1-0 against Schalke: Leverkusen WINS Tracker duel.

Before 30 200 spectators in the sold-out BayArena Schalke proved although strong on the defensive, but unable to overthrow the opponent in distress. The Royal Blue remained without any significant scoring chances. In the third competitive match under their new coach Roberto Di Matteo, they went for the first time as a loser from the square. So eagerly the Schalke their own penalty area defended, especially your gate, so they taught little their sporadic attempts to attack brought about what was due not only to the absence of Kevin-Prince Boateng, who was represented at the position of the Chief strategists in central midfield by Eric Maxim Choup-Moting. It lacked the courage, perhaps also the (volitional) power, vigorously to push for compensation. After the red card against Tin Jevaj, which had entered Kirchhoff to the midline, from the back to the legs, Schalke played the last five minutes in majority though, but also helped them to nothing. . Inspirational source could be studied clicking the following http://9386ec27d6dcd808dbc588ef4e71d.steffenbachmeier.eu.

Naked Handstander: A bid of the headstands.

Naked Handstander: Call just me just the naked Handstander – that describes, what I do: I’m going out and doing a Handstand, you can see the images on the net. Anyway, I want to remain anonymous and betrayed neither my name nor my nationality. I show only the butt, never face the camera. Otherwise, there might be strange talks about at the supermarket checkout. Naked Handstander: Oh, wow! The girls look so fantastic! Phew, I don’t know whether I can make with those in a series. But of course: People are inundated every day with so much content here to get through, you have to do something special. And seem to remember people naked boobs or naked men in a Handstand. When I would exercise around with clothes, that would be interested in no. TIME: What fascinates us so about the nudity, why take so much attention? Naked Handstander: Well, Yes, one feels without clothes pretty free. It sounds corny, but true. Try it out! Feeling continues although only briefly, because you’re never really long naked – though, that depends on what you do so professionally. TIME: This sense of freedom seem to find many in the holiday. In Machu Picchu in Peru, so many tourists put down strips for your holiday pictures that despair of Culture Ministry and police. Naked Handstander: I try to avoid big sensation, and take the pictures mostly in the early morning, when few people are on the move. I build up a tripod or press the camera a friend in hand. Me take off, do a Handstand. It’s very fast. Most people who see me in action, laughing. Some applaud even! Naked Handstander: In Amsterdam, two police officers caught me, that thought not so funny. At the station, her boss is roared me: I put you now with kick ass on the road – but only, if you promise me to never take off in our city! Naked Handstander: It goes but still worse: after my Handstand in Rome a civil patrol has arrested me. At the station, a small inspector had unfortunately nothing better to do really serious to take my case. There a case against me going now, fortunately, the mills of Justice in Italy grind very slowly. I’ve long heard nothing more from there,, Inspirational data can be found reading the following http://9386ec27d6dcd808dbc588ef4e71d.steffenbachmeier.eu.

Murder Fagih, worsens the position of Ceniti: new interim injunction. «Attempted kidnapping».

It aggravates the position of Giovanni Battista Ceniti, already detained because responsible, in competition with other people, the murder of Silvio Fagih. Yesterday afternoon, the flying squad in Rome has notified Ceniti an interim injunction for attempted kidnapping for ransom, aggravated and contest with Giuliani and Egidio Giuseppe Larosa. According to investigators, reconstruction that last July 3 a commando formed by at least three men broke into the home of Fagih, in via della Camilluccia. It was a struggle, the outcome of which the broker, already involved and sentenced at first instance to the events related to the Telecom scam Sparkle, was killed by a gunshot who joined him in the chest. In fact, was injured a member of the group, in fact, that was abandoned Ceniti on the roadside, perhaps because believed dead. Investigations conducted by the Mobile Team, coordinated by the District Anti-mafia Directorate, on 7 September 2001 had led to the arrest of two other members of the commando, Egidio Giuliani and Joseph Larosa, which had been contested the murder and the attempted kidnapping for ransom increased in competition. This last charge has now been elevated to Ceniti, held until yesterday only for the contest in the murder. The willingness to sequester Fagih, probably in order to extort information about the hide-out where they had hidden the illegal origin goods accumulated on the occasion of the events for which he had been convicted in first instance, emerged already during the first activity, the condition in which were found at the scene of the crime some objects, including plastic electrical ties and duct tape, contained in a bag left in situ by suicide bombers, the immobilization of the victim. A further element confirming the hypothesis of kidnapping, now challenged to Ceniti, it acquires from the preliminary investigations conducted on the material seized in particular on a torch that, in fact, turned out to be an electric taser gun type, useful to stun, with a severe electric shock, a man, making it inert. Equally important, investigative point of view, the fact that the outcome of the technical activities delegated to forensic Service, showed that the weapons found at the scene of the crime were two, probably a beretta mod. 34 cal. 9, which was exploded the shot that he mortally wounded Fagih, and a blank gun kimar model 85, amended and likely to explode cartridges of the same caliber. Continuing the team’s Mobile surveys aimed at identifying the major Roman and the organizers of the attempted seizure of Fagih: in this context, figure among the suspects for the murder, Emanuele Macchi di Cellere, former extreme right-wing terrorist with previous for terrorist association, armed gang and possession of material exploding, militant neo-fascist movements known to Romans in 70 ‘s and 80 ‘s, one of the protagonists of the Popular Revolutionary Movement and considered trusted person by Pierluigi Concutelli, Member of Ordine Nuovo and convicted of the murder of Judge Vittorio Occorsio. Macchi Di Cellere, born and raised in Parioli, but long resident in Ostia, had been arrested on March 3, 2012 as surprised in the Marina of Marina of Sestri Ponente airport in Genoa, with 165 kilos of pure cocaine, for a value superior to 8 million euros, from Santo Domingo and destined for the Capital market; the latter activities coordinated by the District Anti-mafia Directorate of the Ligurian capital. Flying squad officers had identified Macchi Di Cellere in France, where he had taken refuge aboard his 10 ft sailboat, the Cisgashow 34. The man, who was sentenced at first instance to 12 years in prison for that crime, he escaped from house arrest, which was restricted, to be discounted at his home in Ostia; the Corte d’appello di Genova, at the request of the Attorney General, had reverted to pre-trial detention in prison. The researches in the South of France, conducted by agents of the flying squad, the French police and Interpol, made it possible to locate the vessel from over 5000 boats: Macchi was surprised, on the afternoon of September 9, while fell on his boat after it had gone to the grocery store for dinner. . You must read this blog to read more regarding this interesting topic.

End of the era of Dutt? Werder lost 1-0 to Cologne.

Ujah sealed the first Cologne win in Bremen since December 1, 1995 in the 59th minute, seconds after his substitution as he template by Dusan Svento overcame the Bremen fullback Raphael Wolf with a leg shot. In the second half we put all it made. We have felt that the pressure on Werder will be greater if nothing works. It was the right decision to bring a second striker, said FC coach Peter Stöger and Kevin Vogt added: we are a team and come across the unity. There is no alternative to a victory, had issued the March route as eminently important to him pre-match Dutt. Accordingly engaged, Bremen went to the duel in front of 42 100 spectators at the Weser Stadium. With early pressing the Green-whites put Cologne in his own half under pressure. But once again lacked the playful means to bring the very disciplined occurring Rhinelander seriously in the bailout. . You should visit the following http://9386ec27d6dcd808dbc588ef4e71d.steffenbachmeier.eu to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

Two billion euros of taxes expected hidden Swiss accounts.

The regularisation of undeclared accounts should report approximately two billion euros in tax revenue to the France, announced Friday the new Ambassador of France in Switzerland in an interview to the radio Télévision suisse (RTS).  "Regularisation operations have generated or will generate by the end of the year of the tax revenue of about EUR 2 billion for 2014, and probably a roughly equivalent sum in 2015", said René Roudaut, who took office in Bern a month ago and a half.   A total of 12,000 records are pending for treatment to the cell of regularization in tax matters to the Department of finance in Paris, said in an interview published on the website of the RTS. "These are accounts that were undeclared, which are ongoing regularization, for amounts not reported with a total of about 11 billion euros", he explained. All of these files do not exclusively concern accounts in Switzerland, although this country remains the first destination where concentrated assets not declared french nationals. . Additional information can be inspected reading http://9386ec27d6dcd808dbc588ef4e71d.steffenbachmeier.eu.

Author Marcus Hünnebeck: at the top of the self-marketers.

Can an author from writing live if he marketed his books? Without any Publisher in the back? Marcus Hünnebeck can. The 43-year-old is one of the top earners under the self publishers in Germany, to those three percent who earn more than 5000 euros a month according to a recent survey among 851 authors. Hünnebeck lives as a freelance author in the Rhineland, for him, writing is a full time job. He had the jump in the Amazon bestseller list with his thrillers, his third E-book when every minute counts reached the top position of the Kindle charts in June 2014. Hünnebeck must know it so: what is it, if you want to be successful as a self Publisher? You must use one of the popular genres, he says. Include primarily love stories that are written from a female perspective, thriller, and also historical novels arrive well. It is just a matter to meet the taste of the E-book reader. The variety of what is good to sell is limited. Now it had a slightly easier Marcus Hünnebeck as other authors who attempt to bring their first product with the crowd. His three thriller were released between 2001 and 2004 in a Publisher, they were edited so ever. When the rights to the Taschenbüchen on the author dropped, an E-book market was born. Without any risk entering this for Hünnebeck, however, was not because: no publisher no advance. Self Publisher invest in advance from their own pockets. In Hünnebecks case, it ran so: when the mobile phone companies, the studied Economist had worked for that, dismantled points, he lost his job. He invested a portion of its compensation in its author’s activity. It could have been, which goes terribly wrong. Then, I would have lost a few thousand euros. . You must visit the following article to read more on this interesting subject.

Ebola reached New York and Mali.

New York/Brussels–for the first time reaches now also the US metropolis of New York and the African State of Mali Ebola. At a doctor’s Office, suspected of having the disease have been confirmed, said New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio. NEW YORK: the 33-year-old doctor was returned a few days previously from West Africa to New York and had recently complained about fever and diarrhea. He was immediately isolated. According to the health authorities, it is extremely unlikely that he infected others. There is no reason for concern, said the Mayor. We have a strong team, and we are prepared for months. Ebola transfer through body fluids: it is not enough to be in the same subway car or live nearby. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the man had closer contact with four people–all four are already determined. New York health authority that had worked the 33-year-old for doctors without borders in Guinea and had flown to Europe and three days later to New York City on October 14. Only on Thursday, he got fever. The authority confirmed that the doctor was driven underground and taxi and went on the evening before the fever bowling. We are still convinced that it is only contagious when one is ill. MALI: The infant infected with Ebola in Mali was taken on Wednesday at a hospital in the city of Kayes, on Thursday the finding was according to official data. In the same hospital, relatives and other contacts were placed under quarantine. The girl had been previously Guinea after media reports in the neighboring country, which is strongly affected by the disease. The parents had died both on Ebola; the grandmother brought the girl to Mali. Health Minister Ousmane Kone called on the population of the region, not to panic and to ensure compliance with strict hygiene measures. The West African Mali is bitter and only has an artisanal health system. EU aid: The European Union increased their support for the fight against Ebola on at least one billion euros. The heads of State and Government of the 28 Member States at their Summit in Brussels reached an agreement on it. On Friday there were already concrete pledges amounting to more than EUR 600 million. The new EU Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management, Christos Stylianides, to coordinate the aid. German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the epidemic as exceptional challenge for humanity. There were no new pledges of assistance from Germany first but. The Federal Government said they have more than 100 mobilized millions of euros – and thus more than most other States. HUNGER: In the face of the epidemic, the World Food Programme (WFP) warned against hunger in West Africa. Already this year with large crop failures, to expect rising prices for staple foods and the collapse of markets, unless the Organization informed. The epidemic would last another four or five months, had to fear that sowing and cultivation for the coming year would be massively affected. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are the most affected by the outbreak of the disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) has about 10 000 people are infected. Experts expect a high number of unreported cases. VACCINATIONS: The first large-scale tests of Ebola vaccines in West Africa can start maybe in December according to the WHO. A few days ago the Organization came from a start in January. This shows how currently pressure to work with, said the Deputy WHO Director-General Marie-Paule Kieny in Geneva. Ironic but, that the vaccines would prove just as efficient. One of the means will tested in the United States, United Kingdom and Mali, the others in Germany, of Switzerland, Gabon and Kenya. . You can click the following http://9386ec27d6dcd808dbc588ef4e71d.steffenbachmeier.eu to discover more about this interesting subject.

The Covenant by pro-choice calls a “large mobilisation”.

Today’s meeting was driven by trade unions and some entities who have doubts about the substitution of the consultation originally scheduled. Rigol has admitted this discomfort, but has relativized it. "We are all aware that this is simply a participatory process and not a query; He would have liked to make the inquiry as it consisted in the decree signed by the President of the Generalitat". He has admitted that "a couple of interventions", have criticized that the Government does not support input that the inquiry would not be possible in the current political and legal framework. However, Rigol has ensured that all entities have located the 9-N is a ‘success’. Among the parties that took part in the meeting was Iniciativa per Catalunya, that the last few days has been especially critical of the new format of consultation. In fact, its leader, Joan Herrera, has said will not participate in the voting because he understands that the day should be dedicated to the protest and mobilisation. Today ICV has defended the National Pact for the right to decide to also boost mobilizations beyond the vote otherwise. The meeting final manifesto collects this idea, but not the particular. . For extended on this topic check http://9386ec27d6dcd808dbc588ef4e71d.steffenbachmeier.eu.

Missing persons, 30 thousand in Italy. Half are minors.

ROME-children and the elderly, Italians and foreigners, men and women of every social class. It’s a very generic identikit of the missing person, because the dramatic phenomenon as called Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, has spread to all social and age groups and throughout the country, from North to South. The last number that this photographer is 29. 763: there are many people who are still missing in Italy in a list opened in 1974 and which only in the early months of this year have added other 558 names. Their photos are posted on the walls or buried in the drawers of police stations across Italy: together they are like a small town vanished into thin air. Speaking at a Conference on the phenomenon promoted by Scuola superiore dell’amministrazione, Alfano defines a phenomenon arousing social alarm, because behind each of those numbers there is a person who is not and weeping relatives desperate. The main causes, said the Minister, are voluntary departure, psychological disorders, the become victims of crime, and then there are other two phenomena: the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s and the economic crisis increases depressive disorders and crisis bringing people to move away from their environment. Over the past two years have been registering more than 23,000 complaints of disappearance. In fact, if you look at the figures, the first reason is related to the problem of mass immigration of the past two decades and to the reception of so-called unaccompanied minors. Foreigners. Almost 20,000, foreigners represent the bulk of the disappeared in Italy. The number is even more dramatic when you consider that almost 13 thousand are under the age of 18. In the vast majority these guys who go voluntarily from homes or from communities which are entrusted. But there are also "said Alfano-stolen children by one of the spouses and those victims of crime. The total weigh the unknowns related to migration: migrants do often lose their tracks voluntarily to move to other countries, but on the fate of children fleeing many associations have often raised the alarm. Women. Also the female scares. Only in 2012 have disappeared two women each day, on average, from 1974 to today more than 200 each year; one third of the total number of people that we have no more news. Again, most of the complaints concerned foreign (5 towns. 720), while Italians on the list are 580. Men are 20. 463, of which 14. 227 foreigners. The Italians disappeared abroad instead, 178 of which 131 are of legal age, 21 over 65 and 26 minors. Lazio is in the sad list of missing persons with 6. 766 cases, followed by England (3.900), Lombardy (3.680), from Campania (3.146) and Puglia (2.475). But the Minister Alfano there is good news, grow the findings: about 140 thousand complaints of disappearance since 1994, have been recovered traces of 110 thousand people. The extraordinary Commissioner of the Government for the people disappeared, the prefect Vittorio Piscitelli, noted that it is a phenomenon not only Italian, in other countries the figures are even more alarming. There was a strong increase in numbers over the past two years and we must raise the level of guard. Faceless bodies. There is another number, hidden behind these figures: from June 30, 2014 there are 1. 283 bodies not yet identified in various Italian mortuaries, many of the cases surveyed are represented by migrants drowned. Are still 197 the bodies to identify the wreck of Lampedusa of October 3, 2013. . For more insights regarding this matter click http://9386ec27d6dcd808dbc588ef4e71d.steffenbachmeier.eu.

27 October to 31 October 2014: This week in the economy.

08:00 NL/TNT Express NV, results 3Q, Amsterdam 10:00 DE/ifo business climate index October 10:00 EU/ECB, money supply M3 September results 3Q, 12:00 US/Merck & Co Inc, Whitehouse station 21:05 US/Twitter Inc, results 3Q, San Francisco DE / results 3Q, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt US/building permits September (revised) 05:15 GB/Standard Chartered plc, interim management statement Q3, London 06:45 CH/UBS AG, 3Q results, Zurich 07:00 DE / results 3Q, Celesio AG, Stuttgart 07:00 results 3Q, CH/Novartis AG, Basel 07:10 DE / SHW results 3Q, Aalen 07:15 DE / DMG Mori Seiki AG (formerly Gildemeister AG), results 3Q, Bielefeld 07:30 DE / GEA Group AG, detailed results 3Q, Düsseldorf 07:30 DE / AIXTRON SE results 3Q, Herzogenrath 07:30 DE / comdirect bank AG, result 9 months, Quickborn 07:30 DE / Grenkeleasing AG, Result 9 months, Baden-Baden 07:30 NL/KPN NV results 3Q, Den Haag 07:30 FR / sanofi SA results 3Q, Paris 07:30 DE / GEA Group AG, detailed results 3Q, Düsseldorf 08:00 EU/ACEA commercial vehicle new registrations September 08:00 Western Europe DE/MAN SE, results 3Q 08:00 GB/BP plc, results 3Q, London 08:00 GB/Lloyds Banking Group plc interim management statement Q3, London 10:00 DE / TUI AG, ao HV, Hannover 11:00 US/DuPont & co, results 3Q, Wilmington 11:15 EU/ECB, allocation main refi tender 12:00 US/Pfizer Inc, results 3Q, 13:30 US/new durable goods orders New York September 14:00 DE / Deutsche Börse AG, analyst and Investor Conference on the results of 3Q, Frankfurt 14:00 US/case-Shiller house price index August 15:00 US/consumer confidence index, October 21:05 US/Facebook Inc, results 3Q, Menlo Park 00:50 JP/industrial production September 06:45 DE / Deutsche Bank AG, Results 3Q, Frankfurt 07:00 DE / results 3Q, software AG, Darmstadt 07:00 DE/rational AG, results 3Q, Landsberg 07:15 FR / Air France-KLM group, results 3Q, Paris 07:30 DE / dialog semiconductor plc, results 3Q (10:30 conference call), Kirchheim/Teck 07:30 FR / Schneider Electric SA, 3Q sales, Rueil-Malmaison, France 07:30 ES/BBVA, results 3Q, Bilbao 08:00 AT/Verbund AG, result 9 months, Vienna 08:00 FR/total SA, Results 3Q, Courbevoie 08:00 JP/Nintendo Co Ltd, results 2Q, 10:00 EU/ECB quarterly report to the 11:00 EU/ECB lending, allocation of a dollar-swap Repogeschäfts 11:15 EU/ECB, Kyoto allocation 3-month long term refi Extender 11:30 DE / allocation increase in 10-year government bond 4 billion EUR 15:30 US / crude oil inventories (week) 17:45 FR/Renault SA, sales in 3Q, Boulogne-Billancourt 19:00 US/Fed, outcome of the FOMC meeting 21:00 NL/QIAGEN NV, Results, 3Q, Venlo 21:05 US/Visa Inc, 4Q results, foster city DE / job index BA-X October NL/Fiat Chrysler automobiles NV, results 3Q, Amsterdam. Main source can be read reading the following resource.