Digital Roman Forum: A Bow for the ignominy of Cleopatra.

Sure, there have been already A few digital reconstructions of the Roman Forum, the Centre of ancient Rome, – most recently about the detailed model of the University of California in Los Angeles, which is based on the State of the area in the year 400 ad, or the 3D images of the project initiated by Milan scientists "Rome Reborn", who set about eighty years earlier and colored views of not only of the Forum, but the entire city of Rome from different angles show. But a research paper, as the Institute of Archaeology at the Humboldt University of Berlin in cooperation with the cluster of excellence topoi, and the German Archaeological Institute now on his site digital forum Sping. de submits, is still something new. Even now, the amount of materials that you can get on the site, is impressive enough. About the Parthian arch, a triumphal arch detectable in Foundation remains today only, the Augustus to 19 b.c. next to the Temple of his deified adoptive father Caesar put left, after he had brought back the lost Roman characters through diplomatic channels by Crassus in the battle of Carrhae at the Parthians to Rome. Under the Etruscan Kings, it was a simple surface with a tamped floor; only in the early Republic, and with the growing military power of the Romans it was designed architecturally. So far, research assumed that it was built out in the third century before Christ modeled on the meeting places in Greek cities of scholarship as a circular space. But this hypothesis was not to demonstrate during the digital reconstruction, because the terrain rises significantly at this point of the Forum, so that each round model inevitably geriete in tilt position. The Berlin archaeologist therefore show the fruit with semi-circular grandstand as it is detectable even after its installation before the Temple of Concordia by Caesar. In the late Antiquity finally the speech site decorated with honorary columns became the place of pompous self representations: here were celebrating those consuls, who had no real political function despite their traditional title. One could imagine even something colourful and lively blaustichigen animations of the Humboldt site. But such aesthetic objections fade before the sheer joy to be able to jump by clicking on the right-hand side of an era of the Roman Empire to the other. Digital Roman Forum is a place of learning, how we Rome pilgrims dared to wish him. Now we have him. .

Volleyball World Cup: Solitary confinement for the appetite for volleyball.

In Katowice, the Iranians play this Wednesday (20 25 pm) against Germany and on Thursday against France (20 25 hrs) to the catchment in the World Cup semi-final. The Germans are a surprise of the tournament, but the Iranians are his sensation. At the 2010 World Cup, the Iranians were ranked 19, they have never been better. An Iranian national team in a team sport in the world elite has played for the first time since the seizure of power of the mullahs of 1979. Who remembered how the football players were celebrated in the summer during the World Cup, because they had lost only 1-0 to Argentina, get an idea of what happens when the volleyball players for the semi-finals should qualify. Kaweh Niroomand thinks it’s possible: "Playful, this team is incredibly strong", says the Manager of the Berlin volleys. Niroomand, 1952 in Iran born, was sent by his parents to Germany and went in the 1960s found near Münster to the high school, says currently beating two hearts in his breast. Who listens to him, notice how much the Iranian muscle while pumping. Niroomand grabbed the Persian volleyball enthusiasm. "The team is any position occupied top – at least once, on many, but also twice." Playful, the Iranians were always good, there’s even a term on Farsi: Tiri, on English thorny. Across the street, a net is stretched and then played three against three, with any tricks. "Since a few years there is a successful League in Iran in the face of the boom, financed by some dark channels by profiteers of the system. The salary level is "no comparison" to what to make in Germany, but Niroomand says. And yet the success of the Iranian national team has a father. Julio Velasco went back last year in his native Argentina, three years as Iranian coach. Velasco is a volleyball, Italy achievements takes him in the 1990s, he improved the Iranians since 2011. "He is revered, if it occurs, raise up people and applaud," says Niroomand. Under Velasco 2013 were Iranians Asian champion of 2011 and 2013, fourth at the star-studded Grand Champions Cup in Japan 2013, ninth of World League. This year, as they were fourth in the World League, already the Serb had trained them Slobodan Kovac. He continues Velascos work, focuses on team unity. "You look at the games", Niroomand says. "The Iranians have won in the end, but can not tell, Which one player has herausgeragt out." The team is so popular that it has foreign policy was used, with friendlies against the United States. The trip to prepare for the World Cup tournament fit into the political concept of the Iranian President Rohani, who operates a policy of openness towards the (former) arch-enemy sometimes vehement opposition in the home. In California was played, in that State, in the 1979 many Iranians have fled, among them many minions and supporters of the Shah. In Poland, A few Iranian fans wave the flag of the Shah. Each appearance of the team is an overseas opposition Ellen. At home the security forces of the regime also are likely to worry, as you control the masses, when returning the volleyball player from Poland. You will be received as heroes, it’s now clear, of men and women. Also women like Ghoncheh Ghawami, who sits in the Evin prison, because she wanted To watch a volleyball game of men’s. .


The call mentioned fashion designer Stefano Gabbana, milanese, born in ‘ 62, speaks in this first and only letter (given yesterday to the courier) to Domenico Dolce, Sicilian, born in ‘ 58-for twenty years his great love and today, that the love affair is over, ‘ my family ‘, leaving us in no doubt about which of the two situations is preferable-dates back to 1979. Is Gabbana to call: "Hello, can I speak with Giorgio Vespucci 19?». Franchi bononi is stylist bolognese, great investigator of materials and fabrics, which in those years successfully works in Milan. "There is a voice-answers on the other side of the wire. The step his first Assistant». And that’s how the appliance ends in Domenico Dolce. The two boys are cute-I figured out who you are, you’ve already seen around, "says the Sicilian-born an appointment and the appointment is for an opportunity to enter Gabbana workshop of bolognaise tailor and get for the first time to try on a loved one, fashion, he, graphic designer, is still completely on an empty stomach. Franchi bononi gives him a desk in front of Dolce «you barricava behind mountains of books because he said that the copiavo "says now Gabbana, 35 years later, a life after. It is from this unpublished memoir that begins the letter that Stefano Gabbana always mate writes, the guy then man with whom he shared everything: the discovery of a Milan that in the early 1980s is full of seduction and promises, the first parade in 1985, the first self-produced collection in which launch their unprejudiced style which has Sicilian in shamelesswith bra worn in sight, his muse. Is a language then refine and deepen over the years sometimes tunneling in to bring up different interpretations, but always faithful to the ideal of departure. "So many years have passed since I first heard your voice on the other end of the phone, everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. The love that I felt then has just turned, and continued to give me so many beautiful feelings, "writes Gabbana. It is a confession, flirty, tender in a exche has never been left. Indeed, that with time has become even more expensive, although both have new companions. But because a letter and why now? There are strong emotions and emotions weak, Eugenio Borgna, and teaches are fragile some of the most significant experiences of our lives. Write, straight, taking as pretext the Festival delle lettere, held in Milan from September 29 to October 5-on the evening of 3 will be read the missive by Gabbana along with those of Fabio Troiano, Carolina Crescentini, Ivan Cotroneo and Amanda Sandrelli, all aimed at an ex-is a way to snatch their fragility, "with pen and paper is very differentthe words are harder, have a deeper value that will be unique, as only six and you’ll always be you to me. " It was the end of 1999 when the cover of seven, the weekly courier, the couple told their love affair, "made a lot of noise, at that time still did not use, but was a gesture to us so normal, instinctive-now says Gabbana-. Remember that the next day I called my mother, troubled, "why not me you said that finivate in the newspaper? ‘." Three years after that coming out, the relationship broke. It followed a period of suffering, of ‘ mourning ‘ but over the attraction remained a deep sentiment: "are you my family». Useless and outdated weakness, this talk (in public) of love? «By anything we have created together the Dolce and Gabbana and with the strength of our love we made everything we have-writes the stylist-. Supporting each other we managed to overcome many difficulties and many prejudices. A billion in revenue a year, thousands of employees and all this thanks to the strength of our "love": there is enough to put in crisis the cynicism and indifference with which too often liquidiamo feelings and their impulses, especially when it comes to business. "To save us, was the fact that we always told the truth, even when it was hard, when there was fighting. So we survived, "said Gabbana, adding items to the letter. Sometimes letting does not mean letting really. "Dominic is a shy, when I tell him that my family it portrays, but we still live nearby, in the same building, one floor above the other, when we do separate holidays always call ourselves, we got to stay, cleverly, good friends and accomplices." Domenico Dolce is not fond of surprises: type this letter, said Gabbana, you don’t know anything and maybe it is better to send him a message: prepared, between the news tomorrow ci sei anche tu». .

Champions: Juventus beats the Malmoe with a doppetta of Tevez.

Buona la prima in the Champions League to Juventus. Juventus won in Turin the Malmoe for 2-0 thanks to two goals from Tevez, back in continental competition after five years and five months. First time great suffering but for Juve who was dealing with a very collected, Malmoe ready to exploit the speed of his attackers. One tactic that has forced Juve searching often shot from distance: we tried a few times with poor luck Asamoah, as was quite simple to 22 ‘ goalkeeper Jack Olsen on conclusion of Tevez. Three minutes earlier, however, Eriksson was to scare the bianconeri kicking to botta safe walking distance to Buffon, bravo to deflect the ball with one foot in the corner. The 34 ‘ has been Llorente, served by Pogba, check back to the gate and turn right with the ball over the bar, while at 44 is an opportunity more tempting is seen on the feet of Lichtsteiner that slid in from a nice ball to Tevez, filtering has kicked a cross between a shot and a cross on the bottom ended. Allegri confirms the initial 11 to 6 ‘ Lichtsteiner’s still the protagonist: Pogba has served the Swiss that instead of trying the conclusion has placed at the Centre where Johansson was immediately freed. To advance Juventus was Tevez who after 1988 days of abstinence from goals in Champions (was the April 7, 2009) has finally unlocked: at 14 ‘ the Argentine received from Asamoah heel after a pretty flat right and triangulation has slipped Olsen. .

Milan, two young men fall from the eighth floor. A friend: she had left.

Were home to celebrate a birthday. Laughing and joking with friends, but as soon as they are gone have quarreled and then plummeted. Talking is one of Alexandra’s Pelizzi, the 19-year-old girl died after a flight of eight floors from a building in via Novaro, 16 in Milan. With her died Peter Maxymilian Datta, 20-year-old Brazilian-born adopted many years ago. The most accredited hypothesis by investigators is that the young-who last year had attempted suicide-have tried again but this time dragging along the former girlfriend. She had left to return from vacation-tells her friend-. Maybe he tried to convince her to get back together. The only thing certain is that Alexandra was full of life, never launched by his own volition. No excluded hypothesis-according to the first information the two men plummeted finishing in an inner courtyard, the basement, in the area of the box. Are still open-ended police assumptions about the case of two young men who died falling from a building in Milan: double suicide or murder-suicide or suicide of him and dropped her in an attempt to prevent it. Difficult indeed to discriminate, they stress police station, between an accidental fall or a voluntary drop in the absence of direct witnesses. Parents: there is no explanation-we are destroyed, our lives are destroyed and cannot yet understand the explanation, the reason for everything. So you are the week Mandy Moore, desperate, with the caretaker of the building where they live, the parents of Alexandra, the 19-year precipitated last night along with a guy from a Palace in Milan. Alessandra I last seen yesterday afternoon-he added the guardian-polite, cheerful, beautiful as always, I know that this morning had to go to the University for registration practices. .

Ballarò and diMartedì, the challenge of talk on tv.

«Ballarò is a part because the part are viewers who follow us», Massimo Giannini announces in his editorial that opens the bet. The message is clear: "the shareholders of Rai, in fact, are not the majority parties and even opposition, but those citizens who have the right to know and learn about." Beyond everything, in the preview of the talk show, Giannini wants to remove l’asso nella manica on his debut: an interview with Roberto Benigni, whose journalist in the preview shows a small "deposit", as defines it. A few minutes in which the comedian joked about Tuscan photos in which the premier Renzi appeared, says with a laugh, ‘ naked. Was not over-ride Benigni-since Spadolini».   Departure of irony for Floris. «Today begins our new adventure on La7. Afresh after so many years. Change after so long, leaving one thing that it’s okay to make a new is something difficult and tough but is very nice. We hope to slowly convince people that for many years we have followed back with us. Slowly, slowly, "says the conductor introducing the first episode of his new program" diMartedì "on La7. Right after the intro and the presentation of the guests, waiting for the cover of Maurizio Crozza. The comic is as Matteo Renzi: «Benefits you are clear evidence that I keep the promises. Without even waiting for a thousand days to you I made you out of Rai in the first twenty minutes. " Then the satire on 1000 program days («more again and the more convinced I am too "):" I’ll explain-said Crozza as Renzi-the slogan "step by step". One asks me: what are you doing about the school? And i: "step". You do with justice? And i: "Step". So you get the end term without having a beloved step». Crozza back then in his shoes and makes the best wishes to the new transmission, with some self-mockery: "young says Crozza-that’s great that you’re here to La7. Because here there were talk show». Then shoots against the titles of new programmes "diciannovEquaranta" and "diMartedì": "sorry but your children as you have them called" that nato in March "and" the one born in November "?", asks the comedian then compares the iWatch Renzi ("it’s nice but then you think: a che minchia serves?»). And closes with the imitation of Marchionne and a Duet between the Secretary of Fiom and Camusso, both played by him.   .

Radio: “the thousand days last chance for the country. Early voting if Parliament does not make reforms “. At work: “we are ready even to use decrees”.

The thousand days are not an attempt to delay» but «the last chance for Italy after losing so much time. " Careful: If Parliament proves unable to make reforms, the only alternative would be the early voting. Matteo Renzi target in Parliament, first in the House and then the Senate, the term, indicating in February 2018 the natural expiration of the Government. But it warns that the paralysis might go to the polls as early as 2015.   We will go on for another three years but he says loud and clear the premier, not because we are afraid of an early election but because you have to ‘ put back on track» the Italy with reforms that must March «together», by electoral law to that of labour. However each passing election assessment-adds-should be preceded by assessment on the ability of Parliament to make the reforms over the next three years. We ask that you get used to the idea that you go to the polls in February 2018. "   At Montecitorio, the premier speaks for 45 minutes and supports the desire to pull straight: it’s a grotesque and even reading «ridiculous» the who painted the Government’s change of pace as an extension, a take time. " Unlike the thousand days are ‘ the program of recovery "because" the Italy broke the fall but not enough, not sufficient. " Or it is the Government or ‘ lose Italy» saw that game isn’t keeping ‘ standing as an individual lawmaker or member Government but Italy».   "The hypothesis of an early voting-clarifies in the Senate-could Radio be taken into consideration only if Parliament proves unable to do what is needed in the coming years. «Someone-adds-will argue that it would be necessary to go to the polls, in some respects it might even be, from the utilitarian point of view, a good idea. But each passing election assessment must be preceded by assessment on the ability of Parliament to make the reforms over the next three years. We ask that you get used to the idea that you go to the polls in February 2018. "   Matteo Renzi puts into play himself in order to accomplish the reforms: while not fearing an early election, the premier will continue until 2018 because the real stakes are going to grow the country «resetting and reversing the political and economic stake in this country. " "Reforms or they all together or they would take home the change, warns Renzi. Institutional reforms must therefore go hand in hand with social and economic ones and those who practice the benaltrismo as political philosophy ignores the fact that it comes up with the step of the turtle from 20 years of stagnation ".   After winning, with the first green light to Senate reform, on charges of having made ‘ the first coup with the slow motion of the history of the country, the Government now will travel both institutional reform is the electoral law that should be done immediately. " Not to go to early elections, clarifies Renzi, but to avoid yet another "institution" melina. A reform which, it is hoped, should be done with the "parliamentary confrontation without bulldozers» but avoiding the referral. The Prime Minister admits that "the 80 euros have not given desired effects", but they are the beginning of a shared strategy» tax reduction to make the IRS less dear as possible».   Addressing the whole House, in particular the «left», Renzi confirms the accelerator on the labour reform. At the end of the thousand days labour law will be revolutionized because "there is no more unfair than divides between those citizens of serie A and serie B» and goes past a «world of work based on apartheid." The problem is not related to the reintegration art. 18 but the simplification of rules and jungle, or Parliament works, "otherwise we are ready even to intervene with emergency measures".   But the lunge of renzi at work enrages the leftists del PD. "speaks the language of the right," stressing that "Fassina sticks the term apartheid is used today to describe the differences between workers rights is hateful because download the tragedy of unemployment and precariousness of the youngest on workers who for 20 years have real wages declinednow take a little over 1000 euros per month and lose hundreds of thousands work». So, "continued feeding the poor rather than war focus, as it should do a force of the left, the explosion of inequality of income and wealth on 10% and, in particular, about 1% of the population. So, you exacerbate the conditions of all workers, young and old and the recession deepens. So dont go. We could keep The President to implement the failed agenda of European conservatives, "concludes Fassina.   The premier chooses the courtroom to defend Eni. "We are investigating and we will respect the sentences but we do not allow such a guarantee to change corporate policy of this country," says Renzi that reaffirms the importance of the reform of Justice for "clear ideological confrontation of the past" and pulls straight on decrease of paid magistrates. "It is not right that there are 45 days ‘ closure of the courts ‘ for a service so delicate as justice». The replica of the Anm is immediate: "it is by group members with the utmost firmness the very idea that the judiciary will in no way interfere on the economic policies of a company." And also the togas of leave: «The real issue» about justice are "real reforms, which must be effective. and unfortunately what we’ve seen so far is very disappointing. Do not serve nor slogans, or declarations of intent. "   .

Kutiman: There is so much talent and creativity on YouTube.

So Kutiman prepares today to release a whole album Thru you too, composed entirely from its mounts, to discover for free online as early as October 1. Give it up, first excerpts of the draft is thus constituted over 20 independent videos. The result is a Pearl accents blues which has already toured the web and attracted nearly one million music lovers. I am musician, but for this exercise, I do not play, I just to assemble the pieces like a puzzle. To create the six songs on the album, it took me about three months. I work at the same time on the search for videos and editing. Often, I’m looking for a particular rhythm, so I’ll type funky base for example in the YouTube search engine. Sometimes, I stumbles across a video and I remember something. But each time, I proceed differently according to my finds. I can start with a piano, or a voice, but the base is often a video that I liked, with which I want to do something new. I put a point of honour to retain that videos of strangers. If she already has a lot of viewings to the YouTube counter, I do not keep it. The returns on the project are incredibly positive. Both world welcome to this artistic and social project,. I am delighted because it was really the meaning of this project. The musicians are always very happy to end up in a video. The young singer’s Give it up has contacted me to tell me that she had loved the project and that many people had written to congratulate her. I would like that it happens to all the unknown musicians that I view. My album will be distributed free of charge and it’s good like that. After all, it comes from Internet, so it belongs to him also. I do this on my free time, I’m not looking to take advantage. It’s just art. I spend a lot of time to discover amazing artists on YouTube, that inspire me much. There is so much talent and creativity on the internet. See a real person, in his room, playing, it is very beautiful and very inspiring at the time. .

Thuringia State election: Greens Merkel warns of Karl Marx.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has warned against participation in a Government under the leadership of the left the Greens in Thuringia, Germany. She have respect for the Greens, of which many 25 years ago had campaigned in the new forum and other East German civil rights movement for freedom, Merkel said on Saturday at the CDU election campaign statements in Apolda. Same Greens are now ready to work with the left. There, the Karl Marx in the Chancery should be taken now. You can’t not be, said Merkel. In Thuringia, it could To give a Red Red-Green Alliance under the leadership of the party after the regional elections this Sunday for the first time. Prerequisite is that the Greens in the Parliament of the move – and willing together with the SPD to form a Government as a junior partner of the left, whose leading candidate Bodo Ramelow. Nationwide the first time is that the traditionally strong in the East left party will nominate a Prime Minister. So far the Social Democrats in Thuringia in a grand coalition under Prime Minister Christine Lieberknecht (CDU) rule. The SPD has not set himself deliberately on a coalition statement. The Greens, who have to come according to current figures of ZDF to 5.5 per cent and so tremble to their renewed entered the Landtag are another uncertainty factor. In Brandenburg the Social Democrats can choose expected their future coalition partner. So far, Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) ruled in a red red coalition. After the regional elections, the SPD could enter also a coalition with a pro-reform CDU. The Social Democrats are in Brandenburg since nearly a quarter-century in Government. The right-wing conservative alternative for Germany (AfD) should insert – after her success in Saxony two weeks ago – now also in Potsdam and Erfurt in the Landtag. In Thuringia the AfD can count according to current polls about 8 per cent, in Brandenburg even with 9.5 percent. The FDP must, however, is expected to move out of two provincial assemblies. She was sitting then in no East Parliament more and nationwide only in 6 of 16 State parliaments. Merkel urged citizens on Saturday to go to the election. In her appearance before around 2000 people in Apolda, the constituency of Lieberknecht, the Chancellor also with criticism faced. With placards, demonstrators protested against weapon transports in war zones and the free trade agreement of TTIP. In addition they requested in the Ukraine crisis negotiations with Instead of on sanctions against Russia to put. .

Washington wants to cut economic links between the Russia and the EU, according to Moscow.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs accused Saturday the United States of wanting to cut economic ties between Moscow and the European Union, in the wake of the entry into force of new EU sanctions against Russia because of his alleged involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. America wants to take advantage of the current situation to cut economic ties between Europe and Russia, including to impose EU deliveries of gas whose prices are significantly higher than those of Russian gas, said Mr Lavrov, quoted in a statement by Russian diplomacy, in an interview with the Russian television channel TV Centre. Washington wants to ensure the most favourable conditions in the negotiations on the creation of a commercial transatlantic partnership and investment, he said. Thus, the United States tries to impose on Europe deliveries of gas liquefies American at prices that cannot be competitive with the price of Russian gas, the Minister said. He also accused the EU of being prepared to sacrifice its economy to the political, stressing that Brussels had decided to prepare a new set of sanctions against Russia on September 5, the day an agreement on the cease-fire in Ukraine was signed in Minsk, thanks to an initiative of the Russian president Vladimir Poutine. .