on the race, in dedicated aversion to transform the disinterest of the Americans in the race series within a weekend. Since the race in Austin, held it goes to the weekend in his third edition, come more and more Americans from the Meckerecke. 13 of 16 rounds wins a race series, in a team – Mercedes – whose Weltmeister wants to put your feet up during a qualification run and that it creates on revenues of approximately $1.8 billion that its owner, the financial company, CVC, 2012 while more than 300 million dollars profit could apply, whose participants and marketers but themselves so divided, that within a week two teams into bankruptcy and are a few hundred employees in the Midlands looking likely to be new jobs must, working while the rich teams like red with a vengeance: Bull and Ferrari, to make their sport in the future a little bit more expensive, in the hope to be able to catch up with Mercedes. And if this can be achieved? If the formula 1 in the future is even more expensive. You can check the following to read extra about this interesting topic.

Slandering, behold the gag for newspapers online: fines of up to 50 000 euros.

ROME-NIMBLE in bringing to a vote a law on defamation that will gag the press and online magazines. Slow, very slow, in fact decide who to send to the Constitutional Court and the Csm. should be good day tomorrow, so they had guaranteed the Democratic Party and Forza Italy, but here’s a new referral suddenly. No more sitting, if I issue is who knows when. Instead on libel do not lose time. There is a desire to settle scores with journalists, including those working in online publications. Especially those, so much so that in the Senate-where today at 11 we vote the text which fortunately must return to the room-is accepted an amendment of pentastellati (Fucksia, Airola, Buccarella, Cappelletti, Giarrusso) so even the newspapers online, in case of defamation, must pay a fine of up to 10,000 euros. If the offence consists in the attribution of a fact determined fake the fine goes from 10 thousand to 50 thousand euros.  Of course, there is no jail time, and this is definitely a step forward, as the Pd Felice Casson. Although it is accepted his proposal to decriminalize all, erase just the libel as a criminal offence and in its place a civil penalty. But not only the crime remains, but will worsen the economic sanction and especially you claim two principles which, at this point, you should redo the Montecitorio accounts: an extremely stiff grinding mechanism, practically Halter for the media of any type, print, tv, online, magazines that cannot fail the post denied without comment without reply, Untitled, but only under the designation corrigendum to letters. Enter the right to oblivion which, as experts say the laws on information, as the lawyer Katya Malavenda, there enters legally anything with defamation. Instead there, article 3: the person concerned may request the elimination, by internet sites and search engines, defamatory content or of personal data processed in violation of the provisions of the law. In case of death of the person concerned can exercise the same right. The only positive note is that disputes will be punished and rash actions, those who ask a hefty amount even knowing that the defamation claim is weak. Casson has an amendment that is approved. Today the Senate closed the text. Instead, we are always on the Look out at sea. Only thanks to the timely appointment of Napolitano, the Court does not stay with only 11 judges. In addition the cricket crisis also highlights the opening of Renzi (give way to Csm and in return their voted the judges of the Court). On the blog the leader of M5s flip the table, asks talks only to sunlight, nothing secret pacts, Renzi is his names publicly, transparency is what we want, not chairs, otherwise they will be other black smoke. But the names of the Democratic Party still there are. A woman says. Although the case is not yet closed Violante, there is a pressing on him because they face aside, officially to prevent whoever sponsors continue to do so by any other project fail. A mess, where Radio meets the leaders of House and Senate hope and Zanda, the delegates concerned, but then piglia upon himself the last decision on the names. At this point, certainly there is only that if talks in a week. . You must check this to learn extra about this great topic.

The EU maintains sanctions against the Russia, assesses their impact.

The European Union decided on Tuesday to maintain the sanctions against Russia for its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, told AFP from concordant sources. There was currently no reasons to change the restrictive measures in the EU against the Russia, said a European source at the end of a meeting of EU ambassadors, noting that this decision had endorsed the week last by European leaders meeting in a Summit in Brussels. The Member States are rather agree to say that there was no development on the ground or change in the attitude of the Russia which justifies that it rethinks sanctions, said a diplomatic source, describing relationships terribly degraded between Brussels and Moscow. Tuesday, 28 mainly discussed the impact of the EU against the Russia sanctions and the situation on the ground, said the European source, stating that the EU would continue to monitor the situation in the East of the Ukraine and in particular in implementing the cease-fire agreement early September. This ceasefire to ease the situation, even though fighting continued against pro-Russian separatists in the Ukrainian forces, particularly around the airport of Donetsk. The European Union took several rounds of sanctions against companies and senior Russian officials, as well as separatists, for their role in the crisis. The last train of sanctions, decided early September, still restricted opportunities to finance itself on the markets for five banks and six companies from the sectors of defence and energy, including oil giant Rosneft. EU investors can no longer buy bonds and shares issued by these groups, nor their grant of loans including maturity is greater than 30 days. It also extended the gels of assets and bans on visas, which are now 119 people including relatives of Russian president Vladimir Poutine. Clearly, the sanctions work, said a European diplomatic source. They also worked pretty quickly if you look at the drop in the ruble or the fact that the Russia had to dip into its reserves to meet the financing needs of the affected operators, she added. The ruble broke Tuesday a new historic record of weakness against the euro and the dollar, consequence of the withdrawal of foreign investors. In this context, the decline in the price of oil does not help the Russian Government whose revenues are very dependent on gas and oil, according to the source. axr/az. You can read this source to discover more regarding this interesting subject.

Syria crisis: Germany pays EUR 500 million for refugee assistance.

Berlin – because of the lingering refugees from Syria Germany provides an additional 500 million euros. It announced at the end of an international refugee conference in Berlin German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD). The money stand ready in the next three years for humanitarian aid and development cooperation. However, the sum of half a billion euros from the federal budget means no increase in first of all: it should remain at this amount, this would mean even a reduction of the German support. Because in the years 2012-2014 Germany paid 630 million euro in the Syrian neighbours. In addition a special post about EUR 140 million from the budget of the Ministry of development aid for the acute winter aid in the current year. From this pot winter accommodations in the northern Iraq Dohuk for 3000 to 4000 financed soon among people. Guterres urged Syria’s neighbors were major donors so far by far. So big the international support it – it is in no way sufficient. On humanitarian aid, must be long-term development assistance and paid direct budget aid to Jordan, the Lebanon and Turkey. . You should read the following blog to read extra about this interesting matter.

Desperate appeal – save Tamer (10) before the “honour killing”.

Amnesty is committed to women’s rights in Afghanistan. Yasmine Acer (47), Secretary General of Amnesty International in Germany, worked over a period of ten years in Afghanistan. To picture it says the bitter phrase: "girls don’t actually exist in this society. You ‘include’ the family – and have no right of itself to determine. "The ordeal of Faizah (10) begins on the 1st of May this year. After an hour of Koran in the mosque, the Mullah, Mohammed falls from Amin, on the Petite girl. The newspaper "New York Times" will quote later unbearable details of the medical findings. Only this: Tamer losing so much blood and passed so late in the care of physicians, that it hovers in the meantime in danger. The Mullah is in pre-trial detention. From there, Mohammed offered Amin, to marry to Faizah. The girl, he is nearly killed when his rape, should take him even to the husband!According to the Human Rights Commission in Afghanistan are about two-thirds of Afghan girls under 16 forced married already. The protest action by Amnesty Internationalformiert and worldwide. In Germany alone, thousands of online petitions have joined in, including others have sent letters to the Justice Minister in Kabul and the Afghan Embassy in Berlin. . Inspirational source can be found checking this web site.