Why are the bad boys so attractive?

Answer these questions to first define what is meant by bad boy, says psychologist Patricia Delahaie (1). In my opinion, more than the thug or the rebel, is one who does not love us and that’s going to hurt. In other words, the bad boy is not always one that we think and does not necessarily recognize at first. A man is not necessarily a bad boy from the beginning, or on the contrary it is but will not be with us. These are feelings that we will experience and measuring of the relationship that will put us on the track. And drag that this also applies to men who fall or believe fall in love with bad girls (bad girls).   More than bad boys, what attracts, also suggests Patricia Delahaie, resistance. There is a tendency to equate strength and virility, with the risk to be wrong about what it really feels like. I’ve always been like this, confesses to Audrey, 39 years. I remember, petite, I watched Candy. And he that me liked it was Albert, with his dark eyes and his tendency to make his escape when things got serious. Anthony, the soft blue-eyed prince, I found it super simpleton. Ditto for the majority of romantic comedies. It is the villain who me please: in Bridget Jones, for example, is Daniel Cleaver, this Minesweeper inveterate liar who would do me running barefoot in the snow and not Mark Darcy, the good party, yet.   This penchant for those who are not that good, Audrey has also for men in real life: I do not express, but my heart beats right away much faster for a type a little flighty, a little cryptic, that will slip me between the fingers, remember when it will sing it, make me spend evenings to check that my phone is not in trouble. I could have made my life a few years ago with a real nice. But the truth is that there’s no challenge, I was bored.   This notion of challenge, Patricia Delahaie considers that it has not much to do with love. If love is to do good, it produce happiness. When you are in a kind of competition, in a game of cat and mouse, follow me I flee you, flee me I flee you, lies more in a passionate relationship, which had often little future in the long term. For the psychologist, when schema repeats incessantly, we multiply the toxic relationships that hurt and that only men do loving us pas seduce us, we must wonder about really sought.   Often women who systematically cracking for one that will fit them had to fight during their childhood for love and think unconsciously that she can love and be loved that way, in a spirit of conquest, analysis Patricia Delahaie. Isabelle 36 years, and world champion of the cheesy love choice was included in always trying to conquer the boy that everyone tries to tame, trying to reassure on its own case. There was something very narcissistic in my step as I couldn’t say me in a band and in life, being the girlfriend of the cool dude gave me stature. Except that in reality I was his shadow, nothing more.   What had pleased me in Yann at the start, it was his side band Chief, tells Sophie, 32-year-old. I was invented, I believe, that I would change, it would cease to be this indomitable skinned alive. I put three years to understand that I me inventing stories. Not only because I did not changed it but above all, I realized after three years of common life was not so seductive. Or even that he was a little pathetic, for more than thirty years, with his big motorcycle and his days spent at the bar rather than to seek a job. Above all, living with someone who was constantly afraid that it go, it’s tiresome.   Today, after having fired her biker, Sophie runs quiet days with her new lover, much less dark but nice, knowing exactly what he wants for us. I discovered how it’s good to have confidence, to no longer make me a blood of ink that he was told that finally it is completed, he found better elsewhere. And the daily with him, I can find not boring but soft and relaxing.   Ideally, confirmed Patricia Delahaie, it may be a nice, with character. I believe that women do not basically like the bad boys. Which is not very attractive maybe, it is the inability to take initiatives or decisions, what might be called softness. But honesty, kindness, tenderness, they are highly desirable qualities. To conclude: it is necessary to want good in love, above all! A mantra that Isabelle has since endorsed his meeting with David. It is not the one that we are going out first, but him see me precisely, and finally makes me happy. And if love maturity ultimately it was this, wish someone that makes us good?  . For more regarding this subject visit http://27d9f592480f7b7dced455b11a94.com-information-archive.eu.

Kiev talks by agreement in the gas dispute with Moscow.

According to the Russian supplier Gazprom, an agreement is to be decided on Tuesday when a gas Summit in Brussels. There are still unanswered questions. So, the price shall be clear though until March 31. The key questions of cash, pay off debt and time are unclear but after March 31. Through the ex – Soviet Republic run key transit pipelines to Western Europe. Moscow fears that Kiev an ongoing dispute taps off gas for their own use. This 2009 resulted in bottlenecks in the EU. On Monday, EU energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger in Kiev is expected for gas talks. The separatists again rejected blame for the Shootdown. Separatist leader Andrej purpose GANAPATHY blamed the leadership in Kiev on the MH17 crash. It was incomprehensible that the Government have not locked the airspace over the area of the conflict. At the same time, he rejected BND accusations, which der Spiegel wrote about, to put behind the disaster with nearly 300 dead. The air defense system used for the alleged launch Buk is extremely complicated, and the insurgents have not the necessary military experts in their ranks, said pure Gin of the Agency Interfax that in Donetsk. The allegations were consequences of General hysteria. . You must click the following resource to read more on this amazing topic.

Tfr in paychecks, that’s about it: only for income under $ 20,000 euros.

Milan-It only to those who have an income between 15 and 20,000 euro per year. In all other cases, get some extra money in your pocket at the end of the month now, but you will lose in the long run. Not to say that the benefits of the measure that will lead to the advance of the Tfr in paycheck-as well as the proposed the Government Radio-in any case, stop here. Are excluded, those workers who have precarious type contracts or tax exempt, in addition to civil servants. As well as all those who-in his time-have decided to turn the Tfr to supplementary pension fund: for the latter, the manoeuvre of the Government might turn into a drain, in the form of increased taxation. Economists and pension experts have no doubts. The maneuver on the advance of the Tfr, as we await the decrees for a definitive judgement, give my side more than a criticism. Both technically and politically. According to early calculations, the benefits seem more for the country (due to the increase in taxation on) and partly for business, not for workers (except a minority, low-income employees). From the point of view of economic policy, is to check the fact which might push the resumption of consumption. It’s definitely a help to those who are struggling with debt arrears or with the installment of the loan. Who agrees. According to calculations, labour consultants up to 15.000 per year of income the Tfr in paychecks is convenient. For higher figures, since the Government decided to tax the largest amount as part of salary and then applying the ordinary income tax, they pay more taxes. Up to 28 thousand euros, it’s a hundred euros more taxes and rises as income increases. Apart from the lack of appreciation of the monthly figure is no longer paid for severance pay. If you don’t agree. For workers with incomes over 28 thousand euro the choice is between taking a part right away or take a little bit more when it’s time to cash in on the stock market. in the choice we must make more precise calculations taking into account two variants: the tax regime and the renunciation of the current revaluation. It is, in both cases, two voices ranging in passive column. The third way. There is a third possibility, to undergo a lower loss. And the request for advance of Tfr. You can ask for the purchase or renovation of the dwelling or for serious health reasons to cover medical expenses. Or, you can try to adopt a avccordo directly to the company. This way you can extract up to 75% of Indemnity already paid. In this way, you lose the revaluation but taxation is lower because it doesn’t stop in the calculation of income tax but is subject to separate taxation. Sacrificed security. As many observers have noted, the manoeuvre of the Tfr is likely to penalize the integrative security system, i.e. those who have decided to pay their severance pay in pension funds. For two reasons. The first is technical: the stability law raises the tax returns of contributions to supplementary pension from 20% to 11.5 and up to 26% for the returns of the funds of the freelancers. The second, also here, is of economic policy: after years in which it was said that the system of pension funds in Italy is among the most backward in Europe (the collection is only about 7% of GDP against a 60-70% of all EU countries more advanced), increased taxation will certainly not workers to choose the supplementary pension option instead of the Tfr. even more over the next three yearsWhen you can even ask the paycheck advance.     . For additional about this subject visit http://27d9f592480f7b7dced455b11a94.com-information-archive.eu.

Russian Winter price against the cold crisis.

Both countries had agreed tentatively that Kiev pay 385 US dollars (around 300 euros) per 1000 cubic meters at Moscow, said the Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko in a TV interview. This would be $100 less than at present. The agreement to run until the end of March. Observers in Kiev the glad tidings also see as a tactic a week before parliamentary elections. Poroshenko is struggling even to a majority. At the time, the gas price from Russia is 485 dollars. The financially ailing Ukraine rejects this. A final agreement should be achieved at this Tuesday at a gas Summit in Brussels as reported by the Russian Gazprom company. Then meet representatives of Russia, the Ukraine and the European Commission. On Friday Poroshenko had Putin in Milan said after a meeting with Kremlin Chief Vladimir, there is some progress, but also open questions in the gas dispute though. Through the ex – Soviet Republic run key transit pipelines to Western Europe. Moscow fears that Kiev an ongoing dispute taps off gas for their own use. This 2009 resulted in bottlenecks in the EU. On Monday, EU energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger in Kiev is expected to gas talks with pro-Western leadership. A week before the election the insurgents reiterated its intention to prevent the vote in areas dominated by them. In addition, the militant groups had begun with the nationalization of companies, said separatist leader Alexander Sachartschenko in Donetsk. The leadership in Kiev accuses the insurgents to loot the company. Both sides had agreed a ceasefire early September is but a fragile one. . Main source can be studied visiting the following web site.

Legalization of marijuana in Uruguay: failure in the laboratory.

Said it flatly wisely and peacefully had gone to in the decades following the Chaco War in America, you can’t say of course. What passages of arms between States not could do, many nations of Latin America itself did on itself. Right dictators and left rebels waged war against enemies in his own country. And drug cartels turning cities like Cali and Medellín in Colombia, Guatemala City, and the Honduras San Pedro Sula in Central America, Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez on the border of Mexico to the United States in urban theaters of war. The United States and its allies in Latin America waging this war now well for four decades. Recently pulled the former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who was in his time in Office from 2000 to 2006, even amidst this war, lapidary balance: "the war on drugs has worked anywhere in the world – it’s a lost cause." Therefore, it is time to try something new: "Regulating instead of banning!" Fox is not alone with this view. In Guatemala City, the representatives of the 35 member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) met from 19 to 21 September to discuss new strategies in dealing with drugs. In addition to Fox Fernando Henrique Cardoso of Brazil, Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico and César Gaviria Trujillo of Colombia – as well as the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan have expressed numerous other former heads of State and heads of Government from the region – for a new approach. However, by a consensus of the OAS countries are as far away as the United States itself, since drugs produced per the largest sales market for the South and Central America. The consumption of marijuana is now fully legalised if regulated in different form in the U.S. States of Colorado and Washington. In another 23 States as well as in Washington, the use of marijuana for medical purposes is allowed, where exhibition and check of the required recipes are handled differently. But the Congress in Washington so far no majority is foreseeable for nationwide legalization of marijuana from hard drugs such as cocaine, to mention heroin or methamphetamine. The Government under President Barack Obama in the dispute, whether initially the "soft" drug marijuana national and possibly international should be legalized, made no change in position: the "War on Drugs" is Obama in the last two years of his term to end do. . You must read this http://27d9f592480f7b7dced455b11a94.com-information-archive.eu to read more on this interesting matter.

Javier Sicilia: “the PRI believed that it could manage the hell”.

The poet already not writing poetry became unwittingly into a symbol. Attacking the Government, but the Government wanted. The former President Calderón, which promises to remind you ‘while living’ 60. 000 dead who left his drug war strategy, sat down with him on more than one occasion. The current President, Enrique Peña Nieto, does not, but sent people from his Government. Last week he participated as a mediator between the authorities and the families of the disappeared in Iguala (Warrior). In Government they are out. The PRI believed that it could manage the hell, but was unaware of its dimension. "It hurt him to say it was, but I was right. It has no heart. Victims Act [which enacted shortly to the Government] gave it a political pragmatic principle, not because the victims pained him. The law was published in January 2013 by the new Government of the PRI, after two years of fighting in Sicily, who worked hand in hand with the authorities for its articulation. He has not served to nothing. Not even seen them now in Guerrero, he laments. . You can read the following web site to read extra on this amazing subject.

Compiègne Racecourse: required dismissal for Woerth to the RGC.

The Crown requested a dismissal for the former Minister of the Budget, Eric Woerth, before the Court of justice of the Republic (CJR) in the matter of the sale disputed the Compiègne Racecourse, announced Saturday to AFP its lawyer, Me Jean-Yves Le Borgne. The case is not over. It is now up to the commission of instruction of the RGC to take order of dismissal or dismissal for the former Minister, who had been placed under the status of assisted witness. The investigation for illegal taking of interest. According to Me Le Borgne, requisitions are finding that there may be administrative problems but not of personal interest in Eric Woerth and that there’s no criminal dimension to the folder. This is not a surprise but it is a relief. And without reading in coffee grounds, we can say that should lead to dismissed the charges, said the lawyer, arguing that the commission of investigation of the RGC has completed its investigation without putting into consideration the former Minister. In the center of the questions of justice, the decision, taken on March 16, 2010 by the elected representative of the Oise, then Minister of the Budget, validate by order the sale of OTC for 2.5 million euros of a parcel of 57 hectares of the forest of Compiègne, featuring a golf course and a hippodrome, the Société des courses de Compiègne (CSC), until then tenant. A decision made despite opposition from officials of the Office national des Forêts (ONF) and reserves of the Ministry of Agriculture. After the complaint of a forestry Union and members of left, a judicial investigation was also opened for the non-departmental component of the folder. No indictment has been pronounced. For those who challenge the sale, it would have gone against the of the texts in force, which provide for the adoption of legislation prior to the alienation of the Woods and forests of the State. The absence of call for tenders, advertising and competition has also been criticised. But it is especially the price of sale, sold by the opponents of the sale, that sparked the controversy. In addition to these criminal investigations, an administrative procedure initiated by the forestry Union and deputies environmentalists is still ongoing in Paris to cancel the sale. . For extra insights regarding this topic visit http://27d9f592480f7b7dced455b11a94.com-information-archive.eu.

Schalke beats Hertha BSC: coach Di Matteo celebrates successful debut.

Despite the early mishap was the Schalker win against Berlin not in danger. Di Matteo team won 2:0 (1:0). The successor of Jens Keller was in addition to a successful debut and jumping on the eighth table through a full dress rehearsal are happy for the game in the Champions League in the Stadium against sporting Lisbon on Tuesday (20 45, ticker mirror ONLINE). Hunterlaar (19th minute) Julian Draxler (65th) met to victory for a Schalke team that had played but not intoxicating, but won a total earned. Di Matteo goal is to stabilize the Schalke defense. And against Berlin was early to recognize that he has more work to do in this matter. Huntelaars fire shot from the eighth minute Hertha had namely almost made the lead. Per Ciljan Skjelbred finished in the 15th minute from the left, Schalke goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann parried. Christian Fuchs was the margin of the freestanding Peter Pekarik on the external network of the Schalkes gate. Seconds later was Schalke move back: Huntelaar tried it from a narrow angle, but saw the free-standing Draxler in the middle. The interplay between Huntelaar and Richard worked better in the 19th minute. The German international flashed on the Dutch, and met with the head Huntelaar to Schalke led. Then the hosts settled fall, Hertha took control. There were no real chances however for the team from the capital. A contribution from Richard finally brought the preliminary decision. In the 65th minute, the internationals came around 20 metres from the Berliner Tor on the ball, passed on two opponents and scored. Fabian Lustenberger faked out, the ball landed Thomas Kraft untenable for Hertha’s keeper into the net. On the sidelines, Di Matteo clenching the fists. He is not one who jumps around wild goals. May he simply mistrusted the leadership. Because Berlin had not given himself up. A shot by Roy Beerens in the 77th minute was deflected by a Schalke defensive leg, the ball fell treacherous and goalkeeper Ferryman was forced into a fine save. In the 88th minute, Beerens missed the gate. After the Schalke victory but no longer was in danger. That it was a too no success, coach di Matteo should also look forward. . Main source can be studied clicking this http://27d9f592480f7b7dced455b11a94.com-information-archive.eu.

Primera División: Real celebrates victory over Levante.

Hamburg – Real Madrid celebrated the next victory in the Spanish Championship. Coach Carlo Ancelotti’s team beat Levante UD in Valencia 5-0 (2-0) and thus setting the evening leader Barcelona under pressure, (20: 00, live ticker mirror ONLINE) receives SD Eibar. Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo brought real in the 13th minute by penalty in the lead. After a goal by Javier Hernandez (38th minute), Ronaldo (61st) increased with his 15th League goal. James Rodríguez (66th) and ISCO (82nd) made the five-Pack perfect. The recovered after his tear of bundle of muscle Sami Khedira stood again for the first time since the end of August in the squad of the Merengues, but remained without usage. Toni Kroos played from the beginning and was substituted after 67 minutes. A week before the Classico in the Primera División on Saturday (18 h, ticker mirror ONLINE) against FC Barcelona, real in the table with 18 points pushed first to second place. . For extended data regarding this matter read website.

Garden: how to get beautiful purple and blue hydrangeas.

Elsewhere, in basic or neutral soils, the petals of these small decorative the bushy shrubs will remain invariably red, pink or white depending on the variety. Matter of taste, hear you say me. No doubt. Except that hydrangea – and hydrangeas which it forms a part hate limestone (basic rock by excellence) and is never as nice when it grows in soils with pH below 6. If your soil is very hard, simply remove the hole Earth and replace it with a mixture of peat, compost leaves and not calcareous garden soil that you fetch, sometimes quite far from you, if you live in Champagne, the Causses or in some areas of the Paris Basin. On the other hand, the addition of land of Heather is not necessary, the hydrangea not having the same needs in acidity than plants such as rhododendron, azalea and Camellia which require them, a pH below 5. Subsequently, you will need to do each year to intakes of maintenance of aluminum salts, in autumn before the leaves fall, late winter and spring before flowering. Also consider water copiously, especially in summer, hydrangea, as all other hydrangeas, particularly sensitive to drought. Use only non-calcareous water, if necessary, recovering from rain water. In the case of yellowing of the leaves, signs of chlorosis (physiological disease due to blocking of the assimilation of iron caused by the presence of calcium) add chelate of iron in the irrigation water or directly spray the foliage with this product. The size, however, is limited to removal of faded flowers and the removal of the weak or too old branches. The objective is to converge the SAP to the most vigorous branches of the previous year because they are them, and only them, who will be the next flowering. Brush the bark of trees. Passing from now a good shot of brush to quackgrass in the branches of your Apple and pear trees, you will significantly reduce the damage by pests whose larvae overwintered in lichens, MOSS and old bark. This is particularly the case of codling moth Apple or pear psylla which all sentences the world RID in the spring and summer. In so doing you will significantly reduce the number of treatments required to contain any of these pests. Another tip: wrap the trunks of corrugated cardboard. By removing the spring will destroy the same time larvae that overwintered indoors until they turn into adults. Start the ‘hunting’ diseases. But this season, the prophylactic fight is not just insects. We must also deal with fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms that could ruin your future crops. The first thing to do is to remove the affected fruits of brown rot in particular those, such as fisheries, preparing to spend the winter on the tree. Stuffed full of spores, these mummified fruits will contaminate your orchard upon the return of the beautiful days. For the same reason, with Apple and PEAR leaves scab and rust wire must be collected and burned, or thrown into the garbage, without any form of trial. Same thing with the rosierou lemarsonnia can feet with mildiouque you’re going to snatch. Finally, from the fall of leaves, treat the Peach with a copper-based product to prevent attacks of blister in the spring. Put chicory ‘re-rolling ‘. Chicory, endives or crimped, not pomment as well as lettuce. To obtain a maximum of leaves yellow, generally preferred to the green from the periphery, the gardener, there still needs, to help the nature. The simplest way is to gently fall leaves, if possible without breaking, and tie them loosely at their Summit with piece of twine or raffia. Use preferably time dry to prevent rotting. So immersed in black, young and tender leaves, like endives which must soon return to the cellar, will soon wither. Alternatively, you can ask on your salads of the saucers of flower plastic rather than earthen pot to not crush the leaves. Disadvantage: they tend to be swept away by the wind, frequent in the autumn. Celery branches and cardoons must undergo the same treatment, including the last, which otherwise inedible because of its bitterness. Start by removing the damaged leaves and then link the remaining leaves with a strong Twine. To facilitate money laundering, wrap your cardoons with sheets of corrugated cardboard covered with black plastic. Wait three weeks to a month before removing the pot. . For additional information regarding this matter check http://27d9f592480f7b7dced455b11a94.com-information-archive.eu.