Pets: dogs are the face-lift, +80% in 4 years in the UK.

Milan, Aug 19. (Reuters Health)-Bulldog, Shar-Pei, carlini. The dogs ‘ with folds ‘ should always be more fashionable, chosen by many stars such as inseparable companions of life and so popular by those who choose to adopt a four-legged friend. The result is boom of facelift for Fido, gone under the knife to remove the excess skin often responsible for infections, respiratory problems, sight or hearing. To reveal the trend are veterinarians English: in 4 years, calculate, interventions have increased by more than 80%. We travel at a rate of 4-5 operations per week and the figure is growing, evidenced by Gert ter Haar of the Royal Veterinary College. Especially the interventions on Pugs are increased by 8 times. If 5 years ago the average was 30 per year now exceed 260. The price? Up to 2 thousand pounds, about 2. 500 euros. But beware: the expert points out that this is not cosmetic tinkering, but operations performed for medical purposes and often real life-saving interventions. If owners and admirers is virtually impossible to resist the desire to sink their hands between the soft folds of the nose of certain dog breeds, animals with these ‘ wrinkles ‘ there are health problems are a real risk. First of all-ter Haar-explains their Airways can be obstructed: creases can cover your nose and prevent the animal to breathe. In other cases, in the crevices of the skin can develop serious skin infection, in others the animal threatens the blindness or hearing loss. Obviously you don’t act ever unless there is a medical reason for doing so established, ensures the veterinarian on the ‘ Telegraph ‘. (more). Main data can be studied clicking the following

AfD: Right alternatives.

There are many reasons why Duisburg city councils retained the 30 June in bad memory. It started already, that it was not possible for them to pursue the game Germany against Algeria at the World Cup, because they had to complete their second meeting after the local elections at this time. And even hours after the tremor victory of the German national team the Councillors and aldermen sat together yet. Only on July 1, to shortly after five o’clock in the morning, Mayor could close Sören link (SPD) the session – after 14 hours. The AfD got no points of contact with parties such as ProNRW and NPD, that there are also corresponding decisions of the regional executive. "And if these people should have chosen us, we do what can?", asks Keith. There were Council people who would be excluded for years from the old parties in some cities. "Who can already exclude that one or also in a secret vote his voice according to insert another also out of trouble?" It is essential from the perspective of the AfD that the party now is local politics rooted in North Rhine-Westphalia and could make "Policy right from the CDU". . For more facts on this topic read homepage.

Protests against Pakistan’s Government: win at all costs?.

According to the tax agency, already less than two percent of all Pakistani pay income tax. But the populist Khan loves the drama and searches the public – with new demands. In a further stage of escalation he ordered, that all members of his Justice party leave the national Parliament and also withdraw from three of the four provincial parliaments. Only in the restive province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Khan’s Party wants to continue – here it is the Government. The next stitch: a protest March in the shut-off red zone in Islamabad. "I’ll March in the red zone ahead. We will destroy nothing. We will exercise our rights peacefully. "In the politics of his home country he is interfering anyway like: the rich will enrich further on natural resources if we don’t break the Alliance between political power and economy, he says." Millions of people were cheated in Pakistan for their rights, they burn in the fire of hunger and poverty. Their children find work, their homes have no electricity, millions die in lawlessness. . Related information can be found visiting

Crisis in the northern Iraq: UN launches relief operation for half a million refugees.

Among other things tents, cans, plastic sheeting and food to bring Geneva – the aircraft after Arbil and in the surroundings of the town in the North of Iraq. On Wednesday, the United Nations to set up an air bridge, the spokesman for the UN relief agency UNHCR, Adrian Edwards said on Tuesday in Geneva. People should be provide 500 000 – this is one of the largest relief efforts of the UNHCR, he said. Four days relief supplies to be flown according to UNHCR force of the Jordanian Aqaba after Arbil. In addition, aid convoys in the coming ten days would go by land from Turkey and Jordan in the North of Iraq. Also supplies from Dubai via Iran are planned. A total 3,000 tents, are to 200 000 plastic sheeting, 18 500 kitchen sets and 16 000 canisters in the northern Iraq be released. According to the Mayor of Arbil, 1.7 million people before the terror group Islamic State (IS) are escaped, which brought most of northern Iraq under its control. Many of the refugees were housed in halls and school buildings, but families should always camping outdoors along roadsides, Sajid Latif Koja said on Tuesday at the Bayerischer Rundfunk. Food were scarce. Now gradually, we have the situation under control, he said according to the transmitter. On Monday, more German relief supplies had arrived in the northern Iraq. A transport flight with medicines and medical equipment for the supply of 20 000 people for three months had arrived in Arbil, the Foreign Ministry in Berlin said. It had also blankets, tents and water containers on board. The supplies were handed over the United Nations. The Iraqi army launched an offensive to expel the IS militia from the town of Tikrit according to own statements on Tuesday. The military action began around 170 kilometers Northwest of the capital Baghdad after details of the News Agency dpa on Tuesday morning in the region. Gunships also should be involved in operation. . You must check the following to read more on this interesting subject.

Sailing at the beach: the unexpected support of Harlem Désir to Nadine Morano.

Nadine Morano Beach continues to make waves. Since the online, Monday, a ticket of mood on his page Facebook attacking the presence of a woman veiled on the beach, the reactions in the political class are linked. With a few surprises,. Betty-RMC guest this Tuesday, Harlem Désir, Secretary of State for European Affairs and former president of SOS Racism, indeed brought him unexpected support. The beach is an area of freedom and we don’t like that both members of a couple do not have the same opportunity to enjoy. I can understand his reaction, he said. Before nuance: as elected and as leaders, we must nevertheless keep us to comment on a case that does not break the law. Within his camp, swooped the veil does not always find support expected. The UMP MP Valérie Pécresse thus detached from it on RTL: I would not say the same thing. And remember that the law does not prohibit the wearing of the veil on the beach (see box below): for me, the France is a country of freedom. It is this france that I love where, when we respect the law of the Republic, we have the right to walk in the outfit you want to on the beaches. The Observatory against Islamophobia is as it stepped into the breach: at the time when it comes to celebrate the centennial of the war 14-18, the 70th anniversary of the landing in Provence, where Muslims have sacrificed their lives by the hundreds and by the thousands for the freedom of the France, it must rather consider it out its president Abdallah Zekri. Before adding: Ms. Morano is irresponsible. It would be better that it deals with the crisis that there is within the UMP, instead of dealing with a woman sitting on the edge of sea, it was his absolute right. In response, Nadine Morano persist and sign, she announced Tuesday morning on Twitter, offering nothing less than the establishment of an Observatory of the disdain of French culture. It would be not bad either, there is a point where enough is enough, she argued on the antenna of RMC. . Main facts may be found clicking this page.

Matteo Renzi: “there are no secret government projects”.

"The August newspapers are filled with secret government projects. So secrets that not even the Government knows them. #nonesiste #maddeche ". From Forte dei Marmi, where he is on vacation, Matteo Renzi with a tweet disproves the rumors appeared in some newspapers. Although the Prime Minister does not specify what these "secret projects", the reference is to the news appeared on the Republic, according to which the Commission thinks to a levy on the pensions calculated with super pay method. An operation that would benefit the State coffers one billion per year. Money for who, a few years from retirement, loses the job. But the resources recovered would go to finance the layoffs notwithstanding especially for employees of small and medium-sized companies in crisis. The pension package will be contained in the new law of stability which will be launched by October 20. Will remain rather unchanged retirement age: 67 years as fixed by the reform Fornero. But it stands against the idea of a withdrawal from the Golden pensions Democrat Cesare Damiano. The Committee Chairman in the House, always Work from the columns of la Repubblica, declares: "I am absolutely opposed to indiscriminate collection on pensions for unspecified digits, for the mere fact that you have defined with the payroll system. There is a risk that you are going to hit the average pensions ".   Not only pensions, Damiano back even on the abolition of article 18: "will not be touched. The summer battle of the Ncd has resolved to a fistful of flies: whether Renzi which Poletti said that this is not the fundamental argument. Also because it is a false problem: companies don’t ask to reduce the protections of workers, but of lower labour costs. " . Similar info can be read checking site.

The University crisis: French meritocracy still exists?

FigaroVox: A survey of a student general association, school spending will increase 1. 5 percent this year, or more than inflation. Students are more likely to combine work and study. French meritocracy is more what ever an illusion? Marie DURU-BELLAT: I do not see the relationship between on the one hand to combine studies and employment, and on the other hand the end of meritocracy: in many other States, this situation exists, as in the United States and the countries of the North! This situation is even beneficial to the personality of the student, and the idea that we must separate the age of the age of Labour Studies is typically French. On the labour market, to say that asked young people to other skills than those purely intellectual, professional experiences are therefore essential! Of course, this is sometimes difficult to live, but life is difficult! In France, moreover, is not the effort still required to define jobs specifically for students. One could imagine librarians positions, for example, adapted to the hourly level or workload, perfect for students, what is already happening in other foreign systems. but our student unions are too rigid for this. There should be a balance, as the studies last longer and longer. The same conclusion can be drawn from the studies ‘elitist’, type selective masters or preparatory classes. But in reality, I think that should be above all to open a broad debate on higher education, the student life organization, the opening of the studies to more and more young people. These are rather these issues that I think are interesting, rather than talk of the end of the meritocracy. I do not think, objective analyses prove the contrary that access to higher education is more and more open in recent years. What is true, however, is that young people from working-class, in many sectors, have more difficult, because they approach them less well trained, having attained a Bachelor who is prepare them less. I would add that education higher in France, some Grandes écoles or private preparatory classes, apart is not expensive. And yet, even these sectors offer a system of grants to enable the most disadvantaged classes have their place and be accompanied by other aid complement this system of scholarships, as fiscal aid, that much benefit some students, or even the housing subsidies, for example. In short, students are very favored compared to other young people, and in the current context, where resources are limited, student unions must understand that what is given to students, it is not other youth. They can therefore continue to want still more, at the expense of others. All this lack of overview. The France has a system unique in the world. On the one hand the Grandes Ecoles, which appear more attractive for young people, and on the other to the University, which is currently a second choice for many students. Our international weakness research explained without doubt partly by this dichotomy: the best french students go into the Grandes Ecoles seedbed, and University. The first therefore have more ways – remember they are highly favored by the State – the best students, and are siphoning the living strength of academic research. The problem comes, moreover, lobbyists who defend the Grandes Ecoles, highly valued by our policy makers: it is likely that the majority of parliamentarians have a child in these schools, and it is therefore impossible to put an end to this structural dichotomy! Many attempts had already been implemented to reform this system, but they have all failed. When we touch on the Grandes Ecoles, on Cree often French excellence is murdered, and well we saw the reaction of prepas youth when the State wished to lower the salaries of teachers, who are, however, officials paid the better today! The lobbies are therefore organized to fight against any change in the system. Actually, the opening of higher education is due to the European injunctions, so that young Europeans are the best possible weapon against international competition. This thesis was especially very defended in the 2000s. Today, however, back somewhat on this policy, as multiply degrees is not enough to bring down youth unemployment, to create skilled jobs. It happens so for downgrade, where many young graduates arrive on the labour market where they are struggling to find a place they hoped, despite their excellent training. This problem is actually world, found in the United States or in Cuba,. It is believed in the magical power of the statement. This explains the current disenchantment. Today, there are ways to measure precisely what know children in primary school. The priority, thanks to these analyses, therefore ensuring inequality of learning be curbed as soon as possible. If a child has trouble in its six years, the situation will be more difficult to resolve with time. Can no longer accept the idea that the social environment of a child play on its achievements on his teachings. There’s no "merit" strictly speaking at this age there. Not to mention overhaul of the whole system – a titanic undertaking, which frightens our leaders can rely on new ways of teaching, new techniques, to modulate the teaching, at the local level, and the goals set by the State. We can therefore adapt the system to the new realities. . For extended information regarding this subject read

London, Assange said: “I will leave the Embassy”.

Throughout the morning the insistent rumor circulated stating that Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder sought refuge in the city at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, would be ready to surrender to the authorities. According to the statement of the British media, the men would be suffering from heart problems. At a press conference on live tv, Assange said: "reports accusing me were hoaxes. «Against me there is an aggressive investigation by the United States. " "I will leave the Embassy soon but maybe not for the reasons you think."   According to SkyNews, Assange needs special care due to heart problems. The DailyMail writes for his part that the Embassy of Ecuador has requested authorisation to hospitalize, by exploiting a diplomatic car as ambulance, in order to avoid arrest. The British authorities have rejected the demand. "It is an environment where any healthy person would sooner or later any difficulties». Yet Julian Assange said in press conference complaining of being detained in this country without charges for four years and in the Embassy for two years without external areas».   . Inspirational source can be studied checking the following

Animal welfare: Peta wants to ban elephants in the circus.

A jeweled circus elephant is leaning on the road exhausted on a car. Gunshots, the grey pelt turns red from blood. A video of the animal rights organisation PETA shows the last minutes in the life of the African elephant cow Tyke 20 years ago in Hawaii. On 20 August 1994, the 3600-pound beast in Honolulu with 86 shots of police officers has been struck down after it had killed his trainer in the ring before and had fled. Tyke’s violent death has become for opponents of attitude and training exotic animals a symbol worldwide. This Wednesday, PETA wants to pass more than 600 000 online collected signatures on the Bundesagrarministerium. It is a new attempt to enforce the wild animal ban debated for decades in the circus. The Federal Council asked in 2003 and last 2011, to banish among others elephants, hippos and bears from about 400 companies moving from place to place. From the perspective of animal rights activists the exotics on the tours can be neither humanely kept still a dressage without bats is possible. The circus, however, insist that the animal teachers do not use force. Our big cats are small to people accustomed to, says Dieter Seeger, tour manager of Einbeck-based circus Charles Knie. Without animals, we could shut, he warns. And, that in Austria after the 2004 adopted ban on wild animal circus culture has broken down. Only a circus with animals is a real circus, stresses also Max Siemoneit-Barum, animal welfare officer of the Munich circus Krone. . For extra data on this subject read

Ukraine and Iraq: If an intervention is justified.

What justified you always had to suspect even if it disputed Russian politicians eagerly in front of the world and the russophilen trolls furiously in the comment columns of the online portals – now we have somewhat officially by the rebels in the East of Ukraine: the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine have received massive military support from Russia after its own representation. 30 tanks arrived, and trained fighters were 1 200 on its territory to reinforce announced their leader Andrej Sachartschenko in a video. Well, so,. Seen in this way are also the nearly three hundred white-painted Russian trucks that will bring humanitarian aid, so something like a collateral business kinescope from – appropriate quite in contrast, every Ukrainian caution (and that of the international of Red Cross). So, now at least the fronts are clear. But on another front, the situation is confusing: If Russia’s blatant intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine to condemn politically and internationally is – how does it then with the humanitarian intervention of as the Federal Republic and the German armed forces in the North of Iraq, to the protection of minorities murderously pursued there by the terrorist organization Islamic State? I would be a troll or a spokesman for Putin condition, I would say: Russia also in the East of Ukraine just meddling, to avert a humanitarian disaster – when the West allowed in the northern Iraq, why not we? You should visit the following article to read more on this great topic.