Garlasco, experts: “almost impossible for Alberto Stasi doesn’t get dirty shoes”.

Alberto Stasi, the only suspect for the murder of Chiara Poggi to Bucharest on August 13, 2007, practically could not get dirty shoes. To say, according to initial rumors, are experts at the University of Bologna in charge by the judges of the Court of appeal of Milan carrying out the analysis on walk of stasis.  The possibility not to lick the stains on the floor of a house in Bucharest have a percentage with too many zeros in concrete terms border on the impossible. In short, it is almost impossible that the Stasi when he entered the House and discovered the corpse bride, has intercepted the bloodstains on the floor. The partial results of the experiment (the computer processing of data should be completed tomorrow), shown today in Bologna by experts appointed by the Corte d’Assise d’appello di Milano parts consultants, would have determined that the possibility not to intercept the stains on the floor of the House of Poggi are still smaller than those reported by experts nominated by the 2009 Vigevano gup Stefano Vitelli. This is because the experiment on the path undertaken by young was extended to two steps and the front of the scale on which it was Clare’s corpse Rests Cowgirl. And if five years ago professor Balossino, without taking into account the two contaminated blood steps, had established that on computer simulations carried out at 78mila, it turned out that the Stasi had only one chance not to trample the blood at the scene of the crime, now you are talking about a chance in a million related only to the new zone analyzed. To get accurate data must still wait for the report of the experts appointed by the Court who will arrive before the end of the week. Professor Francesco De Stefano, meanwhile, has filed to a court expertise on mitochondrial examination of the bulb of the hair short brown hair found in the Palm of your left hand to clear and on the traces of male dna found on some fragments of the girl’s fingernails. The results of the analysis, which resulted in only 5 highlight all compatible with those markers of stasis are not considered sufficiently reliable. . For extended facts on this subject check info.

Montmorency: Hornets attack runners.

The attack occurred in the longest race of the sports day organised by the city of Montmorency and the track of the agreement Franconville Cesame Val d’Oise club. It’s 10 o’clock. Some 200 registered runners took the departure of the trail of 12.8 km. Less than half an hour later, the first participants arrive in the forest. It was then that the Hornets are manifested. «A swarm awoke to the passage of the riders, no doubt because of the noise or vibration. The Hornets had to feel attacked. "This has created a cloud around a tree on the course", indicates Benoît Favereau, the organiser of the race. Hornets, which according to some witnesses could be Asian Hornets, took the athletes passing nearby, unceremoniously. "Runners left on all sides" says a witness. "My husband can barely walk," said the wife of one of the competitors. A seasoned racer practice marathon and piqued by ankle. "At kilometer 5, hundreds of Hornets came out of both sides of a tree. One of them is stuck in his sock. He failed to get it out in time. This morning, he was hurt in the leg, didn’t feel very well. "Another participant was stung five times in the back. "The race ought to be stopped," says the wife. And the organizer should have checked the course. Victims could be a violent allergic reaction. » . Similar facts can be inspected visiting reference.

Nicolas Sarkozy: the return of the same?

But the essential is elsewhere. Very skillfully, Nicolas Sarkozy has avoided giving his program, he deftly handed his two challengers in their place (Alain Juppé and François Fillon) with a sufficient I need them, under heard, they will rally to my beautiful white plume,. This does hardly Peaceful Tomorrows bode in the camp of the opposition: If Alain Juppe begins to defend a presidential programme today, Fr. Holland can expect to enjoy a respite, but it won’t be long. We know the constitution of the political world: each negotiates his support and to get the things most upped the ante to better its ranger subsequently, after having obtained the promise that it will not be forgotten,. This is called get compensation. But the France awaits. The French suffer, this is a surprise to anyone. On the other hand, what is new, is that the president of the Republic has clearly acknowledged at its last press conference: it has more room for manoeuvre, according to some newspapers (the world) it cannot even more. It is probably this paralysis at least apparent and it was hoped passenger, who pushed Nicolas Sarkozy to break his silence. He very well understood that the people won’t wait, arms crossed, that nearly 34 months elapse,. The serious incidents of Morlaix are perhaps the prodromes of worrying developments. Indeed, some improvisation of the Government (impromptu announcement of the disappearance of the first tax bracket) shocked into the camp of the left. One has the impression that the Prime Minister is leaning on the handlebars and reacts to the blow by blow. However, it would be lively vision and bearer of a project. The French should force their nature and emulate their German neighbors who do not shrink from a grand coalition: it should be a Government of national unity. And this is not part of the French political culture where majority and opposition mutually excommunient. The Government has a relative majority allowing it to govern. But in this obstacle course, there will be in a few weeks, the vote on the budget. And there the Slingers will swell their ranks,, Similar information can be read visiting website.

Due to lack of budget, school boys walk an hour to go to the pool.

The ride to the pool usually entertains schoolchildren. However, the enthusiasm is not the same when of the 4 km route must be done on foot. Asnières sur Seine, in the Hauts-de-Seine, the students of the Collège Voltaire must honour this distance to the municipal swimming pool. Last year, one as school took them. Now, lack sufficient subsidies, transportation is no longer ensured, reveals RTL, and students and their teachers fined an hour’s walk round trip. Result: some don’t even have time to put a foot in the water. "In the sixth programme, swimming is mandatory," says main. On the other hand, the project is "focused on first aid and provides that each student valid first aid training. The teaching of swimming and rescue training hold a special place. For their first session of two hours of physical education and sports early in September, the students of sixth went walking at the municipal pool, located two metro stops from the college. «With 90 students, not question to ride the subway or bus», points Jocelyne Torrecillas. But with the time of the call, gatherings, the route (see below) and change of dress, only half of the Group was able to dive into the water. According to the head of the school and the parents, the problem is not new. Last year, the financing of this transport between January and June had not paid in time. Requested on this point, the general Council was committed to repay the sum advanced by the college. But "a total of 3809 euros, only 3100 euros were hardly repaid", says Jocelyne Torrecillas. With a reserve fund having reached "vital minimum", the head of the institution refuses to take the risk of delinquency. . Additional text can be read clicking

Hundreds of thousands demonstrate climate summit in New York – for more climate protection.

Almost every year there is an environmental Summit and the progress are often tiny. Now, a meeting in New York to create the riser to the breakthrough. The environmental model pupil Germany is represented but only half-heartedly. In New York, it resulted in mass protests. The words in the full-page ad in the New York Times sounded frightening. By loss of the ability to feed ourselves and wars the speech came about as a result of climate change. Also Ernst von Weizsäcker and more than 20 other Germans belong to the creators of the display powered by 160 environmental award winner. The heads of State and Government, who To want meet in New York on Tuesday for a UN Climate Summit are addressed. The hopes are high; the resistance, however.   With Leonardo DiCaprio, a real star opened the Conference: it will be his first appearance as a United Nations Messenger of peace. But the gaze rests rather on the heads of State and Government, and also on the entrepreneurs and financiers. In this building the people will be gathered, sitting on the levers of the economy, announced bans consultant Robert Orr in the UN Headquarters. Finally, it’s mainly about money. . You should read the following homepage to discover more about this amazing topic.

Alexandria: luxury hotel for 5 years, but completely unknown to the tax authorities.

A complex of luxury 4 star superior category had started her business five years ago in the hills of Monferrato, but the IRS does not even exist. It is because they found the men of the Guardia di Finanza of Novi Ligure, in the province of Alessandria at the end of a complex investigation of anti tax avoidance. The hotel, which was opened in 2009 with seasonal activity from May to October, was widely advertised on the internet where it also received rave reviews on tourist websites but lacked several necessary permissions and above all completely unknown to the tax authorities. The investigation of the Guardia di Finanza, named "Black Resort", found that the hotel, which had a swimming pool, suites and large park, had been three companies headquartered in Lombardy and in Alexandria, all total and attributable to the Dodgers the same entrepreneur. According to investigators the alternation of different companies, with different offices and corporate teams, is served right to evade taxes and to hinder the reconstruction of business not stated in the hotel. During the inspection the financiers have discovered that the hotel was lacking administrative permissions to administer food and drink, despite regularly offer full Board. Not only that, the structure was completely foreign-owned and all in black. The owner of the resort, an abusive North European citizen, has been reported to the judicial authorities and will be sanctioned for numerous tax and administrative malfeasance. . Root data can be found clicking the following

In March against climate change, green parade in Rome. In New York 100 thousand in the piazza.

Laura BoldriniSummit on global climate Climaaccordo waited to the end of 2015 at the Conference of the parties of CO2 emissions Parigiriduzione an invasion of bikes and people, thousands of people at the Imperial forums asking for urgent and concrete action on climate change The day of action against climate change promoted by Italy, Italian Power Shift Climate Network, Legambiente and Kyoto Club saw the accession of other inter-organizational acronyms 20, movements and organizations. He was also the President of the Chamber of Deputies, asking for concrete interventions at the Italian Government, who, these days, to be convened by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon. Objective of the Summit to discuss, together with heads of State, of the emission reduction commitments in view of. Three in particular matches requests from Rome: the theme of climate change become a priority item on the agenda of the Government, taking on ambitious commitments and of other greenhouse gases, starting from effective targets for combating climate change and in line with the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; that Italy, as current President of the European Union fights to ambitious and binding commitments to 2030 and finally Italy contributes to the Green climate Fund and keep the commitments that had been made in Copenhagen on climate finance. BAM: scadutopiù time of 2700 events in over 160 paesiambiente and sustainable development-what many experts predicted on the topic of climate change tico just a few years ago is coming true with tragic punctuality. Too many times during the term we had to commemorate the victims of the natural disasters of various types. We are facing an epochal challenge. Convert our model of development towards a sustainable economy or resign ourselves to increasingly critical scenarios. Facebook says the speaker of the House, Laura Boldrini, recalling that the day was characterized by. In Rome and around the world today we took to the road to the #MarciaxilClima in the defense. A hundred thousand marching in New York-In a damp and gray Manhattan as the postmodern Bladerunner’s Los Angeles the world sounds the alarm for the global warming: before a minute’s silence for the victims of climate change, then mobile ringtones and expanse vuvuzele, whistles and drums, sounds explained and marching bands, the shofar of synagogues and the bells of the churches. The anger of the people will descend into the streets to awaken those who govern by apathy: leaders, listen to us: the climate is a priority of the policy, said the actor and activist anti-fracking Mark Ruffalo. There is no planet B. A procession of well beyond the 100,000 people planned initially, with Ban Ki moon in te t-shirt Climate Action together with Mayor Bill De Blasio and former Vice-President Al Gore. The Foreign Ministers of France and Laurent Fabius Segolene Royal, for Italy Mr Gian Luca Galletti, engaged on binding commitments on Co2 emissions. Leonardo di Caprio marched with leaders of indigenous peoples of Canada. Trade Union leaders, students, green, Kentucky coal miners and victims of Sandy and Katrina, scientists in white coats, grandparents and grandchildren: one hundred thousand people blocked downtown Manhattan to push Governments to act in defense of climate. . For extra data about this subject check info.

The Turkey has negotiated with Daech to free its hostages.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has d clar Sunday that 46 Turkish hostages s removed by the organization Islamic State (ARS) in June Mosul and lib r s Saturday it had been n diplomatic negotiations, and that no ran more we had t to e. It was not about money at all, there are only n diplomatic and political negotiations. And it is a victory for diplomacy, he d clar to journalists has airport, before leaving for New York to attend the UN General Assembly. Use by journalists on the possibility that there was an exchange of hostages for prisoners the IC fighters, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has r answered: no matter that there has been a change or not. The most important thing is that (the hostages) are back and United r families. Saturday, the ad lib ration of the 46 hostages s removed in June Mosul, in the North of the Iraq, Recep Tayyip Erdogan had parl of a ration of rescue secr op te of the Turkish intelligence services. The hostages, diplomats and their families, as well as members of the Turkish secret services, had been removed when the fighters of the EIS is were empar s of the city in June. � . Inspirational data can be read reading the following

The crisis of the economy-law marriage.

A marriage in crisis that does not wait for synods, because it must be indissoluble: so you could summarise the status of the relationship between economics and law, that the crisis makes it more and more difficult and complex, as was photographed at 60° administrative studies Conference, organized by the Council of State (with the province of Lecco and villa Monastero) and ended yesterday in Varenna. The economy cannot do without rules (and protection), but asks certainties; While laws and jurisprudence cannot overlook that, in the name of protection, it may cause an economic desert that kills all rights: it is useless to talk about, for example, of the right to work, when there is no glimmer of recovery that work allow to create and maintain. Moreover, the frequent comparisons on competitive conditions now leave no doubt that both the World Economic Forum and the World Bank’s Doing Business are the queued to Italy the first third of the ranking (an achievement that may appear not quite regrettable, if all our competitors were not much higher in the rankings); However, if you examine the indicators related to public administration, the regulatory load and efficiency of Justice, Italy plummets to the latest posts. It is clear that each of these searches, and each of these parameters can be long takes again to deny, minimize them or contextualize them: the fact remains, however, that when a foreign company must decide where to invest, in this research is aimed, from which some will not receive an encouragement to choose Italy. Hence the concern, emerged in Varenna, that fails to follow the times increasingly economic contracts, resulting in delays of at least an economic cycle on the needs of the moment. Of course, the policy puts her to aggravate the situation: for example, with an attempt to make the administration more dependent; or, worse, with a quality of legislative production which would define small and generously gives way to interpretations of the ordinary and administrative magistrates, that can verge on creativity. Not to mention the scourge of decrees, long reported on these columns, which makes it totally ineffective while ambitious rules and advertised with emphasis: a delay though because often-defending the Administration-to a lack of financial resources or political agreements, pushing, in fact, to pass laws that you know will remain a dead letter. Not surprising, then, that every effort to simplify both compartment result so far: up to many recent legislative measures (including reform of perfect bicameralism, good in itself, but the harbinger of certain misunderstandings and complications in the production process of laws) that entangled, rather than, as promised, simplify. Is fatal then the pessimism, especially in a country that began to talk of reform of the administrative system in 1918? The diagnosis seems clear now: you do, bad, too many laws, which accumulate and that you are unable to integrate in a unique clear and unique bodies; the economic specialization of judges is improving but is insufficient; the citizen is abandoned to itself, including the lack of a possibility of requested authority (as proposed by Confidustria) that could prevent the next, long and costly court proceedings. Some progress in recent years has made life easier to the citizen will not be totally pessimistic: provided that the administrative emergency is really perceived as such by all operators. And that interventions are quick and decisive, especially to curb veto powers now spread to all levels, institutional and territorial. Distrust towards production processes and laws might otherwise grow up to hit all institutions and the very idea of representative democracy. The paralysis would be an additional gift to populism rampant (and not just in Italy): but the Scottish example shows that emotional drives, however I can be aggressive, foils or if politics gets (even in extremis) initiative and courage. . You must read this page to discover more about this interesting topic.

The strike costs EUR 10 to 15 million per day to Air France.

Each day of strike costs the company EUR 10 to 15 million yet, said Alexandre de Juniac, the CEO of Air France-KLM on the first day of the movement. Or, since the beginning of the strike, between 70 and 105 million euros, and up to 525 million euros if the management and strikers unions do not reach an agreement before September 26. For the direction, this conflict falls so much worse than Air France "fate just the head of water", after the implementation of the «Transform 2015» cost reduction plan "Air France is a financially fragile company," also recalled Sunday Alain Vidalies, Secretary of State for transport. And in fact, its competitors are rubbing their hands. EasyJet has yet announced Saturday sale over 2000 extra tickets on lines Paris-Toulouse, Paris-Nice and Lyon-Toulouse, "to assist passengers affected by new announced disturbances. Ryanair committed his side openly passengers of Air France to "avoid strikes and to travel with Ryanair from 69.99 euros. On the Paris-Toulouse line for example, easyJet delights for the moment only 20% of market share compared with 80% for Air France. But the low cost company relies on the strike to expand its pool of clients, as explained by its Director general France AFP: "this is a way to discover easyJet passengers who may never travelled on our lines,," » . Extended text can be inspected reading