In March against climate change, green parade in Rome. In New York 100 thousand in the piazza.

Laura BoldriniSummit on global climate Climaaccordo waited to the end of 2015 at the Conference of the parties of CO2 emissions Parigiriduzione an invasion of bikes and people, thousands of people at the Imperial forums asking for urgent and concrete action on climate change The day of action against climate change promoted by Italy, Italian Power Shift Climate Network, Legambiente and Kyoto Club saw the accession of other inter-organizational acronyms 20, movements and organizations. He was also the President of the Chamber of Deputies, asking for concrete interventions at the Italian Government, who, these days, to be convened by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon. Objective of the Summit to discuss, together with heads of State, of the emission reduction commitments in view of. Three in particular matches requests from Rome: the theme of climate change become a priority item on the agenda of the Government, taking on ambitious commitments and of other greenhouse gases, starting from effective targets for combating climate change and in line with the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; that Italy, as current President of the European Union fights to ambitious and binding commitments to 2030 and finally Italy contributes to the Green climate Fund and keep the commitments that had been made in Copenhagen on climate finance. BAM: scadutopiù time of 2700 events in over 160 paesiambiente and sustainable development-what many experts predicted on the topic of climate change tico just a few years ago is coming true with tragic punctuality. Too many times during the term we had to commemorate the victims of the natural disasters of various types. We are facing an epochal challenge. Convert our model of development towards a sustainable economy or resign ourselves to increasingly critical scenarios. Facebook says the speaker of the House, Laura Boldrini, recalling that the day was characterized by. In Rome and around the world today we took to the road to the #MarciaxilClima in the defense. A hundred thousand marching in New York-In a damp and gray Manhattan as the postmodern Bladerunner’s Los Angeles the world sounds the alarm for the global warming: before a minute’s silence for the victims of climate change, then mobile ringtones and expanse vuvuzele, whistles and drums, sounds explained and marching bands, the shofar of synagogues and the bells of the churches. The anger of the people will descend into the streets to awaken those who govern by apathy: leaders, listen to us: the climate is a priority of the policy, said the actor and activist anti-fracking Mark Ruffalo. There is no planet B. A procession of well beyond the 100,000 people planned initially, with Ban Ki moon in te t-shirt Climate Action together with Mayor Bill De Blasio and former Vice-President Al Gore. The Foreign Ministers of France and Laurent Fabius Segolene Royal, for Italy Mr Gian Luca Galletti, engaged on binding commitments on Co2 emissions. Leonardo di Caprio marched with leaders of indigenous peoples of Canada. Trade Union leaders, students, green, Kentucky coal miners and victims of Sandy and Katrina, scientists in white coats, grandparents and grandchildren: one hundred thousand people blocked downtown Manhattan to push Governments to act in defense of climate. .

The Turkey has negotiated with Daech to free its hostages.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has d clar Sunday that 46 Turkish hostages s removed by the organization Islamic State (ARS) in June Mosul and lib r s Saturday it had been n diplomatic negotiations, and that no ran more we had t to e. It was not about money at all, there are only n diplomatic and political negotiations. And it is a victory for diplomacy, he d clar to journalists has airport, before leaving for New York to attend the UN General Assembly. Use by journalists on the possibility that there was an exchange of hostages for prisoners the IC fighters, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has r answered: no matter that there has been a change or not. The most important thing is that (the hostages) are back and United r families. Saturday, the ad lib ration of the 46 hostages s removed in June Mosul, in the North of the Iraq, Recep Tayyip Erdogan had parl of a ration of rescue secr op te of the Turkish intelligence services. The hostages, diplomats and their families, as well as members of the Turkish secret services, had been removed when the fighters of the EIS is were empar s of the city in June. � .

The crisis of the economy-law marriage.

A marriage in crisis that does not wait for synods, because it must be indissoluble: so you could summarise the status of the relationship between economics and law, that the crisis makes it more and more difficult and complex, as was photographed at 60° administrative studies Conference, organized by the Council of State (with the province of Lecco and villa Monastero) and ended yesterday in Varenna. The economy cannot do without rules (and protection), but asks certainties; While laws and jurisprudence cannot overlook that, in the name of protection, it may cause an economic desert that kills all rights: it is useless to talk about, for example, of the right to work, when there is no glimmer of recovery that work allow to create and maintain. Moreover, the frequent comparisons on competitive conditions now leave no doubt that both the World Economic Forum and the World Bank’s Doing Business are the queued to Italy the first third of the ranking (an achievement that may appear not quite regrettable, if all our competitors were not much higher in the rankings); However, if you examine the indicators related to public administration, the regulatory load and efficiency of Justice, Italy plummets to the latest posts. It is clear that each of these searches, and each of these parameters can be long takes again to deny, minimize them or contextualize them: the fact remains, however, that when a foreign company must decide where to invest, in this research is aimed, from which some will not receive an encouragement to choose Italy. Hence the concern, emerged in Varenna, that fails to follow the times increasingly economic contracts, resulting in delays of at least an economic cycle on the needs of the moment. Of course, the policy puts her to aggravate the situation: for example, with an attempt to make the administration more dependent; or, worse, with a quality of legislative production which would define small and generously gives way to interpretations of the ordinary and administrative magistrates, that can verge on creativity. Not to mention the scourge of decrees, long reported on these columns, which makes it totally ineffective while ambitious rules and advertised with emphasis: a delay though because often-defending the Administration-to a lack of financial resources or political agreements, pushing, in fact, to pass laws that you know will remain a dead letter. Not surprising, then, that every effort to simplify both compartment result so far: up to many recent legislative measures (including reform of perfect bicameralism, good in itself, but the harbinger of certain misunderstandings and complications in the production process of laws) that entangled, rather than, as promised, simplify. Is fatal then the pessimism, especially in a country that began to talk of reform of the administrative system in 1918? The diagnosis seems clear now: you do, bad, too many laws, which accumulate and that you are unable to integrate in a unique clear and unique bodies; the economic specialization of judges is improving but is insufficient; the citizen is abandoned to itself, including the lack of a possibility of requested authority (as proposed by Confidustria) that could prevent the next, long and costly court proceedings. Some progress in recent years has made life easier to the citizen will not be totally pessimistic: provided that the administrative emergency is really perceived as such by all operators. And that interventions are quick and decisive, especially to curb veto powers now spread to all levels, institutional and territorial. Distrust towards production processes and laws might otherwise grow up to hit all institutions and the very idea of representative democracy. The paralysis would be an additional gift to populism rampant (and not just in Italy): but the Scottish example shows that emotional drives, however I can be aggressive, foils or if politics gets (even in extremis) initiative and courage. .

The strike costs EUR 10 to 15 million per day to Air France.

Each day of strike costs the company EUR 10 to 15 million yet, said Alexandre de Juniac, the CEO of Air France-KLM on the first day of the movement. Or, since the beginning of the strike, between 70 and 105 million euros, and up to 525 million euros if the management and strikers unions do not reach an agreement before September 26. For the direction, this conflict falls so much worse than Air France "fate just the head of water", after the implementation of the «Transform 2015» cost reduction plan "Air France is a financially fragile company," also recalled Sunday Alain Vidalies, Secretary of State for transport. And in fact, its competitors are rubbing their hands. EasyJet has yet announced Saturday sale over 2000 extra tickets on lines Paris-Toulouse, Paris-Nice and Lyon-Toulouse, "to assist passengers affected by new announced disturbances. Ryanair committed his side openly passengers of Air France to "avoid strikes and to travel with Ryanair from 69.99 euros. On the Paris-Toulouse line for example, easyJet delights for the moment only 20% of market share compared with 80% for Air France. But the low cost company relies on the strike to expand its pool of clients, as explained by its Director general France AFP: "this is a way to discover easyJet passengers who may never travelled on our lines,," » .

Riccardo Muti lets the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. The talks, in a statement, the Superintendent Carlo Fuortes. The Superintendent Carlo Fuortes communicates with enormous regret that Maestro Riccardo Muti has decided to give up the direction of the two operas Aida and Le nozze di Figaro in billboard in the next season of the Teatro dell’Opera. Maestro Muti justifies, in a letter, this painful decision by the "continuation of the problems that emerged during the end times." Adds "which, unfortunately, despite all my efforts to contribute to your cause, there aren’t the conditions to ensure that serenity to me necessary to the success of representations". Also writes that at this time I intend to dedicate myself, in Italy, especially to young musicians of the Cherubini Orchestra founded by me. Maestro Muti took this decision "with great regret, after long and tormented thoughts and an affectionate personal letter to Superintendent Carlo Fuortes reminds him of" our mutual outpourings on the subject many, sadness and disappointment in front of many episodes that lived ". Concluding that "constructive anyway try together to work for the best!!". The President and Mayor of Roma Capitale Ignazio Marino and the Superintendent Carlo Fuortes, also on behalf of the Board of Directors, would like to thank the Maestro Muti for the extraordinary and invaluable artistic contribution given in the past six years at the theatre that, thanks to him, reached the top of the opera world production. "A choice undoubtedly influenced by bad in which the Opera due to continuous protests, of internal conflittualit and the strikes lasted months and which led to the cancellation of several performances, with serious inconvenience to international and domestic audiences who had bought tickets. For our part, continued commitment to economic rehabilitation and management of one of the country’s cultural institutions, which we found in a State of economic disaster, with a deficit of about 12 million produced by an insane administration. A situation which we corrected in just one year, returning to active the institution’s budgets. An intervention that allows us now to work for the revival and the renovation of the theatre ", States the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino and Carlo Fuortes Superintendent. They are hoping that once the problems that still plague the theater, and more generally the music system in Italy, you can recreate the conditions for the Maestro Muti will return to direct artistic departements of the theatre. .

Ebola: Inserm will test an antiviral Japanese in Guinea.

The national Institute of health and medical research (Inserm) will test the antiviral Japanese favipiravir (Avigan), one of the experimental treatments for the virus Ebola, in Guinea in November, said one of its experts.  The clinical trial should be conducted from early November on 60 patients in Guinea, said the Pr Jean-François de Souza who heads the Institute of Microbiology and infectious diseases of the Inserm, in an interview published Saturday in the daily Le Monde. "We’ll look at how this molecule is tolerated in humans at high dose, if it has an effect on viral load and mortality" he added.  Pr de Souza had already announced Friday that a trial would take place in Guinea but without providing a date or details on the number of patients treated. There is today no treatment approved to combat the Ebola virus with the worst outbreak ever recorded is currently hitting four countries of West Africa.  Various experimental treatments exist on the other hand around the world, but these products are generally not available in large quantities. One of these was the favipiravir, an antiviral approved in March last to the Japan against flu, but which could also have an effect on Ebola and which has as a main advantage to be administered in the form of tablets, easier to use in areas with limited medical facilities. A spokesman for the Japanese company Toyama Chemical, a subsidiary of Fujifilm, which developed the antiviral, promised in August last have "sufficient reserves for more than 20. 000 people. On the ground, the people of Sierra Leone lived Saturday its second day of general containment, after a "difficult" first day for teams to inform residents on the Ebola epidemic, which aroused increasing international mobilization.  Measures unprecedented and controversial, the sierra Leonean Government has decreed three days off throughout the country for a giant door to door campaign. It is an attempt to control the epidemic which was 2. 630 deaths since the beginning of the year. The color code corresponds to the number of confirmed cases of infection (source: who), from lightest to darkest. By clicking on each country, discover the advance of the epidemic. Progression of cases (and deaths) of confirmed, probable, or suspected infections. Progression of cases (and deaths) of confirmed, probable, or suspected infections. Progression of cases (and deaths) of confirmed, probable, or suspected infections. Progression of cases (and deaths) of confirmed, probable, or suspected infections. .

Dall’Ilva to hemp, a crop of former pastor to reclaim from dioxin.

Felix had over two thousand heads of cattle and in 2008 had been forced to demolish much of the herd because of contamination. You are lost the mood and has allocated three hectares of land for the cultivation of cannabis through a process called "fitodegradazione" that allows some herbaceous plants absorb pollutants from the soil.  With this initiative, benefiting regional resources obtained with the "active ingredients", you will be able to evaluate, after the analysis, the creation of a hemp plant able to improve soil fertility. The goal is to transform the hemp in 25 milaprodotti sostenibiliebonificarecontestualmente agricultural land surrounding the steel and lefabbriche pollutants. Numerous posts on social networks against the former rancher, called it "a brave warrior" fighting for "the rebirth of Taranto". The leader of the Greens, Angelo Bonelli, recalls that "thanks to his complaint Attorney of Taranto embarked on an investigation that took the name of Selling Environment that led to the arrest of Ilva, executives of Fabio and Emilio Riva (still waiting for extradition) and the request for indictment for President of the region, the province and the Mayor of Taranto". Bonelli concludes: "today is the big day, the day of harvest. Vincenzo Force. Taranto dioxin and free from poisons ". .

Amélie Nothomb: I am still pregnant.

Who doesn’t know Amélie Nothomb, the most prolific novelist of the moment? At age 47, the author of "Fear and trembling", his first bestseller, seems to never have been as happy to write, and if she is engaged here with disarming sincerity, and without ever losing a humour which she is always the first target, it’s good that «the» Nothomb has nothing to prove. The most popular Belgian citizen of France publishes "Petronilla" (shot at 200 000 copies, it is already head of bestsellers), where she tells her eventful and friendly relationship with the writer Stéphanie Hochet, she met 15 years ago while it had seduced him by his total blackness. It is also what alcoholic also hit self-portrait, which leaves on the language the memory of a delicious poison. And if, this year, the Goncourt jury stunned the world and finally crowned the Nothomb charm? Non. Many people accuse me of writing short books. It encourages me to develop, deepen. But I can do nothing. And I have little doubt, not on the quality of my books, but on the fact that they must be as they are. I add that I am the opposite of a doloriste writer, and if I listened to these wise, this is precisely where I would end up – in of the passive. I do not know how they are doing, because what there is more difficult in this business is to deliver. Do not let heal the wound. If it closes, there is more way to bleed. And as is a pleasurable haemorrhage, which gives me a great pleasure, I do give myself no pause. Since Japan, actually. Since 1989. I’m never interrupted me. Even when I take a vacation, and I happen to take, I write. It is indispensable, not that it was easy – I found even though it is becoming increasingly difficult-, but it is an absolute requirement. This is what makes me keep together. Never. I’m not saying that everything I write is good. But the water leak is continuous. There’s always something coming. And I will never go back back. Although re-reading, I find some failed manuscripts. Incidentally, when I reread manuscripts of the past, I still have a movement of recoil with disgust. I force myself to read back them. And, in any case, I can’t take back them. This is exactly it. When I get up at 4 o’clock, I am in a State of darkness that exceeds the imagination. There is only writing that allows me to out me. But something this dark – as much as possible, transfigured – necessarily happening in the book. Yes. It happened like that. First of letters, a dedication, then the friendship goes to second place, and a few years later, I discovered a book it at the bookstore. And then I say to myself: gosh! And true friendship begins. It was a Sunday of September 1997: I took a fateful decision that I will ever take. I said to myself, it’s Sunday, I’ll grant me a tremendous luxury. I’ll try the lie-in. I’ll take my breakfast in bed, I read a good book. It was abject. Do not follow my ritual Spartan, not to impose me to get up at 4 o’clock and swallow dry ass half a litre of tea was the worst decision of my life. Suddenly, I was no longer there. A teenage girl. I even did not exist. Outright anxiety. So I can drink, I can be sick, can I have the sorrows of love, but, whatever happens, I have to write every day my four hours. Even in mourning, even with the hangover. I’ve never deviated. In fact, I can live without imposing me every day this morning rebuilding of myself. It is more violent than a drug. Drugs, I tried also, but it is less good. And need to swallow something. In addition, we pay. With writing, you pay nothing. It goes beyond anything we can imagine. It is the body, the spirit, everything is there. .

I, I, I, and silversmith.

All began a few months s atr – says Fabio Betancour, responsible for the Edit n, select n and pr of ‘Diva of shit’ – logo, when a young Mexican writer whose name I don’t remember I sent a poetry book so consider publishing it. Course the corresponding acknowledgement and promet respond as soon as I possible. However, looks to the author of ‘as soon as possible’ equival to ‘immediately’, because the following d, I went back to write to ask me if you have already the hab to you do. You contest that takes into account that, adem s of the Publisher, I have two or you and a work of suffered teacher Institute, reasons why begged you you to give me some time, just to find myself able to reply you knowingly. At that moment, think in accordance with my explanations. Until a few months later m s – Betancour continues with its unusual history-without ning n pre mbulo (and looks to tired of waiting), I write again to call me ‘full imb cil’ and ‘damn diva shit’. Stupor. Then, to tell what happened to my friend Luis Arturo Guichard, ste proposed me that give you the return to all that and me riese topic Creating a collection named ‘Diva of shit’ n. Sea to Jos, my wife, then shade the idea Luis Arturo and precis to quiz initial best be to a collection n, not an antolog a, a collective book that exprimiese the subject of ego and vanity in the art world. .

Asylum seekers in Hamburg: this camp is paradise, my home is hell.

More than 1200 refugees already live in the parking lot of Brown close of HSV Stadium in containers and fire tents, about three-quarters are men. There will be more resistant. The crises around the world raise hundreds of thousands of regions secure flight in Europe’s. And German cities struggle to one dealing with them appropriately. On Thursday the Federal Office for migration and refugees has ratcheted up its forecast for the number of asylum applicants for the fourth time this year to now 25 000 first-time applicants per month. The authorities are increasingly overwhelmed: in Berlin and Bavaria, they concluded from time to time the first contact due to large crowd. In Bremen the line of the Central intake point in an internal letter to No more talked by unsustainable and we händelnden States. And also Hamburg has to fight. Hamburg has No more experienced as a rush since the Bosnian war of the 1990s, said Christoph Holstein, speaker of the Senate. About 100 people per month applied for asylum in the Hanseatic City, early 2013 seekers happen according to Holstein currently month 500 to 700. That the city was not set, it lacks everything: officers and social workers – in particular neighbourhoods. So currently 350 people in tents to spend the night in the Hamburg initial reception centres, because there are not enough container. 900 asylum seekers should be long gone from here, but there missing subsequent accommodation for them. If we do not act, the device here out of joint, says Holstein. At the parking lot of Brown sitting on camping chairs the refugees in the open air or sit at the high barrier fences surrounding the camp. The most silent, starr look into the void. Many are traumatized by persecution and escape, In addition they come from very different ethnic backgrounds Sandra Berkling says of the free Welfare Association. Since conflicts are programmed. Last week, a mass Brawl, allegedly with paving stones, knives and truncheons fought between 80 and 100 Christian Eritrean and Islamic Chechens. Most in our camp the Germans are grateful that we must be here, says the 33-year old Syrian Christian Hassan al-Azmeh *, but the frustration rises, because everything takes so long. He himself, a fashion designer from the vicinity of the town of Qamishli in the northeast of the country, fled from the forces of the Islamic State. He lives now already six months in the first recording, although it should be only three. More than 200 refugees to a new first record quarters in a former school should move this week. In the coming months, more first-time recording and subsequent accommodation will be – up to containers on floating pontoons or even Wohnschiffen. Hamburg need space for at least 15 000 refugees, said Senate spokesman Holstein. We expect that the influx continues or could even grow. The container manufacturer to earn just a golden nose. Also in the parking lot, Brown does what: excavator shovels dig in the ground, construction workers lay new water and sewer lines. I’m afraid that I must stay here much longer, says Hassan al-Azmeh. Then he smiles. But that’s not so bad: this camp is paradise, my home is hell. .