Spain: Government withdrew his Bill on abortion.

The Spanish right-wing Government has withdrawn its controversial abortion, Bill announced Tuesday the Government leader Mariano Rajoy, who had made this reform one of his main campaign promises. "We will continue to explore formulas to achieve a better deal on reform. But at this moment, I believe the most sensible decision,"added the head of the Government. This project, modifying the previous law adopted in 2010 by the Socialist Government, dramatically reduced the right to an abortion in Spain, including in the case of malformation of the foetus.  Of the terms of the Act, abortion would have been permitted only in case of danger for life or health physical or psychological of the woman or in cases of rape were the subject of a previous complaint. The popular party of Mariano Rajoy was divided on several points of the Act, including the fact that it contains a precise list of incompatible anomalies with life, which would justify access to abortion. The PP also feared an impact directly on the forthcoming elections, he who has lost two million and a half of votes in the last European. But he had meet the hierarchy of the Church and attract the most conservative wing of his electorate. Last January, the François Pope recalled its position on "the horrible practice of abortion. The adoption of this law by the Council of Spanish ministers in December 2013 provoked a public outcry in Spain and throughout Europe. According to a survey published by "El País" at the beginning of the year, 78% of Spaniards rejected the text. "It comes to punish women for having a non-reproductive sexual relationship" is considered Nathalie Bajosse, Director of research at Inserm, specialist of contraception. On France Inter, she warned of the implications. For the Spanish, "the abortion rate will not drop. The easiest categories will go abroad. For others, this Act will be carried out in precarious conditions with the health issues. In the world, remember that a woman dies every eight minutes as a result of poorly framed pregnancy termination". The current law allows abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy for all women. In France, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, French Minister of the rights of women at the time, had hoped that "fundamental freedoms", as the right to abortion, are part of the debate at the forthcoming European elections, denouncing ‘very conservative lobbies’ operating in Europe. VIDEO.  Act anti-abortion in Spain: "A regressive and dangerous act" VIDEO.  The Spain restricted abortion, wrath of feminists. Extended info can be found checking

Climate, Ban Ki-moon unbearable Costs.

Ban Ki-moon, unbearable cost; turn the page-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opened the Summit on the climate at the glass palace of the UN in New York, with an appeal to the international community in order to start a new course against global warming. The human and environmental cost of climate change is becoming something unbearable, said, opening the work of the Summit at which over a hundred heads of State and Government, representatives of social organizations but also well-known faces such as Leonardo Di Caprio. I ask all Governments that commit themselves to a significant agreement on universal climate in 2015. Today, he added, we have to place the world on a new course. In the week that will kick off the UN Summit that opens today in New York. On the agenda of the heads of State and Government even the climate theme that raises quite a few questions for the preservation of Land also light wing of the latest news that in 2013, viewed greenhouse gas emissions hit a new record high in the atmosphere and in the oceans. . Inspirational data can be studied visiting this resource.

Ultra HDTV holds less than the logo promises.

Only: What technology ingredients really stuck in the new devices – and Which one image sources is therefore today or in the near future, it can make with them, about all this literature not testify. While it would be important to know more about the inner workings of the TV. Because quite handy is evident: only a fraction of the new models is able, without further additional electronics for example the new ultra HD Show me channel of the satellite operator Astra to receive. Some Not yet even create it with a matching set-top box. Not long ago, and all current TV models will be able to bring what emits the next, ultra-HD ready generation of BluRay players of fine images on the screen. The ultra-HD player are expected until early 2016 on the market, but when buying a new big-screen TV, a certain degree of foresight can do no harm. Now a single logo to bring about The end of complexity. It Digital Europe was developed by the industry organization, shows the inscription in two lines ultra HD and links of a stylized, composite of dots and can devices that adorn themselves with this dog tag, really everything that they should? Roughly speaking, the logo guarantees the following: the TV Gets an ultra-HD video signal with the pixel resolution of 3840 times 2160 played the screen in the location must be to give it back in this grid. The logo requirements are met, if the TV can this frames with 24 to 60 per second; the specifications do not set a minimum frequency. . Inspirational source could be found visiting the following

UN: overpopulation threatens humanity.

The UN Climate Summit opens today in New York and each of the participants will discover the report that the United Nations has prepared in collaboration with the University of Washington in preparation for the event: he says that the world’s population will increase more by 2100 that indicated previous forecasts, wrote Tuesday the daily Novye Izvestia. The projected increase could now be 3 billion people. This rapid rise in the population of the planet will make the life of our descendants still more difficult as land resources are already on the brink of exhaustion. Scientists fear that the planet couldn’t feed all its occupants, resulting in bloody wars not only for raw materials and water, but also for food. According to Washington and the United Nations demographers, it can be stated with a 80% certainty that by the end of the 21st century the world’s population will not reach 9.6 billion humans, as was thought until now, but could be up to 12.3 billion. In other words, the nine billion barrier will not crossed at the end but in the middle of the century. This important fix is due to a new method of calculation and the use of new, more accurate simulators and reducing the error rate. It is worrying to note that the population will increase more quickly in areas where there is the least attentive to the environment. Thus, by 2100, the population of Africa could quadruple to reach 4 billion inhabitants, whereas a high birth rate continues on the black Continent. The peak of population in Asia, to the tune of 5 billion people, will be achieved by 2050 before declining. While in Europe, in the Americas, including North, where people have learned to live by polluting less possible, the population will grow much less rapidly than in Africa and Asia. The researchers predict no problems of overcrowding in Russia. Instead, most experts are convinced that the problem to which the Russia will face in the coming decade will be instead of depopulation, i.e. the reduction of the population up to a point becoming annoying for the normal functioning of society and the economy. After the Division estimates of the population of the United Nations, nearly 136 million people will live in Russia by 2030, knowing that the country currently 143.5 million inhabitants. Forecasts of the Russian Federal Agency of Rosstat statistics are more optimistic with about 139 million people by 2030 but does not promise a prosperous demographic future to the Russia. NGOs are already sounding the alarm: the increase in the number of inhabitants on the planet could lead to a depletion of natural resources and, therefore, enormous economic and political problems. The release of the NGO Global Footprint Network also made a lot of noise: the Organization researchers estimated the annual renewable natural resources consumed must not exceed limit and announced that this year, the limit in question has been exceeded earlier than ever – August 19. . For extended information about this topic read

Raid to thwart imminent attack jihadists promise revenge.

The Sunni jihadist Islamic State (Isis) in Syria have warned that will respond to the u.s.-led air offensive and, in particular, have pointed the finger at Saudi Arabia (birthplace of Wahhabism, the most uncompromising interpretation of Sunni islam and long accused of having supported Isis with Iraq) for allowing the attack. The raids launched in the night by the United States against the Sunni jihadist Islamic State in Syria were made to foil an imminent attack against America and Western interests by veterans of al Qaeda. He clarified the Centcom (U.s. operations command center) of Tampa, Forida, where last week he had visited Barack Obama. The Centcom made it clear that the Arab countries involved in the raid are: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Also us warships launch cruise Tomahawk missiles from international waters in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. (AGI) Gis First raid us and allies in Syria. French hostage in Algeria, Fabius: do not give in to threats can confirm that American and allied forces are making military action against terrorists of Isil (Is) in Syria through the use of fighters, bombers and Tomahawk missiles, said Admiral John Kirby, spokesman for the Pentagon. Operations are under way and will last several hours. For the first time used in combat, the most sosfisticati hunt Usa, the F-22 Raptor, air completely invisible to radar (stealth). In the operation are also used dozens of drones. The bombing would be affecting the area where is located the town of Raqqah governorate, in the northeast of the country. What the jihaidisti of the ‘ Caliphate ‘ of Isis have elected as their capital. Many in fact-according to the Washington Post–the residents of this town who are posting on Twitter posts that talk about big explosions and a repeated passage of military aircraft. In air raids involved 5 Arab countries. According to sources of the American administration are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar. Are not involved in European countries. The participation of Arab allies to air raids on Syrian territory-emphasises the Wall Street Joirnal-was seen by the Obama administration as crucial to the success and credibility of the mission so that it could seem like a unilateral action of the United States. Root facts can be studied reading the following

It happens in Europe: the Bundesliga going to convert to the technology on the goal line.

The spectacular goal fired Saturday at 83 metres away by Moritz Stoppelkamp, SC Paderborn player, is not the subject of controversy. And for cause, the guardian had deserted his cage. However, the announcement made by the German football league (DFL) on Monday to launch a call for tenders for the introduction of technology on the League goal line should delight fans. So far, everything that was akin to video arbitration was taboo in Germany. End of March, the 36 clubs in the first and second divisions had rejected by a vote for the introduction of this technology. Only nine clubs were then expressed in favor, while two thirds of the votes was necessary for the adoption of one of the available systems. The DFL proposal is as follows: interested companies can already register and propose the introduction of the system no earlier than July 1, 2015. The proposal will be submitted to the vote of the 18 first division clubs, as requested by Bayern Munich in June, to decide if the technology will make its entry in the Bundesliga. Economic patriotism could convince the last holdouts. GoalControl-4 d, the system that Fifa has chosen and is based on the use of 14 high speed cameras installed in the stadium is designed by a German company based near Aachen. The ‘Maestro’ forfeits. Facing "corporate resistance", Riccardo Muti has decided to throw his baton and abandon of the Orchestra of the Rome Opera. He will lead not even the ‘Aida’ November 27 and the first of the "marriage of Figaro" in 2015. Facing repeated strikes which forced the Roman theatre to cancel a number of performances, the famous Neapolitan conductor considers no longer be able to enjoy the serenity necessary"for the accomplishment of its mission. This is not the first time that a Director throws the sponge in the Opera of Rome, less prestigious than la Scala and San Carlo of Naples, even though the arrival of Riccardo Muti, named 2011 "honorary life Director" (and paid EUR 25 000 per representation), had contributed to his redeeming. Today, the output of the ‘Maestro’ reinforces the climate of confusion where are immersed for some time major Roman cultural institutions. For additional information on this topic click

Garlasco, experts: “almost impossible for Alberto Stasi doesn’t get dirty shoes”.

Alberto Stasi, the only suspect for the murder of Chiara Poggi to Bucharest on August 13, 2007, practically could not get dirty shoes. To say, according to initial rumors, are experts at the University of Bologna in charge by the judges of the Court of appeal of Milan carrying out the analysis on walk of stasis.  The possibility not to lick the stains on the floor of a house in Bucharest have a percentage with too many zeros in concrete terms border on the impossible. In short, it is almost impossible that the Stasi when he entered the House and discovered the corpse bride, has intercepted the bloodstains on the floor. The partial results of the experiment (the computer processing of data should be completed tomorrow), shown today in Bologna by experts appointed by the Corte d’Assise d’appello di Milano parts consultants, would have determined that the possibility not to intercept the stains on the floor of the House of Poggi are still smaller than those reported by experts nominated by the 2009 Vigevano gup Stefano Vitelli. This is because the experiment on the path undertaken by young was extended to two steps and the front of the scale on which it was Clare’s corpse Rests Cowgirl. And if five years ago professor Balossino, without taking into account the two contaminated blood steps, had established that on computer simulations carried out at 78mila, it turned out that the Stasi had only one chance not to trample the blood at the scene of the crime, now you are talking about a chance in a million related only to the new zone analyzed. To get accurate data must still wait for the report of the experts appointed by the Court who will arrive before the end of the week. Professor Francesco De Stefano, meanwhile, has filed to a court expertise on mitochondrial examination of the bulb of the hair short brown hair found in the Palm of your left hand to clear and on the traces of male dna found on some fragments of the girl’s fingernails. The results of the analysis, which resulted in only 5 highlight all compatible with those markers of stasis are not considered sufficiently reliable. . Main data can be read checking the following resource.

Montmorency: Hornets attack runners.

The attack occurred in the longest race of the sports day organised by the city of Montmorency and the track of the agreement Franconville Cesame Val d’Oise club. It’s 10 o’clock. Some 200 registered runners took the departure of the trail of 12.8 km. Less than half an hour later, the first participants arrive in the forest. It was then that the Hornets are manifested. «A swarm awoke to the passage of the riders, no doubt because of the noise or vibration. The Hornets had to feel attacked. "This has created a cloud around a tree on the course", indicates Benoît Favereau, the organiser of the race. Hornets, which according to some witnesses could be Asian Hornets, took the athletes passing nearby, unceremoniously. "Runners left on all sides" says a witness. "My husband can barely walk," said the wife of one of the competitors. A seasoned racer practice marathon and piqued by ankle. "At kilometer 5, hundreds of Hornets came out of both sides of a tree. One of them is stuck in his sock. He failed to get it out in time. This morning, he was hurt in the leg, didn’t feel very well. "Another participant was stung five times in the back. "The race ought to be stopped," says the wife. And the organizer should have checked the course. Victims could be a violent allergic reaction. » . Inspirational facts may be studied reading the following

Nicolas Sarkozy: the return of the same?

But the essential is elsewhere. Very skillfully, Nicolas Sarkozy has avoided giving his program, he deftly handed his two challengers in their place (Alain Juppé and François Fillon) with a sufficient I need them, under heard, they will rally to my beautiful white plume,. This does hardly Peaceful Tomorrows bode in the camp of the opposition: If Alain Juppe begins to defend a presidential programme today, Fr. Holland can expect to enjoy a respite, but it won’t be long. We know the constitution of the political world: each negotiates his support and to get the things most upped the ante to better its ranger subsequently, after having obtained the promise that it will not be forgotten,. This is called get compensation. But the France awaits. The French suffer, this is a surprise to anyone. On the other hand, what is new, is that the president of the Republic has clearly acknowledged at its last press conference: it has more room for manoeuvre, according to some newspapers (the world) it cannot even more. It is probably this paralysis at least apparent and it was hoped passenger, who pushed Nicolas Sarkozy to break his silence. He very well understood that the people won’t wait, arms crossed, that nearly 34 months elapse,. The serious incidents of Morlaix are perhaps the prodromes of worrying developments. Indeed, some improvisation of the Government (impromptu announcement of the disappearance of the first tax bracket) shocked into the camp of the left. One has the impression that the Prime Minister is leaning on the handlebars and reacts to the blow by blow. However, it would be lively vision and bearer of a project. The French should force their nature and emulate their German neighbors who do not shrink from a grand coalition: it should be a Government of national unity. And this is not part of the French political culture where majority and opposition mutually excommunient. The Government has a relative majority allowing it to govern. But in this obstacle course, there will be in a few weeks, the vote on the budget. And there the Slingers will swell their ranks,, Similar info can be inspected visiting blog.

Due to lack of budget, school boys walk an hour to go to the pool.

The ride to the pool usually entertains schoolchildren. However, the enthusiasm is not the same when of the 4 km route must be done on foot. Asnières sur Seine, in the Hauts-de-Seine, the students of the Collège Voltaire must honour this distance to the municipal swimming pool. Last year, one as school took them. Now, lack sufficient subsidies, transportation is no longer ensured, reveals RTL, and students and their teachers fined an hour’s walk round trip. Result: some don’t even have time to put a foot in the water. "In the sixth programme, swimming is mandatory," says main. On the other hand, the project is "focused on first aid and provides that each student valid first aid training. The teaching of swimming and rescue training hold a special place. For their first session of two hours of physical education and sports early in September, the students of sixth went walking at the municipal pool, located two metro stops from the college. «With 90 students, not question to ride the subway or bus», points Jocelyne Torrecillas. But with the time of the call, gatherings, the route (see below) and change of dress, only half of the Group was able to dive into the water. According to the head of the school and the parents, the problem is not new. Last year, the financing of this transport between January and June had not paid in time. Requested on this point, the general Council was committed to repay the sum advanced by the college. But "a total of 3809 euros, only 3100 euros were hardly repaid", says Jocelyne Torrecillas. With a reserve fund having reached "vital minimum", the head of the institution refuses to take the risk of delinquency. . You should read the following page to discover more about this interesting subject.