Eu fines by 93 million to Credit Suisse, Jp Morgan and Ubs. “They manipulated interest rates”.

The European Union has imposed fines totaling over 90 million euros to JP Morgan, Ubs and Credit Suisse for having manipulated interest rates giving rise to two signs and thereby infringing the Community rules on competition. The Us giant was sanctioned for 61.6 million for having colluded with the Royal Bank of Scotland (Rbs) to manipulate the reference Libor rate on Swiss franc between March 2008 and July 2009. Rbs was not fined because it cooperated with EU authorities during the investigation. In a second procedure the Commission found that Rbs, JP Morgan, Ubs and Credit Suisse have done to influence the price of derivatives traded in Swiss francs. Even in this case, the fine was withdrawn for Rbs, while the other three banks have received a joint sanction of 32.3 million. In total then JpMorgan will pay over 72 million euros while the penalties for the two groups are respectively Swiss and 9.1 12.6 million. "This," explained the competition Commissioner and Commission Vice-President Joaquin Almunia, "is the third case in which the Commission finds the existence of a cartel for the manipulation of financial reference rate, with major banks agreeing instead of competing. Our economy needs a transparent financial sector, well-functioning and healthy ".  In December 2013 six other financial institutions had been punished with fines totalling 1.7 billion euros for having manipulated the benchmarks of interest rates. . Related information can be read clicking

ROME-autumn is coming. The long summer this year if he goes with falling temperatures, strong winds and rain. From Lombardy to Liguria, from Lazio in Veneto you will have to dust off the sweater to cope with the cold weather coming in the evening today. Also provided the snow in the Alps to 1400-1500 meters. We suddenly from temperatures above the seasonal average, with a summer climate, to a full autumn says Andrea Giuliacci, Weatherman of Epson Meteo. The deterioration will come in today’s evening in Triveneto, where the rains are consistent. Tomorrow-explains-will it be the day Giuliacci harder, not because of the rain but the winds will perceive a lower temperature. The thermometer will drop by three to six degrees, over the weekend will rise to levels slightly higher than seasonal ones but without touching the temperatures in recent days. In Veneto there is heavy rainfall already preparà by tonight, State of alert will last until Friday. According to civil protection, in particular, are at risk of high basins hydrological Piave, bass, Sile and Piave basin in laguna, Livenza, Lemene, Tagliamento. For this reason it has been warning state. The alert also in Liguria, where he was issued a warning for strong winds tomorrow: because of the vulnerability of the territory to the recent flood and in view of the problems that persist, even in relation to road conditions, it is considered appropriate-reads a note of civil protection-highlight that for tomorrow are expected strong winds from the North and Northwest inwith gusts of Gale very strong especially on hills and off.  The summer is over and notice also the inhabitants of Latium, Tuscany, Marche and Campania: from tonight will have to deal with strong gusts of wind from the wee hours of the night and rough sea or very agitated until tomorrow night. Thunderstorms could affect tomorrow even Molise, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily. Today winds of Gale have already hit Sardinia.   . Main data may be studied checking the following link.

SZ cuckoo in the winter quarters: Captain ‘ n Karlsen last stage.

So right away, the SZ cuckoo not from the South of Chad – no wonder wanted to because he has stayed for weeks harmless fat butterfly larvae. But now he took apparently but the flight to his winter quarters in the Congo. Well, he flies yet. For weeks, Captain has ‘ n Kuck made no institutions to take the final step in its wintering area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo under the wing. Markus Erlwein and other experts in the bird protection Association LBV already surmised that the SZ cuckoo perhaps d ‘ indonation of the Bahr will overwinter Aouk et Salamat in the Plaines. In mid-August was Captain ‘ n Kuck in the huge bird sanctuary in the South-East of Chad arrived. There is not only a lush vegetation. But also many bold butterfly larvae. Captain ‘ n Kuck there so probably felt, that he made no institutions to compete even the 1300 kilometre long route across the Equator until in the Congo, where the Bavarian cuckoo usually overwinter. Now after all. At the weekend, the tiny satellite transmitters on Captain has ‘ n of Karlsen sent back flight data from the border area between Chad and the Central African Republic at the LBV’s headquarters in the Hilpoltstein in Bavaria, Germany. Captain ‘ n Kuck is now about 300 kilometres south of des Plaines, LBV man Egan says. That is too far for a short trip. Now it has finally come. Captain ‘ n Kuck has opened himself to the last stage. Soon, the SZ cuckoo in the rainforests in the Congo will arrive, where he will spend the winter months. There is no so good news long of all Kuckucken in the LBV research project. Franz, for example, who himself has stayed for weeks in southern France near Narbonne, is lost for some time. Also Markus, who belonged to a control group of Kuckucken from Belarus, dropped off no signals for weeks. The last one, which arrived in Hilpoltstein by him, came from Egypt. Of course, there are again some time hear about letting our cuckoos, Egan says. But if a pause so long, something happened to rule them. Franz and Markus are almost certainly dead. Of course, you will never know what happened to the two LBV Kuckucken. Chances are, that you – every year in the autumn and in the spring – bird hunters are caught as tens of thousands of migratory birds. Bird hunting is still entrenched around the Mediterranean – even if they banned and is a criminal offence. In France and Italy, but also on Malta and Cyprus there are still many areas where the farmers and other country people really are looking forward to the autumn bird hunts. But, bird hunting is particularly brutal in Egypt. This has revealed the nature filmmaker of Jens-Uwe Heins, who works for the BR. He documented the kilometer-long nets that were stretched between 3.5 meters high, driven into the sand bars along the Egyptian border of the Mediterranean two years ago. That was amazing, we tried to not believe it, says Heins, we drove up the coast and anywhere networks were clamped – on a length of 700 kilometers. The networks are so treacherous, because migratory birds, weakened by the strenuous crossing of the Mediterranean, as a resting place fly to them and then hopelessly caught in them. The bird hunters need only collect them and send to their raw wooden cages. It was bad, really bad, Heins says land them all on the bird markets in Egypt and will be there, whether Fitisse, Wheatear, turncoats, Orioles, Nightingales, or other bird species strictly protected with us, sold as a delicacy. The dozen dealers at their booths to get the birds from the cages, cut through the throats them with quick cuts of the knife and throw them on a bunch of other bird corpses. A couple of guys pick the small carcasses in the chord, other part the naked body. In a piece of chili pepper, a few spices, and already the bird in a styrofoam packaging ends up, ready for the freezing or fresh for any restaurant, Heins says. It’s a business on a very large scale. And apparently growing the business with the migratory birds. Only in September, the nature filmmaker was back in Egypt. We have encountered not only a lot more nets than two years ago, says Hamad. In the meantime, they are also inland staggered, often three networks are in a row. But not only that, the bird markets have been offered this time most cuckoos. Together with all possible other migratory birds, they were sad and disheveled in the cages. So a cuckoo is not a bold roast, with a total weight of 120 grams, he should have no 60 grams of meat. Captain ‘ n Kuck is meanwhile in safety. The border between Chad and the Central African Republic, in which the SZ cuckoo currently resides, is not only very sparsely populated. Few residents there not also go bird hunting, at least the LBV man Egan has still heard nothing of it. The region is also very densely wooded, so the SZ cuckoo has always good coverage. In addition, Captain is ‘ n look very smart, says Egan. We have hardly an other cuckoo in our research project, who logs in as reliable. . Main data can be read checking the following url.

Christophe de Margerie, this friend who will miss the Russia and Vladimir Poutine.

The actress and American television host Joan Rivers, hospitalized since last Thursday in New York, died, announced her family Thursday, September 4. Known for his television show Fashion police on E!, where are discussed and criticized the outfits for celebrities, she also played in Once Upon a Coffee House in 1965, the crazy history of space in 1987 or even Iron Man 3 in 2013, where it interpreted its own role in his television show. Jimi Jamison died Sunday, August 31 as a result of a heart attack, learned of the Los Angeles Times. 63 year-old Jimi Jamison has a solo career and sang in the Cobra group but it is especially Survivor that made him famous. Jimi Jamison joined the formation of Hard FM (from hard rock calibrated for radios) in 1983 while she was at its peak, including through its famous tube Eye of the tiger, commissioned by Sylvester Stallone in person and serves as a theme in the film Rocky III. One of the most emblematic Americans of the spaghetti western actors. Is particularly illustrated in the roles of Tuco in the good, the bad and the ugly Sergio Leone and the role of Calvera, the leader of the bandits in the magnificent seven by John Sturges. He died at the age of 98 after more than 60-year career on the big screen. Known in particular for his columns on Canal Plus and I-Tele, journalist Léon Mercadet is died Sunday, June 22, a dirty disease according to the expression of his former colleague, Bruce Toussaint. 64 year-old Yves Gloux (his real name) worked in current, Nova Magazine and more recently in the morning of Canal + between 2004 and 2013. Former Australian driver who died at the age of 88 years belonged to the F1 legend: three times the world champion, great Builder and great mechanic, he had not hesitated to push to hand his car to finish a Grand Prix in 1959 to win the title. It is the only one to have crowned at the wheel of a car designed by his care. He is also the first driver knighted for services to motor racing. 73-year-old MEP conservative and former Christian Democrat Premier of the Belgium succumbed to his injuries after a fall to bike in Morbihan, where he was staying. It is the European people’s Party (EPP) in which it was a member of Parliament who announced. Jean-Luc Dehaene was suffering from cancer of the pancreas, diagnostic at the beginning of the year and that it had significantly weakened. Born in Montpellier in 1940, licensed in law and Economics from the universities of Namur and Louvain, he led the Government of Belgium from 1992 to 1999. Michel Lang, author and Director of popular comedy of the late 1970s and the early 1980 that we small English, is died Thursday evening at Deauville (Calvados) at the age of 74, has announced his family Friday, April 25. To us the small English, released in 1976, was his greatest success with 5.7 million viewers. Tito Vilonava, former FC Barcelona coach, died Friday, April 25, announced the catalan club. 45 years old, he struggled for two years against cancer of the Parotid gland and was hospitalized for emergency Thursday evening. Deputy of Pep Guardiola since 2007 (first with the B team), Tito Vilanova succeeded him in the summer 2012 on the Barca bench. But he had to leave his post in July 2013 due to a deterioration in his State of health. As head coach, he has won a title of champion of Spain and was elected best coach in the Championship in 2013. The Colombian Nobel Prize in literature Gabriel García Márquez died Thursday, April 17 at his home in Mexico City. Aged 87, he was in a very fragile health at his home in Mexico City. Installed in Mexico since 1961, with periods of stay alternated in Cartagena (Colombia), Barcelona (Spain) and Havana, Garcia Marquez lived several years retired from public life and during his rare appearances had no statement to the press. The Colombian was considered to be one of the greatest writers in the history of the Spanish language literature. Iconic novelist of magical realism, he described the strangeness of real and historical situations using the wonderful. The work which earned him fame and is regarded as his masterpiece one hundred years of solitude, fantastic family fresco published in 1967 and whose international success was enormous (30 million copies in 35 languages). The writer and editor Régine Deforges died at the age of 78 at the Parisian hospital Cochin from the suites of a heart attack, announced his son Franck Spengler. Régine Deforges was a sulphurous Editor, often facing justice, before knowing the public success with the blue bicycle, adapted to television with Laetitia Casta. This saga of ten novels published by Fayard, begun in 1983 by 101, avenue Henri Martin and completed in 2007 by and when comes the end of the trip, has sold over ten million copies. Actress Shirley Temple, famous for being the first child of Hollywood star, has died at the age of 85, announced Tuesday the American media. His agent, quoted by ABC News and CNN television said she had died of causes natural Monday evening at his home in California, surrounded by his family. She starred in 40 films, most before the age of twelve, including blond curls (Curly Top) or little Princess (The Little princess). Cartoonist Aslan, real name Alain Gourdon, famous for her pin-up published by the magazine, died at the age of 83 of cardiac arrest Tuesday, February 11 in the evening to Canada where he lived for twenty years, announced his agent François Meyniel told AFP. Aslan was also sculptor: in 1968 and 1978, he made busts of Brigitte Bardot and Mireille Mathieu in Marianne for the Association of mayors of France. Ten years later, he signed two Dalida statues for the tomb of the singer and a place that bears his name in Montmartre. The legend of folk, mentor of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, died at the age of 94. He is best known in France for his song If I had year hammer, taken over by Claude François. . For additional regarding this topic check

Great applause and jeers: The death of Klinghoffer Opera launches in New York City.

The Opera the death of Klinghoffer would glorify terrorism, so the accusations of critics © Bryan Thomas / AFP outside, some street protests booing and errors in the Hall, but in the end much applause – the Opera the death of Klinghoffer, criticized as anti-Semitic on Monday evening in New York premiere celebrated. After months of protests and even threats against the organizers lifted the curtain at the Metropolitan Opera with just a few minutes late, as the New York Times reported. Among the demonstrators outside the met also the previous new had become, according to the report, on Monday queued York mayor Rudolph Giuliani. After the Overture with the choir of the Palestinians in exile, played some booing. In the first Act, a spectator shouted several times, the murder of Klinghoffer is never forgiven and was taken out. After the break, a woman uttered several times to call and left the Hall by itself. But when Adams entered the stage after the closing, there was great applause. . You must check this weblink to discover extra regarding this great subject.

My companion took away the desire to live.

Physical and psychological violence suffered by relatives or partners? Deviant and disturbed personality with whom I related? Difficulty in managing family conflict resulting from ill-treatment? To give you a hand on Aidan Taylor. it Couples to ,. fate: victims, crimes and misdemeanors in the family section at the service of citizens held by Dr. Cinzia Mammoliti, criminologa, trainer and author of the essay on psychological violence serial killers of the soul (ed. Probe). To contact our specialist and get advice and help please write to: lettereallacriminologa @ sapphirecore. it Twenty years together. Him ten more than me. I met him at work and it was a stroke of lightning. Pregnant after only six months of occupation while he was still married and father of two children at the time still small. I decided to keep the baby because I was more in love with the woman of the world and he made me keep on condition of not ever ask him to separate from his wife and to recognize the authorship of our daughter. Relegated for life to a lover I was held in check in every way using my house as an alcove and acting with our daughter as if it were a home furnishings. Never a sweetness, a warning, a thought, a gift. Anything to you and less and less to me. I accepted his harsh conditions to keep him forever linked but its presence is increasingly faded and after some time I found that cultivated relationships with women of all kinds including prostitutes. I grew up in our little girl floundering fatigue very economically and also from a precarious job to another, without ever you clean a specific professionalism. I entered depression and for a time I haven’t even been able to work but he always downplayed and denied my illness until disappearing almost completely. Today I arrived at dawn of fifty years I feel a scrap to throw away. Luana is great, makes his life and did not want to continue his studies and I have no more strength to fight to help her find a way that neither do I have been able to find for me. I would like to vanish from the face of the Earth because I am ashamed a lot having allowed a narcissist perverse and sick leave me in this State. Thanks for making me listened to r. f. REPLY: shouldn’t be ashamed of anything dear r. f., shame only serves to paralyze the actions encouraging the closure in oneself. The choices you make when you too in love are often dangerous and the consequences can sometimes be extremely severe. But at the moment it is difficult to realize it and perhaps, backtracking, today you would realize that a man who sets conditions for his attendance so selfish and high-strung deserves to be sent to hell by now. But this is dietrologia and serves a little. He paid with a wrong love health but I would say it has paid enough and that fifty years can be a good starting point to start from scratch. Please therefore force, now it all looks dark but I am sure that a light at the end of the tunnel there is also for you. Have faith and support from skilled specialists who provide useful tools to Pat will be able to continue. Everything is remedy except his death. And she, as well as a responsibility towards herself, ce l also has a daughter who deserves at least his mother’s presence in their lives. A strong hug Cinzia Mammoliti www. cinziamammoliti. it. For extended insights about this topic visit

Coalition talks in Thuringia: SPD asked members to red red-green.

The German SPD leadership is now the party base on the train: a member survey on the recommendation of the Board of Directors, to form Germany’s first Red Red Green State Government under the leadership of the left begins this Tuesday. The SPD Executive Committee had expressed on Monday evening unanimously for the change of the Government and against the continuation of the black red coalition since 2009. The base adopts the recommendation and the following coalition talks been successful, Bodo Ramelow is the first Prime Minister of the left. Also on Tuesday, the SPD Executive Committee on a base Conference in Weimar wants to explain his decision. We do an experiment. It is a project that still not gave, had Bausewein explains it at federal State level. The more substantive agreement with leftists and Greens, as well as the expectation of more stable of Government than at black-red were crucial for the Coalition’s recommendation. Ramelow is announced to show the practicality of red red-green as head of Government. We want to prove that we are suitable for everyday use in problem solving. He sees a sign of confidence and 25 years after the fall of the wall in the SPD vote an exciting signal. It might help in his opinion a bit far with the dismantling of the cold war in the minds of people in the West. In the SPD there controversial debates over the past few weeks, whether the party 25 years after the case should provide the wall as a junior partner for a Government with the left at the top. The left was far met their potential partners – also with the classification of the GDR as unjust State. . Main source could be found clicking the following article.

NRW strengthens refugee work of municipalities with millions.

Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft (SPD) announced after a Summit at country level in food, to increase the payments for the accommodation of refugees in municipalities by 25 percent. The country paid so far only about 20 to 25 percent of the cost. The overall package, which includes also psychological and social care and a health fund, amounts to EUR 46 million. Against the background of increasing access numbers and the known mistreatment of refugees in shelters, the State Government announced more changes. Power said it will increased staff at the country level and strengthened the voluntary commitment in promoting language. North Rhine-Westphalia wants to build a decentralized management of complaint for the refugees with additional staff. In addition to the commitments, the country intends to examine more points, including the possibilities of full-day care in communities. Also standards at the monument for an easier setup of Flüchtlinmgsheimen reduction might be. The country sponsorship models to check for unaccompanied. . Additional info can be found checking page.

Joko Widodo, Indonesian Obama already under pressure.

Scene from Carnival in Grand Indonesia. The crowd cheering invaded the huge roundabout planted in the heart of the ‘big Durian’, the nickname of the sprawling Jakarta. Monday, the enthronement of the new Presidentof the third democracy in the world took looks like a giant fair, never seen since the fall of the dictatorship in 1998. Red tie, white shirt, the national colours, Joko Widodo raises arms in triumph before the overheated crowd. "This is a historic moment for us all" launched by lending oath the shooting star of Indonesian policy, under the eyes of John Kerry, the US Secretary of State. The physical resemblance to Barack Obama is more troubling that ever so that the ‘Jokowimania’ is in full swing in the town of childhood of the American president. As the election of the first black in the White House, that of the Governor of Jakarta from 53 years is a symbol for the young Southeast Asian democracy. For the first time, a candidate out of the Seraglio took the reins of the first Muslim country in the world. From the little people, the furniture dealer has risen to the top thanks to its qualities of manager and his integrity in a country plagued by corruption, bypassing the traditional parties and relying on Chinese or Christian minorities. . For more about this topic click source.

Usa, Ebola becomes a threat to democratic re-election.

Washington, Oct. 20 (Reuters Health)-The Ebola emergency in the United States is not only a threat to the American public health, but also for the Democrats in the midterm elections next November 4. It is now clear that the criticism and controversy, raised by Republicans, so instrumental in the White House, the Federal Government’s response to cases that have occurred in Texas, have become among the hottest topics of the last weeks of the election campaign. Ebola factor fits into a landscape not so rosy for Democrats, who must cope with an electorate far more disheartened and unmotivated to vote than Republican, and for weeks they play defensively in order not to miss that handful of duels in the Senate that Republicans want to win at all costs to snatch the Democratic majority and gain control of the entire Congress. To 15 days days from the Huffington Post, notoriously liberal website, gives the Democrats just 35% chance of maintaining control of Congress, against a 65% of Republicans. And Political emergency for Ebola is providing other topics that motivate Republican voters to go to the polls the Conservative candidates: a survey released today by the site shows how the majority of them did not absolutely confident in the way the Federal Government is addressing the crisis. In short, the 3 cases of Ebola, including one mortal, who have registered so far in Texas, are in danger of becoming an ugly october surprise for Democrats, especially for those who are defending all their seats in the Senate. As the case of Kay Hagan, the Democratic Senator of North Carolina, one of those States hovering, that to counter the powerful challenge that is launching Thorn Tillis, super conservative leader of State House in recent days has made an embarrassing backtrack on the issue of flight stop by the African countries hardest hit by Ebola. Friday, the Democrat has asked Obama to approve a temporary ban of entry in the United States for citizens from these countries, after a few days earlier endorsed the President’s position which considers this measure, relied on loudly by Republicans, inefficient and counterproductive. And Hagan isn’t the only Democratic candidates these days rank to Republican positions on Ebola, as they increase, always ahead of the election next November 4, attacks and criticisms of the Administration’s handling of the emergency. In short, the democratic election strategists are increasingly convinced that Obama’s response to Ebola, and the fact that the Republicans are condemning as further proof of the inadequacy of his leadership, could worsen the already rosy prospects not elections. It strengthens the Republican propaganda about Democrats who do not know how to govern and squander public spending, "said Jim Manley, a former associate of Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate. The Democrats, he added, are trying desperately to prove that they too have strict positions to solve the crisis. . Extended info can be found checking