Alarm Ashja’i, children with brain tumor abducted by their parents.

The English police has sounded the alarm and continues looking for a five year old child, Ashja’i King, whom their parents have taken Thursday from a hospital in Southampton without medical permission, publishes this Friday The Independent. The small suffers from a brain tumor and doctors fear for his life. If Ashja’i does not receive medical attention urgently or is you of gives a wrong treatment, his life will be at risk. The police, warning of the urgent and critical of the situation, believed that the family hides in France and could be en route to Spain. Ashja’i was receiving treatment for a brain tumor and was operated seven days ago. The young man was in a wheelchair, was not able to speak and could only eat through a tube power. Parents, Breet King, 51, and Naghemed, 45, left the hospital with her son in yesterday afternoon. When the disappearance was discovered and was reported to the police, believed that they were already in France. Security cameras have captured the father taking his son in a wheelchair. Although the family are Jehovah’s witnesses, there is no indication that his decision has been motivated by religious convictions, the police has assured. In England nothing prohibits parents removed from a hospital to relatives under age or vulnerable, unless a court order has been issued in this regard. Both the British police as French seek a green Hyundai I800, tuition KP60 HWK. They travel with the small patient and other five brothers, as well as their parents. You can check this to discover extra on this amazing matter.

UMP: Bruno Le Maire launched the assault of Nicolas Sarkozy.

He made his decision before the summer. On 6 June, Jean-Vincent Place recalls the crossing on the train to attend the ceremonies of the Normandy landings. The Greens Richelieu that likes to play-makers of Kings then issues its advice: should you be the first to come out against Sarkozy. NKM, Baroin and Wauquiez are with him and Bertrand is cornerisé because it speaks poorly to the boss. You can make 30%, be the future Secretary general of the UMP, and return to the club of the first ministrables. The Mayor merely joking – great, I will take you in my Government – but five days later, seeing it occur on TV, Place understood: I reinforced what he thought. Sarkozy, candidate or not? Former Minister knows that the game is not the same. It does not exclude that the fake retired from the Elysee renounces the Presidency of the UMP. In this case, it will have taken a head start on potential rivals. If the ex goes, on the other hand, must withstand the tsunami. But it doesn’t have much to lose. And this story, swear, is not written in advance. Because, in his opinion, the former president is no longer the star it was overshadowing the entire universe right. We can love Nicolas Sarkozy or hate him, Doom it to the obloquy, him weaving praise [,.], vomit, while continuing to hurry and grouiller around him, as the only centre, the single pole, the only power, the only fragile and absolute monarch,. Thus the right private grow up, he wrote in his best-selling book days of power (1). This judgment belongs to the past, when he was only one of his ministers at the Council table. Since then, the Earth turned. The Mayor feels. There are these rooms, as in Royan, where there is more the former head of State talk him. These activists who say Sarko, yes but,, Above all, the quadra is a perfect receptacle for the anti-Sarkozy. It is a point of balance that suits Juppé or Fillon. Do not be mistaken: If Sarkozy is 85% of the votes, it’s over for everyone, there will be no primary and it will be the natural candidate in 2017, loose. Others have clearly understood. Human has up his sleeve a mistress, her new face. His CV to the UMP is a Virgin, he led the party and participated in the Cope-Fillon war. He also thinks have understood better than others the State of the country, the exasperation of the French and the system policy at end of breath that gives wings to Marine Le Pen. That they should go all! Quickly, the new blood! sings the new revolutionary of the UMP. ?The question that will arise to the right, it is the return or renewal. ? Other words, a former – Juppe, Sarkozy, Fillon – or him!In the halls of activists disoriented by the cases that stick to the skin of their party, the argument actually fly. The Mayor, whose coast skyrockets in the electorate of right, is, moreover, the profile perfect: there is a home the young Juppe for his brilliant techno or de Villepin without the vagaries diplomat but no runaways. Son of a frame Total and the Director of a renowned Catholic private institution of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, enarque, normalien – author of a thesis on the statuary in search of lost time – father of family, good looks, polyglot and successful writer,. A course perfect, too perfect, befitting to the posture of chamboule-all of the system. He claims to be now a defrocked enarque and translated his speech of breaking in acts: he resigned from the public service to make the policy and he refused to collect his seat with the Mayor of Evreux tending him arms. Quote me by others who did it? In arms and shirt without a tie, the ex-techno courteous and well-mannered now lingers at the end of the meetings to tighten hands rather than to dedicate his books. It deals, in the Point, it takes balls to preside over the UMP. But the speech is a little short. Renewal candidate serves to activists of the old slogans such as the right: freedom of enterprise, return of the authority,. Towards Sarkozy, he and his troops – some 20 parliamentarians including MP Claude Gueant in Boulogne tombeur, Thierry Solère – set a line: no attack, no aggression. The Mayor has beautiful was the closest collaborator of Villepin and supported him during the Clearstream affair, it will never mimic his ready ex-mentor, at the time, every time. The new president appreciates: he entrusted him with European Affairs and Agriculture. Before make him sparkle Bercy, the Quai-d’Orsay or Matignon. Nothing will happen. The Mayor drew a lesson: I understood that the jurisdiction was insufficient. It was necessary that I take political weight. It has now more complex. And never had any problems of ego. When Sarkozy appointed me to Agriculture, popularity among farmers is 25%. I reduced it to 75%. . For more on this subject click weblink.

Arbil in the North Iraq: Kurdistan dream city in fear IS militias.

Nevin F. and his family fled to Germany in the 1990s before the dictator. Now, the chance seemed come to return to the homeland of Kurdistan. A shopping mall was created after the other, with designer boutiques and classy perfume shops. A Porsche car dealership opened in the Kirkuk road. The business A lot fuel-consuming cars runs well in a region where the litre euros converted only a half. Arbil and the region of Kurdistan Iraq had been an island of stability in a country torn by political, religious and ethnic conflict in the past few years, wrote the German Consul-General in a letter to the Federal citizens living in Arbil. But now he encourages to make arrangements for a possibly short-term departure. Most in Irbil do not believe in the victory of the Kurds anyway. Last week a car bomb exploded not far from the Porsche dealership. No one was hurt, but it Very much probably perceived the message of extremists: ‘ we are in the city. ‘ Pesh officers suspect in Arbil Schläfer cells. The nervousness is great in the city, everywhere spies are suspected. If you shoot in public, men appear suddenly, that To want to know why it was in the city and so you scan. In Arbil, where Sunnis, Shiites, Christians and other minorities lived so far peacefully with each other, the mistrust is growing now. Arab neighbors betrayed the minorities IS, she looted, raped and murdered their neighbors, when IS fighters moved on, General Ali says. How should trust are there ever again? Zahir is Iraqi, a Sunni, and lives in Arbil. The truck-driver delivers even now goods after Mosul – furniture, food, everything, as he says, despite IS. The inspectors take no bribe, he says. Iraqi police have detained always used the hand, he have must pay 1500 dollars or more per delivery. This IS people may not be so bad, he finds. And they kill loads dissenters? He shrugs his shoulders. Well, he says. This is Not good. Maybe this is just propaganda. . Additional information can be found checking

Babx: ‘the world of contemporary music has been swallowed by marketing.

A year and a half after the release of her latest album, Babx focuses on his tour French and giving a few intimate concerts in Paris. He explains how he sees the musical creation at the time of all digital. Babx. I have never paid attention to album sales. For now, I’m not known as a vendor of albums. I completely made that status and I see things a bit differently: I make music my job and I saw since I have 17 years, regardless of album sales. From that moment, I consider that my contract is filled. It is often the expectations of others that can create disappointment. Around me, everyone was trying to tell me "Oh that there will it sell, this time it’s good! What there is terrible, it’s see disappointed people. In myself, I do never thought: I’m going to put this album there to sell. We need to be much more free artistically, submit to the centre the artist and what it represents: what it is like to be musician, composer. That is what I want to tell more than say every two years and a half "come buy my new album. That’s why there I want to write a solo album at the piano, which would have seven titles, then a few months after exit a project I have around poetry, which is called "Crystal automatic". I realized that it spoke to me often of this project there as a draft "side", but for me this is not a: it is also important that when I go out a disc or I write songs for another artist. This forms a whole that I more would like to show to the public, more than my collection of twelve songs expected as my perhaps future commercial success. This is not what interests me. Lots of things have changed in our relationship to music. I remember when I was a teen and for all of us who have 30 brushes, we went every Saturday at the Fnac, look for disks. They listened carefully to each album to choose them, and then brought back them with us. If it had bought three albums, they made us the month. There is a report to the object, something of the order of the fetish. Meet a musical work requires effort, courage, curiosity. Finally, he finds himself with more dates than me who am at the best France Turner [Asterius spectacles, Editor's note]. There as many ways to make his albums than I who am in an extremely prestigious label [5 - 7 records, Editor's note]. He lives this alternative system, and also live twelve people over. All this without having to beg M6 to change its clip on the chain. My band and I are working, this will be fixed soon. From the start, we will start to make sure to find a form established for to create this project. In parallel, it is currently issue that I become artist resident at the 104. What I like about this place, is that it is very free, little formatted. We more than ever need of this type of places for artistic creation, and more generally to feel free in seeing free people. The Metropolis Ensemble in New York is an orchestra with which I have worked. I ordered from an opera libretto. For now, we will first mount it in France, and then we export it to the United States. I was not badly interrupted since the initiation of this project to really devote themselves me fully. From now on, this is what I do. For what is the term "Opera", then it is used around me, more it distresses me. This would be more like a long musical poem that would last an hour and a half, in which the dance, the music, the words, the language form a whole. . You can check the following to learn more on this amazing subject.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the good student of Professor Holland.

Yum! Yum! Yum! She is radiant in the idea of having so many hazelnuts to be put in the teeth when the Frost and that cicadas that have danced all summer,. Najat has always left to others the effects of channel, the ranting, the blows of sword in water and soundbites which the press seizes to peddle them to more thirsty. Reserved, discreet, it is not she who attiferait as a lamppost, always willing to do overtime, she listens to his elders, following their recommendations, observes discipline and crawling in the Council of Ministers as it did at the University for being well seen professors. Just named instead of Benoît Hamon, the benet who has been wrapped by Arnaud Montebourg and to bite the fingers, Nafees failed to tell all to be teachers. They have changed the fate of Moroccan small. Thanks to them, she spent his tray, made a licence of right and integrated Sciences Po. Ah the fight! As Najat likes to fight for good causes! Marriage for all, the rights of the LBGT (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transsexual), the program ABCD which had to abandon but to which it does not give up and dream to fly under another name, more innocuous. There’s still the LDCs and especially the GPA which however is not unanimous among the Socialists. She knows. It is a small boldness on his part. It is in does not much. And no one he wants. The honey has melted. The smile is frozen. The look has become darker. Almost black. And a shiver runs suddenly your back. Najat rarely reveals its hidden face. That of a woman who has the hardness of heart of the virtuous. Those who doubt their judgment, nor the need to compel you to follow them on the road that they have traced. She holds the truth. And not only to savor as Spip nibbles his giant hazelnuts in the Park of the count of Champignac. It intends to impose it. Pfff! Pfff! Pfff! The squirrel turned into a strange feline. There are graceful. But it shows its claws. . Root facts can be found clicking the following web site.

Impressive achievements in animal experiments – new hope for Africa: drug could cure Ebola.

The development of ZMapp and its success in treating monkeys in an advanced stage which Ebola infection is impressive, writes the immunologist Thomas Geisbert of the University of Texas at Galveston in a comment. In the study, 18 rhesus monkeys were treated with ZMapp. In six monkeys, the treatment started three, four, or five days after the infection. Then, the animals at a distance of three days got two more doses of ZMapp. The researchers had another variant of Ebola virus although it currently used as rampant in West Africa. But in a further trial with cell cultures, ZMapp prevented also the multiplication of the current virus type. The tested contains three different antibodies. The research team had contributed significantly to the development of ZMapp and in the study also describes the corresponding antibodies were chosen over Which one preliminary tests. The number of Ebola infections is increased, meanwhile, significantly more during last week than in any comparable period since the outbreak of the disease. The record increase relates to each of the three mainly affected countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday in a report. Therefore, 550 cases were known in the 35th week about in the 34th week, there were almost 400. The development in Liberia is most dramatic. The mortality rate estimated the WHO with an average of 51 percent. It ranges from 41 per cent in Sierra Leone to 66 percent in Guinea. Until 26 August, WHO in the registered Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria 3069 confirmed and suspected cases, 1552 people died. Actually, the figures may be two to four times as high, the Organization warned.   . You must read this to read extra regarding this great topic.

Smoke: expert on Nature, e-cig would save 480 thousand lives a year in the Usa.

Milan, 29 Aug. (Reuters Health)-allow the use of the electronic cigarette, instead of restricting it to evaluate the effects on the ground. A smart regulation in the sector should not pass by a never-ending quest, but by monitoring the use of stimulated e-cig. The proposal, contained in a letter to Nature, is signed by Daniel Sarewitz, Co-Director of the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University. While admitting, in perspective, the need to define the rules for the electronic cigarette and label the ingredients, the specialist passes to the point: even now, sure, we can say that if all Americans ‘ svapassero tabagisti ‘, instead of smoking, could be avoided about 480 thousand deaths a year. An e-cig, in essence Sarewitz observes in his speech, appearing opposite orientation desired in recent days by the World Health Organization (prohibition of sale to minors and of use in public places)-allows the user to ‘ appease ‘ their nicotine addiction (which is not a carcinogen), and enjoy the pleasure of smoking without exposing yourself to over 60 carcinogens, or at most hundreds of toxic chemicals, that there burning tobacco. (more). Main source could be read visiting this source.

Europe: last chance for Holland.

François Hollande will once again tomorrow, try to convince his European counterparts to launch a collaborative growth initiative and to accept a slowing of the rate of reduction of public deficits. The head of State there, this time, a chance to be heard, while it is struggling to find allies in Brussels against a Germany annoyed to be pointing the finger and concerned at the weakening of a France increasingly regarded (with Italy) as Europe’s sick man? The signals when the reshuffle and then when Manuel Valls speech to Medef Summer University are likely to change. Not so much on the announcement of spectacular recovery measures on the perception of the french speech. While the "french bashing" turned to full-time in recent months across the Rhine, since 48 hours comments are very positive, even if distrust persists. Like a Matteo Renzi intending to influence the EU guidelines starting by ‘wake up’ his own country, the France finally displays a clear heading, consistent with the recommendations of the Commission. A sine qua non condition to find a largely scruffy influence. The Covenant of responsibility was already on track, but our partners could understand that, at the same time, Arnaud Montebourg took the stripe at Bercy in the first Government Valls because he had made alliance with the latter to bring down Jean-Marc Ayrault. A situation leading to endless on economic policy debates to be carried out. This game of balance, long prized by François Holland, is more topical and the presence of Emmanuel Macron is able to convince them that the France is ready to provide the necessary efforts. . Inspirational facts may be studied reading the following

Poletti at Rimini meeting: no to a standoff on article 18. On pensions: no intervention.

Indispenabile labour reform but made all together-the labour market serves an essential change warned Poletti: If you do not we will produce will be many thoughts, many but not analysis bring home results. Trust, if all together we will make this effort and we will take a bit of responsibility the results will get added.   In new contracts flexibility and lower costs-on the introduction of new contractual forms need a reflection, an assessment should be made in concrete terms the Minister said Poletti, speaking of the contract to increasing safeguards provided jobs act, into law delegation: will, points out, a lower cost at least in the initial phase, otherwise all entrepreneurs would use the most efficient and economic formula for businesses. Serve different characteristics of flexibility and cost. Need a good adjustment: does not create jobs alone but affects business decisions, is an item that weighs on decisions, from hiring investment. No intervention on pensions-no intervention on pensions in the stability Law clarified Poletti after picking hypotheses circulated this summer. In principle, without reference to any project, I said something that I think normal, that there can be an act of solidarity in the social security system. That we should find a way to handle equity and growth together. . You must check the following resource to learn extra about this interesting matter.

Beware of inflation data: Dax is crumbling.

The German stock market continues as expected In the morning its moderate losses of the previous day. In the first minutes of trading, the Dax down 0.7 percent to 9495 points. The balance of the week is positive with a rise of more than two percent but still well. The MDax lost 0.8 per cent to 16 142 points. The TecDax lost 0.6 per cent to 1247 points. For the euro-zone leading index EuroStoxx 50 it goes down 0.4 percent after. In late trading on Wall Street Wednesday and in Asia, there is no back or blowback. Also course impulses to individual stocks there is next summer doldrums. Lufthansa shares be avoided because at our subsidiary of Germanwings on Friday could be a strike. On the stock exchange is looking particularly on the inflation data from Germany, so a dealer. Mostly, it is expected that stagnant prices compared to the previous month and has risen by 0.8 per cent compared with the previous year. The data contain some potential surprise for me. A taste of how ECB hopes undermined, deliver the inflation data from Spain. Then, the pressure on Europe’s stock markets intensified in early trading. The inflation was not as strong as hoped slipped down and destroys hopes of quick QE measures the ECB therefore, a dealer said. Inflation fell only 0.5 percent during a drop of 0.6 percent had been expected. Thus, the thesis of a slide was not confirmed in the deflation. . Similar info can be read visiting