Cycling London-Istanbul: Harder than the tour de France.

Cycling can be quiet. Morning lie-in, breakfast extensively and then calmly put the stuff into the pockets. The whole thing is there but also as a high speed version: self catering race each participant on which is alone. Who wants to mix front, drives with minimal luggage and has no time for eight hours of sleep for a leisurely breakfast. The transcontinental race is such a race. Starts on August 9 in London, from there it goes through France and Italy to Istanbul. Each of the one hundred participants can choose his route itself – just the three control points in Paris, the Alps and Montenegro, must be traversed. Martin Cox of Nottingham just intensively preparing for the transcontinental race. I am to 4. 45 pm and seats then three, four hours on the bike, says the father of the family. In the evening, I’m again three hours. He has already a route checked himself out and stored in his navigation device. I want to create 400 km per day, he says. Then, I would have to be after eight days in Istanbul. At night Cox wants to check into hotels – but more than four hours sleep he will approve is hardly. Otherwise there’s no time for making kilometers on the road. He abandons the Pack bags popular with Reiser Eagles. You would not fit anyway on his bike. Basically I have just the stuff, which I have. To come, Armwarmers, legwarmers and a waterproof jacket. May I bring a second pair of pants. Because of the tour riders rather divide and Grenzsteintrophy away from the roads, they have often sleeping bag, sleeping mat and tarp or tent. Gunnar Fehlau, the inventor of the Grenzsteintrophy, looking as a roof over their heads like huts in the forest or bus shelters – the tent can remain at home. Faith goes without panniers – baggage depends on the handlebars, the seat tube or directly to the frame of his bike. . Inspirational source may be studied clicking the following info.

Rockets from Gaza: Israel breaks the truce takes over the raid. Netanyahu: Hamas takes advantage of the citizens.

-’ ‘ Once again Hamas is cynically exploiting Gaza’s citizens so as to use them as human shields, ”. It says the Office of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in commenting on the resumption of operations on the Strip after the Islamic faction ” has infringed the humanitarian truce that the United Nations has requested for Gaza residents ‘ ‘. ‘ Hamas-recalled the Prime Minister’s Office-first rejected the Egyptian initiative of ceasefire and then violated the Un humanitarian truce last week. Finally broke the truce of the Red Cross and has rejected the UN request to enable citizens in Gaza to prepare for Eid al-Fitr (Ramadan release, ndr) ‘ ‘. The army-continued-will aim to ” terror centers but if the civilian population is inadvertently hit, is Hamas to be responsible because he violated again the ceasefire that Israel has accepted ‘ ‘. -A few hours earlier, an Israeli soldier was killed by a mortar fired from the Gaza Strip fell on Israel. Rise to 43 dead by the Israeli military last July 8 while the Palestinian death toll is around 1000 people. . You should click this to read more on this amazing matter.

Malaysia Airlines: first crash victims of MH17 identified.

The first victim of the plane crash in the Eastern Ukraine has been identified. As Dutch media citing the Government report, it is a Dutch. The families and the Mayor of the commune of origin were informed. Currently, more than 200 experts examine the bodies from the downed Malaysian airliner in a barracks in Hilversum. The Dutch Government expects, that there are still other victims at the crash site. To enable their retrieval, 40 unarmed Dutch military police arrived on Saturday in Kharkiv. According to Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), Germany’s economic interests in the conflict with Russia are subordinated. Top priority is the preservation of stability and peace, Schäuble told Bild am Sonntag. Would he or his Cabinet colleague Gabriel warn, that sanctions harmed the economic interests, it would be the wrong Minister. No one may get the impression in Moscow, Russia could succeed with his approach at the end. According to Schaeuble, the sanctions already imposed show effect: the fact is: the ruble is losing value, Russia’s budget deficit rises, the economy is bad. Also the Russian President sees it. The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) sees signs of a power struggle in the Moscow leadership, against the backdrop of sanctions against Russia der Spiegel reported. Breaks in the power bloc of President Wladimir Putin said BND Chief Gerhard Schindler accordingly in a session of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Bundestag and in the weekly briefing in the Chancellor’s Office. It is quite possible that some worried that because of EU sanctions oligarchs soon economic political interests were and tried to slow down Putin. . Extended text can be inspected checking weblink.

Club boss Rummenigge raves – job guarantee for Guardiola: FC Bayern will never release him.

FC Bayern is again overwhelming Favorites to the title in the Bundesliga next season. But even if the new season (kick-off on August 22) should bring no similar successes as in the past two years, Bayern coach PEP Guardiola must worry about his job. That makes it clear at least Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in an interview with the world on Sunday: FC Bayern PEP Guardiola is never released, says the Chief Executive Officer and added: I give you today in writing. Is it really possible? The Club bosses in Munich accept really last 2012 just how a lean year? Finally, FC Bayern did badly to 2006 and 2010 after the World Championships, came in the Bundesliga under the first two. Rummenigge explained: you see. PEP Guardiola is relaxed, so are we. We have won eight titles two perfect years behind us. (. . . ) We have broken most recently many records, then we put up season just the next, by we are as good as ever after a World Cup. . Original facts can be read reading this

At Saint-Cernin, a local operator to open up rural areas.

This network, Sylvain Lacaze has put it in place in 2004, at the time of the liberalisation of the 2.4-GHz frequency band used by wifi networks. He managed to deport a small ADSL located 9 kilometres away. It is the longest bridge WiFi french referenced meets the standards required by Arcep. With "a huge receiving antenna", it provides a flow of 2 Mbps to the 50 or so members of the association Wifi Quercy, divided on four surrounding villages. "At the time, it was huge," enthuses the engineer. The antenna then cost between 2,000 and 3,000 euros. «We had nothing, then it is managed with mainstream material, he remembers. The solution he found on the breakfast table: Ricoré boxes have a metallic Interior and their dimensions are ideal for the production of antennas wifi home. In Sylvain Lacaze Office, located at the top of a hill in Saint-Cernin, in the middle of the fields, some of these boxes are still on the table, witnesses to the era where it puddling in the associative, before founding his small business, Numévia, which counted a dozen employees until 2010. Its services, today, it seems them. «A microwave and a dedicated link, it is expensive», deals. If he still maintains good relations with the associative operators, he insists to keep a distance with the "open source fundamentalist": "they have hands in gold but no formalism. Me, I’m trying to be responsible and make contracts.  "For nearly ten years, these two worlds of associations and small business meet once a year, during the spring of wifi, kind of small festival created in 2005 at the initiative of several associations gathered within the Rural Area Network. The origin of this name include Sylvain Lacaze, Thomas Gassilloud, CEO of Wibox, an Internet provider specializing in connecting at high and very high rate of rural areas, and Didier Lebrun, the creator of the first rural alternative network Vaour. NET. On this site are archived all discussions that since 2005, allowed the first rural associative networks exchanging their technologies and know-how. "It is a treasure," summarizes Sylvain Lacaze which, for the ten years of the network, organising the meeting from 2015 to Saint-Cernin, village where it was held the first time. . Inspirational facts could be read visiting this resource.

In a Belgian school: “and what, Nathan, sexuality is? ”

(From Brussels) It is a large 1920s mansion, a bit decrepit, in a suburb of Brussels. Wooden floors that creak, marble paneling NeoGothic and chimneys. The canteen is located in an old ceremonial lounge, and a teaching garden has tinkered in the wooded parkland. The Plein Air of Uccle school has something of community and family, the atmosphere of a family home. Moreover, here, the students donned their slippers before entering class. Sitting in a circle on small stools, a dozen of them, in class of ‘quatriemeprimaire’ [the equivalent of our CM1, Editor's note], welcome Florent and Isabella, stakeholders of the "cell heart": "remember who you are, what we’ve done? ” Nathan, 8 years, lifts the finger. "Yes, the last time we worked on sexuality.  ""Absolutely,"replied Florent, ‘ and what, Nathan, sexuality is? ” The answer soon fuser: Ah. It was expected to innocent evocations of zizi and Zapata, but had forgotten that children do not live in boxes. Even in this chic and cozy Brussels suburb. From the youngest age, they absorb the echoes of newscast or bling-bling eroticism of the clips from Rihanna. The team decided to install a new mailbox for the subjects that students did not dare raise with teachers and supervisors. From the messages and collected evidence, themes of reflection have been proposed in class: modesty, respect for self and others, puberty, differences between girls and boys,. Little by little, the principle is systematized. There is a small blur with Marius, who venture "neurons" at the time of the name of the balls to the base of the penis, or Vera, who thinks that there is a risk of dropping her baby in the toilet if you are pregnant and that we will pee. But no one asks where the storks are passed. You will hear not even talk of small seed. Children utter "vagina" without chuckling, clearly proud of the extent of their knowledge. "Sometimes, one wonders what the adults, but we feel that it is not our age.  "" If it cannot find a response adapted to health professionals, the child will go look for them elsewhere and not in the right place necessarily: on Internet or from older buddies. ” And it will be more tempted to experiment with what he has seen,"says Florent Loos. "It was two completely naked women making love. I was shocked, but I still want to watch. In my heart, I was wondering: "Why they make love like that?" After I fell asleep and I dreamed of the film, except that it was not the same characters.  » . You should check the following to learn extra on this amazing matter.

Israel-Hamas, 12-hour truce Palestinians to hunt for food.

At 7 a.m., the local 6 in Italy, and the entry into force in the Gaza Strip the temporary suspension of hostilities, accepted by Israel as Hamas militias after the American Secretary of State, John Kerry, had failed to obtain the approval of a real cease-fire. The break, which lasts 12 hours, will allow the influx of emergency humanitarian aid in the Palestinian enclave. At tomorrow’s summit in Paris, announced tonight in Cairo by John Kerry, to try to reach an agreement for a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip, as we learn, there will also be the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini. The meeting will be also present the France counterparts, Laurent Fabius, Britain, Philip Hammond and Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. There are also Turkish, Ahmet Davutoglu and Qatar, Khalid Bin Mohammed AlAttyah, tonight still in Doha to meet with the head of the Hamas political Bureau, Khaled Meshaal. Already a few minutes before triggering the brief suspension of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, which came into force at 7 a.m. local (the 6 in Italy), several hundreds of Palestinian civilians have abandoned their huts and ventured out into the streets, mostly on foot. Some went to their homes to check for damage caused by the bombing, others have lined up in front of banks and shops to withdraw cash and supplies. The humanitarian pause protrarra ‘ for twelve hours. Hamas has ensured that all armed factions of the enclave will respect. Israel also agreed to temporarily block raids and fighting, but further research and subsequent destruction of tunnels that run under the border, and that the militants use for attacks and attempts of infiltration. . Root facts can be read visiting the following web site.

Crash in Mali: “it is the first time that she took the aircraft.

They are six Canadians to have perished after the crash of the flight of Air Algeria between Ouagadogou (Burkina Faso) and Algiers (Algeria). And among them, a mother, Isabelle Prévost, 35-year-old Sherbrooke (Canada) who was leaving abroad for the first time in his life. It was accompanied by a Burkinabe family who had invited the young woman to attend a family party. "It was his first and his last trip abroad,," She had never left the Canada. It is already so great to us", be sorry Danny Frappier, 35, her husband that we reached Friday by telephone. «Isabelle had been invited by the Sayyed family to attend the golden wedding anniversary of the parents of Winmalo Sayyed.» She was happy to leave because it was a great discovery for her mother at home. It was an opportunity to discover Africa, continuing Danny Frappier upset as he had to explain to her three children of 5, 7 and 9 years old that "their mother had disappeared. Children who did not fully understand what it meant and began at the top of the search in the city. "They have not well understood", notes the happy father that his wife has "could talk to her children just before boarding the aircraft. ” It was brief but apparently everything was fine and she was confident. Expected it all. Danny Frappier also has a thought for the Sayyed family for which Isabelle had work to facilitate their installation in the Canada in the city of Longueuil. «Isabelle had sympathised with Angelica Somda and her husband Winmalo. They were left with their children, Nathaniel and Ariel, but also a Wilfried nephew to attend these golden wedding anniversary. They had arranged the stay and travel. I’m serene because Isabelle died surrounded with friends. But the coming days are likely to be difficult. Here, I would like the shock. But,. ", tries to reassure Mr. Frappier.  Today, he tries to join the French consular authorities in Ottawa how to repatriate the body of his wife. . For additional information on this subject click

Pressure for Rosberg: Hamilton on course Hungary record.

With a victory on Sunday Hamilton could reduce not only his 14-point deficit to Championship leader Rosberg, but crack also Hungary best brand by Michael Schumacher. As the record champion also Hamilton has won so far four times in the Puszta, most recently twice in succession. I’m not here to break Michael’s record. I can feel happy, that my name is mentioned here in the same sentence as such a legend, said the 29-year-old. Rosberg, however, wants to take less than a week after his home triumph in Germany not again from the track. I’m very self-conscious in this weekend, because I know that I have a great car, wrote the overall conveying in his column for the daily mail (Friday) and assured even after the training: at the end I was pretty happy with the car. Again only the role of the inevitable driver remains the pursuers at the Hungaroring. You can choose everything, defending Vettel said laconically. Hesse has seven attempts never in Hungary won, as long he remained on any route without a win. After all, the World Cup sixth had his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo this time in both practice sessions in the grip, which is ahead of Vettel third with 24 points. A weekend of frustration, however, threatens Nico Hülkenberg and Adrian Sutil. Force India driver Hulkenberg, who scored so far only rider in every race next to Ferrari star Fernando Alonso came in any training session among the top ten. 13th he was one place ahead of Sauber driver Sutil, which this year is still Lethbridge in the final bill. . Original data may be studied visiting this resource.

Sad certainty: no survivors in crash in Mali.

Important notes are hoping the investigator of the evaluation of an aeroplane, which was discovered on Friday at the site of the accident. His records to be analyzed as soon as possible. The Spanish airline Swiftair said it is still too early to talk about the causes. She had borrowed the machine type McDonnell Douglas MD-83 at the Algerian airline Air Alg̩rie. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was shaken. I would like to expressing the sympathy of the people in Germany and my personal sympathy in this hour of pain you and your fellow countrymen as well as transmit my sincere condolences to the relatives of the victims, she wrote the President of the French Republic. Merkel expressed similarly in a condolence telegram to the President of the West African State of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaor̩. More than 20 victims were out of the country. The wreckage was located in the Gossi region near the border with Burkina Faso Рaccording to the French Defense Ministry, inter alia through a reconnaissance drone Reaper type. 1700 French soldiers are involved in a terror Mission against insurgent Islamists in Mali. First pictures from the crash site were not released. Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced a three-day national mourning for the victims. The crash of the machine of the Air Alg̩rie is the third plane crash within a few days: a Boeing 777-200 of Malaysia Airlines in the East of Ukraine crashed on Thursday of last week Рat the alleged firing killed 298 people came. At least 48 people in the crash landing of a regional aircraft of the type ATR-72 of TransAsia of airline died in Taiwan on Wednesday. . Inspirational data could be studied visiting the following home page.