Workplace smoking will soon be banned for those employed in Camel.

The International Association of air transport (Iata) sent a recommendation followed by all airlines: prohibition of looking in devices, for the passengers and crew. Not for reasons of public health but due to tensions that may arise between the followers of the vapotage and the traditional smokers who do not have the right. For the SNCF, cigarette tobacco and Electronics: same fight and so same ban on trains and in theory also in stations and on the docks. Moreover, it is not uncommon to hear the controllers say that it is forbidden to smoke and looking. That is what specifies customer service: it is forbidden to smoke in the means of public transportation. Tobacco products are considered products intended to be smoked as they are, even partly, made of tobacco, as well as products intended to be smoked, even if they contain no tobacco. It is the fact of smoking in places used for a collective purpose is prohibited, regardless of the type of inhaled product. . For extra data regarding this matter click resource.

An association complaint to the Minister of health for prevarication in the sacrifice of Excalibur.

@Duranet #4 town espa ol assists imp vido at the theft of their children’s future, not rechista when she sees her children to pack and leave living thousands of miles away, is resigned to the decline in wages and the deterioration of the social benefits of any kind, but that s, for the life of a dogIt is capable of facing fiercely to the polic, fajar in an exchange of smite with it, and play health and f classic. As dec to Marquina by the mouth of one of his characters: Espa a and I are so, is pray. I do not know t, but I’ve seen in the last 3-4 to you thousands and thousands of demonstrations of all colors for all those things that you say and many m s. Not s pa s vives, but at least in Spanish, there are people that not only is behind a screen s doing something to improve, or at least not go from bad to worse. Thousands of associations have claimed against the crisis, the corrupt, the Government, banks, evictions, etc. . And by the way, an animal, what ever, has m s nobility, loyalty and love for the humans that millions of these together. A respect for Excalibur and the family (which the est going wrong) that it loved equal or m s than anyone else. . You must visit this link to discover more on this great matter.

Blackwater: Mercenaries convicted of murder.

Four former employees of the private American security firm Academi (then Blackwater) have been guilty in the process to the killing of at least 14 Iraqi civilians. The jury in a Federal Court in Washington announced a guilty verdict for murder on Wednesday, three more defendants were found guilty of manslaughter in affect. A date for the announcement of penalties not fixed first. The defendants had pleaded not guilty. The Blackwater employees had fired randomly according to the indictment in September 2007 in Baghdad in the amount. According to a study, 14 civilians were killed, Iraqi investigations go out of 17 fatalities. The apparently unprovoked massacre in the Centre of the Iraqi capital caused great indignation and cost Blackwater its orders in the Iraq. The private security firm was tasked primarily with the protection of employees of the American Embassy. After the massacre Blackwater was renamed first XE, in 2011, the company is called Academi. A first trial of the accused had burst in December 2009, in April 2011, an appeals court in Washington then arranged the resumption of the criminal proceedings against the four defendants. The trial began in June. The Prosecutor said in her closing argument unarmed civilians had presented no danger for the defendants. "Why they fired so many innocent people. Why? ", asked Prosecutor Anthony Asuncion. "Why shot women and children who were unarmed?". For extended insights on this matter visit

A baby killed in an attack in Jerusalem.

Nine people were injured today in Jerusalem and a baby is in a critical condition after an attack described as terrorist the Palestinian author launched his car on a group near a tram stop, indicated the police and relief. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided tonight to reinforce the police presence in Jerusalem after a terrorist attack in which a baby was killed and several people injured, the Government said. The driver of the car was stopped by a policeman who opened fire on him while he was trying to escape, police said.  It is a Palestinian from Jerusalem – East, already known to the police and already jailed in the past, indicated on-site internal security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich. It’s a car RAM attack according to the first elements of the investigation, he said, the suspect is known to our services. He is a resident of East Jerusalem who live (in the district) of Silwan and has already made the prison. He is hospitalized in an intermediate state, he said. A video of the facts posted on the internet shows a grey car steering suddenly after a cross on a major thoroughfare between West Jerusalem and Jerusalem – is, near the headquarters of the police. She rides on a platform used by pedestrians between the road and the tram rails. It takes beads pedestrians who were there. We came out of the tram, told on-site Eli Dayan, a witness to the scene, we saw a car come north at full speed. We understood that he was going on something. A few centimetres, it overwrote. It shattered on a pole. He got out of the car and ran away current. Two persons in civilian clothes ran to him after and gunfire was heard. The car immobilized by a pole in the middle of glass, airbags raised, had the front completely depressed by the shock, found an AFP journalist on the spot. The driver tried to escape on foot and reached by bullets by a policeman of Jerusalem. The first evidence suggest a terrorist attack using a car, said a spokesman for the police, Luba Sai. This attack likely injured nine, said relief without make it clear if the driver is part of the number; a baby is in a critical condition and two others were seriously affected. . For additional data about this subject visit

Renée Zellweger: Not yourself.

It was a moment of an unworthy, because the cell case has seen any pictures, sees that it is changes, no matter how healthy food and not so good make-up artist can produce. It is not the first time that such change occurs. The Texan has a least sensitive attitude towards diet and appearance since her role as more Bridget Jones. At that time, she said as rates: it makes me sad that so many women from taking off are obsessed. In interviews she said multiple, how much her attention, the paparazzi on the substance. 2009, she prescribed a break, in principle until today. Some few U.S. authors not joined the Häme thunderstorm. We should ask us why we fell into this trap, in which we want, that everything is of course, while we hate everything at the same time, what looks really natural, wrote Amanda Marcotte at the daily beast. The reason for the Eddy is that Zellweger – broke an unwritten Hollywood law that women look always young and perfect would have, but please without tuition. Her colleague Amanda Hess your endorsed on Slate: aging gracefully is a euphemism for ‘good beauty-OP’ in Hollywood. It is no wonder that Zellweger have now embarked on this path. . For additional about this subject visit fact.

The extreme right is a fratricidal war in the Vaucluse.

"I been a volunteer to demonstrate good intelligence with Jacques Bompard, I rendered it services. I really tried to make the union of Patriots’, said the youngest of the Palais Bourbon. Before ranting against "betrayal" by the Mayor of Orange: "we ought to have a Senator more if there had not been a parasite Marie-Claude Bompard bid. And the granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen to promise local politics Bompard dynasty eradication. According to her, the League of the South "is not even a thorn in the foot" of the FN, "at most a small splinter. The national front, Jacques Bompard is seen as a traitor in various respects. First, because it is a former activist of the FN. He was expelled in 2005 for its deemed too unorthodox, even within the party according. Amongst other causes of divorce, a speech delivered seven years earlier parSamuel Marechal, the father of Marion Maréchal – Le Pen, during the summer of the FN universities organized in Orange. A text that the wife of Jacques Bompard has opportunely reminded ‘great Patriots voters’ memory, in a letter sent on October 14. He was explaining the "ideological drift" which would prevail on them to the FN, a guilty party in their eyes to have suggested that "the France is multicultuelle and multicultural. The mail has not failed to add to the anger of the Member for Vaucluse, who now accuses the League of the South you want to recruit to the FN. . Additional facts can be read visiting

“Kobans, loses the IS breaking his myth”.

For three days, we will see that the terrorist militia IS intensified their attacks. Take now for more than a month without interruption. IS now mobilized most of its fighters in remote areas. To be sent not only from Raqqa and other Syrian cities to Kobans, but also from the Iraq. Particularly tanks and heavy weapons are sent to Kobans. Sunni Arabs, most of whom are still a minor, be conscripted from the IS for the fight against the Kurdish population. On Tuesday night an unknown substance was discovered against 23:10 local time in the East of the city centre of Kobans, where there had been no attacks IS and close to Turkey, where it could be toxic. That is, been dropped as eye-witnesses from Turkey. It is just determined by whom. About 30 people, symptoms such as breathing and vision complaints surfaced also swelling and rashes. We had these symptoms before also observed in some villages to Kobans. As the doctors on the ground do not have the necessary equipment for the determination of this matter, we sent some stakeholders to research in Turkey. We immediately took her to the border. However, these were left only on Wednesday at 9:30 over the border. The air strikes are an important support in any case. But alone with them, this battle will be not to win. The airstrikes and combat on the ground against the IS complementary, and only by working together can lead to success. But the air strikes, the coalition of IS took off again something in the last three days. This has led that IS without major problems could pull together other parts of its forces from surrounding cities such as Tell Abyad, Minbic, Ain Issa and Raqqa in the area by Kobans. Only through a continuation of the bombing can be reduced IS sustainable. . Original data may be read reading the following

It’s the end of Buy-Gold with 15 thousand less crisis.

Put the crisis. Put the decline in gold prices in international markets, far from the record a few years ago and put, as well, an uncertain regulatory framework which could affect business on the inevitable adjustments for traders. After the boom, is the decline of the shops Buy Gold. If at the beginning of 2013, in fact, the industry had about 35,000 shops in Italy, including jewelry, today the outlets, which until two years ago, sticking out like mushrooms just like last year opened stores on the e-cig to almost every corner of the street are about 20,000, 15.000 in less throughout the country. The opportunity for an analysis of the sector was the Conference Developments on trade of gold and precious objects that you just played at Goldsmith of Tarì of Marcianise. A Convention in which it was found that the decrease, second is mainly due to the lowering of the prices of pure metal, quoted on the fixing in London, the price of which, by March 2013 to today, has dropped to about 14 euros per gram. If gold, which before was almost a fortune in the financial markets in crisis as the classic refuge asset, now sells less, it is clear that it is no longer attractive. Finally, apart from the fact that families have already sold all objects in the family is also the Bill 237 on the buying and selling of gold and valuables used that from one day to the next could come into effect, according to spider, and which is intended to change the regulatory framework of the sector, to limit the money-laundering activities. According to insiders, in fact, the text introduces many new features for operators who must, therefore, prepare for future adjustments. . Main facts may be read checking this

MILAN-the EU rejects the Italian law on the taxation of winnings from gambling obtained in other European countries. According to the European Court of Justice, in fact, the Act restricts the free movement of services since the same winnings are not taxed in Italy. According to the Court, moreover, such a restriction is not justified by the fight against money laundering and pathological gambling. In Italy, winnings in gambling houses are subject to income tax, winnings in gambling houses in Italy are exempted from this tax, because the winnings withholding paid from these establishments is included in entertainment tax. And so for those residing in Italy Sun winnings in foreign casinos enter the taxable amount of income tax. The case had arrived at the Court of Lussembuergo after the Revenue Agency had challenged Cristiano Blanco and Pier Paolo Fabretti failure Declaration by various winnings obtained in casinos abroad. The two argue that the notices of assessment issued against them in breach of the principle of non-discrimination; while Italy said that legislation aimed at preventing money-laundering abroad and to limit leaks abroad or in Italy of capital introductions of uncertain origin. For the Court, exempt from income tax only winnings from games of chance conducted in Italy is to set up a tax regime differs depending on whether your winnings are obtained in this or in other Member States. Discouraging, in this way, citizens from moving to play in other Member States. The fact that gaming providers established in Italy are subject to entertainment tax the Italian legislation does not detract from its manifestly discriminatory, since this tax is not analogous to income tax of the freedom to provide services. Also because-remember the Court-a discriminatory restriction can be justified only if it pursues objectives relating to public policy, public security or public health. The event that did not occur in this case and therefore do not justify the discrimination of treatment within the European single market. . Extended facts can be read reading weblink.

Death of the editor of the Washington Post at the time of Watergate.

Donald E. Graham, who was Director of the publication in the Post and was head of Ben Bradlee, has estimated that the former journalist "was the best American editor-in-Chief of his time". It is the mother of Graham, Katharine Graham, who was Director of the newspaper when Bradlee told two young journalists, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the task to investigate the Watergate burglary. Their investigation had eventually led to one of the biggest scandals of American political history and the resignation of then president Richard Nixon, in 1974, as well as lawsuits against dozens of administration officials. The discovery of the Watergate scandal changed the face of the political journalism of investigation. She has been the subject of a book to success the President’s men (All the President’s Men) and later a film of the same name, with Jason Robards in the role of Ben Bradlee, alongside Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman respectively in the skin of Woodward and Bernstein.  "Ben was a true friend and a leader of genius in journalism," responded Bernstein and Woodward in a joint statement published on the website of the Washington Post. . Inspirational data can be studied clicking this