The Covenant by pro-choice calls a “large mobilisation”.

Today’s meeting was driven by trade unions and some entities who have doubts about the substitution of the consultation originally scheduled. Rigol has admitted this discomfort, but has relativized it. "We are all aware that this is simply a participatory process and not a query; He would have liked to make the inquiry as it consisted in the decree signed by the President of the Generalitat". He has admitted that "a couple of interventions", have criticized that the Government does not support input that the inquiry would not be possible in the current political and legal framework. However, Rigol has ensured that all entities have located the 9-N is a ‘success’. Among the parties that took part in the meeting was Iniciativa per Catalunya, that the last few days has been especially critical of the new format of consultation. In fact, its leader, Joan Herrera, has said will not participate in the voting because he understands that the day should be dedicated to the protest and mobilisation. Today ICV has defended the National Pact for the right to decide to also boost mobilizations beyond the vote otherwise. The meeting final manifesto collects this idea, but not the particular. . For extra data on this matter check

Missing persons, 30 thousand in Italy. Half are minors.

ROME-children and the elderly, Italians and foreigners, men and women of every social class. It’s a very generic identikit of the missing person, because the dramatic phenomenon as called Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, has spread to all social and age groups and throughout the country, from North to South. The last number that this photographer is 29. 763: there are many people who are still missing in Italy in a list opened in 1974 and which only in the early months of this year have added other 558 names. Their photos are posted on the walls or buried in the drawers of police stations across Italy: together they are like a small town vanished into thin air. Speaking at a Conference on the phenomenon promoted by Scuola superiore dell’amministrazione, Alfano defines a phenomenon arousing social alarm, because behind each of those numbers there is a person who is not and weeping relatives desperate. The main causes, said the Minister, are voluntary departure, psychological disorders, the become victims of crime, and then there are other two phenomena: the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s and the economic crisis increases depressive disorders and crisis bringing people to move away from their environment. Over the past two years have been registering more than 23,000 complaints of disappearance. In fact, if you look at the figures, the first reason is related to the problem of mass immigration of the past two decades and to the reception of so-called unaccompanied minors. Foreigners. Almost 20,000, foreigners represent the bulk of the disappeared in Italy. The number is even more dramatic when you consider that almost 13 thousand are under the age of 18. In the vast majority these guys who go voluntarily from homes or from communities which are entrusted. But there are also "said Alfano-stolen children by one of the spouses and those victims of crime. The total weigh the unknowns related to migration: migrants do often lose their tracks voluntarily to move to other countries, but on the fate of children fleeing many associations have often raised the alarm. Women. Also the female scares. Only in 2012 have disappeared two women each day, on average, from 1974 to today more than 200 each year; one third of the total number of people that we have no more news. Again, most of the complaints concerned foreign (5 towns. 720), while Italians on the list are 580. Men are 20. 463, of which 14. 227 foreigners. The Italians disappeared abroad instead, 178 of which 131 are of legal age, 21 over 65 and 26 minors. Lazio is in the sad list of missing persons with 6. 766 cases, followed by England (3.900), Lombardy (3.680), from Campania (3.146) and Puglia (2.475). But the Minister Alfano there is good news, grow the findings: about 140 thousand complaints of disappearance since 1994, have been recovered traces of 110 thousand people. The extraordinary Commissioner of the Government for the people disappeared, the prefect Vittorio Piscitelli, noted that it is a phenomenon not only Italian, in other countries the figures are even more alarming. There was a strong increase in numbers over the past two years and we must raise the level of guard. Faceless bodies. There is another number, hidden behind these figures: from June 30, 2014 there are 1. 283 bodies not yet identified in various Italian mortuaries, many of the cases surveyed are represented by migrants drowned. Are still 197 the bodies to identify the wreck of Lampedusa of October 3, 2013. . For extended facts on this topic visit

27 October to 31 October 2014: This week in the economy.

08:00 NL/TNT Express NV, results 3Q, Amsterdam 10:00 DE/ifo business climate index October 10:00 EU/ECB, money supply M3 September results 3Q, 12:00 US/Merck & Co Inc, Whitehouse station 21:05 US/Twitter Inc, results 3Q, San Francisco DE / results 3Q, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt US/building permits September (revised) 05:15 GB/Standard Chartered plc, interim management statement Q3, London 06:45 CH/UBS AG, 3Q results, Zurich 07:00 DE / results 3Q, Celesio AG, Stuttgart 07:00 results 3Q, CH/Novartis AG, Basel 07:10 DE / SHW results 3Q, Aalen 07:15 DE / DMG Mori Seiki AG (formerly Gildemeister AG), results 3Q, Bielefeld 07:30 DE / GEA Group AG, detailed results 3Q, Düsseldorf 07:30 DE / AIXTRON SE results 3Q, Herzogenrath 07:30 DE / comdirect bank AG, result 9 months, Quickborn 07:30 DE / Grenkeleasing AG, Result 9 months, Baden-Baden 07:30 NL/KPN NV results 3Q, Den Haag 07:30 FR / sanofi SA results 3Q, Paris 07:30 DE / GEA Group AG, detailed results 3Q, Düsseldorf 08:00 EU/ACEA commercial vehicle new registrations September 08:00 Western Europe DE/MAN SE, results 3Q 08:00 GB/BP plc, results 3Q, London 08:00 GB/Lloyds Banking Group plc interim management statement Q3, London 10:00 DE / TUI AG, ao HV, Hannover 11:00 US/DuPont & co, results 3Q, Wilmington 11:15 EU/ECB, allocation main refi tender 12:00 US/Pfizer Inc, results 3Q, 13:30 US/new durable goods orders New York September 14:00 DE / Deutsche Börse AG, analyst and Investor Conference on the results of 3Q, Frankfurt 14:00 US/case-Shiller house price index August 15:00 US/consumer confidence index, October 21:05 US/Facebook Inc, results 3Q, Menlo Park 00:50 JP/industrial production September 06:45 DE / Deutsche Bank AG, Results 3Q, Frankfurt 07:00 DE / results 3Q, software AG, Darmstadt 07:00 DE/rational AG, results 3Q, Landsberg 07:15 FR / Air France-KLM group, results 3Q, Paris 07:30 DE / dialog semiconductor plc, results 3Q (10:30 conference call), Kirchheim/Teck 07:30 FR / Schneider Electric SA, 3Q sales, Rueil-Malmaison, France 07:30 ES/BBVA, results 3Q, Bilbao 08:00 AT/Verbund AG, result 9 months, Vienna 08:00 FR/total SA, Results 3Q, Courbevoie 08:00 JP/Nintendo Co Ltd, results 2Q, 10:00 EU/ECB quarterly report to the 11:00 EU/ECB lending, allocation of a dollar-swap Repogeschäfts 11:15 EU/ECB, Kyoto allocation 3-month long term refi Extender 11:30 DE / allocation increase in 10-year government bond 4 billion EUR 15:30 US / crude oil inventories (week) 17:45 FR/Renault SA, sales in 3Q, Boulogne-Billancourt 19:00 US/Fed, outcome of the FOMC meeting 21:00 NL/QIAGEN NV, Results, 3Q, Venlo 21:05 US/Visa Inc, 4Q results, foster city DE / job index BA-X October NL/Fiat Chrysler automobiles NV, results 3Q, Amsterdam. Main data can be read visiting the following website.

Morocco: fossils of Erfoud, a prehistoric treasure in danger.

C? ur one of the main palm groves of the Morocco, the inhabitants of Erfoud shall on a treasure in danger: that of marine fossils, sometimes several hundreds of millions of years old and continue to live 70% of the inhabitants, said Abdelmajid Massoudi, a salesman. This area located southeast of the Kingdom, while Palms tirelessly parading the gaze of the visitor is suddenly surprised by the presence of the skeleton of a prehistoric animal, at the entrance of a building with traditional architecture. This giant ammonite is one of the treasures that make the region of Erfoud, city of about 30. 000 inhabitants, the largest Museum of fossils in open to the world, according to geologists and archaeologists. During the primary era (about 500 million years BC), Southeast of the Morocco was covered by the sea, before becoming this oasis of fossilized parts, says the AFP Abdelmajid Massoudi, who welcomes visitors with a broad smile. Even today, the region has almost 500 varieties, spread over 100 km2, including trilobites, the oldest fossils of Erfoud (410 a 500 million years), adds Abdeslam Kamal, a local collector. In the Museum, once past the exhibition space, a cloud of dust dissipates gradually to show craftsmen who are busy cutting, carving and polished fossils. After having routed blocks of stone from quarries located on the outskirts of the city, workers cut them into pieces, and then craftsmen are in charge of sculpting various objects of decoration as fountains, sinks, or even tables, indicates Mr. Massoudi. In this area mainly known for its dates, including the Morocco was one of the major producers in the world, trade of fossils is a source of sustainable income throughout the year. -Scientific development – it also allows to attract tourists, including some seeking collectibles. Ibrahim, 60, has spent half of his life to live on this activity, which requires time, dexterity and patience. It must proceed slowly to avoid damaging parts often purchased very expensive. A stone work can take up to 20 days, he argues. Erfoud, beyond the Museum and these workshops, there are also many buildings which are among the rarest and oldest parts. In one of these caves treasure, Abdeslam Kamal, great connoisseur of the regional geology, warned jealously tens, the priceless. If some, smaller, are offered for sale – turning priced around 300-euro, others are only part of his private collection and are kept because it is a heritage for generations to come, he says. Fossilized skeletons of old dinosaur of 65 million years, crocodiles or turtles, these pieces tell the prehistoric past of the region. This ancestral wealth is however threatened, considers Lahcen Kabiri, Professor at the University of Errachidia (60 km north of Erfoud), which refers to over-exploitation, the multiplication of showrooms and wild sales at low prices. Erfoud is world famous (for its fossils) but scientific development is lacking, proclaims. Accordingly, Southeast of the Morocco contained in the global network of Unesco biosphere reserves, and a 1970 Agreement prohibits the importation and l? export of cultural property by illegal means. Without explicitly mentioning the case of fossils, a Moroccan law does the same. Yet rare fossilized pieces are available for sale and given the su in bazaars in the region and to Marrakech, before landing in museums in Europe or the Americas. This looting, on which no statistics exist, concerned the Professor Lahcen Kabiri. The Moroccan authorities must create ecological reserves and try to recover the stolen fossils, advocated it. . Related text can be read visiting page.

Budget: François Holland and Matteo Renzi refused to amend their projects.

Wednesday evening, the European Commission sent a letter to five countries – Italy, France, Austria, Slovenia and Malta – to ask explanations on their draft budget 2015. Thursday night, economic issues were not on the menu of the European Summit. Is the program of this Friday morning. But as of Thursday, the head of the Italian Government Matteo Renzi and french president François Hollande reacted both on the defensive, but in very different styles,. The young and hot Italian chose to go to the clash with the outgoing president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, and publish the reproaches of Brussels with a tweet: "openeurope." François Hollande was, referred to an ‘administrative’ letter, "very trivial", which did not deserve to be published and that was part of an ongoing dialogue between Paris and the European Commission. A dialogue by phone, letter, mail ‘but not by tweets ‘. Both also referred to their way the Commission in its goals. The first with ardour, the second with a smile. Furious, Matteo Renzi made fun of president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, who did not appreciate the decision of the Italian Government to publish the missive from Brussels. "I am surprised that president Barroso is surprised by the publication of this letter, which was leaked and published by the Financial Times and a major Italian newspaper," quip that the Italian leader, stating that the Italian budget poses no problem, and by suggesting that the Commission head for one or two billion. Matteo Renzi then launched into a rant about the need for transparency, the publication of data, all data, including to know ‘how much is spent in these Brussels Palace, which will be very funny! That said, he also promised to respond today to requests for explanations of Brussels. For his part, president François Hollande avoided any frontal attack, remaining optimistic on the outcome of consultations between Brussels and Paris. The president said that he will not change the budget of the France, and especially no savings in excess of EUR 21 billion next year. He added during a press briefing on the sidelines of the European Council that ways could however be found to further reduce the structural deficit, which compound the impact of the economic situation, referring to ways to "better to calculate certain expenses" and looking for "other means" to achieve the structural deficit reduction targets required by the treaties. . Related data can be found visiting

See, pressing del colle, Italy Force announces a shortlist of candidates.

secular component to the Csm, and cos, during the ceremony for i Cavalieri del Lavoro al Quirinale, back on topic by stressing the political forces to exercise constitutional prerogatives that belong to rooms and confessing that he had lived with pena the stalemate, insomuch that they found forced to give him a good example (and forbidden) ahead electing judges by presidential appointment. A choice that emphasises, was accomplished, not only fairly but also with an eye to gender balance. Now, in fact, commenting in the Pd, the challenge is not only to do soon, but also to vote we, as Parliament, of authoritative female nominations that are able to unblock the situation. Point to the name of a woman, he insists, one of the best ways to overcome, so painless, the obstacle of Violante that must be removed if you want to get all the necessary consensus to achieve the quorum that 570 votes (3/5 of the components). The real problem for the Dem, in fact, insists, would be that the name Violante was removed by someone, as an act of a State, or that he abandoned the field so contentious because you don’t know how it could react the minority Democratic Party and all those who have supported him so far. But finding the name of a woman who can have requirements similar to those of Violante or that it is able to collect many votes in a Parliament split not easy cos. Berlusconi assures that have already been selected curricula and 12 would be given a shortlist of three names of possible candidates to the group leaders, Renato Brunetta and Paolo Romani, subjecting them to these under consideration by other political forces with which negotiations underway. And also in the Pd, Lorenzo Guerini, ensures you are working to find a high-profile solution that will allow to overcome the parliamentary deadlock. In the meantime, the M5S would ask during the Conference of group chairmen in the House a little more time before the riconvocazione of Parliament in joint session because you’d be working on a unified candidacy. The pentastellati, in fact, confirm to be ready to vote on nominations that are authoritative and out of political games, claiming credit for having put Violante out of contention. It took 20 weeks and black smoke stalling-Beppe Grillo writes on his blog-but in the end the majority admitted there that the M5s argued from the outset: the names made by the majority for the Constitutional Court, apparently, even these children of the Pact signed at Nazareth between Renzi and Berlusconi, were preposterous. On names for trying to keep confidential so as not to burn them. Although circulating with some insistence those of Flight, Grace lawyer of Mohammed Faree (Professor of criminal procedure at Tor Vergata, gi candidate from Fi to Europe) and Vice-Chairman of the Senate’s budget, Anna Maria Bernini, which for some would not have the titles because associate professor and full professor. At the moment, the only thing that will Force Italy confirms that MPs blues, the author of the law that has put out by Silvio Berlusconi, Parliament that former Minister of Justice Paola Severino, not voting ever. . For additional insights regarding this topic check link.

The hungry earthquake victims and Government takes care of illegal immigrants: that video was just ironic.

The real scandal is not in an ironic video, but a Government that starves earthquake and flood-damaged to coddle illegal immigrants. The presidential candidate of the Emilia-Romagna region for the Northern League, Forza Italy and brothers of Italy, Fabbri, Alan commented on the video of League Umberto forest, in which the candidate for regional councillor says to hire an immigrant, then leave it on bread and water. Three quarters of citizens and flood-damaged earthquake have not yet seen a penny from the State-added Fabbri, which is the Northern League mayor of Bondeno-but the Government is quick to give 1. 200 euro per month to every stowaway just landed. Instead of scandalized for a video clearly ironic, Renzi is in municipalities of the crater, to see how many victims of the quake would need those 1. 200 euros per month that he gives to illegals, and denies to earthquake victims, or of those 900 euros for someone of his would give those houses illegal immigrants. For Fabio Rainieri, National Secretary of Lega Nord Emilia, Emilia’s flood-damaged are still waiting for the Government to do something for them-wrote on Facebook in recent days, our Earth has been hit by yet another calamity that threatens to put on its knees one of the most bustling areas of the country. And the Government is silent. Silence does not concern illegal immigrants instead for which Renzi and Alfano were immediately deployed on the front lines. Now, attack and tear due the garments for a clearly ironic and provocative videos, and silenced before the umpteenth Act of racism to this shameful Government unheard of. The scandal is no joke on the web-but concluded the obvious difference in treatment that rewards those who entered the Country irregularly and continue beating who pays taxes. . For extra data about this matter check

Michael Schumacher Gets a bit better but he should be given time.

Encouraging news for Michael Schumacher. The sextuple champion F1 world had been victim in December 2013 a M ribel ski accident which had left several months in a coma. Hospitalis Grenoble then Lausanne, there now regagn his home in Gland, Switzerland, o there re u the visit of Jean-Fran ois Payen, the Chief anesth sie – r animation of the Grenoble University Hospital that has occupied him in France. Interrogated by Le Parisien and the radio RTL, the doctor confirms that his former patient is in coma while there t long in a critical situation and that its cr nien trauma was particularly particularly grave. The more positive point, the practitioner considers that Michael Schumacher did a few s progr. But it is to add as t need to be patient and give it time. Life after trauma cr nien is e jalonn of tapes, he explains. Refusing to express pr cis ment opportunities and the lai d r cup ration of Michael Schumacher, it is r f re just what could be observ in similar cases o the time scale goes from 1 3 years. According to the doctor, the fact that it is in a family environment can help him. And is f congratulate: his wife has been implementing what it takes for that it can move forward. � . For extra information on this topic visit weblink.

Workplace smoking will soon be banned for those employed in Camel.

The International Association of air transport (Iata) sent a recommendation followed by all airlines: prohibition of looking in devices, for the passengers and crew. Not for reasons of public health but due to tensions that may arise between the followers of the vapotage and the traditional smokers who do not have the right. For the SNCF, cigarette tobacco and Electronics: same fight and so same ban on trains and in theory also in stations and on the docks. Moreover, it is not uncommon to hear the controllers say that it is forbidden to smoke and looking. That is what specifies customer service: it is forbidden to smoke in the means of public transportation. Tobacco products are considered products intended to be smoked as they are, even partly, made of tobacco, as well as products intended to be smoked, even if they contain no tobacco. It is the fact of smoking in places used for a collective purpose is prohibited, regardless of the type of inhaled product. . For extended facts about this matter check web site.

An association complaint to the Minister of health for prevarication in the sacrifice of Excalibur.

@Duranet #4 town espa ol assists imp vido at the theft of their children’s future, not rechista when she sees her children to pack and leave living thousands of miles away, is resigned to the decline in wages and the deterioration of the social benefits of any kind, but that s, for the life of a dogIt is capable of facing fiercely to the polic, fajar in an exchange of smite with it, and play health and f classic. As dec to Marquina by the mouth of one of his characters: Espa a and I are so, is pray. I do not know t, but I’ve seen in the last 3-4 to you thousands and thousands of demonstrations of all colors for all those things that you say and many m s. Not s pa s vives, but at least in Spanish, there are people that not only is behind a screen s doing something to improve, or at least not go from bad to worse. Thousands of associations have claimed against the crisis, the corrupt, the Government, banks, evictions, etc. . And by the way, an animal, what ever, has m s nobility, loyalty and love for the humans that millions of these together. A respect for Excalibur and the family (which the est going wrong) that it loved equal or m s than anyone else. . Related information can be inspected reading article.