Controversial natural gas production: fracking opponents urge Federal Government to completely ban.

The rules and regulations in the departmental votes to go soon. But also from the ranks of the black red coalition penetrating criticism of the fracking course of the Federal Government. The SPD environment expert Nina Scheer calls to revise the planned 3000-meter limit. Fracking for commercial purposes must be excluded also in lower layers of rock, she says. The interests and the protection of the local population should have top priority. But reform is complicated. Especially over the duration of the partial ban, there is disagreement in the Federal Government. The Ministry of economy it favors that the moratorium simply expires in 2021. That could extend the possibilities for fracking in Germany over the long term. In the Ministry of the environment, they want that the Bundestag must vote on a possible connection law 2021 Once again extra. On Tuesday Chancellor’s Office Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) was reportedly so with Hendricks. Nothing was known about results. Whether the Bill rather will accommodate the ecologists or the oil and gas companies, could show up in the coming week. Any time soon, it is To give a Bill, promised Hendricks on Tuesday. . Similar text can be inspected visiting

Toni Iwobi, new head of immigration is of color.

Iwobi, Toni from 38 years in Nigerian Italy, officially became the head of the new Security and Immigration Department of the Northern League.  At present it was Federal Secretary of the Carroccio, Matteo Salvini, who could not help but respond to allegations of hypocrisy for choosing a representative of color after criticising several times, and also pretty hard, the Government Minister Seen by Cecile Kyenge. "Iwobi made Councillor and Councillor for many years and participates in the life of the community. I don’t know what he did Kyenge before making the Minister but I know what he did as Minister, i.e. nothing, and thankfully, was a left-wing Government to fire her without article 18 ".  And yet, Salvini said: "I’m sure that will make more Tony for regular migrants in a month than did the same Kyenge, and if someone defines the hypocritical this is because the real racism is left". Iwobi presentation at the demonstration against the Mare Nostrum organized for Saturday 18 October in Milan. "It’s an action typically masked racism of a civilized country towards its citizens" and "a great nonsense and also a lack of respect towards migrants are lured under false pretenses, knowing that you will be able to guarantee a future," said Iwobi. On immigration, said that there are two types: "that regulate that well is illegal and that is a crime". And then he asked significantly: "why do we have to import new poor without being able to guarantee them a future?". It was Shaun Kitchener site to give a clarification on who’s in charge of the new Security and Immigration Department of the Northern League: "Toni Iwobi was born on April 26, 1955 to Gusau, Nigeria. Fifth of 11 brothers, did his studies in his country and graduated in information science in the United States. He arrived in Italy in 1977, to Blow (Bergamo), which is part of the Board monocolour League. He touched the election in Lombardy in 2013 and refused for personal reasons the European candidacy offered by Salvini. He married a bergamasca and had two sons. Now is the grandfather of two grandchildren. " . Extended info can be found clicking homepage.

The Argentina feels victim of an economic conspiracy.

Centre-left argentine President, Cristina Kirchner, believes that his country is the target of a conspiracy to economic and speculative character: both came to the United States and the Argentine business community. In a speech Tuesday, Mrs. Kirchner even warned that should seek responsibilities to the United States if she died. If it happens to me something, do not look to the East, look to the North, she said, after having stated two weeks ago that it had received threats of the jihadists of the Islamic State. Since the judgment of a court in New York in June, condemning the Argentina to pay compensation disproportionate with regard to the agreement concluded with 93% of its creditors, to a group of vulture funds Argentine leaders draw red ball to New York, the senile Judge Thomas Griesa and require intervention by Washington. The Argentina has attempted in vain to involve the United States in this case by filing a complaint with the International Court of justice (ICJ) in the Hague. For Buenos Aires, judge Griesa is in the pay of hedge funds that threaten the process of deleveraging by the Argentina. The United States are not party involved in the dispute between the vulture funds and the 3rd economy of Latin America, but the Argentina puts forward that they are responsible for their institutions, and therefore of Justice, whose decision against the Argentina surprised the business world. In Argentina, Mrs. Kirchner also accuses opponents of its policy of wanting to destabilize by speculating on the dollar, which the black market rate blazes in recent months. A dollar is exchanged against 8.5 pesos at exchange offices and reached nearly 16 pesos in informal circuit. -Evidence? -They want to overthrow the Government with the help of outside, she says. She made particular reference to a device allowing to Exchange pesos into dollars at a rate close to the informal rate, a mechanism considered unlawful by Mrs. Kirchner, legal according to banking operators. How far will they go? Are they going to put me in jail the next time I go to New York?, said the argentine President during the same speech from the Casa Rosada, the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires. Attacks against the administration of Barack Obama is are thoroughly these days and culminated Tuesday night (.) . . ) As never before, it denounced with great pomp that + some sectors of the economy wanted to overthrow the Government +, reading an editorial in the conservative daily La Nación titled one speech by barricade converted into dogma. The President insisted on the conspiracy theories and suggested, for the first time, that + North + could plan something against it, says the editorial. It does not seek to stand out from leaders like Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro, who have spent their lives to denounce the phase-out plans hatched by + Yankee imperialism +. Nestor (2003-2007) as Cristina Kirchner (2007-2015) were often opposed to the policy of the United States, positioning the Argentina in the camp of the Venezuela, of Cuba, Ecuador or the Bolivia. Last week, Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman had summoned the head of the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires to blame her for taking a stand in the argentine press for an agreement with the vulture funds. Wednesday, the head of the Government of Argentina, Jorge Capitanich, threatened to punish the financial actors who have on the peso to weaken, while the business world require an urgent devaluation. For political scientist Argentine Ricardo Rouvier, remarks are exaggerated, even if it is true that internal actors are pressure, there is a speculation from supporters of a devaluation, for example the retention of the harvests of soybeans destined for export, but from there to talk of an international plot or any attack on his person,. In the history of humanity, he said, there were more denunciations of conspiracy as evidence. That said, (it has perhaps elements) to launch these accusations, adds Mr. Rouvier. . Similar information can be read checking blog.

Alfano: De Magistris immediately suspended and him: my regards the judgment.

The prefect of Naples received acts and proceed to today’s compliance with the law within its competence for the suspension of the Mayor Luigi de Magistris. He said during question time in the House at the request of Paul Russo (FI) Interior Minister Angelino Alfano. The vote for City Council Naples metro will be held regularly on 12 October. To say, in this House, in the House, during the question time, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano. For the owner of the dicastery of via Arenula no preconditions to slip the vote, although the Mayor Luigi de Magistris is suspended from law office to law effect Severino, after conviction for abuse of Office of the tenth section of the Court of Rome. Sentence in first instance of Deputy Mayor of Naples, Tommaso Sodano-says-does not sanction measures and precautionary applies as provided by law 56/2014 that reformed the provinces, with the possibility of substitution of the Deputy Mayor in charge of Chairman of the meeting that the rule assigns to the Mayor of Naples. . You must read the following blog to learn more on this great topic.

The shock of Fillon proposals to reduce the debt.

For him, no question of offer to the French one of these ‘tempting electoral programmes with a spending competition ‘. One goal posted: Save 110 billion euros of public funds in five years. Either 60 billion more than the plan announced by the current Government. Anxious not to be bound by its balance sheet at the head of the Government from 2007 to 2012, François Fillon considers that "it is the honor of a political leader to recognize that he is wrong and that the remedies of yesterday are no longer at the height of the situation". In this case, "progressive reform", it deems too timid hope to straighten the public accounts. "Cannot continue to have a system in which we want to reduce the weight of public spending and refrain from controlling the local expenditure", says the former Prime Minister. So, he wants to reform local and regional authorities to increase the number of levels from four to two. Objective: a clarification of competences, which some are now shared by different communities. . You must check this to discover extra on this amazing topic.

Marino: ‘ drugs? I try ‘. Then Announces: «I ricandido».

I am strongly attracted to any narcotic substance but I have never used any, because I afraid from a medical point of view: the phrase ‘ A sheep ‘ day on Radio 2 accompanied by another irony-cos the definir after the Mayor of Rome-on the Rolling Stones, whom he so desired for the concert at Circo Massimo. The joke of course I really questioned, because when we got into town, seeing the Rolling Stones drummer, to almost 75 years, playing without interruption with an incredible energy, then becomes difficult to explain to your children that they must not use substances. In short I am a doctor ,. a little humor ,. says pi late Marino, but meanwhile the controversy game. Putting in the Mayor’s announcement that he would be a candidate for a second term. The controversy to criticize him his predecessor, Gianni Alemanno. I think the Mayor should apologize to the city-says-for, perhaps unwittingly, made an absurd advertising to the effects produced by taking drugs. Ironic municipal councillor Ncd Marco Paschalidis: Mayor says he never succumbed to drugs. But, looking like administers Rome and how she expresses herself in public, some doubts in me remains. The Deputy Coordinator of Forza Italy in Lazio, Jordan Tredicine, talk about a bad example to the young Marine. While words that offend addicts speak Maria Teresa Bagchi, National President of Modavi Onlus, Association of volunteerism and social advancement. Finally Andrea De Priam of brothers of Italy asks Marino to do drug tests. A controversy that obscures the other themes touched by the Mayor on the radio, always on the wave of irony. The Pope left?, asks the conductor. Do not enter this type of comparison but it seems to me quite decided, responding Marino. Sometimes we feel to the cell phone, he adds. And still we had more popularity in New York than in the Centre of Rome regarding the pedestrianisation of Spain with our taxi drivers then explains Marino. To think you are realizing the effort to clear the illegal. Through its new look with beard, for the marriage of George Clooney in Venice and the fight to ‘ wild ‘ stage in piazza Navona, one thing very serious Marine says: do you intend to reapply. A second term? That’s clear, auto. . Similar information can be inspected checking weblink.

White House, controversy over safety: “Obama in the elevator with a convict armed with gun”.

The security apparatus of the White House is really efficient or is reduced to a colander? If you are asking the American public after what happened last September 19. Remember? Omar j. Gonzales, war veteran, managed to overcome without consequence the fence that surrounds the building more controlled the world and break up the garden before being intercepted by security men. Well, this was not an isolated case. American intelligence has revealed that three days before Barack Obama found himself in an elevator with a man armed with a gun and with three convictions for violence in the "curriculum". You treated a person hired as a "contractor" by the company that provides security services at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, inspection body for public health of the United States with headquarters in Atlanta, where Obama had gone to hold an emergency meeting on ebola, but something went wrong in the sophisticated security system developed by the Federal agency responsible for protecting the most powerful man in the world. The President, in fact, found himself with a gunman in a potentially very dangerous situation. Obama was not to say anything about that flaw but Julia Pierson, Director of the Secret Service, guaranteed to have taken national measures. Even though the contractor has gone bad: he was fired because, besides being cocked, in the elevator wouldn’t stop to shoot the President with a smartphone despite requests from security officials. The episode became greedy occasion to mount a controversy, with Jason Chaffetz’s Republican Senator who said: "Obama’s life was in danger. This country today wouldn’t be the same if the man had pulled out a gun. " . For more insights regarding this topic visit

The elect.

This must be heaven on Earth. In fact, many students suffered the hell on Earth. You were sexually abused by their teachers. Before pointing boarding school of the reform of Pedagogics had been a nest of pedophiles according to a balance sheet of a lawyer, who himself gave the Jack in your hand. ARD shows the topic for the first time in a TV movie. The elect are to see this Wednesday (October 1) to prime-time, 20 3: 00. A film with A lot of depth and null voyeurism Рmade at the Odenwald school, the scene of the crime. We confront the past, said spokeswoman Gertrud Ohling-hook. We do everything that contributes to the prevention. There were protests by two former students who threatened legal steps on the weekend before the broadcast date. The WDR denied this, the criticism was inaccurate. One of the two former students seeking financial compensation now according to his lawyer. He was one of the actors beyond a reasonable doubt as to recognize victims and get hurt in his personality rights. Also in the film. Director Christoph R̦hl is inspired by him that, what really happened. He worked from 1989 to 1991 as English-tutor at the school and already has the documentary to the sexual assault and we are not the only ones presented. In the elect, Ulrich Tukur (Rommel, the White Ribbon, Stauffenberg) plays the main role. The figure of charismatic and famous headmaster of Simon Pistorius is reminiscent of Becker. The elect only hints at sexual abuse. So, Pistorius comes out of the shower, Frank still there cowering under the shower. He threatens his victims: pass on you little shit. Otherwise I tell everyone what you do to me. . You can visit the following to discover extra on this amazing subject.

Bayern victory in Moscow: Buuuuuuuuh!.

Initial situation: Moscow because of the 1:5 in the first match at AS Roma as well under pressure as Bayern despite the 1-0 against Manchester City. It a victory must be here today, claimed Bayern sporting Director Matthias Sammer, the target: the standings in the group. Difficult conditions for both teams: because UEFA CSKA had punished for racist outages in the last year with exclusion of fan, as the game as the eerie ghost games. Funny, previously called the PEP Guardiola. And even if that now gives boos – I found it super. Finally enjoy impunity spirits puns. The first half: Moscow after seven minutes the first time in the half of the Munich-based, and also half an hour afterwards was the home team largely invisible. Bayern, however, not hiding and combined with spooky safety. On Bernat on Idol (9) and seal (10) with the first chance, 4-0 on corners and 81:19 percent possession of the ball was Alonso after a quarter of an hour. Thomas Müller scored 1-0 via a penalty kick in the 22nd minute (after foul on Idol), the result also reflected the superiority. But at some point, the House of Lords were end of the half. Ahmed Musa was the greatest moment of fright as he easily went past Benatia. The coaching. For PEP Guardiola a dream must have been there despite the skepticism beforehand. Finally he could penetrate Right away thanks to the tranquillity in the stadium with his instructions to his players. And also for the viewers, the situation was a dream. Who ever wanted to know what players talk like that during a game, got an illuminating insight in Moscow. What we do know now, for example: Alonso grumbles on English with Benatia. And Thomas Müller talking to themselves loud and clear (man!). Conclusion of the game: came from Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Such a strange game he had Not yet experienced in 40 years. And he wants not again experience, so the Chief Executive at sky. When I look at me out of the Office on the training, that’s nice. . Root source may be found reading this

View-the world reportage: The opium farmers of the Sinai.

For two years, Abu Saleh builds on the fabric. Almost every day he drives pickup with his Toyota truck in the desert, to check on his plants. There are no roads here. But he knows exactly what to do. After a few kilometres, the first fields show up. It passes through 13 opium plantations alone until his acreage. Overall, he knows about 100 fields in the surrounding areas. Three years ago, there was no single, here he says new ones each season. A few yards from the paved road, that Dahab in the seaside resort of 50 kilometers away leads, sitting A few Bedouin in a rundown shack. The mood is down. A young girl kneeling in the corner. It has spread to a small carpet before him, it is hand-crafted jewelry, no one is buying. From here also Abu Saleh has his tours to Saint Catherine’s monastery started earlier, the oldest inhabited monastery of Christianity. The Bedouin is 30 years old, but he looks older. Although his eyes look a friendly, he seems drawn from life in the desert and in the mountains: the teeth are black, his feet and hands of full of calluses. When he speaks, his voice sounds resigned. The three years of upheaval in Egypt have left traces. I know the t square only from television, he says, I’ve never been to Cairo. It frustrates him that his life so dramatically influenced by events, by which he feels far away. What have we to do with any revolutions?, he asks, and saying the Bedouin community. No Government has ever looked around us, and that will not change with the next Government, no matter who comes to power. During the lunch break, Abu Saleh sits with the boys in a small tent, where they bake bread Bedouin style. This put a dough focaccia from water, flour, and salt in glowing charcoal. A few minutes later they knock off the finished bread with sticks. The always slightly dusty pancakes there is sheep cheese and sweet tea. So, they spend the day here. The opium is ripe. There are various theories as to why the Bedouin can grow opium currently undisturbed. One is that military and Government due to the political upheavals have currently other worries. In addition, many opium farmers believe that the authorities tolerate the cultivation because they To want terrorists in Sinai have enough problems and bring up not even frustrated, unemployed Bedouin antagonizing. So is the Egyptian drug enforcement where in the beginning of March report, that no more fields have been destroyed since 2011 due to security concerns. . Extended data can be found checking website.