Anesthesia: Death after dental surgery.

Both probably in Augsburg the case: the 46-year-old patient suffering from down syndrome. Qualified assistance for the anaesthetic was not local, also no irregular post-op. Hendrik Liedtke, appraisers and anesthesia chief physician in Halle/Saale speaks of backyard anaesthesia: the number of black sheep is small. But we have too many cases involving alleged petty anaesthesia killed patients, especially also keep coming back children. On a dental surgery, patients must pay mostly itself an Anaesthetic – from misguided sense of loyalty, some dentists opt for a low-cost structure. In Berlin, we commit practices randomly. But it is not everywhere so done, says Christel Stoeckel Heilenz, anaesthetist and Vice President of the German society of practice clinic. If we wanted to check the dental surgeries, we would have no access at all. Must apply for all: just who provides the quality standards, may settle to anaesthesia. A statutory registration register for anaesthetic incidents does not exist in Germany. . You can check the following website to learn extra on this interesting topic.

Putin announced the creation of the free trade area with the Viet Nam.

Russian president Vladimir Poutine announced Tuesday the creation of a free trade area between the Customs Union led by the Russia and Vietnam, after a meeting Tuesday with the number one Vietnamese, Nguyen Phu Trong. The talks are at the stage of finalization, and the Viet Nam will become the first country with which an agreement will be reached, said M. Poutine, at the end of a meeting with the general Secretary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam in Sochi, on the Black Sea. Founded in 2010, the Customs Union between Belarus, the Kazakhstan and the Russia exempts customs duties goods moving between these three States and allows their free movement within the Union. Moscow and Hanoi also agreed agreed on increasing shipments of Vietnamese agricultural products on the Russian market, according to M. Poutine. In August, the Russia had instituted an embargo on most food products from countries of the European Union, in response to the Western sanctions against him. On the other hand, the Russian gas giant Gazprom announced in a release signed an agreement with the Vietnamese public group of oil PetroVietnam on the joint exploration of deposits in the Orenburg region and the autonomous district of Yamalo-Nenets (Northwest of Siberia). Another agreement provides for the delivery of Russian oil from the VSTO (ESPO) brand to Viet Nam by the Gazprom Gazprom Neft, the oil industry group. Trade between the Russia and the Viet Nam can reach up to 10 billion dollars within a few years, welcomed by Vladimir Poutine. Seventeen investment projects amounting to more than $ 20 billion are underway, according to the Russian president. The Russia was always one of the main partners of the Viet Nam, recalled Nguyen Phu Trong, advocating the strengthening of cooperation with Moscow to change the relations between the two countries to a new, higher level. ml/mp/st/eb. Extended information can be read reading blog.

Internet: grow audience and advertising, dominates the mobile web. Opportunities in the big date and in SMEs.

We are in a time of Digital Renaissance: with this Declaration of optimism Carlo Noseda, President Iab Italy, opened this morning in Milan the Iab Forum, two days of meetings, workshops and reflections on current digital marketing to MiCo-Milano Congressi (25/26 November). A Renaissance which see in the growth of digital advertising market the tangible evidence of a countertrend: the economic Digital Advertising in Italy increases of 12.7%, thus consolidating the position of the internet as a medium for advertising after a tv market by 2 billion euros. Leisure Consumer segments and investing more Opportunity in the big date and in SMEs-digital spending of Italian companies reached 23.1% (in line with the global average, says D’hooge): between the various market segments, leisure (43%) and consumer goods (27 percent) invest more. The market growth has exceeded expectations by at least four points-explains ANSA Marzan-: Italy in 2014 will be the fourth in Europe for online marketing. -According to the Deputy Director of Iab Italy more opportunities in the future are not only big date (but I prefer to talk about smart data: the customer appreciates an advertisement that gets closer and closer to him), but also for the digital market entry for small and medium-sized enterprises: the 50% of them still doesn’t have a website, can invest in Search and Social. And if advertising grows, the audience to which this is marketing is no different. Domain of the mobile Internet according to preferred medium-In digital listening data presented by Enrico Gasperini, President Audiweb, emerges the mobile domain: From mobile phone fanatics we’ve become fans of smartphones, says Gasperini. About 21.2 million users on the average day, indeed, 15 million access from Smartphones (data September 2014), making this privileged instrument in Total Digital Audience. For 11.2 million users your smartphone then is the only access road to the web: inside the mobile experience the 87% of the time is spent on the app (WhatsApp in the lead, followed by Facebook, Google Search, Facebook Messenger and YouTube). -Access to mobile web trolling the internet’s consolidation as the second favorite medium, with 20.4 million people for 2:43 hours daily, while the only mobile exceeds listens on tv in the morning. After a decline between 2012 and 2013 ( -5.9) access to the digital medium is in fact back to grow in the last year (+58.7 per cent), especially among women (+60.7%) and young people (18-24: +124.8%, 25-34: +96.5). The over-55 viewership remains instead a minority: only 22.3% of them is online and only 47% accessed from PCs. This is a generational digital divide, no less serious than that of broadband, says on the sidelines Enrico Gasperini, President Audiweb.   . Original source may be studied clicking this home page.

Households, very specific employers.

Why do a little simpler when you can do much more complicated? Less than a month after introducing 50 measures designed to simplify the life of entrepreneurs and individuals, the Government is struggling to not ask the question. Evidenced again yesterday evening at the Assembly second reading of the 2015 budget of social security, its willingness to restrict the scope of an exemption intended to alleviate with a rare lack of discernment, of,. 75 cents the cost of working at home time set by the employer. Bercy has devised nothing better that to benefit only hours in the custody of more than six years, but not those devoted to household chores, be made by the same person – as is most often the case in ‘real life ‘. That is, applied to households, the painfulness account syndrome imposed on firms: impractical theoretical scaffolding developed from brains that have never used anyone. But, even more, this willingness of the Executive to oversee an exemption from contributions of individual employers demonstrates the misunderstanding sovereign they suffered on the part of public authorities. Households employing domestic workers are subject to State discrimination without political color. When is decided a measure of decrease of the cost of unskilled labour, it is never for them, which do however work 1.7 million people without qualification. The reduction in charges in respect of tax competitiveness employment credit? Not for them. But La Poste, she can touch them shamelessly for its postal,. Fillon relief? No more. The inequity of treatment which is reserved for them goes further. For three years, their expenses continued to increase, and very strongly, as a result of the removal, in 2011, for the reduction in Borloo (15 points of employer contributions) and at the time of judgment given in 2012 to the possibility of calculating contributions, package, on the basis of the minimum wage. To defend its so-called generosity to individual employers, the State regularly opposed the tax reduction they enjoyed: 50% of loaded salaries, within the limit of 7. 500 euros per year,. Curious way of presenting what is, in reality, a tax rate of 50% of the remuneration paid to their staff! What other employers are treated in this way, to pay 50% tax on remuneration? Presumed patterns for personal convenience, households do not have a status of employer. It is unfair. And it is ineffective. Since almost 30 months, Payroll employment at home continues to decline. Fewer jobs, fewer hours declared: these are in-home employees who make charges. . You must click the following home page to learn more on this amazing matter.

The Assembly raises too many questions (written).

Claude Bartolone cache not en. He wanted a flat much broader delivery of the functioning of the National Assembly over which he presides. His ambitions to rewrite the rules of the House to the modernising and making parliamentary work more effective and transparent, clashed with the differences of the various political groups. So much for the great site: cross-national working group that Board since January 2013 on the subject has opted for ‘policy of small no’ and consensus. However, a measure of the motion for a resolution by Claude Bartolone to amend the regulations has made debate during the consideration of the text in the Committee on laws, this Wednesday: the limitation at the beginning of the regular session, the number of written questions. Written question, which allows a member to interoger very precisely a Minister, who has two months to respond, Mr love. 13 377 issues during the 1995-1996 session, it rose to 26 906 issues during the 2013-1014 session, twice in less than twenty years. And "more than 65,000 questions have already been asked since June 2012", the president of the Assembly, an average score of 113 per Member. Some question as they breathe. "There’s five MPs exploding meters, beyond 1000 alone," observes Jean-Jacques Urvoas, president (PS) of the commission of laws, which also wants him to "curb the incontinence of some colleagues. The Web site nosdeputes. FR provides a ranking, with four UMP and a Communist in the top five. And the TBWA-Corporate communication agency had dissected this prose on a year of legislature from July 2012 to July 2013 for giving such as podium, Marc Le Fur (UMP) and Jean-Jacques Candelier (CPF) tied with 945 questions then the IDU Michel Zumkeller (849). Problem: more there are issues fewer there are departmental responses. 96% during the legislature 1993-1997, the response rate dropped to 68% and only a quarter of the questions Gets a response within the time limit of two months. "Too many questions kill questions," deals Pascal Popelin, favour a ceiling to give meaning to this tool. According to the Socialist, many of his colleagues fill in questions Ministerial to climb their statistics on MEPs ranking sites. "When we look at the thread of questions, is sometimes chronicle the unusual or the small Telegrapher. One has the impression that some are involved in a bad competition. "Moreover, in its motion for a resolution, Bartolone also wants to limit the duration of the general debate, preamble to the debate on legislation in the House, reduce evening sessions, make public Committee meetings. In the Committee on laws, deputies suggested however facilitate camera for the hearings of personalities, a concern of the commissions of the defence and Foreign Affairs. They also granted status to 2100 employees who work at the Assembly. And an amendment of the EELV Deputies adopted: it aims to enter in the regulations the register of interest representatives established early 2014 and to allow the Manager to put his nose in matters relating to conflicts of interest. . Main data may be found reading this fact.

The Moretti, the beautician and Lady like style: irony and sarcasm on the net.

Are you Alessandra Moretti, former spokesman of Bersani, then a member of the Democratic Party, then in the "Chess" by Matteo Renzi, then League leaders (elected with over 200 thousand and preferences) to Europe, now a candidate to challenge Luca Zaia to the Chair of the Governor of Veneto. For some it is now at the center of the political "debate" after releasing a special interview with the Corriere della Sera (with questions of Luke and M), where, between the serious and the facetious, between irony and "analysis", gave a series of politically relevant and useful information. MEP indeed told of going from beautician all week, getting the meches, to accompany their children to school running (while they are on bikes), to have a political style "lady-like", by knowing how to cook well (especially the pasta with tomato sauce), to love the Mino Reitano (except then correct itself ,. it’s Rino Gaetano, sic) and to consider the style of Rosi Bindi mortifying for women. . Extended text can be inspected checking fact.

Milan, arson at Aler via Deceptions.

An arson grew last night around 2, by way of Deception in Milan, at the headquarters of Aler, the body that deals with housing. Unknown assailants have broken the glass of the offices on the first floor, introduced themselves inside and have set fire burning a few desks and folders. Firemen intervened with four half and remained there for two hours. Inside was found a bottleneck, but free of flammable liquid. The findings of the police officers are still ongoing. Trade unions: ignoble gesture it is ‘ a new, very serious act of vandalism ", what happened tonight at the door Aler via Deceptions in Milan. Is what we read in a note signed by Icyl, Cisl, Uil and Confsal. "The condemnation of this ignoble gesture can only be strong and unanimous-reads the note. The State of decay and lawlessness that is experiencing the city of Milan is the direct consequence of a policy of living blind and wrong. " «Workers of Aler Milano-continue the unions have become, despite themselves, the chosen target of continued assaults and harassment. Their safety is put to the test daily. The situation has become intolerable and unmanageable. The legality and the civic order should be restored as soon as possible and the culprits prosecuted. " PM scarcera three youths arrested in Milan yesterday to clashes The pm of Milan Fabio De Pasquale placed Meanwhile the release of three young men arrested yesterday on charges of official public resistance following clashes with law enforcement in the area of Milan, Corvetto after the eviction of two social centres. As it became known, the Prosecutor ordered the release of three young men as he considered the allegations against them as minor facts. Then suspects remain on the loose, again on charges of resisting a public officer, as the other four guys reported following the clashes erupted after evictions. Yesterday, Milan had lived another day of tension for housing evictions Aler in the area southeast of the city, between the residents of public housing and the exasperated antagonists for the police that is commanded to vacate the two social centres via Ravenna: the "Corvaccio" at number 30 and the space occupied by anarchist "black rose" at 40. . Related data can be inspected reading

Spain verkorkstes World Cup year: the beginning in the end.

The retired football coach had no desire to bother this evening with all the big and small problems, which probably already follow him at every step, he wanted to have lessons any further in public. A victory would have been a nice conclusion once again, he would have fired him and his players with a better feel in the Christmas break, so he was a little disappointed, del Bosque admitted. But also a success in Vigo would have barely covered that the Spanish team is facing difficult times. Specifically, She’s already in the middle. Because it lacked this evening: the parts of the team didn’t attack each other; When the lively ISCO or Raúl García had brought the ball towards the penalty area by Ron-Robert Zieler, no one was there who could exploit the playback. The routes were not often, lacked understanding of the blind. How can it be that also? Del Bosque had given, a chance players with García with the Vigo local hero Nolito and also Bruno Soriano, for which he had little left in the past – and you will play well in the future no real role. His advice to world champion head coach Joachim Löw was therefore all the more astonishing: victories in the past do not help you to win the next match, del Bosque said you should fancy nothing and always questioning what to do, because doubts are always positive. . Original source may be found reading this

Make reenactment in Nazi uniform and breaks out the controversy.

a little more than 1. 500 souls, in the province of Alessandria, seemed to be once again experiencing a at the time of the Nazi roundups and purges. So, what was supposed to be a simple reenactment, risked becoming a political event, with pictures of young Nazis who make the rounds of the web and the Pd parliamentary Michele Abdulmohsen invoking even the intervention of the Viminale. To throw water on the fire, we think Claudio Stevanin, 77/partner or Lone Wolves, an Association of fans of modellissimo and historical re-enactments. We wanted to represent a partisan command, but because of the flood that struck the Alessandrino occurred only on the Nazis. We didn’t want to offend anyone and when we realized that our presence was not welcome, we ditched everything and we soon changed. Yet what for Stevanin and his friends-which since 1996 organized historical reenactments of various ages-he wanted to be just a way to spend Sunday afternoon sparked controversy to no end. A shame, complained about tourists present for the truffle fair to Murisengo. Where at the time of the second world war there was really a garrison of the Black Brigade responsible for executions, torture and raids. The Mayor of the village, Giovanni Baroero, he immediately disassociated from the initiative and the MP Abdulmohsen he evoked the apologia of fascism, recalling the 15.000 Italian victims of Nazi massacres in our 400 Holocaust that will add to the abomination of the Holocaust and of World War II. The Association has also sent a letter to the first citizen of the country to explain the real intentions of its members. It appears if we wanted to do such a thing, it justifies Stevanin, who lives in Murisengo, where 77/associations or Solitary Wolves is headquartered. I had an uncle insists partisan-I could never do such a thing. . You can visit the following to read more regarding this amazing subject.

Justice cancels a social plan of IBM France.

The Court of appeal of Versailles has canceled a social plan completed in 2013 by the computer company IBM France, which provided nearly 700 voluntary departures, learned from trade union sources. In its judgment, that the AFP was able to consult, the Court cancels the backup plan of employment related to the support of IBM France plan launched in 2013, giving reason to the CGT-metallurgy, originally of the appeal. The CGT was opposed to an agreement between IBM and three other unions, the CFDT, CFE – CGC, Unsa. It focused on the method and social accompanying measures. It did no dismissal because the number of applications to voluntary departure and late career (retirement and pre-retirement) measures was far superior to the 689 post reductions envisaged by the Directorate, said the Court in its judgment. The CGT claimed that IBM have not envisioned, to decrease the magnitude of the employment, the use of part-time backup plan and the end of the use of outsourcing, according to the Court. Unsa and CFDT have announced in a press release you want to analyze the impact of this decision both for volunteers of this plan parties for nearly a year of the company personnel remaining. The first could in theory ask their reintegration in society, according to Pierre Poquet, steward central Unsa, first Union of IBM France. Branch had succeeded at trial, January 23, before the tribunal of Grand instance of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). It can now appeal to the Supreme Court, last resort. . You must visit the following website to read extra on this great topic.