The shock of Fillon proposals to reduce the debt.

For him, no question of offer to the French one of these ‘tempting electoral programmes with a spending competition ‘. One goal posted: Save 110 billion euros of public funds in five years. Either 60 billion more than the plan announced by the current Government. Anxious not to be bound by its balance sheet at the head of the Government from 2007 to 2012, François Fillon considers that "it is the honor of a political leader to recognize that he is wrong and that the remedies of yesterday are no longer at the height of the situation". In this case, "progressive reform", it deems too timid hope to straighten the public accounts. "Cannot continue to have a system in which we want to reduce the weight of public spending and refrain from controlling the local expenditure", says the former Prime Minister. So, he wants to reform local and regional authorities to increase the number of levels from four to two. Objective: a clarification of competences, which some are now shared by different communities. . You can visit the following fact to discover more on this interesting matter.

Marino: ‘ drugs? I try ‘. Then Announces: «I ricandido».

I am strongly attracted to any narcotic substance but I have never used any, because I afraid from a medical point of view: the phrase ‘ A sheep ‘ day on Radio 2 accompanied by another irony-cos the definir after the Mayor of Rome-on the Rolling Stones, whom he so desired for the concert at Circo Massimo. The joke of course I really questioned, because when we got into town, seeing the Rolling Stones drummer, to almost 75 years, playing without interruption with an incredible energy, then becomes difficult to explain to your children that they must not use substances. In short I am a doctor ,. a little humor ,. says pi late Marino, but meanwhile the controversy game. Putting in the Mayor’s announcement that he would be a candidate for a second term. The controversy to criticize him his predecessor, Gianni Alemanno. I think the Mayor should apologize to the city-says-for, perhaps unwittingly, made an absurd advertising to the effects produced by taking drugs. Ironic municipal councillor Ncd Marco Paschalidis: Mayor says he never succumbed to drugs. But, looking like administers Rome and how she expresses herself in public, some doubts in me remains. The Deputy Coordinator of Forza Italy in Lazio, Jordan Tredicine, talk about a bad example to the young Marine. While words that offend addicts speak Maria Teresa Bagchi, National President of Modavi Onlus, Association of volunteerism and social advancement. Finally Andrea De Priam of brothers of Italy asks Marino to do drug tests. A controversy that obscures the other themes touched by the Mayor on the radio, always on the wave of irony. The Pope left?, asks the conductor. Do not enter this type of comparison but it seems to me quite decided, responding Marino. Sometimes we feel to the cell phone, he adds. And still we had more popularity in New York than in the Centre of Rome regarding the pedestrianisation of Spain with our taxi drivers then explains Marino. To think you are realizing the effort to clear the illegal. Through its new look with beard, for the marriage of George Clooney in Venice and the fight to ‘ wild ‘ stage in piazza Navona, one thing very serious Marine says: do you intend to reapply. A second term? That’s clear, auto. . Main source may be studied checking this url.

White House, controversy over safety: “Obama in the elevator with a convict armed with gun”.

The security apparatus of the White House is really efficient or is reduced to a colander? If you are asking the American public after what happened last September 19. Remember? Omar j. Gonzales, war veteran, managed to overcome without consequence the fence that surrounds the building more controlled the world and break up the garden before being intercepted by security men. Well, this was not an isolated case. American intelligence has revealed that three days before Barack Obama found himself in an elevator with a man armed with a gun and with three convictions for violence in the "curriculum". You treated a person hired as a "contractor" by the company that provides security services at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, inspection body for public health of the United States with headquarters in Atlanta, where Obama had gone to hold an emergency meeting on ebola, but something went wrong in the sophisticated security system developed by the Federal agency responsible for protecting the most powerful man in the world. The President, in fact, found himself with a gunman in a potentially very dangerous situation. Obama was not to say anything about that flaw but Julia Pierson, Director of the Secret Service, guaranteed to have taken national measures. Even though the contractor has gone bad: he was fired because, besides being cocked, in the elevator wouldn’t stop to shoot the President with a smartphone despite requests from security officials. The episode became greedy occasion to mount a controversy, with Jason Chaffetz’s Republican Senator who said: "Obama’s life was in danger. This country today wouldn’t be the same if the man had pulled out a gun. " . You must visit the following to read extra regarding this interesting matter.

The elect.

This must be heaven on Earth. In fact, many students suffered the hell on Earth. You were sexually abused by their teachers. Before pointing boarding school of the reform of Pedagogics had been a nest of pedophiles according to a balance sheet of a lawyer, who himself gave the Jack in your hand. ARD shows the topic for the first time in a TV movie. The elect are to see this Wednesday (October 1) to prime-time, 20 3: 00. A film with A lot of depth and null voyeurism Рmade at the Odenwald school, the scene of the crime. We confront the past, said spokeswoman Gertrud Ohling-hook. We do everything that contributes to the prevention. There were protests by two former students who threatened legal steps on the weekend before the broadcast date. The WDR denied this, the criticism was inaccurate. One of the two former students seeking financial compensation now according to his lawyer. He was one of the actors beyond a reasonable doubt as to recognize victims and get hurt in his personality rights. Also in the film. Director Christoph R̦hl is inspired by him that, what really happened. He worked from 1989 to 1991 as English-tutor at the school and already has the documentary to the sexual assault and we are not the only ones presented. In the elect, Ulrich Tukur (Rommel, the White Ribbon, Stauffenberg) plays the main role. The figure of charismatic and famous headmaster of Simon Pistorius is reminiscent of Becker. The elect only hints at sexual abuse. So, Pistorius comes out of the shower, Frank still there cowering under the shower. He threatens his victims: pass on you little shit. Otherwise I tell everyone what you do to me. . Extended information can be found reading

Bayern victory in Moscow: Buuuuuuuuh!.

Initial situation: Moscow because of the 1:5 in the first match at AS Roma as well under pressure as Bayern despite the 1-0 against Manchester City. It a victory must be here today, claimed Bayern sporting Director Matthias Sammer, the target: the standings in the group. Difficult conditions for both teams: because UEFA CSKA had punished for racist outages in the last year with exclusion of fan, as the game as the eerie ghost games. Funny, previously called the PEP Guardiola. And even if that now gives boos – I found it super. Finally enjoy impunity spirits puns. The first half: Moscow after seven minutes the first time in the half of the Munich-based, and also half an hour afterwards was the home team largely invisible. Bayern, however, not hiding and combined with spooky safety. On Bernat on Idol (9) and seal (10) with the first chance, 4-0 on corners and 81:19 percent possession of the ball was Alonso after a quarter of an hour. Thomas Müller scored 1-0 via a penalty kick in the 22nd minute (after foul on Idol), the result also reflected the superiority. But at some point, the House of Lords were end of the half. Ahmed Musa was the greatest moment of fright as he easily went past Benatia. The coaching. For PEP Guardiola a dream must have been there despite the skepticism beforehand. Finally he could penetrate Right away thanks to the tranquillity in the stadium with his instructions to his players. And also for the viewers, the situation was a dream. Who ever wanted to know what players talk like that during a game, got an illuminating insight in Moscow. What we do know now, for example: Alonso grumbles on English with Benatia. And Thomas Müller talking to themselves loud and clear (man!). Conclusion of the game: came from Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Such a strange game he had Not yet experienced in 40 years. And he wants not again experience, so the Chief Executive at sky. When I look at me out of the Office on the training, that’s nice. . You should visit this to learn more regarding this interesting topic.

View-the world reportage: The opium farmers of the Sinai.

For two years, Abu Saleh builds on the fabric. Almost every day he drives pickup with his Toyota truck in the desert, to check on his plants. There are no roads here. But he knows exactly what to do. After a few kilometres, the first fields show up. It passes through 13 opium plantations alone until his acreage. Overall, he knows about 100 fields in the surrounding areas. Three years ago, there was no single, here he says new ones each season. A few yards from the paved road, that Dahab in the seaside resort of 50 kilometers away leads, sitting A few Bedouin in a rundown shack. The mood is down. A young girl kneeling in the corner. It has spread to a small carpet before him, it is hand-crafted jewelry, no one is buying. From here also Abu Saleh has his tours to Saint Catherine’s monastery started earlier, the oldest inhabited monastery of Christianity. The Bedouin is 30 years old, but he looks older. Although his eyes look a friendly, he seems drawn from life in the desert and in the mountains: the teeth are black, his feet and hands of full of calluses. When he speaks, his voice sounds resigned. The three years of upheaval in Egypt have left traces. I know the t square only from television, he says, I’ve never been to Cairo. It frustrates him that his life so dramatically influenced by events, by which he feels far away. What have we to do with any revolutions?, he asks, and saying the Bedouin community. No Government has ever looked around us, and that will not change with the next Government, no matter who comes to power. During the lunch break, Abu Saleh sits with the boys in a small tent, where they bake bread Bedouin style. This put a dough focaccia from water, flour, and salt in glowing charcoal. A few minutes later they knock off the finished bread with sticks. The always slightly dusty pancakes there is sheep cheese and sweet tea. So, they spend the day here. The opium is ripe. There are various theories as to why the Bedouin can grow opium currently undisturbed. One is that military and Government due to the political upheavals have currently other worries. In addition, many opium farmers believe that the authorities tolerate the cultivation because they To want terrorists in Sinai have enough problems and bring up not even frustrated, unemployed Bedouin antagonizing. So is the Egyptian drug enforcement where in the beginning of March report, that no more fields have been destroyed since 2011 due to security concerns. . For more facts regarding this subject click

Beautiful as a shooting in Iraq.

No voice off, just very photogenic images on a musical background: two Rafale flying over the desert of the Arabian peninsula, before hitting a logistics depot of the Islamic State as in a video game. Then back at home, on the French military base of Al-Dhafra in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Put online by the specialized site Theatrum Belli, video is available on YouTube. And she looks to be mistaken for a promotional film to the glory of the French army, and the Rafale.   Precisely, it is a, concocted by the establishment to broadcast images of the armies, the ECPAD. Theatrum Belli has simply picked up and published on its website team. Led by a former officer of the air force, this specialized site – created in 2006 – does not hide its intentions. On its home page, it says you want to "raise awareness of the war phenomenon" and "mission is to participate in the influence of the French armed forces and defence industries." Could not be more clear. . You can check this link to discover more regarding this great subject.

Tax on financial transactions: the return of the serpent of EU seafarers.

Former Minister of finance and future European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, recently presented on the floor of the European Commission the introduction of a tax on financial transactions (TTF) in 11 volunteer countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain). Genuine snake sea of the international economic sphere, this tax is in the drawers of the Commission from 2011 and in the popular consciousness since the 1970s. While it is surprising to see Pierre Moscovici change once again of the opinion today, it is that its development of 2013 was perceived to be a new awareness. The tax on financial transactions is not at his first attempt and if the calculations of the European Commission provide no unduly adverse, practice had quickly contradict the theory. From 2012, the France was is already concocted his own financial transactions tax: tax on acquisitions of securities (TAT) which imposes 0.2% any purchase of shares of companies capitalizing more than a billion euros and whose registered office is in France. The country therefore retrieves 20 times margin average of part of the activities of the finance, and for two years. It seems today that this tax to the so-called punitive effects for speculators catalyzes more a need for recognition of the population than a real desire to change things, while the 2008 crisis remains engraved in the memories and that banks and traders high frequency focused all suspicions. The British Chancellor Georges Osborne said in 2011: no bank will pay this tax. The savings Plans into Actions (PEA) for the livreta and other life insurance products, banks now have too many opportunities to pass their losses on end-users to do would wobble against this tax on financial transactions. A Tobin tax which has lost all meaning since its invention by James Tobin 40 years ago. The Nobel Prize in economics wanted to penalize people who borrowed dollars to buy the deutsche mark while he defended body and soul the fixed exchange system. Now, while there is more fixed exchange, the framework of pure speculation between two currencies is more and this tax has more instead of being either. Now remains to be seen if the political demagoguery will take precedence over economic interests. . Root source can be studied clicking the following

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato CODA Tronca: Italian beauty with unearthly prices.

The Giulietta Sprint Zagato built between 1960 and 1962 had an aluminum body and weighed only about 840 kg. With around 100 HP, that was enough for a top speed of 200 km/h. Thus, it was 1960 more than competitive. Only 217 were built by the racing version of the Giulietta. The last 30 of the cars got missed a significantly extended rear end with an abrupt end for aerodynamic reasons. Therefore the Italian epithet CODA Tronca, which means something like A lot like tail cut off. What is remarkable is that these lightweight Giulietta has arisen from an accident. At the Mille Miglia in 1956 was Dore Leto di Priolo with its Giulietta Sprint Veloce in a violent accident involved. So, turned the Alfa-Romeo technicians of Elio Zagato and commissioned him to rebuild the wreck. The premise was that the car should bring as little weight on the scale, in order to compete on the track against the competition. Elio went to work and created a lightweight racer, which should cause a sensation in the next few years. In addition to the low weight was impressed by the rigid aluminum body and the sleek form of wind-raunchy. The Alfa Romeo stand by onlookers was surrounded at its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1960. There were 300 hours of work to establish a Giulietta Sprint Zagato. Accordingly, the Giulietta SZ, with a base price of 2 910 000 lire was no promotion. Over 50 years later, the sleek racer with the bulbous fenders has lost none of its power of attraction. The cockpit is rudimentary: three round instruments, a few buttons a transverse standing shifter and a thin steering wheel – it’s. Ranges as well. The seating position is everything else as ergonomically – it lies almost in the car. However, can be quite relaxed moved the Giulietta. After a few metres, fiddling with the 3rd was transferred 92 metre long Italian in flesh and blood. The rattling of the four cylinder, the voluminous combustion noise, which is topped by a loud audible exhaling sounds A lot like the acceleration. If then the pointer of the tachometer creamy and almost effortlessly soaring upwards, the grin on his face as festgetackert. Kilometre more trapped is the driver of the magic of the classic. However faces the dream in red the not insignificant hurdle of just under 300. 000 euro. If you can find the an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato CODA Tronca. . Related info can be inspected visiting

Underestimated danger IS-militia – US intelligence: Obama seeks a scapegoat.

Deputies, insider and former employees have taken the US intelligence agencies before the accusation by President Barack Obama in protection to have predicted the rise of the extremist militia IS not. This was not a failure of intelligence, but a failure of leadership, to confront this threat, the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee in the House of representatives, Mike Rogers said on Monday. The services had more than a year specifically warned of an assault of Islamists in Syria on the Iraq, said of the Republicans. The Committee have already 2013 formally asked Obama to do something against this threat. Obama had on Sunday in a CBS Interviewgesagt, American intelligence agencies had underestimated the development in Syria. He invoked a manifestation of intelligence Chief James Clapper. This had a newspaper said the intelligence services had not properly assessed the will to win the Islamists. However stressed Clapper at the same time, the increasing clout of the IS and the weaknesses of the Iraqi army are passed correctly. . You can check the following site to discover extra regarding this great topic.