The France is extremely low, according to a leader of the Fed.

The France is part of the European countries economically hard-pressed and extremely low in particular because of the unpopularity of his president, said Friday one of the leaders of the American Central Bank (Fed). There are Governments at Bay (in Europe, Editor’s note). There is of course the France which is extremely low right now with a president who is even lower in the polls than ours (Barack Obama, Editor’s note), said Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve, on the American channel Fox Business. The growing popularity of François Holland fell to record levels (13%), well below that of its U.S. counterpart, which stands at around 40%. More generally, according to Mr. Fisher, the weight of budget deficits in Europe complicates the economic recovery of the region and the task of the European Central Bank (ECB). The general context (in Europe) is not very positive from the budgetary viewpoint, said the U.S. central banker, believing that the real problem was the lack of a budgetary policy unified the region. There is still no unified banking system and no centralized budgetary authority. It is therefore very complicated to operate, said Mr. Fisher, who is part of the voting members of the monetary policy Committee of the Fed. According to him, the president of the ECB Mario Draghi, who has even more flexible monetary European policy in early September, done a good job, but its action faced limits due to the differences between Member States. Wednesday, the President of the EDF Janet Yellen felt that Europe was a risk to the global economy. . For additional data on this topic read

Electronic bracelets, jackets GPS,. How far can you go for telling his children?

E install on smartphone bracelet electronic application, shows with GPS or even socks connect es and tag mobile. For more than ten years, companies compete ing niosit to allow parents to track their t your blondes. Last innovation relies on the march Wednesday: a 2 jacket. 0 Elabor by an easy French start-up, it is marketed by the trade mark G MB and allows parents to monitor all placements of children gr d this its GPS tag. But these new technologies, beyond the mere fact of monitor, do not hinder life e priv younger? these pr objects feel a r el paradox, says Michael Stora, psychologist and co-founder of the Observatory of the worlds Num Americas (OMNSH) social sciences and humanities. We are in a company in which there is an adultification of children, and these devices are expensive to empower themselves emp. S Apr sp specialist, these new s connect objects tend pathologizing the relationship that exists between parents and their children. In other words, they cancel the game of cat and mouse, yet necessary in the establishment of authority parental. Authority parental as well as the autonomy of the child could be put evil tr s t t. As with the acquisition of socks connect es for their infant, usually utilis es services n the h onatals hospitals. Gold, after Michael Stora, this is when parents do not think their children, for example by letting them cry, they are m me d develop their own e pens. Rather t that encourage children be autonomous, so young equip of objects of this type would have the opposite effect. The risk for all these children eventually became the m me for those too intrusive res m: feel d while the other and unable to reassure alone, ins curis finds Dr. Louis Vera, p dopsychiatre attach the Salp tri d Piti and the hospital Saint-Anne h. For him, these objects can m me tre b n beneficial for young children, when they have a the educational and help start a discussion. But he feels that these objects are likely to become the permanent control instruments. Normally, rather t that a continuous flow of information in the e day, families should meet table. And everyone should have a speaking time. As the young concerned by this type of equipment are often those who know the most problems my. Among these young men and young women, the communication is d trout and need r introduce s Apr sp specialist. If one runway, the ado will retain only one thing: ‘my parents don’t trust me not’, which is likely to result from behavioural disorders. When they launched their Alert application. Usen January 2013, Antoine Martin, and Alexis Bonillo did not expect a such success. Its principle is simple: in a crash, children in possession of the application may bring their parents or any other protective person whose contact is registered. An alert is also e envoy to different emergency services diff. As for parents, they s alert for the arrival of their prog schemes the cole or the House without the need to send of messages. Against all odds, the d will take the application comes more often teenagers and parents. Especially with Alert. Us, the violation of life e priv has no place to be. We chose an ic not very visible so that this syst me could not be imposed on children explain the two young entrepeneurs who are not yet thirty years old. What are now tens of thousands of users who install the application through more than 80 countries. � . Root source can be found reading this blog.

Parliament, the roof of only 240 thousand euros to employees, but the trade unions there are.

In times of crisis and "caste cuts" nobody is spared: the warning, launched months ago by the Presidents of the Chamber and the Senate, is not gone down to workers of Parliament: bureaucrats, assistants to employees and officials, workers seem ready to rebel against cuts and gave birth to a strenuous confrontation with Marina Sereni and Valeria Fedelithe two Vice-Presidents with responsibility to staff yesterday afternoon tried to talk with the Union representatives of the workers. The object of the dispute the "redefinition of the salaries of employees", a five-page text and ten articles whose purpose is to implement some sort of small "spending review" inside: the cuts amount to about 60 million euro for the room and 36 million for the Senate. At Montecitorio workers involved would be 1600, while Palazzo Madama 799. The operation must be completed by the end of 2018, but will start from January 2015. The unions, including the CGIL, claimed that the maneuver is inadmissible and are preparing to appeal to the Labour Court. . For additional facts regarding this matter read link.

Voigt is the hour record with the new rules, but does not beat the Moser 51.151.

It is a beautiful story of sport, we must say so right away. Why Jens Voigt, at the tender age of 43 years played, raced for the last time in his life at Grenchen Switzerland. He did it for an hour, the last hour of the race after a long career punctuated by fatigue from gregarious rather than from major victories (only three stages in Grand Tours on 62 total, almost all in races of 2nd floor). But in that last hour, just as he had put on his head, has probably written the most beautiful page of racing all his life. He rode like crazy, at an average of 51.115 and is the new time record according to the new rules written by the Uci which has deleted the previous records to put some order on the use of technical means: Obree in the era of supertecnologie in fact had cycled on something that all seemed but a bicycle, with clear advantages in terms of time. That the German was a Tan the rest you had understood when, during a Tour, in the descent of the Col de Peyresourde was being left out of cycling in an unusable state. The flagship was sailing far ahead and the easiest thing (and justifiable) would be retiring. Voigt instead looked around, he saw a boy with bicycle microscopic measurement for its very long levers (about one metre tall and 90) but, by golly, still a bicycle. The loan and churches, you don’t know how, he made 12 km abundant before receiving a bicycle of his measure. The legends, in cycling, come even so: by chance, for a moment of lucid lunacy that pierces the veil of fatigue in a Pyrenean stage. About Voigt and his record, so even if talking about time records it is impossible not to remember to Francesco Moser. Thanks to the new rules imposed by the Uci also Francesco’s bicycle was sandwiched between those ‘ special ‘ because it lenticular castors which at the time seemed a Martian. But was in all respects a bicycle, just point. With that, Mexico City, the Sheriff placed a 51.151 that Voigt was unable to beat. Did better than the first record of Moser (50.808) not according to. Now, the intent of the Uci is correct especially if we speak of bicycles blatantly distorted as that of Obree, a sort of mixed to torpedo an appliance. Not that that of Chris Boardman, capable of a fiction in 1996, 56.375 was less. But the bicycle of Voigt, who according to the rules imposed by the Uci must be the same as those used in trials on track, as for example the pursuit at the end is much more sophisticated technology than that used by Moser: completely in carbon, weighs 8.45 kg. A little less than that of Francis. In the delete the records of the past masters of the Uci, the same as for years they pretended not to know that Armstrong had rigged the engine, they made the longer wheelbase of the leg. They used the same system against doping all cycling would be better. Moser’s bicycle with wheels lenticular, which then were widely adopted in time trial races from other runners, was a normal bicycle with changes that make you smile today. Extraordinary were the legs of a specimen that even today, just to clarify who we are talking about, when cycling scale the Gavia pass it does so with a time of three minutes longer than in samples. At 63 years of age and with more attention for its vineyards that bike. . You must read the following to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

What is middle class?

This concept of "middle class" does not date today, but the "thirty glorious years". It corresponds to the emergence, between classes (workers, employees, farmers) and well-to-do (employers and executives), a category of the population neither rich nor poor: executives, technicians, officials, etc. But we can have a first approach quite readable assuming the premise, retained by some studies, that the middle class represents half of the population that is in the poorest 30% nor in the richest 20%. And 70% less than 2 156 euros per month. These two terminals are therefore the "middle class" in salary terms. Below, it is in the poorest 30%; beyond, in the richest 20%. Reported number of consumption units: in a household, there are a unit of consumption to the first adult, 0.5 to all the other members aged 14 years or over, and 0.3 for children under 14 years. To return to the deciles, therefore the category between D4 and D7. Here’s what it gives, translated into graph. We are talking about ‘available income,’ thus direct taxes deducted, and brought on a monthly scale. . For extra insights on this subject read

The magic circle does not review and dreams Silvio al Quirinale.

Among Knight Loyalists, some people imagine Berlusconi on track after Napolitano. Obviously with Renzi premier and a majority Fi-PD. Dreams recounted around, and via the draughts etc. Silvio Berlusconi in full race after Napolitano? If it wasn’t someone he believes really seems a joke. But does anyone believe, or at least the dreams. The dream and tells him in turn. Who? The magic circle of course, which is that very small group of iperfedelissimi (Francesca Pascale, Nora Rossi, Giovanni Toti) that being in close contact with the leader to Italy Force has climbed quickly the hierarchies of power "blue" but that, apparently, doesn’t keep contact with reality. The "strategy" is even the Democratic Party votes to Silvio Berlusconi-the strategy to achieve the goal? Simple, elementary. First step: new elections with the Consultellum, i.e. the proportional, with the Pd around 40% and Italy Force around 15%. Both parties would lead to Parliament only the two leaders and Loyalists would give life to the only majority possible. At that point, however, you should also elect the successor of Giorgio Napolitano. And what they imagine the rapturous fantasies "cerchiste"? That in Exchange for the go-ahead to the Government headed by Matteo Renzi, new piddini MPs would vote for Berlusconi al Quirinale, rather than be sucked from a total paralysis that could lead to new elections immediately,.; For more facts on this matter read

Jean-Marie Le Guen, the GUD old? LL attack defamation.

Since Wednesday, Mediapart published extracts of A all those who do not resign themselves to the debacle, an investigation of one of their journalists, Laurent Mauduit, on the key of the Socialist Party officials. In addition to the revelations about the spoofed graduates of the first Secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, another Socialist is pinned. According to the author, Jean-Marie Le Guen would have made his first steps in politics with the GUD (defence union group, Editor’s note), a student organization of the extreme right. Is bullshit, he has never been to the GUD before becoming first Secretary of the Young Socialists (MJS) movement in 1977, Jean-Marie Le Guen would therefore, according to the website of information, started at the side of the most violent far-right militants. Contacted by metronews, lawyer Jean-Pierre Emié, an elder of the GUD, firmly disputes this information, already contradicted with the Lab by the cabinet of the former socialist MP. This is bullshit, he has never been to the GUD. I want to believe that the FN has become a party of the left today, but must not say nonsense, loose it. . For additional regarding this topic visit page.

Jay Z to the tribunal for a story of “Oh”.

The artist and his co-defendants (WB Music Corp., Warner-Tamerlane Publishing, Roc Nation, Atlantic and Roc-A-Fella Records) requested the abandonment of prosecutions on 9 September the Court of the Southern District of New York.  His lawyers argue that the borrowing of a single syllable in a fraction of a second, cannot justify an application for copyright. The object of the dispute is indeed the sample a ‘Oh’ in Run This Town, one of the leading titles from the album The Blueprint 3, rapper, in which appear Rihanna and Kanye West. If the argument put forward by the star is understood, would counteract another judgment that acts of jurisprudence: since 2005, American artists have to reference a trial between Bridgeport Music and Dimension Films having established that the borrowing of an arpeggio of two seconds, barely recognizable, agreement was unlawful. It was an instrumental sample of Get Off Your Ass and Jam, Funkadelic, in 100 Miles and Runnin’, NWA. In this case, the sample was of course used several times, but the judge, Ralph Guy, especially retained a matter of principle against a yet very established use, enact the following rule: "buy rights or no sample no.  » . Original data could be found checking the following fact.

-The murderous violence is the result of adaptive strategies to access more resources or, Alternatively, is the result of human activity. In the early studies of primates, researchers often use food to lure the animals out from the forest and observe them more closely. At Gombe National Park in Tanzania, where the primatologist Jane Godall began to offer bananas to chimps who visited the camp, chimpanzees stopped more and more time but at the same time also increased aggression between them. So he stopped to give him food, and ended the aggression. Hence the conclusion that the killings were the result of human intervention. -Figuring out which of the two theories was right, scholars have analyzed 18 communities of chimpanzees and bonobo 4 for 50 years. It is thus seen one killing between bonobos, and 152 in 15 groups of chimpanzees, and that changes in the rates of killings are not related to human impact, but increases in larger groups, with more male members. Often they are males who kill males of other neighboring groups. Thus, concludes the study, supports the idea that violence is a killer adaptation strategies. . For additional facts on this matter visit

The Australia thwarts murders projected by the Islamic State on its soil.

A ration without previous op. More than 800 police officers participated in the catch anti-terrorism men dawn in suburbs of Sydney and Brisbane in Queensland and NSW (Southeast) Southern States, with the aim to detain 25 members pr s a m sum me r bucket. S after the accusation, there re u t l phone on the part of the Australian order the highest located within the EIS, Mohammad Baryalei, n in Afghanistan. It was, after Prosecutor Michael Allnutt of select people at random in order to mani re run rather horrible t and shoot these acts according to a sc scenario involving an unusual degree of fanaticism. It is therefore not only soup ons but intention and that of the reason why the police and security services have to act, said Prime Minister Tony Abbott. We had information on the ventualit of d public capitation, he added. A little more than one month apr s London and for the first time since 2003, Canberra increased Friday 12 September its alert level of middle lev, which means that, without necessarily imminent tre, a terrorist attack is likely. Security and intelligence services to alarm the increasing number of Australians who work for terrorists as the Islamic State, the Front al-Dhanub and Al – Qa da. The threat that they represent feel increases since more than a year, had said Tony Abbott. � . You can read the following home page to learn more regarding this interesting subject.