Smoke: expert on Nature, e-cig would save 480 thousand lives a year in the Usa.

Milan, 29 Aug. (Reuters Health)-allow the use of the electronic cigarette, instead of restricting it to evaluate the effects on the ground. A smart regulation in the sector should not pass by a never-ending quest, but by monitoring the use of stimulated e-cig. The proposal, contained in a letter to Nature, is signed by Daniel Sarewitz, Co-Director of the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University. While admitting, in perspective, the need to define the rules for the electronic cigarette and label the ingredients, the specialist passes to the point: even now, sure, we can say that if all Americans ‘ svapassero tabagisti ‘, instead of smoking, could be avoided about 480 thousand deaths a year. An e-cig, in essence Sarewitz observes in his speech, appearing opposite orientation desired in recent days by the World Health Organization (prohibition of sale to minors and of use in public places)-allows the user to ‘ appease ‘ their nicotine addiction (which is not a carcinogen), and enjoy the pleasure of smoking without exposing yourself to over 60 carcinogens, or at most hundreds of toxic chemicals, that there burning tobacco. (more). You should visit this link to learn more on this great subject.

Europe: last chance for Holland.

François Hollande will once again tomorrow, try to convince his European counterparts to launch a collaborative growth initiative and to accept a slowing of the rate of reduction of public deficits. The head of State there, this time, a chance to be heard, while it is struggling to find allies in Brussels against a Germany annoyed to be pointing the finger and concerned at the weakening of a France increasingly regarded (with Italy) as Europe’s sick man? The signals when the reshuffle and then when Manuel Valls speech to Medef Summer University are likely to change. Not so much on the announcement of spectacular recovery measures on the perception of the french speech. While the "french bashing" turned to full-time in recent months across the Rhine, since 48 hours comments are very positive, even if distrust persists. Like a Matteo Renzi intending to influence the EU guidelines starting by ‘wake up’ his own country, the France finally displays a clear heading, consistent with the recommendations of the Commission. A sine qua non condition to find a largely scruffy influence. The Covenant of responsibility was already on track, but our partners could understand that, at the same time, Arnaud Montebourg took the stripe at Bercy in the first Government Valls because he had made alliance with the latter to bring down Jean-Marc Ayrault. A situation leading to endless on economic policy debates to be carried out. This game of balance, long prized by François Holland, is more topical and the presence of Emmanuel Macron is able to convince them that the France is ready to provide the necessary efforts. . Similar information can be read clicking

Poletti at Rimini meeting: no to a standoff on article 18. On pensions: no intervention.

Indispenabile labour reform but made all together-the labour market serves an essential change warned Poletti: If you do not we will produce will be many thoughts, many but not analysis bring home results. Trust, if all together we will make this effort and we will take a bit of responsibility the results will get added.   In new contracts flexibility and lower costs-on the introduction of new contractual forms need a reflection, an assessment should be made in concrete terms the Minister said Poletti, speaking of the contract to increasing safeguards provided jobs act, into law delegation: will, points out, a lower cost at least in the initial phase, otherwise all entrepreneurs would use the most efficient and economic formula for businesses. Serve different characteristics of flexibility and cost. Need a good adjustment: does not create jobs alone but affects business decisions, is an item that weighs on decisions, from hiring investment. No intervention on pensions-no intervention on pensions in the stability Law clarified Poletti after picking hypotheses circulated this summer. In principle, without reference to any project, I said something that I think normal, that there can be an act of solidarity in the social security system. That we should find a way to handle equity and growth together. . You can read the following to read more regarding this amazing subject.

Beware of inflation data: Dax is crumbling.

The German stock market continues as expected In the morning its moderate losses of the previous day. In the first minutes of trading, the Dax down 0.7 percent to 9495 points. The balance of the week is positive with a rise of more than two percent but still well. The MDax lost 0.8 per cent to 16 142 points. The TecDax lost 0.6 per cent to 1247 points. For the euro-zone leading index EuroStoxx 50 it goes down 0.4 percent after. In late trading on Wall Street Wednesday and in Asia, there is no back or blowback. Also course impulses to individual stocks there is next summer doldrums. Lufthansa shares be avoided because at our subsidiary of Germanwings on Friday could be a strike. On the stock exchange is looking particularly on the inflation data from Germany, so a dealer. Mostly, it is expected that stagnant prices compared to the previous month and has risen by 0.8 per cent compared with the previous year. The data contain some potential surprise for me. A taste of how ECB hopes undermined, deliver the inflation data from Spain. Then, the pressure on Europe’s stock markets intensified in early trading. The inflation was not as strong as hoped slipped down and destroys hopes of quick QE measures the ECB therefore, a dealer said. Inflation fell only 0.5 percent during a drop of 0.6 percent had been expected. Thus, the thesis of a slide was not confirmed in the deflation. . For more regarding this subject click

Breast milk, biological gold.

Although he has accompany I’m the human being from the beginning of time, breast milk has not been too studied to date. As explained in an art ass recently published in Scienceque magazine, under the title t, the first functional food of nature, displays all the virtues of this food, going much m s all of the nutrition of the beb n. The knowledge around this bacteria continues to advance. And the scientific graphics want to be used not only to learn more about the breast milk, but also to prevent a disease that affects preterm infants, necrotising enterocolitis. He speculates on the possibility that the Microbiome of the baby s born before time is not so kind with the ridos oligosac to generate a sobrerreacci inflammatory n that makes that the body can not tolerate them. S the introduction of supplementary shaped bacterium n quiz may help that this does not happen. . You should read the following article to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

Oppermann makes responsible for IS advance America.

The SPD leader Thomas Oppermann has made responsible indirectly for the rise of the extremist group Islamic State (IS) in the Iraq the United States. "What we are witnessing at the moment is to a large extent attributed to the Iraq war", in which under leadership of Americans of the former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein overthrown been was, Oppermann said on Thursday during his summer tour in the Lower Saxony Duderstadt. Oberoi said also clearly support the Iraqi Kurds by German arms. Following the second Iraq war exclusion of Iraq’s Sunnis by the new Shiite-dominated Government in Baghdad was "the precondition, that IS the Iraqi army to rout could beat", Oppermann said. "Who escaped apparently like to," said the SPD politician with views of sympathy in many Iraqi Sunnis for the IS. "The whole disaster reveals itself more than a decade later", he added with views of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by the United States. At that time, the fragile coexistence of ethnic groups and religions in the Iraq had been destroyed. "Humanitarian aid is but a modicum of security, which is only possible where there IS not is", Oppermann justified the weapons shipments planned by the Federal Government. "Humanitarian aid would be empty, if the Kurds would overrun", the SPD politician said. Weapon supplies to the Kurds but meant the risk that they will fall into the wrong hands, because "for the weapons, there is no return ticket". German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to decide on details of the planned arms on Sunday with the competent Ministers. The Bundestag should debate on Monday about it. Could be agreed it might also have a related, non-binding resolution. . Original facts could be studied reading this

Trafficking of babies: the president of the Parliament of Niger left the country.

The Parliament president Hama Amadou, whose peers have authorized Wednesday the hearing by justice concerning trafficking of babies from Nigeria, discreetly left the Niger to Burkina Faso, an opposition official said. I can tell you that he discreetly left the country and is currently in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, which the authorities have confirmed the presence, told AFP an official of the Nigerian opposition, confirming a State and a private chain television information. AFP was unable to contact Member of the majority for a possible response. The political bureau of the National Assembly authorized Wednesday the hearing of Mr. Amadou by the examining magistrate in charge of the case, which opens the door to potential arrest, said a judicial source. The lifting of the parliamentary immunity of Mr Amadou is not yet required at this stage of the investigation, told AFP Mohamed Ben Omar, MP close to power, third vice-president of the Parliament and member of the bureau. The president of the National Assembly is considered to be the main opponent of the head of the State Mahamadou Issoufou for the presidential election, 2016. One of his wives is currently committed in the context of this resounding case of traffic, that tense political climate in the country. We believe that for the honour and respectability of our institution, it (Hama Amadou) must (be) at the disposal of justice, defended Mr. Ben Omar. Should not we rollover in breach of equality of citizens before the law. For the same case of Nigerians are languishing in prison for months and others are at liberty, he argued. -Legality – The Council of Ministers had transmitted Tuesday to the Parliament a request from the Minister of Justice for Hama Amadou can be heard. The opposition denounced the illegality of the action. The rules of procedure of the Parliament does not allow an office of the National Assembly to deliver a member of justice or to stop, reacted Tidjani Abbas, one of its members. The arrest necessarily implies the lifting upstream of the immunity of a member by the National Assembly met in plenary, he said at a press conference. Article 88 of the Nigerian Constitution stipulates however that offline, no Member may be stopped only with the authorisation of the bureau of the National Assembly, except in cases of flagrante delicto, authorized prosecutions and final sentences. According to a parliamentary source, Hama Amadou seized the Constitutional Council to pronounce on the legality of the procedure. Seventeen people, including 12 women, were detained late June in Niger in a case of international trafficking of babies between Nigeria, where they have been designed, Benin and Niger. All were charged with assumption of child (a crime which consists in assigning the maternity of a child to a woman who has not put it in the world), forgery and use of forgery and misrepresentation. The Nigerian Minister of Agriculture Abdou Labo, which made wives one part of women in prison, was imprisoned Saturday. In late July, Mr. Amadou had denounced a political matter. We will banish this shameful traffic, regardless of the person involved, replied the Minister of Justice. The break between Hama Amadou and the majority date August 2013, when the Allied ex of Mahamadou Issoufou has joined the opposition to protest an overhaul of the Government. Supporters of the head of State are not two-thirds of MEPs required to remove the president of the Parliament. . You must check this to discover extra about this great matter.

Before the election in Saxony: Courting right voters.

In Saxony, the far-right NPD sits for ten years in the Landtag. Also the euro-critical AfD could be in the election on Sunday. Both parties are competing though for right voters, attract but also very different milieus. Nationwide, limbo the right-extremist NPD surveys mostly by a percent and is sorted among the other parties. Not so in Saxony: the NPD almost the established parties, sitting now for ten years in the State legislature heard here. And also in the election on Sunday the right-wing extremist opportunities can calculate, again to overcome the five percent hurdle. In Saxony, even respectable surrenders to the NPD, moved with Holger Szymanski in the election campaign. Szymanski meets no cliché, what is the image of a typical right-wing extremist. Rather, looks rather conventional harmless – the Group and head of the country and to miss the party a serious painting. The above-average ratings for NPD and AfD are also a Saxon peculiarity, because a greater right voter potential than to To find in other countries is evident here. So, the researchers of the University of Leipzig noted in their study of xenophobia are still higher than in the old in the new Länder. Live fewer migrants, discrimination against ‘Foreigners’ is more widespread, explains the researcher Elmar Brähler. In Saxony, the proportion of foreigners not once is three percent. The AfD in Saxony, pursuing an archconservative, is tailored to candidate Frauke Petry. You will be able to attract protest voters and nevertheless to avoid a dirty image. With the slogan courage to Saxony want to feed them with their conservative people’s Party in the Landtag; the populist demands of the AfD are more police against the allegedly increasing number of property and drug offenses, lower electricity prices and more money for Saxon Instead of for ailing banks. But also A little bit nostalgia offers the AfD voters. The foreseeable success but also ensures that conflicts in the party. A member of the National Executive was suspended in mid-August. Arvid Samtleben was been removed already in June from the country list, because he had lost the confidence of his Bautzen District Association, as reported by the AfD. Velvet life have also filed a constitutional complaint on August 4 at the Saxon court aiming to explain the entire country list of the AfD to the Landtag election invalidated. The Saxon Ministry of Interior declared the constitutional complaint against the approval of the party to the election but to be inadmissible. The AfD can appear so, but wants to exclude ex – Board Member velvet life from the party. . Additional info can be found checking

Ukraine: Russian armored advance in the Southeast, according to the army.

The Russia will send other convoys humanitairessuscitant the concern of Kiev and of occidentauxpresident the first convoy sparked a large controversy. 300 Russian white trucks carrying food for populations East of the Ukraine had all sentences to cross the Ukrainian border, arousing concern of Kyiv and Westerners. However, the Russia will not stop there. This Wednesday, Sergei Lavrov, head of Russian diplomacy said that a second Russian convoy will be visiting Ukraine and "will not be the last.   "The need for humanitarian assistance given the worsening of the humanitarian disaster in the East of the Ukraine was highlighted" by Russian president Vladimir Poutine at a regional summit in Minsk, has justified the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov.  At the Summit, Vladimir Poutine accused Petro Poroshenko to "deny the complexity of the humanitarian situation", which "can only be described as catastrophic.   Sounds of Russian boots in Ukraine. Tanks, tanks, multiple rocket launchers Grad,. The Ukrainian army reported the presence of Russian weapons on its territory, this Wednesday. The soldiers state that a Russian armoured column advanced in the southeast of the country, where a new front was opened Monday. "We have information on the progress of a column of 100 vehicles including tanks, armoured vehicles, on the road Starobecheve-Telmanove Grad multiple rocket launchers," said the press centre of the Ukrainian operation staff in the East in a statement. This column "marked by a triangle or a white circle" moves towards the locality of Telmanove, twenty kilometres from the Russian border and 80 km south of Donetsk, stronghold of pro-Russian rebels.  "It is impossible to buy 100 tanks somewhere in the market at Donetsk or Lugansk, it is clear that they made incursion since the Russia. "We seek evidence photo or video to officially declare ‘, said this source. According to the Ukrainian army, another column consisting of six Grad rocket launchers and trucks with fighters made foray since the Russia by the Dibrovka town 110 km east of Donetsk.   The Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists clash for several months for the control of the Donabss region, in the East of the Ukraine. The fighting have made more than 2,200 deaths since mid-April.   . For extra data on this matter read

Fillon charge Holland, “unable to design the future of the France”.

For re-entry, he chose hitting. Before his troops and on its sarthoises land in Rath Champagne, François Fillon has strongly criticised the Presidency of François Holland. «27 months for nothing.» Way, for one who has 2017 online focus, to stand above the fray at a time where the UMP is suspended from the statement of candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy then former Prime Minister charge a head of State, "guilty" to her eyes tempered "the chances of recovery", in "aggravating the handicaps" of the France.  ’How can we not think that Francois Hollande proves unable to design the future of the France?’ François Fillon assured him, "the phenomenon Valls, vaunted by the media, comes to break the economic realities and the personal ambitions". He, very much doubt ‘political, parliamentary, institutional capacity’ of the new Government of Manuel Valls to "carry out the reforms. Member of Parliament for Paris gears: "the appeal to the people, Yes, but cohabitation, not! And advocate for a "cultural revolution" whose "only the presidential election can be the catalyst." Hollow, that’s akin to claim dissolution followed the resignation of François Holland,. One of his key lieutenants, the UMP des Alpes – Maritimes, Eric Ciotti, said not another thing when it considers, Wednesday morning on South radio, the current head of State will have to go through the polls before the end of his term. The Elysee for objective, François Fillon is willing to turn the page of Holland, bearing "a rupture and gathering project. Moreover, it States "nearly 50 experts from all walks of life" to participate in the development of its project. François Fillon recalls in passing that "the election to the Presidency of the UMP should not be a primary before the time. "I feel obliged with Alain Juppé and Jean-Pierre Raffarin to be the guarantor of an internal election that must take place in an exemplary manner," added that seeking clear, in this autumn, to stand by his classmates of the UMP. . Original data can be found visiting the following