The magic circle does not review and dreams Silvio al Quirinale.

Among Knight Loyalists, some people imagine Berlusconi on track after Napolitano. Obviously with Renzi premier and a majority Fi-PD. Dreams recounted around, and via the draughts etc. Silvio Berlusconi in full race after Napolitano? If it wasn’t someone he believes really seems a joke. But does anyone believe, or at least the dreams. The dream and tells him in turn. Who? The magic circle of course, which is that very small group of iperfedelissimi (Francesca Pascale, Nora Rossi, Giovanni Toti) that being in close contact with the leader to Italy Force has climbed quickly the hierarchies of power "blue" but that, apparently, doesn’t keep contact with reality. The "strategy" is even the Democratic Party votes to Silvio Berlusconi-the strategy to achieve the goal? Simple, elementary. First step: new elections with the Consultellum, i.e. the proportional, with the Pd around 40% and Italy Force around 15%. Both parties would lead to Parliament only the two leaders and Loyalists would give life to the only majority possible. At that point, however, you should also elect the successor of Giorgio Napolitano. And what they imagine the rapturous fantasies "cerchiste"? That in Exchange for the go-ahead to the Government headed by Matteo Renzi, new piddini MPs would vote for Berlusconi al Quirinale, rather than be sucked from a total paralysis that could lead to new elections immediately,.; You should click the following reference to read more about this great matter.

Jean-Marie Le Guen, the GUD old? LL attack defamation.

Since Wednesday, Mediapart published extracts of A all those who do not resign themselves to the debacle, an investigation of one of their journalists, Laurent Mauduit, on the key of the Socialist Party officials. In addition to the revelations about the spoofed graduates of the first Secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, another Socialist is pinned. According to the author, Jean-Marie Le Guen would have made his first steps in politics with the GUD (defence union group, Editor’s note), a student organization of the extreme right. Is bullshit, he has never been to the GUD before becoming first Secretary of the Young Socialists (MJS) movement in 1977, Jean-Marie Le Guen would therefore, according to the website of information, started at the side of the most violent far-right militants. Contacted by metronews, lawyer Jean-Pierre Emié, an elder of the GUD, firmly disputes this information, already contradicted with the Lab by the cabinet of the former socialist MP. This is bullshit, he has never been to the GUD. I want to believe that the FN has become a party of the left today, but must not say nonsense, loose it. . Related info can be inspected visiting info.

Jay Z to the tribunal for a story of “Oh”.

The artist and his co-defendants (WB Music Corp., Warner-Tamerlane Publishing, Roc Nation, Atlantic and Roc-A-Fella Records) requested the abandonment of prosecutions on 9 September the Court of the Southern District of New York.  His lawyers argue that the borrowing of a single syllable in a fraction of a second, cannot justify an application for copyright. The object of the dispute is indeed the sample a ‘Oh’ in Run This Town, one of the leading titles from the album The Blueprint 3, rapper, in which appear Rihanna and Kanye West. If the argument put forward by the star is understood, would counteract another judgment that acts of jurisprudence: since 2005, American artists have to reference a trial between Bridgeport Music and Dimension Films having established that the borrowing of an arpeggio of two seconds, barely recognizable, agreement was unlawful. It was an instrumental sample of Get Off Your Ass and Jam, Funkadelic, in 100 Miles and Runnin’, NWA. In this case, the sample was of course used several times, but the judge, Ralph Guy, especially retained a matter of principle against a yet very established use, enact the following rule: "buy rights or no sample no.  » . Inspirational facts could be found checking this

-The murderous violence is the result of adaptive strategies to access more resources or, Alternatively, is the result of human activity. In the early studies of primates, researchers often use food to lure the animals out from the forest and observe them more closely. At Gombe National Park in Tanzania, where the primatologist Jane Godall began to offer bananas to chimps who visited the camp, chimpanzees stopped more and more time but at the same time also increased aggression between them. So he stopped to give him food, and ended the aggression. Hence the conclusion that the killings were the result of human intervention. -Figuring out which of the two theories was right, scholars have analyzed 18 communities of chimpanzees and bonobo 4 for 50 years. It is thus seen one killing between bonobos, and 152 in 15 groups of chimpanzees, and that changes in the rates of killings are not related to human impact, but increases in larger groups, with more male members. Often they are males who kill males of other neighboring groups. Thus, concludes the study, supports the idea that violence is a killer adaptation strategies. . For extended insights about this subject visit resource.

The Australia thwarts murders projected by the Islamic State on its soil.

A ration without previous op. More than 800 police officers participated in the catch anti-terrorism men dawn in suburbs of Sydney and Brisbane in Queensland and NSW (Southeast) Southern States, with the aim to detain 25 members pr s a m sum me r bucket. S after the accusation, there re u t l phone on the part of the Australian order the highest located within the EIS, Mohammad Baryalei, n in Afghanistan. It was, after Prosecutor Michael Allnutt of select people at random in order to mani re run rather horrible t and shoot these acts according to a sc scenario involving an unusual degree of fanaticism. It is therefore not only soup ons but intention and that of the reason why the police and security services have to act, said Prime Minister Tony Abbott. We had information on the ventualit of d public capitation, he added. A little more than one month apr s London and for the first time since 2003, Canberra increased Friday 12 September its alert level of middle lev, which means that, without necessarily imminent tre, a terrorist attack is likely. Security and intelligence services to alarm the increasing number of Australians who work for terrorists as the Islamic State, the Front al-Dhanub and Al – Qa da. The threat that they represent feel increases since more than a year, had said Tony Abbott. � . Original facts may be studied visiting this website.

BMI and body sense – why women her figure misjudge.

Orientation: the so-called body mass index, which determines the ideal weight, is with a formula of body size in relation to weight calculated (weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared). A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is ideal. Physicians from a value of overweight speak of 25, obesity starts at a value of 30.   A woman 1.75 meters size, weighs 70 kg, has, for example, a BMI of 22,86 – is therefore normal. A woman at 1.60 meters height, however, brings 80 kilograms, she is severely overweight. But how is it that the women were with their self-assessment so surprisingly striking next to it? This explains Christopher Wachsmuth, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Leipzig: "self and perception often divergent. Who in the United States All the time is surrounded by thick, overweight people, for the blurred the picture of at some point Which one figure is actually normal. "In Europe, experts observe a much more critical self-awareness: solid body cult – ever slimmer, more handsome – not just medial spread." He met in gyms, while shopping, and thus everywhere in everyday life. This has consequences. "Dissatisfaction with the own body shape is almost normal among European women," Wachsmuth says. The women are believed to not idealized standards. The look in the mirror, was similarly critical at least felt far from the ideal. No wonder, then, that to women To find in this country even then to thick, if they are normal weight. Up to ten times more often than men, they appreciate a according to a study by the University of Glasgow as too thick. While men even believe her body was fine, even though they are already overweight. . For more facts regarding this matter click

Taxes: good idea to Valls but DIY printing.

Emmanuelle Cosse, National Secretary of Europe Ecologie Рthe Greens (EELV), described as good idea the announcement by Manuel Valls of a possible removal of the first instalment of the income tax, but regretted a tax DIY printing. It is a good idea for those who will benefit from, said Ms. Cosse on RTL. I have the impression that we are in a fiscal tinkering, she however nuanced. It totally swings between increases and decreases so that I recall, there was consensus for major tax reform, once launched by Fran̤ois Holland and Jean-Marc Ayrault. Asked deputies to work for almost a year to reform the taxation of households and the business taxation, they did, everything was buried by Manuel Valls in April and today, it was announced the removal of a slice,, I think it would be when simultaneously there is reform a bit more scale because this is not what will solve the mistrust of the French tax, concluded Ms. Cosse. The first instalment of the scale of the income tax could be removed, said Mr. Valls Wednesday on France Inter, in the aftermath of his general policy statement. The ecologist of Ile-de-France chosen said to always trust Fran̤ois Holland although it ensures not to understand the distance between the head of State and the French. Mr. Hollande held Thursday its re-entry at the Elysee press conference. . Main source can be studied checking the following source.

A collection of greguerias to break out the ass.

The project my surprise may scula surgi arriving at Espa to makes almost 10 a, when heard for the first time people say ‘this is the pear’ naturally, ‘me cago en milk’ or ‘ keep it a egg ‘. HAB to studied Filolog to nica Hisp pair s, but those expressions apparently were not part of the race. And I loved. Recognizes this specialist linked to the publishing sector of the mic that for such ‘basic cl’s m c (‘ here there is enclosed cat ‘, ‘sleep it off’, ‘having the fly behind the ear s’) hist rico/etimol tracking magic wasn’t very complicated. The task was m laborious s for recent s or m s vulgar expressions (‘c gate Parrot’, ‘ grab a fart’), which are usually not very documented. Which m s I was surprised was ‘fuck the sow’. Never would have been able to guess its origin, adds. Have they had to dismiss many of these turns idiom ticos? S, some were impossible to draw in a literal way. For example, ‘I don’t have the chichi for lanterns’. It was one of the favourites of H the, but all the options that is us whether an were bland or not illustrated with literalness this expression n, reasons to prop site by their first incursi n in S humor Sánchez, award to the author Revelaci n in the salt n of C mic in Barcelona in 2010 for his first novel gr fica, ‘T you have killed me’. Sometimes difficult to translate them gr specifically, Guerrier abounds, but the idea was not to make a brick. I believe that we have for two or three vol menes m s!. . Inspirational source may be studied clicking this

Obama: Will not fight another war on the ground in Iraq.

Not traveled generals to Washington and made their plans to the President. In a move loaded with symbolism, was the Commander in Chief who moved to the headquarters of the Central command in Tampa, Florida to go this afternoon to the men and women who serve in the United States Army and ensure them that the country won’t fight another war in Iraq shoulder to shoulder with the enemy. "I want to make that clear," insisted the President seconds after having repeated the same phrase. "The American forces that have been deployed in Iraq do not have and will not be a combat mission," proclaimed President in MacDill air base. Barack Obama wanted to talk to the troops, comfort them by saying that with have carried on his shoulders the weight of two wars since the long that opened on 11 September have had enough. "As your Commander in Chief not I’ll send to fight another war in Iraq", echoed Obama, who added that U.S. would not rid this fight alone, since you can’t by peoples who do not "by themselves". Obama even said that a struggle in which there were no American troops on the ground would be more effective. "When we do things alone, as soon as we will begin to emerge the same problems." . You must click the following hyperlink to discover extra regarding this interesting topic.

Digital Roman Forum: A Bow for the ignominy of Cleopatra.

Sure, there have been already A few digital reconstructions of the Roman Forum, the Centre of ancient Rome, – most recently about the detailed model of the University of California in Los Angeles, which is based on the State of the area in the year 400 ad, or the 3D images of the project initiated by Milan scientists "Rome Reborn", who set about eighty years earlier and colored views of not only of the Forum, but the entire city of Rome from different angles show. But a research paper, as the Institute of Archaeology at the Humboldt University of Berlin in cooperation with the cluster of excellence topoi, and the German Archaeological Institute now on his site digital forum Sping. de submits, is still something new. Even now, the amount of materials that you can get on the site, is impressive enough. About the Parthian arch, a triumphal arch detectable in Foundation remains today only, the Augustus to 19 b.c. next to the Temple of his deified adoptive father Caesar put left, after he had brought back the lost Roman characters through diplomatic channels by Crassus in the battle of Carrhae at the Parthians to Rome. Under the Etruscan Kings, it was a simple surface with a tamped floor; only in the early Republic, and with the growing military power of the Romans it was designed architecturally. So far, research assumed that it was built out in the third century before Christ modeled on the meeting places in Greek cities of scholarship as a circular space. But this hypothesis was not to demonstrate during the digital reconstruction, because the terrain rises significantly at this point of the Forum, so that each round model inevitably geriete in tilt position. The Berlin archaeologist therefore show the fruit with semi-circular grandstand as it is detectable even after its installation before the Temple of Concordia by Caesar. In the late Antiquity finally the speech site decorated with honorary columns became the place of pompous self representations: here were celebrating those consuls, who had no real political function despite their traditional title. One could imagine even something colourful and lively blaustichigen animations of the Humboldt site. But such aesthetic objections fade before the sheer joy to be able to jump by clicking on the right-hand side of an era of the Roman Empire to the other. Digital Roman Forum is a place of learning, how we Rome pilgrims dared to wish him. Now we have him. . Inspirational data could be studied clicking this site.