NRW strengthens refugee work of municipalities with millions.

Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft (SPD) announced after a Summit at country level in food, to increase the payments for the accommodation of refugees in municipalities by 25 percent. The country paid so far only about 20 to 25 percent of the cost. The overall package, which includes also psychological and social care and a health fund, amounts to EUR 46 million. Against the background of increasing access numbers and the known mistreatment of refugees in shelters, the State Government announced more changes. Power said it will increased staff at the country level and strengthened the voluntary commitment in promoting language. North Rhine-Westphalia wants to build a decentralized management of complaint for the refugees with additional staff. In addition to the commitments, the country intends to examine more points, including the possibilities of full-day care in communities. Also standards at the monument for an easier setup of Flüchtlinmgsheimen reduction might be. The country sponsorship models to check for unaccompanied. . For additional facts about this subject check info.

Joko Widodo, Indonesian Obama already under pressure.

Scene from Carnival in Grand Indonesia. The crowd cheering invaded the huge roundabout planted in the heart of the ‘big Durian’, the nickname of the sprawling Jakarta. Monday, the enthronement of the new Presidentof the third democracy in the world took looks like a giant fair, never seen since the fall of the dictatorship in 1998. Red tie, white shirt, the national colours, Joko Widodo raises arms in triumph before the overheated crowd. "This is a historic moment for us all" launched by lending oath the shooting star of Indonesian policy, under the eyes of John Kerry, the US Secretary of State. The physical resemblance to Barack Obama is more troubling that ever so that the ‘Jokowimania’ is in full swing in the town of childhood of the American president. As the election of the first black in the White House, that of the Governor of Jakarta from 53 years is a symbol for the young Southeast Asian democracy. For the first time, a candidate out of the Seraglio took the reins of the first Muslim country in the world. From the little people, the furniture dealer has risen to the top thanks to its qualities of manager and his integrity in a country plagued by corruption, bypassing the traditional parties and relying on Chinese or Christian minorities. . For extra insights about this subject check source.

Usa, Ebola becomes a threat to democratic re-election.

Washington, Oct. 20 (Reuters Health)-The Ebola emergency in the United States is not only a threat to the American public health, but also for the Democrats in the midterm elections next November 4. It is now clear that the criticism and controversy, raised by Republicans, so instrumental in the White House, the Federal Government’s response to cases that have occurred in Texas, have become among the hottest topics of the last weeks of the election campaign. Ebola factor fits into a landscape not so rosy for Democrats, who must cope with an electorate far more disheartened and unmotivated to vote than Republican, and for weeks they play defensively in order not to miss that handful of duels in the Senate that Republicans want to win at all costs to snatch the Democratic majority and gain control of the entire Congress. To 15 days days from the Huffington Post, notoriously liberal website, gives the Democrats just 35% chance of maintaining control of Congress, against a 65% of Republicans. And Political emergency for Ebola is providing other topics that motivate Republican voters to go to the polls the Conservative candidates: a survey released today by the site shows how the majority of them did not absolutely confident in the way the Federal Government is addressing the crisis. In short, the 3 cases of Ebola, including one mortal, who have registered so far in Texas, are in danger of becoming an ugly october surprise for Democrats, especially for those who are defending all their seats in the Senate. As the case of Kay Hagan, the Democratic Senator of North Carolina, one of those States hovering, that to counter the powerful challenge that is launching Thorn Tillis, super conservative leader of State House in recent days has made an embarrassing backtrack on the issue of flight stop by the African countries hardest hit by Ebola. Friday, the Democrat has asked Obama to approve a temporary ban of entry in the United States for citizens from these countries, after a few days earlier endorsed the President’s position which considers this measure, relied on loudly by Republicans, inefficient and counterproductive. And Hagan isn’t the only Democratic candidates these days rank to Republican positions on Ebola, as they increase, always ahead of the election next November 4, attacks and criticisms of the Administration’s handling of the emergency. In short, the democratic election strategists are increasingly convinced that Obama’s response to Ebola, and the fact that the Republicans are condemning as further proof of the inadequacy of his leadership, could worsen the already rosy prospects not elections. It strengthens the Republican propaganda about Democrats who do not know how to govern and squander public spending, "said Jim Manley, a former associate of Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate. The Democrats, he added, are trying desperately to prove that they too have strict positions to solve the crisis. . You can read the following weblink to discover extra about this interesting subject.

Franco-German meeting: more investment – how, remains open.

Germany and France want to prevent a stronger economic downturn in Europe. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) announced increased investment sapin following a meeting with French economy Minister Emmanuel Macron and with Finance Minister Michel. Joint proposals for more investment would elaborated up to the german French Economic Council on 1 December. Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), who also took part in the meeting, warned General sophistry and a make bad each other in Europe. Germany have accounted for 17 percent of the economy’s output in the investment, 20 percent target. This gap roughly corresponded to the EUR 50 billion in investments, which have addressed the French side, said Gabriel. Instead of creating straw fire programs, the Federal Government wants strengthen but mostly private investments in companies in the area of research. Sapin said France planned savings in the amount of EUR 21 billion, because the deficit is too high. We do this because it is important for us. France is at its new borrowing for years against the Maastricht criteria, which allow a debt amounting to no more than 3.0 percent of gross domestic product. The country won’t keep up the deficit ceiling in the next two years. . You must read the following to read more about this interesting subject.

360 Moto: Motorola’s almost watch.

Smartwatches with normal watches, wristwatches, so, have so much in common like a vest with a chain mail. They are worn on the body in the same place and have a nearly comparable form. But its usefulness is another one entirely: Classic wristwatches are a fashion statement status symbol, sometimes or to testify that its owner is the emphasis on delicate handwork. Smartwatches, however, are sometimes fashionable crimes and to testify that their owner fully networked lives. Smart wrist device would be the more appropriate term for this reason, he is just not very sexy sounds. Who wants to avoid that, must wear the battery: in the settings, there is the field inactive display. It stands up, the dial lights up after a slight twist of the wrist. Although only slightly, but it is enough to identify the time. Who it finds embarrassing, two or even three times the amount to rip the device to finally read off the time, you should activate the inactive display. Sounds weird, but so. . For additional information about this subject check info.

Budget: Paris able to digest the massive reductions in staffing of the State.

Paris is able to digest the massive staffing cuts imposed by the State without taking wear the weight on the shoulders of the Parisians, assured Monday the Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo (PS) before the Council of Paris. Despite a brutal decrease of these allocations, which will result in 200 million less in 2015 and term 600 million less in 2017, the Town Hall will be able to maintain its goal of 8.5 billion investment on the mandate, without increasing the taxes of the Parisians, she said in his introductory speech to the budgetary policy of the Parisian community debate. In total, given the increase of expenditures relating to the Equalization (+ 70 million euros), the rise of solidarity (+ 35 million euros), and the mechanical increase in payroll expenditures, the city must release EUR 400 million to complete its 2015 budget, which will be finally adopted in December. Side recipes, the city table on the modernization of tourist tax in large hotels, on the increase of the parking rates, and a reform of the tariffs of certain public services such as canteens or conservatories. The City Council wishes to create two new bands beyond the current upper bound of 7. 500 euros for households earning more than 10. 000 euros and more than 15. 000 euros. The annual gain whereas this measure amounts to ten million euros, said Thursday the Deputy to the finance Julien Bargeton (PS). On the side of spending, the city will launch an ambitious savings plan between 130 and 180 million euros, without of course touch equipment, devices and teams who are used to the daily Parisian. Payroll should not increase by more than 1.4% (against 2 to 2.5% in recent years) including through requiring recalibration of the support missions. The debt is projected to grow at the same rate as during the previous term of office, with an increase that could reach 70%, according to Mr. Bargeton. President of the Council of Paris of France, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, ironically welcomed the savings plan proposed by Ms. Hidalgo. For someone who said during the campaign that $ 37 million per year was amply sufficient, I am delighted that you could also changed quickly on this important issue, she said. NKM is was itself attracted the wrath of the Socialist camp by offering one billion of savings on the term of office. MP again criticized the explosion of payroll (+ 35% in twelve years) and costly preemption policy. The first vice-president of the UMP, Jean-François Legaret group, has accused the PS play on words by claiming not to increase taxation of the Parisians. He promised the presentation in December of an alternative from the right and centre. President of the PCF group, Nicolas Bonnet, has meanwhile protested to the press against a savings plan for which the Communists had not signed during the campaign. He once again suggested that Paris increases the rate of mutation, which would earn EUR 130 million per year. He recalled his wish that are organized a foundation of taxation, as the Executive was hired in July. These should take place in the first half, 2015, according to Mr. Bargeton. . You can read the following to learn extra on this interesting topic.

Triple trouble family.

Small BACKSPACE. We are on June 4, 2013. François Hollande, after months of consultation, must choose between two options: downward from the ceiling of the family quotient or modulation of the allowances on the basis of income. The two measures are virtually the same families, report the same amount. The Government hesitate much. Imagine that the head of State is then released on the steps of the Elysée Palace to say: ‘ well, this will be both! It would have probably rambled on return "small jokes" of the president. But we 20 October 2014, and this isn’t a joke. The Government, led by a party of its majority (another opposes already,.), has decided to apply the two measures. There is probably little precedent for such a case of figure. The issue is not thin for the 600. interested families. Double jeopardy? No, triple punishment. Because the tax benefit can be drawn from the family quotient had already been seriously lowered in 2012. So some families that, certainly well-off, will lose the equivalent of half a month’s income, or even a whole month, in three years. And this, not to mention the tax increases passed in addition,. Another historical reminder is necessary to the left: in 1998, Lionel Jospin had dropped the ceiling of the family quotient to compensate,. the restoration of the universality of allocations, following the uproar caused by putting them under condition of resources. Aware of the incongruity of the situation – the idea of modulating allowances had swept this summer within the Executive-, Ministers were sent to the front and to add on the merits of this measure of ‘justice’,. they were looking to avoid 48 hours earlier. A measure of justice may be to involve the same people three years consecutively. The argument from bottom of the PS, and the debate is interesting, is estimating that family policy should be redistributive. And in fact, for a long time, pro-birth sighting led to a policy more benefiting high income, thanks to the addition of universal benefits, a family quotient very generous (there was no ceiling before 1992) or powerful tax credits for child care. But a rebalancing is operated for twenty years, through the multiplication of means-tested benefits and the tax cap. To a wealthy family is more entitled to no benefit (Paje, award-winning birth, of school year, housing,.), if a quarter of family allowances. The balance is unbalanced in the opposite direction. And that’s not going to improve the consent to taxation and the financing of the welfare state. It would be better, since the branch family savings are necessary, remove a birth allowance whose efficiency is the least questionable. There is still time for François Holland’s change of opinion. . For extra data on this topic visit

Piedmont, crazy fees in region: 10 suspects. Even aldermen Chiamparino.

New developments in the investigation for the alleged scandal rimborsopoli the Piedmont region. The magistrate Roberto Brook has established compulsory charges for ten former regional advisers. According to initial reports, the measure affects also among others two assessors from the Sergio Chiamparino: this is Monica Cerutti and Aldo Reschigna Vice President. Storage requests presented by the Prosecutor’s Office in Turin, the gip has received only six, including that of former Governor (now an MEP), Mercedes Bresso, and Nino Boeti, Roccho Muliere and Wilmer Ronzani and Giuliana Manica. The judge acknowledged the lack of correlation with the institutional activities carried out or political commitments relating to the group. Also involved the Regional Secretary of the Democratic Party, Davide Gariglio, now leader of the Pd at Palazzo Lascaris. Reschigna, as soon as news of the decision of the gup, he preferred not to comment: "I have not yet received any notification, for now I have nothing to say".  Monica Cerutti "is not an indictment but referral request.   I will explain my reasons as I already did, reasons that had been received by pm. Then we’ll see. " . Related text can be found reading hyperlink.

Why are the bad boys so attractive?

Answer these questions to first define what is meant by bad boy, says psychologist Patricia Delahaie (1). In my opinion, more than the thug or the rebel, is one who does not love us and that’s going to hurt. In other words, the bad boy is not always one that we think and does not necessarily recognize at first. A man is not necessarily a bad boy from the beginning, or on the contrary it is but will not be with us. These are feelings that we will experience and measuring of the relationship that will put us on the track. And drag that this also applies to men who fall or believe fall in love with bad girls (bad girls).   More than bad boys, what attracts, also suggests Patricia Delahaie, resistance. There is a tendency to equate strength and virility, with the risk to be wrong about what it really feels like. I’ve always been like this, confesses to Audrey, 39 years. I remember, petite, I watched Candy. And he that me liked it was Albert, with his dark eyes and his tendency to make his escape when things got serious. Anthony, the soft blue-eyed prince, I found it super simpleton. Ditto for the majority of romantic comedies. It is the villain who me please: in Bridget Jones, for example, is Daniel Cleaver, this Minesweeper inveterate liar who would do me running barefoot in the snow and not Mark Darcy, the good party, yet.   This penchant for those who are not that good, Audrey has also for men in real life: I do not express, but my heart beats right away much faster for a type a little flighty, a little cryptic, that will slip me between the fingers, remember when it will sing it, make me spend evenings to check that my phone is not in trouble. I could have made my life a few years ago with a real nice. But the truth is that there’s no challenge, I was bored.   This notion of challenge, Patricia Delahaie considers that it has not much to do with love. If love is to do good, it produce happiness. When you are in a kind of competition, in a game of cat and mouse, follow me I flee you, flee me I flee you, lies more in a passionate relationship, which had often little future in the long term. For the psychologist, when schema repeats incessantly, we multiply the toxic relationships that hurt and that only men do loving us pas seduce us, we must wonder about really sought.   Often women who systematically cracking for one that will fit them had to fight during their childhood for love and think unconsciously that she can love and be loved that way, in a spirit of conquest, analysis Patricia Delahaie. Isabelle 36 years, and world champion of the cheesy love choice was included in always trying to conquer the boy that everyone tries to tame, trying to reassure on its own case. There was something very narcissistic in my step as I couldn’t say me in a band and in life, being the girlfriend of the cool dude gave me stature. Except that in reality I was his shadow, nothing more.   What had pleased me in Yann at the start, it was his side band Chief, tells Sophie, 32-year-old. I was invented, I believe, that I would change, it would cease to be this indomitable skinned alive. I put three years to understand that I me inventing stories. Not only because I did not changed it but above all, I realized after three years of common life was not so seductive. Or even that he was a little pathetic, for more than thirty years, with his big motorcycle and his days spent at the bar rather than to seek a job. Above all, living with someone who was constantly afraid that it go, it’s tiresome.   Today, after having fired her biker, Sophie runs quiet days with her new lover, much less dark but nice, knowing exactly what he wants for us. I discovered how it’s good to have confidence, to no longer make me a blood of ink that he was told that finally it is completed, he found better elsewhere. And the daily with him, I can find not boring but soft and relaxing.   Ideally, confirmed Patricia Delahaie, it may be a nice, with character. I believe that women do not basically like the bad boys. Which is not very attractive maybe, it is the inability to take initiatives or decisions, what might be called softness. But honesty, kindness, tenderness, they are highly desirable qualities. To conclude: it is necessary to want good in love, above all! A mantra that Isabelle has since endorsed his meeting with David. It is not the one that we are going out first, but him see me precisely, and finally makes me happy. And if love maturity ultimately it was this, wish someone that makes us good?  . For extended data regarding this matter check

Kiev talks by agreement in the gas dispute with Moscow.

According to the Russian supplier Gazprom, an agreement is to be decided on Tuesday when a gas Summit in Brussels. There are still unanswered questions. So, the price shall be clear though until March 31. The key questions of cash, pay off debt and time are unclear but after March 31. Through the ex – Soviet Republic run key transit pipelines to Western Europe. Moscow fears that Kiev an ongoing dispute taps off gas for their own use. This 2009 resulted in bottlenecks in the EU. On Monday, EU energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger in Kiev is expected for gas talks. The separatists again rejected blame for the Shootdown. Separatist leader Andrej purpose GANAPATHY blamed the leadership in Kiev on the MH17 crash. It was incomprehensible that the Government have not locked the airspace over the area of the conflict. At the same time, he rejected BND accusations, which der Spiegel wrote about, to put behind the disaster with nearly 300 dead. The air defense system used for the alleged launch Buk is extremely complicated, and the insurgents have not the necessary military experts in their ranks, said pure Gin of the Agency Interfax that in Donetsk. The allegations were consequences of General hysteria. . For extra facts on this matter click