VIDEO. Jean Dujardin “did not need artificial paradise.

Jean Dujardin has to lend themselves to a particular exercise in the context of the promotion of ‘The French’, Cédric Jimenez film which was released on 3 December. The poster with his partner Gilles Lellouche, actor – star of ‘The Artist’ replied to questions from Nikos Aliagas on Europe 1. In the episode "Come out of the frame", comedian pulls the fate sometimes embarrassing questions.  One of these "black" issues leads him on a slippery slope.  "That, as your character from ’99 francs’, a small line of coke helps your creativity?" reads Jean Dujardin to the antenna.   "I know it’s going to make laugh full of guys but I’ve never taken a line of coke, I did never take in because I did not need, because my mother does not want", responds with a smile the actor who plays the character of OSS 117. It arouses the hilarity of the public.  "It’s been good son, I like the binge, drinking shots, (,.). It is partying, and more I happy wine so I did not need it", adds the hero of the new Nespresso ad.  "It was well educated, with my brothers (,.). so I did not need this. I did not need these other artificial paradise", concludes the Hollywood star. . For additional facts about this matter check hyperlink.

In the sight of the EU – what Europe Google wants.

In Europe, Google is under increasing pressure. Now, the European Parliament brings a separation of search engines from other services in the conversation. For Google, this is a highly controversial issue. But what will the EU at all about Google? Google dominates online search in Europe. In some countries, the Internet giant from the United States after EU-Angabene has a market share of over 90 percent in searches in the Web browser. Competitors are much stronger in the United States homeland. Google comes here only to about 67 percent. In Europe competitors by specialized search engines look at a disadvantage, because Google bevorteile its own services at the results. The group counters, you work for consumers, not for other search engines. The Federal Government also makes pressure: in a joint letter to the EU Commission by mid-November, economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) and three other Ministers demanding it should "to be tested, to what extent for platform operators on the antitrust prohibition of abuse (,.)" also, a regulation should be introduced". . Similar data can be found reading

London: Cameron sets conditions for remaining in the EU.

David Cameron want to make Britain less attractive for immigrants from the EU. It will complicate the access to British social services. He wants that the immigrants do not all tax concessions avail and he wants to pay them no child support, if the children in Britain live. The bottom line: For immigrants it should be worth less to come to Britain. The British Prime Minister wants to enforce these rules in negotiations with other EU member countries. He said in his eagerly-awaited speech to workers of a construction machine factory in the West Midlands: If you choose me back in may, I will negotiate a reform of the EU. If I have success, I will fight to keep our country in the European Union. But our concerns fall on deaf ears, I exclude nothing. Also not withdrawing from the community, so Cameron. The British are to vote in a referendum in the year 2017, so the Conservative premier has announced it. The camerons provide proposals: immigrants should only have four years claim on British social benefits – such as housing benefit and social housing -. They should take claim many tax allowances during this time, even if they have a job in the UK. You are also no wage subsidies get, paid the British nationals with low incomes. And: child support is only available for those who also bring their children to the UK. All of this should help, the difference between the income immigrants in the UK can achieve, and what they earn in Bulgaria or Romania, for example, to reduce. Cameron announced the toughest system deal with the abuse of the freedom of movement in the EU. In recent weeks it was in British Government circles again, Cameron would total call into question the principle of free movement in the EU. The speech was for example of quotas for EU immigrants. This had caused the resistance of the EU partners immediately. Britain is experiencing a boom of immigration: within a year, an increase of 43 percent. Especially the influx from the EU countries has surged. The British economy is growing as strong as any other in Europe, which makes the country so attractive to immigrants. . You should visit this to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

The collective voice of the oracles in resuscitation services.

When I published the life between dog and Wolf, I chose this title to illustrate twilight, endangering life, indecisive, which can escape anytime, and for which caregivers give up without having certainty. In its ethnographic investigation in the long course, the researcher enters the fate of patients and caregivers, he becomes witness to the intimate metamorphoses of each, faced with the limitations of the technique that makes breaking into the body. Every morning, quasi-rituellement, physicians ask the mirror of the body and decrypt all the omens. I made for ten years in the service of intensive care Post-operatoire and trauma of the Lariboisière hospital, with the feeling that a resuscitation service is a crossroads, a heat exchanger, a place where everything comes to reconfigure, restate. My work focuses in particular on techniques of reconfiguration of the existence. For patients, the passage in rea is a vital and existential transformation: they are modified and remain after their release in the outside world. Their bodies, their consciousness become others, their memory keeps a secret. The field is pertubant. The presence of invasive techniques sometimes leads to nausea, smells of death are present, the concern of awake patients is pregnant, as some caregivers. The ecology of this world is fragile: lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, mental and nervous tension for caregivers; uncertain States, cut life of the senses, and chronic pain for the cared for. The hospital is itself a suffering institution, in demand of metamorphosis and support. In this environment, the ethnographer is to wonder why he chose to investigate there. The technique patient, man-machine interface is double. Firstly, the interface between the patient and the block of mechanisms (the column) that feed, do breathe it, collect its excretions, etc, . ; a block itself connected to the laboratory that analyzes everything that comes out of the patient. Interface between the caregivers and the machines: they form a readable entries screen to set daily therapy. At the crossroads of these interfaces, the recumbent: they have forsaken any conduct of their lives and rely on the matrix of service, place of their rebirth. Beyond technology, the evolution of their vital value is apprehended in quasi-metaphysiques oppositions: pure/impure, clean/soiled, disorder/clarity, pestilence/flavor. These words manage indeed borders must be preserved, because certain fluids should not be mixed (the blood and urine, blood and the cerebrospinal fluid for example) unless it is a sign of worsening. Death is a stalker who trouble the consciences. Even in deep sleep, the patient can feel it is patchy. His life is going to the passive state: he is drawn, it is intubated. Despite sedation drugs and drug amnesiantes, his consciousness recorded fragments of life without landmarks and it is held in a semi-fantasmatique world. When he returned, when it passes the gates of ivory and Horn, he lands in a foreign world. The quality of communication when care is therefore a major challenge to maintain part and another, a desire for life. The delicacy or the harshness of gestures, a non-aggressive tone of voice or a cold voice, a gentle or nervous gesture, this counts in the outcome. Can then cross a look, hold a hand, sketching a smile. Destinies in the end when he looks at the patients attached by these lianas of soft plastic, clogged eyes, mouth occupied by a foreign lung, the visitor can feel that a fatal destiny has transformed the loved object of sacrifice. Confused dreams, of abduction and torture, are part of the experiences of resuscitation. However doctors, slipping among the decisions of the fates, try the challenge and tighten closely the life line. Sometimes the cruel decision must be made: stop or continue care? The patient holds the key to his life. In the Community body that it houses, the forces are organized to defeat or resign secretly; never implemented mechanisms are at work. A decision without conscience is preparing in the twilight of the possible. For the patient, every moment of his life add up: everything will count. Its good or bad eating habits, medications that it has consumed (causing of any bacterial resistance), fatigue accumulated or not, the use or not of drugs or tobacco, the quality of his psyche, his tolerance to the pain and frustration. The passage in rea queries the past of the patient. The day where his life was turned upside down is not risky, day when it came to submit to Osiris, transportable ventilation machine that accompanies to its bed in the service. The accompaniment of the patient keeps something mythical: the accident or disease are at a time where the person is disoriented in his life. Double lives, resolutions never taken, stop in the destiny, existence meaningless, all this appears in watermark in the times of history the morning. In this place off the life out of death is the judgment of a destiny. . You can visit the following weblink to learn more on this great subject.

Basketball: 7 Turks to justice for the death of a Serbian supporter.

Seven supporters of Turkish club Galatasaray, including the alleged perpetrator of the dagger shots that killed a supporter of Serbian club red star of Belgrade before a game of Euroleague Basketball in Istanbul, were brought to justice Friday Six people were arrested in Istanbul and a seventh while trying to travel to Antalya (South)said the head of the Istanbul police, Ismail Altinok. The person who killed the Serbian supporter is a Turkish citizen, said Mr. Altinok during a brief statement to the press. The seven men appeared early Friday before an Istanbul Court, which must decide in the day on their indictment and decide their eventual placement in detention until their trial. The Serb victim, Marko Ivkovic, 25 years, was stabbed to death on 21 November during clashes between supporters two formations that occurred before the room where took place the meeting. The Serbian authorities immediately accused supporters of the Istanbul team to be at the origin of the death of their nationals, while the Turkish police merely to see the death of the supporter. This incident, the first to result in the death of a supporter at a European meeting of basketball, sparked outrage in Serbia. Turkish leaders have presented their condolences to their Serbian counterparts and have promised a quick investigation to determine the cause of the death of the Serbian youth. . You must read the following to discover more on this great subject.

How calculated the value of a club?

EUR 100 million? 120? 150? Since Monday and the rumor of interest of Saudi prince Al-Walid Bin Talal for Olympique de Marseille, figures there are about the supposed value of the OM club. If OM subsequently qualified information from a takeover of the club "fanciful", it brings back an old serpent of old Port. Beyond the OM case, figures spread here and there in the press pushed the Scan Sport to wonder. How to calculate the value of a club? Why can it vary so much according to estimates? Boris Helleu, lecturer at the University of Caen and head of the Master 2 Management of Sport, gave his lighting. What is the value of a club? «»The value of a football club will simply be the amount that someone is willing to pay to buy it, explains Boris Helleu. In fact, it is the tension between what hope have the seller and what is ready to be the buyer. And ultimately, for a club, the value may very well go the symbolic euro to EUR 250 million. Because when we talk about the value of a club, it is unclear still what measure. "But this one aspect is not enough to determine a selling price of a club. Consider then the intangible, assets not measured in the balance sheet. "Goodwill", as stated by Helleu. "In this case, what is the value of the company, all activities combined, is its know-how and reputation. We will have fun to evaluate the charts, the historic side of the club, its reputation and its brand image. "Is this a club rather local, regional, national or international? ” Finally, third variable to take into account, the approach by flows, i.e. the cash. "We will ask what the company will buy can potentially report to us in terms of turnover. Basically, what is buying a big business? Let’s look at revenues. "Once all these parameters taken into account, we have an idea of the value of a club. But this does not necessarily mean that it will sell at a price that these settings were permitted to attach. The role of the buyer and the seller in the fixing of the price "once it did the trick of these tools, everything will depend on the portfolio of the buyer and that wants the seller", explains Boris Helleu. "If the seller is an owner who is tired, that annually got his hands in the Pocket for the deficit of the club because the operating result is a deficit, it can say: ‘go, symbolic 1 euro, I RID me of it." "Thereafter, there can be exactly the same club, which can have recurrent problems of income, but that on the other hand is a beautiful brand. At that time, the club can not be owner of its Stadium, have fluctuating sports results, players capital which it is difficult to assess the value, but being a very nice installed mark will be felt on the price. It is somewhat the case for OM. "In the end, can always be calculated at more than just the price of a club, it’s always the convergence between the desires of the seller and buyer opportunities that will determine the final value. "It comes always to the fruit of the tension between the value of convenience of the seller and the propensity of the buyer to put money on the table", explains simply Boris Helleu. Which explains without penalty variances of estimate that can be found on whether buyers, relatively rare in this particular market, are rich. "If a the Qatar emir said:"The OM, I buy 400 million euros", it does not shock me. ” "And if a guy says:"Ca is worth no more than 20 million euros", I agree also», said the academic, who admits"unable to say how much is worth OM today." And concluded: "a colleague often repeats that between adults and children, there is only the price of toys that change. I believe that football clubs can be considered as toys and during Christmas, one can perhaps put 50 euros in a trick that is worth 30 and regretted it shortly after. » . Original data may be studied checking this

In France, a quarter of new physicians are trained abroad.

Each year in France, a quarter of new physicians have been trained abroad, mainly in Romania, Algeria or in Belgium. But this influx does not resolve the thorny question of medical deserts, warned Thursday the national Council of the order of physicians (Cnom). Four years ago, a doctor in four newly registered is not a graduate of a French University, announced Thursday the Dr. Patrick Romestaing, presenting the results of the first study of the Cnom on migration flows and pathways of doctors. The Council has identified 22. 568 holders of a foreign diploma in France, a figure that increased by 60.2% from 2007 to 2014. Among them, 19. 044 are in regular activity (or retired, or replacing), on nearly 200. 000 doctors. If these data exclude the fringe of foreign doctors practice in french hospitals without being registered in the roll of the order, they still draw up a detailed portrait of these practitioners. Thus, outside the European Union, international medical graduates abroad were mostly trained in Algeria (55.6%), due to the historical ties uniting the country to France, according to the Cnom. Then there are licensed doctors of a Syrian diploma (10.6%), who were 375 to join the ranks of practitioners in France since 2007. A brain related to the conflict ravaging the Syria for more than three years. Graduates from the Morocco (10.1%) arrive in 3rd position. European, the effects of enlargement are felt, the number of people trained in Romania increased by 520% since 2007, date of the entry of this country in the EU. Thus, Romanian graduates make up the majority (40.9%) of European diplomas, before Belgian graduates (19.1%) and Italian (11.5%). The immigration of Romanian doctors in France began before 1989 and the fall of the Communist regime, says Dr. Calin Ciofu, vice-president of the association of Romanian doctors of France. But for the past five, six years ago a mass exodus, confirms. As the Polish plumber or the Bulgarian Mason, they come to seek a better life, summarizes it. He talks of better salaries and conditions of exercise in Romania, where doctors are particularly confronted with corruption. -Doctors tempted by wage-labour – of cultural factors also explain the preponderance of doctors who came to Italy, Belgium and Romania. The great advantage is the French language, very practiced in Romania, according to Mr. Ciofu, if they do know not (doctors, Editor’s note), they can learn it very quickly because Romanian is a Latin language, which explains that they prefer France to the Germany, for example. It is tempting to see this influx of foreign doctors in a solution to the shortage of general practitioners, in particular, sensitive in some areas. It is nothing, yet ensures the Cnom. Because the majority of holders of foreign degrees (62.4%) turned to wage-earning, especially public hospital services, and forsake the opening of liberal cabinet. Everywhere the wage system is predominant in areas that are in difficulty as the Centre region, Picardy, Nord, details Patrick Romestaing. In Ile-de-France, as lack of practitioners increases, only 23% of trained doctors abroad exercise liberal. Another observation raised by the Cnom: the regions already best staffed care which seduce them the most, namely Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes and Paca. These doctors want to have a mode of organization that makes everything is not based on their shoulders, share their exercise more, time, have administrative support, explains Patrick Romestaing. It is the same desire which is shared by young people, whether they are from French University or University located elsewhere. The study of the Cnom details not the number of French who go to study medicine abroad to circumvent the numerus clausus, a still marginal phenomenon, according to Jean-François Rault, the CNAME, which notes nevertheless that the Belgium is the most successful country in this area. . For additional facts about this topic check page.

Ecopop initiative: Shut the Swiss?

The Ecopop initiative, the Swiss voters on Sunday decide on who wants two things: the annual migration in the Switzerland should to 0.2% of the population are limited. Representing approximately 16 000 immigrants NET, i.e. after deduction of the emigrants. Since 2007, full freedom of movement applies with the EU, were net 80 000 immigrants per year in the Switzerland – not anticipates man immigrants against, were clearly more than 100 000 people newly in the Switzerland. The second requirement: Ten percent of Swiss development aid budgets should flow in voluntary family planning in the future. Is meant: pills and condoms for the poor in the recipient countries. The initiators want, that people in Asia and Africa less get how current children, so that the world population is growing not so much. Both claims relate to the exploitation of nature: with fewer people will be better citizens and the environment. Opponents of the initiative call the second point xenophobic, neo-colonialist or simply a racist expression of a self-appointed Lord people. They see the first as a definitive rejection of the bilateral agreements with the EU, which brought a very decent economic growth of Switzerland since 2002. This is the more important point. Because compared to many countries in the euro zone the Switzerland experienced in the last years a success story: positive statements on federal level, low unemployment, boom, thriving export. Also, the Swiss franc has become so strong that travel are historically favourable to EU countries, but also to America – also for average earners. Now, the basis for this was not the conservative environmentalists, which formed in the early 1970s. The overall mood was simply too progressive and business-friendly. But the Association of the two French words ecology and population (ecology and population) makes Ecopop, founded shortly after the first report of the Club of Rome under a different name and is, is benefiting from the gradual conservative revolution to watch the Switzerland for around a decade. A success of Ecopop initiative could now send a pan-European signal, as it did already adopting the mass immigration initiative for the Euro-sceptics. Therefore the proponent will be optimistic, and the enemy panicked. Perhaps rightly. All parties, all business associations, the Federal Council and Parliament were in unison against the initiative. And in the 1990s, an initiative without support only one party would have absolutely no chance. The modernized version of direct democracy, which is not so sure. . Root data can be found visiting the following weblink.

France, the tested Motta is expensive to Brandao: one month in prison.

Bad news for the Brazilian striker Brandao of Bastia. After Thiago Motta header trimmed to 16 last August at the end of the match against Psg, gesture for which the player was 34 disqualified for 6 months, now worth far exceeds the sport justice. The Court of Paris, in fact, has inflicted a month in prison for the ugly gesture to the italo-Brazilian midfielder. A surprising decision, given that the Prosecutor had demanded eight months ‘ imprisonment with parole, but the judge-according to the L’Equipe-decided to one month in prison and a fine of 20 thousand euros. Disassembled so the 34 year old lawyer Brazilian striker who had defended his assisted by Thiago Motta warhead an act irrational, a sudden impulse, but for the Court of Paris the Act of Bastia player is premeditated and willful and show the images that reflect aggression to Thiago Motta in the tunnel of Bastia Stadium locker room. The judge would have suggested, according to the account of Agence France Presse, that the player could benefit from a conversion of the penalty and then not go to jail.  In terms of sporting justice, last week the appeals body of the French Football Federation confirmed the six months suspension inflicted to the player who will serve his sentence (u.s.) in mid-February. . Extended facts can be inspected checking website.

International Organization of la francophonie: what place for Africa?

While Africa includes the largest francophone community in the world, the possibility to see the general Secretariat of the international organization of la francophonie escape an African would cause deep discomfort within the institution. Several names are vying to succeed Senegalese Abdou Diouf, but few are all attributes of the perfect candidate. Will Africa be the big loser in this chapter of history not so innocuous as it seems? The international organization of la francophonie is preparing to welcome a new Secretary general with the end of the mandate of Abdou Diouf (age 79). Like any election to a position of this importance, the competition sharpens the appetites and once is not custom, many beautiful applications compete. Yet few winners potential would make a (or a) Secretary general (e) able to embrace all of the very delicate issues facing la francophonie today. The value of women and men who present themselves is of paramount importance, the context of the election is as much. Rare, Africa depends on the fate of an election to an organization of global dimension. The africainsconstituent country a quota of 30 countries on the 77 members of the OIF. The weight of the continent weighs heavy, although it is not necessary to reduce African States to a single entity which would vote with one voice. Even though no one may arrogate a position according to its geographical origin, the OIF has a duty to respect the balance that make it what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. The face of the francophonie is today African and will be more tomorrow. Five candidates applying with Michaëlle Jean as a single woman and from a country of the North (Canada). Equipped with a good resume, hoist Michaëlle Jean at the head of the OIF would be tricky because of his Canadian origin. The country already holds a highly important position with Clément Duhaime, administrator general, and appreciated by all. His work has recently publicly praised by Abdou Diouf himself. Can OIF afford a game of musical chairs to negative sum to separate from his Deputy not to do the OIF a Quebec turf? Difficult to have a Secretary general who is not African with a continent that will include close to 80% of francophones in the world by 2050. The France and the Canada will remain headlights illuminated the Francophonie, but turn back to Africa on this issue, at this precise moment, is ensure a first class funeral to the French language in the medium term. And Abdou Diouf has demonstrated over the past twelve years, the choice of an African is not just political, it is a understanding of the francophone issues in this unmissable continent. Remain then four interesting applications that fall within this perimeter. Jean-Claude the Estrac, former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Mauritius seems fish in terms of connections with African policy makers, because the political weight is required to fill the head of the OIF. Indeed, under the aegis of Diouf, the OIF has worked extensively in favour of democracy and human rights. So yes, the balance is not perfect, far from it, but sensitive changes take form as in Burkina Faso. The country is in the process of democratization and the ongoing fragility of the new institutions will leave place to democracy fortified through the OIF. Personal connections are so a factor to be taken into account and this little game Pierre Buyoya seems to be best placed. The former president of Burundi is appreciated by the heads of State, African and has an address book useful to prevent and resolve conflicts quick to burst. Unlike some well-known international organizations, the vote for the leadership of the OIF is not played in advance. Programs (little publicized, it is true) play a real role in the hushed countryside who currently plays. Pierre Buyoya is based on three axes: the promotion of the French language in cultural diversity, the continuation of the efforts in the field of democracy, peace and the rights of man, not to mention the economic dimension. In short, a simple program but which embraces all issues must tackle the francophonie. Helped an international experience of very high level, the chances of Buyoya to succeed Diouf are large unless the curriculum vitae of Henri Lopes it is shadow. The man is an (unfortunate) elections to the OIF and it keeps the sympathy of many influential people. That remains the former Congolese Prime Minister and Deputy Director general of Unesco is handicapped by his age (age 77). The fourth and last African candidate, Augustin Nze Nfumu must face several challenges including the country of origin – the Equatorial Guinea which is in vast majority composed of Spanish speakers. A leader of la francophonie from a country not having french as their language of use would be quite incongruous. Nothing is so simple with a tray of good quality, even though it is clear that Africa cannot afford to lose this battle political and symbolic. Deprive it of a representative capable and eager to top wear the colors of the francophonie would be perceived as a very bad signal across the world and participate of the decline of the french movement in some countries. When Africa will be firmly anchored in the role of leader of the francophonie, it then may be time to leave the place of Secretary-General to a non African. So will the political balances that it is good to respect to best manage the common home of the international organization of la francophonie. . 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