Tour de France: Pinot ignites the first stage of the Pyrenees.

Appetizing appetizer. The first stage of the crossing of the Pyrenees has done almost as much damage as the two days in the Alps. The climb of the Port de Bales (11.7 km at 7.7%) was enough to pass by the window a pack of contenders to the top 5. American Tejay Van Garderen is the most amoché, this Tuesday evening, at Bagnères-de-Luchon. The rider of the BMC abandons almost four minutes to his main adversaries, on a single pass! The Dutch Bauke Mollema (Belkin) does not come out unscathed either (3 minutes of disbursements). The French Roman Bardet also left feathers (1’50 delay). Result of a fitness drive complicated after the rest day? The next two steps, which will see the riders take three passes of the first category and three of out of category, will deliver their verdict and could hurt. Overall, a Quartet pulls it off well: the yellow Jersey Vincenzo Nibali (Astana), his heir apparent Alejandro Valverde (Movistar), Jean-Christophe Péraud (AG2R) and Thibaut Pinot (FDJ. fr). Franche-Comté climber martyred his opponents on the slopes of the Port de Bales, décramponnant same Nibali and Valverde in the last hectometres of the main difficulty of the day. After the show AG2Rdans the Alps, this time the FDJ which was regaled with a team work impressive Arnold Jeannesson and Jeremy Roy. The most steep slopes of the Pyrenees seem to be more suited to Pinot, who entrusted have "good legs" and wanting to "enjoy". It recovers at the same time the White Jersey of best young and stinging third place on Bardet. The boy is more hidden. The goal, now, is the ‘podium ‘. Station to Jean-Christophe Péraud, which does point to one minute, and might be more comfortable in the against-the – Saturday shows. As teammate Bardet, he hopes to have "a little more freedom from now. Tomorrow the step pleases me, I hope to have better legs. While Favorites is pulling the Floss, the breakaway of the day, she followed his way, for the benefit of the Australian Michael Rogers (Saxo-Tinkoff). The forecastle of 34 years, already doubled in the last Giro stage winner, came to disentangle from the doubles of Europcar (Gauthier and Voeckler) in the last kilometers. What snatch a new larmichette to his boss Oleg Tinkoff, that finished more than see his men win, after the success of Majka in Risoul. And say that this Rogers could follow this lap watching TV, after having been controlled positive for clenbuterol in December,. But the Australian had finally seen his suspension lifted, pleading "food contamination". A theory which, a few years ago had not smiled its leader Alberto Contador. . You must read the following reference to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

Heterologous fertilization, in France is contentious (at left).

While in our country someone unleashes the Nas to knowledge of the Ministry of health to try, not even they were dangerous outbreaks of ebola, possible pregnancies resulting from the recent abolition of the prohibition of unconstitutionality of Heterologous fertilization, in France, where it is legal as heterologous almost everywhere, he discusses these days especially the uterus for rent and surrogate mothers. The debate started with an open letter published by Libération and signed not by right-wing conservatives or pro life groups, but by Jacques Delors, former European Commission President, Lionel Jospin, former Socialist Prime Minister of France, other personalities of the French left as Catherine Tasca and Marie-George Buffet, but also writers and historic women’s movement, University professors, psychoanalysts and sociological. Among the signatory associations, the Cadac, coordination of associations for the right to abortion and contraception, the Clf, coordination French lesbians, Npns, movement Ni putes ni soumies, Cndf, the national collective for women’s rights. The appeal takes a stand against the judgment of the European Court of human rights that, similarly to what happened in Italy, sanctioned the France for refusing to recognize children born by surrogacy as children of parents went abroad to get a child through the use of uterus for rent. And just what the uterus for rent will be one of the next areas of bioethical debate, one of the real ones, which serves an urgent, since the "ghost children" are multiplying, as multiply cases of couples who use this technique. On the other hand, a mode that cannot but arouse serious questions: How can I remove to a mother who has just given birth to her son and, conversely, remove a child his biological mother for more than nine months, as if the pregnancy was not already an unbreakable bond between mother and son and forgot that in the first months of life this bond continues through breastfeedingthat children born to mothers are often private rent? And how to prevent poor mothers to sell their bodies, with all the physical and emotional consequences of a choice like that? For this urgently needed legislation, faced with a phenomenon that can hardly be stopped and which however, distressing consequences curb on biological mothers and children. We, probably, the debate will come between years, and following an appeal from judgment of parents "pioneers". Meanwhile, of course, there are those who send the Nas to ferret out the culprits of pregnancy began in more painless way (by all parties): from sperm or egg donation. The usual Italian farce, instead of a serious debate about points that deserve a real comparison.    . Root data could be read visiting this info.

Bike sharing and CAR SHARING are starting to give results. According to the report on the quality of the urban environment elaborated by Istat, the reduction of private cars and increased sustainable mobility has improved air quality. Taking into considerazuione the particulate matter, compared to 2012, in fact, decreases by 52 to 44 the number of cities where the limit value for the protection of human health provided for PM10 is exceeded for more than 35 days. According to the Institute, then in 2013 will reduce power rates in the provincial capitals: 613.2 cars and motorcycles per 1000 inhabitants 132.7 (respectively -0.9 and -0.6% in comparison with the 2012). Continue to grow the share of euro 4 or higher passenger cars and motorcycles euro 3 (less polluting vehicles) representing 53 respectively and 37.8% of the market in provincial capitals. In the South but only 42% of car is in euro 4 or higher class, and this is reflected in a deterioration of air in Campania, where the capitals that exceed the limits are passed in a year from 2 to 4. Is falling, the demand for local public transport, with the number of passengers decreased in all the provincial capitals of 4.3%. Spread the initiatives in favour of sustainable mobility, said Istat, growing offer of car sharing, present in 23 cities (especially in the North) and bike sharing, activated in 66 cities. Of the 116 seats, 36 have at least 34 km of cycle paths. . Additional text can be found reading

‘ Ndrangheta, infiltration on landfill management: 24 arrests. There are also 2 criminal and entrepreneur.

of Ros and provincial command of Reggio Calabria on the d.a. mafia. It would be made past the Defense technique against the exponents of the cosca Alampi allowing suspects to continue nourishing material interests on the companies seized. Would, for this purpose, information conveyed by the prison. Both must answer the charge of mafia association. Activities are underway to search in law firms and in the homes of two professionals of Reggio Calabria. Matteo Alampi, entrepreneur considered prominent element of the ‘ ndrangheta clan of the same name by Reggio Calabria, was arrested in France along with his wife Maria Giovanna Siclari. involved in operation ‘ Spa 2 ‘ Waste performed this morning by police. been traced by the regional judicial police service of Nice and by Carabinieri of Ros, thanks to Interpol cooperation. Alampi had taken refuge on the French Riviera in Villefranche sur mer, to escape the notice of the special surveillance after his release took place last March. The police have notified of the arrest warrant issued by the district anti-mafia Prosecutor in Reggio Calabria for mafia association and fictitious assets header. . For extra insights regarding this matter check

Netflix exceeds the 50 million users.

Season 2 orange is The New Black is available since June 6 on Netflix. Photo credits: Paul Schiraldi/AP Netflix is not ready to desert the users screens. The company, which offers a platform for watching television shows and movies online, introduced Monday its results for the second quarter of the year. It claims a turnover of 1.34 billion dollars (991 million euros), an increase of more than 25% compared with the second quarter of 2013. Profits amounted to more than $ 71 million (EUR 52 million), an increase of more than 141% since the second quarter of 2013. Netflix shows Furthermore a number of users over 50 million people worldwide, an increase of more than 33% in one year. These good results are explained by the online of the season 2 orange is The New Black, an original series produced by Netflix, whose debut had been acclaimed by users. She tells the daily life of inmates in a prison for women. Available since June 6, the work became the most-watched sitcom on the platform in its first month of release. Netflix hopes to surf on the success of Orange is the New Black until the third quarter, period during which he plans to win more than 1.3 million users in the United States. Also, the American company announced that it intended to continue to invest in original productions and explore new formats. It has already unveiled that it would launch its first issue of talk-show in 2016. "While we win every day new members, we want to invest to improve our users ‘ experience and make our service available in as many countries as possible", explained Reed Hastings and David Wells, respectively CEO and CFO of Netflix. Available in more than 40 countries in the world, the platform has in the second quarter more than 13 million users outside the United States, an increase of 78% in one year. Netflix hopes to increase its international audience of more than 2 million people by October. In September, the platform will officially launch in France as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and the Luxembourg. . Root source could be read clicking this

PHOTOS. The baby who wants to revolutionize the baby monitors.

In addition to sound and high definition video, Onni Baby Pro proposes to measure the temperature of the room, a remote pilot light and the ability to read the soothing MP3 for your child through a built-in speaker. The device works with a web portal and several applications on smartphone. This allows parents to take a look at some practical information, like diapers, food and sleep patterns, in addition to the monitoring of the baby. The monitor will therefore pass through a server, but no information concerning personal data is disclosed. Appointment in the fall next for more details, with the commercialization of two models. Onni Baby Pro and Onni Baby Basic, which is a simple webcam connected to the web portal and the applications by Wi – Fi. Onni Baby Pro will cost between 320 and 400 dollars with 24 months of access to services. The basic model for its part will cost $ 150 with a 12-month access to services. . For additional data regarding this subject visit homepage.

Video: Arab-Israeli conflict: five dead by Israeli hospital shelling.

A doctor said: what should I tell? Right now we are in a major crisis. Our hospital offers its services civilians, those who get hurt in this fight. From children to women. We are surprised that we were bombed. Nearly 120 wounded. An armor-piercing shell was beaten on the third floor of the hospital, where were the ICU and the hospital’s operating rooms. There existed the dead and injured. More grenades were beaten in the vicinity of the hospital. The Palestinian authorities had asked the Red Cross to assist in the rescue of patients. Initially no opinion was to get from the Israeli military. Israel has accused Hamas repeatedly the radical Islamic, firing rockets from hospitals, schools or homes or to seek shelter in the buildings. Goal the ongoing since Thursday ground offensive, the Israeli army is to destroy the extensive tunnel systems of the radical Islamic Hamas. Through the shafts had succeeded in two groups of Palestinian fighters in the morning, to penetrate into the South of Israel. The Israeli army said one group had been shot at from the air, the other ground troops. Hamas said it had destroyed an army vehicle. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier repeated on Monday in Berlin: quote: of course, Israel has the right to defend itself against rocket fire. And of course, we all have an interest, avoid the death möglichstg of innocent people. US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was expected to new mediation talks in the Middle East crisis region. For half a week, Israel going with ground forces against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The sustained two weeks ago recent escalation of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has claimed the lives of more than 500 people. PLACE – GAZA, ISRAEL, close. Extended info can be found visiting

Manif pro – Gaza: the French challenge mingles with internal realities.

-The Word import is unwelcome. It would be too easy. If it was important the conflict in France, there are two distinct camps. However, it is more confusing. One can have the pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian positions but not two camps that would reproduce the war between Israel and Hamas. We are witnessing a period where people who live in a place, as in France, may be affected by a phenomenon that plays away from home. This is a new era where problems from outside and inside mingle. The Middle East is a region where Judaism, Christianity and islam was born, so this is an area where most people can be concerned for religious reasons.  Then, one can be affected according to membership of a diaspora network. If one is a french citizen of the Lebanon, can be involved by this diaspora network more or less symbolic.  There is also a group that has the feeling that what is happening there affect them given their situation in France in France. Children from colonization, North African, sub-Saharan or Turkish origin, will identify with the situation of Israeli settlement and to identify with the Palestinian situation. -There is an incredible amalgam. For anyone involved, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism mingle. The border is not easy to detect. Anti-Zionism is having some criticism of the State of Israel. If one affirms that Israel, a Jewish State, has no right to exist, it disputed the Jews to have a State. This is not the same thing. The detestation of Israel is a hatred of Jews in general, this approximates to anti-Semitism. The border is not clear from one to the other. But be anti-Zionist does not mean be anti-Semitic. People who want to criticize the brutal colonial policy of Israel, there is no problem. If they shout death to Jews, changing registry. It must be the behavior of Israel not attributable to all Jews. -There is a logic of fragmentation and ethnicization in France. They harden on the occasion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A few weeks ago, there was talk of the supporters of the team of Algeria in France. The media have not talked import but there was awareness of various nationalist affiliations of the French. Some expressed their joy and their belonging to the Algeria, others expressed their hatred of the France. It is the same principle with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We can no longer think in saying that the problem of the France is one thing, the problem of the world is another. Should reflect on the international level now. . Related facts can be read visiting

Bet under buddies – man waived for $50,000 a year on sex.

Peter Lynagh from Melbourne got fed up of parties and one-night stands. On January 1, 2013, he moved a line. Was the culprit, a bet, he told in an interview with Australian television. Namely, his roommates believed he not manages to waive for one year on sex. And he offered him two thousand dollars if you do. The project "Pete’s chastity for charity" was born. A year-long Peter renounced, then 33 years old, sex. In the net, he gained attention and money. He collected donations for the Organization of "Free to shine", which fights against child trafficking in Cambodia. 50 00 dollar come together so, writes Peter on his homepage. The 12 months of abstinence had been a trip to himself, he tells Peter in the TV interview. During this time, he had met a girl – and learned to make good calls and to get to know someone properly. On a trip to Cambodia he convinced himself himself, where his donations arrive. Meanwhile, Peter’s enthaltsames year is over. But his commitment goes further: today he supported Peter the child protection organization "the big umbrella". She fights against child trafficking in Nepal. . Extended facts can be found visiting source.

Fierce fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza/Tel Aviv–Israeli soldiers are further fierce fighting with armed Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Ten armed members of Hamas were killed in combat in the densely inhabited district Sadschaija in Gaza during the night, said Israeli military spokesman Peter Lerner. The number of Palestinians killed since the beginning of the Israeli bombing on July 8 and the ground offensive on 17 July rose to more than 500. Over 1300 Palestinians had been killed in the last use of the ground in the Palestinian territory more than five years ago. The UN Security Council expressed in New York concern to the civilians in the war zone. 3150 people had been injured since the beginning of the offensive in the narrow coastal strip on the Mediterranean Sea on July 8, local rescue services said on Monday. Many women and children were among the victims in the Palestinian territory. US Secretary of State John Kerry travels on Monday to Cairo for efforts to support a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict. The confirmed Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Sunday in Washington. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu announced an expansion of the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip. We will not stop until all objectives are reached, Netanyahu said in Tel Aviv on Sunday. Hamas was responsible for the many deaths of civilians in the Palestinian territory. Still heavy days may be imminent, Netanyahu said. . Original facts could be read visiting this