New province of Potenza, the shearing behaviour convenes 100 mayors.

Power, 24 Jul. (Adnkronos)-the President of the province of Potenza, Nicholas shearing behaviour, convened tomorrow morning the mayors of 100 municipalities in the territory for a meeting that will discuss the financial situation of the Institution, ” guidelines ” for the elections of 28 September next to renew the provincial Council and the newly elected President of the institution. ‘ ‘ As it is known-has encountered shearing behaviour in his letter of invitation-the conversion of Decree Law 66/2014 confirmed for the province of Potenza, an additional cut, by 31 July, by 5.5 million that you would add to the 61 million of three-year period has elapsed, frustrating every effort and eliminating the effects of the same financial readjustment procedure adopted by the Court of Auditors last February. For the financial year in progress, he added, the budgets of the provincial authorities will again face further reduction of entry no longer sustainable designs, first, for the management and maintenance of roads and schools ‘ ‘. In summary, the new provinces ‘ ‘ despite themselves will be in the impossibility of being able to respond to the expectations of reform so that those of citizens and companies thus increasing the confidence gap existing with politics and institutions ‘ ‘. Hence the involvement of the mayors of the municipalities of mother from Potenza province. . You must check this homepage to learn more about this interesting topic.

Merger of regions: Aude revolt against Montpellier.

It’s either William of Orange and his motto "I will maintain", or King Arthur in the Round Table of his regional Council. President (PS) of Languedoc-Roussillon, Christian Bourquin has already said on all the tones that he did not accept the merger of Montpellier with Midi-Pyrénées region. Around him last month, his knights regional advisers have, right arm forward and under the eye of photographers invited for the occasion, juror political loyalty to their lands. And this Wednesday at the Assembly, of the eight lawmakers who resolutely chose to vote against the project of territorial reform, three are elected in the region. To be precise, these three Slingers are two elected officials PS of the Hérault, Kléber Mesquida and Christian Assaf, and an elected official while also PS of Pyrénées-Orientales, Robert Olive. Three other socialist deputies of the sites preferred the gentlest method of abstention. Which Member of the Aude Jean-Paul Dupré. Which is already more singular. Carcassonne is only less than an hour of motorway from Toulouse, this Department of the Aude is not subject to the same urticarias Christian Bourquin is when mentioned merging with Midi-Pyrénées. If there is suspicion, it would be rather against Montpellier. So the audois elect all sent July 12 an open letter to president Bourquin, reproaching him hold for negligible quantity in its region. With this nasty question by way of conclusion: "the difference in position of many elected officials and forces vives de L’aude and yourself with respect to the merger of Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées regions is it the cause?" Member Dupré has itself signed this missive. . Additional information can be found checking

Tour de France, 18th stage: only Nibali worldwide, Pinot and Princess on the podium.

A breakaway party to the 13th kilometer when a group of 20 riders took the head wide. Among them, the French Sylvain Chavanel (IAM), Florian Guillou (Brittany-dried), Julien Simon (Cofidis), Mathieu Ladagnous, Blel Kadri (AG2R), Bryan Coquard, Kevin Reza and Thomas Voeckler (Europcar). But the Tourmalet and his 17.1 km at 7,1% of average will perform a drastic selection and at the top, there are only 2 men top: Blel Kadri and the Spanish Mikel Nieve (Sky). As one might expect, the true explanation is held in the final ascent to Hautacam and condemns Mikel Nieve who had dropped Blel Kadri as soon as the road was high. 10 km from the finish, Nibali cache more willingness to win his 4th stage and jumps in the wheel of Chris Horner (Lampre), 18th overall! Pinot, Valverde, Van Garderen and Bardet do not even try to follow the yellow Jersey who files then Horner and Nieve. 8 km from the finish, Nibali is alone in head and file to victory. Behind, a second race starts for the 2nd place overall. 6 km from the finish, Thibaut Pinot goes on the offensive and leaves Valverde without reaction. Only Princess and Van Garderen manage to take the wheel of the White Jersey. With 49 seconds ahead of Valverde on arrival, Pinot mounts on the 2nd step of the podium. Jean-Christophe Péraud takes the 3rd place to the general for 2 seconds. . Inspirational data can be read checking this

PSG: White sees Aurier a young high-potential.

The coach of PSG Laurent Blanc said Thursday very satisfied by the recruitment of Serge Aurier, a young high-potential, refusing to feed speculation about the possible arrival of Angel Di Maria. Q: why did you choose Serge Aurier to replace Christophe Jallet?A: we wanted to recruit a right back with strong potential, I think that c? is the case with Serge. It is young, it has a progression margin which in my opinion is important. C? is a player who will discover a big club, a large stable as they say, with Paris Saint-Germain, so here it is also part of this reflection to recruit people certainly confirmed, but also young people. I hope he will part with Verratti, Marquinhos, worthy young players trained in the PSG that will make the team in two, three, four years. Q: we talk about the arrival of Di Maria this week. Where are the transfer negotiations?A: the mercato is very short. It already has two (recruits), David Luiz, and Serge (Aurier). It is very satisfied d? them, they came here to Paris Saint-Germain. For the third (the Argentine middle of Real Madrid, Angel di Maria), I leave you free from speculation. For the moment, nothing is done. Is there any negotiations? This is not for me to say, it is in the direction of the club. For now, the two players we wanted to recruit, on has recruited them. So it is still quite satisfied. There is still time and there are still rumors. Q: do you dread the effects of the World Cup on the Italians and Brazilians?A: the only satisfied team is one that wins. The Italian was eliminated in my opinion prematurely, it happens. The PSG players were able to share things. They are certainly disappointed but life goes on, we must move on. (for Brazilians) The disappointment was at the height of l? hope that an entire country had placed behind his team. Therefore, them also, in this scheme, have failed in their goal of winning the World Cup. Here, you go to something else. You know, in life, you have goals, you reach them all. Each returns to his club with personal and collective goals. Maybe the most difficult person it will be ‘Pocho’ (Argentine Ezequiel Lavezzi), because played it the final, which he lost. . Main facts could be read clicking the following site.

Spain: dramatic unemployment in the second quarter decrease.

Between April and June, the country has reduced its number of jobseekers 310. 400 persons, either the highest quarterly decline of the entire statistical series.  But the Spain has still more than 5.6 million unemployed (5. (622-900). Higher than that of France, with a workforce yet substantially lower than the hexagon. In Spain, these new figures, encouraging, appear to register in the dynamics of decrease of unemployment, initiated there is a little more than a year in April 2013, where the unemployment rate had reached the threshold critical (and record) 26.94%. At the same time, Spanish GDP grew 0.4% in the first quarter of 2014, two times faster growth than the euro area average. And according to the Bank of Spain, the pace is expected to accelerate in the second quarter to 0.5%. Good indicators to be partly credited to the domestic demand and tourism, very Porter for the Iberian economy for several months. But the overall situation of the Spain remains critical. Its unemployment rate remains one of the highest of industrialized countries, and for young people, find a job statement of the way of the cross. Aged less than 25, they are 53.1% looking for work. And the country still has 1.8 million homes with all its active members to unemployment. . You can click the following to read more about this great subject.

Ecofuturo, ecology festival that wants to change the world.

-Reduction of 80 per cent of the costs of public lighting, increasingly widespread usage of 3D printers, increased production of 15% for photovoltaics, new ergonomic work tools. Are just some of the proposals of Ecofuturo, ecology and environment festival organized by writer, actor and comic artist Jacopo Fo and which will take place from 26 July to 2 August at the community of the free community of Alcatraz in Gubbio (Perugia). A festival that has already garnered the support of dozens of trade associations, companies and independent researchers, with the participation of Wwf, Legambiente, public water and Politecnico di Milano. The event, which will have many guests as Marco Boschini of Commons Virtuosi and Laura Puppato (Pd), will also be followed by various tv as Europa7, plus a network of satellite and web broadcasters smaller. From this event will bring a wave of renewal driven by bass committed to build machines and systems for a better future, we read in the paper of Ecofuturo intents. For example, a part of the festival will be devoted to strategies that have worked leading some municipalities to cross the 50% and more of the energy bill. The same logic we will propose to the world of DIY and 3D printers, car enthusiasts & Motos (convert is possible!), who wants to create sustainable tourism networks and those working in the field of renewable energy sources (photovoltaic systems will!). In addition, organizers point out, will not be a festival ‘ hit and run ‘ and all materials produced will be online on portal and will be gradually developed on the new series of Ecotecno. tv, print and digital magazine. It will be a great event, declare a Republic. it the patron Jacopo Fo, on this occasion we will present futuristic objects that will soon become an important reality, from hoes to new systems for ergonomic increase by 15% the production of existing photovoltaic systems thanks to new types of inverters (the apparatus to convert the DC power produced by photovoltaic AC module to enter directly into the mains, ndr) that absorb energy production even when you do not exceed the specified threshold to activate the system. In practice, says Fo, unlike in photovoltaics or even in the wind, no longer needed a certain amount of wind to trigger the shovel and the production of energy. So will not be wasted just one watt of power. Energy is a crucial theme of Ecofuturo festival, at its first edition (here the full program). Making the most of clean energy we can save over 80 percent of the cost of public energy bill. And it is not a utopia, says Fo. In 2005 in Padua, when there was the Mayor Zanonato (Democratic Party), we promoted the replacement of the entire system of street lighting and heating systems of municipal structures, resulting in a saving of 1.5 million euros per year, and then there were none of the LEDs. The same we managed to do in Emilia Romagna, with saving the ‘ project ‘ Bagnacavallo-powered by region and by Legambiente-more than 10 percent of water consumption, thanks to a water flow reducers. But it doesn’t stop there. Among the numerous events, seminars, workshops and debates, here is a new line of pruning scissors, gizmos to rip the roots, Led bulbs, new improved cleanup of beaches systems, domestic germogliatori. And above all the 3-d printers that now are capable of producing more and more materials and objects: in the middle there is the Wasp Project, a company at the forefront in printers in three dimensions. About this time is like speaking of cellphones in 1988, says Fo. Within a year, we come to produce with these gizmos a huge quantity of materials like gold earrings, resins, ceramics, not to mention their usefulness (including savings) in prototyping. Clean energy creates many jobs, says Fo, and already today at certain times of the year constitutes 50 per cent of the total production in Italy. Ecology has so many new territories to exploit, adds the owner of Ecofuturo festival, as the exploitation of bacteria. Alcatraz we created a system that heats the pool and House up to 35 degrees Celsius using the fermentation of wood. And then during the festival we will also have a laboratory with the best products for personal hygiene, often unknown or underappreciated for more: baking soda as deoderant, a special mix of vinegar and lemon as detergent, or intimate female cleaners that, paradoxically, are the best shampoos on the market. But few know it. The primary objective of the festival, do know the organizers, is to stimulate the start-up of green energy: no magicians but experts, says Fo, we promote people who have innovative projects. . Inspirational source can be found reading the following

Cia prisons, European Court of human rights condemns Poland.

-The European Court of human rights condemned Poland for complicity for having allowed the Cia to arrest two suspects on its territory of al-Qaeda terrorists, thus violating the European Convention on human rights. The case concerns two Palestinian men, Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim Saudi al-Nashiri, who claimed to have been brought to a Cia prison in a Polish forest and subjected to torture. Polish detention centre, where the Cia between 2002 and 2005 imprisoning terrorism suspects, there have been cases of torture and disappearances. The two men are now in prison in Guantanamo. The Strasbourg Court has decided the violation by Warsaw of some articles of the Convention, including those that prohibit torture, denying the right to freedom and to a regular survey on their arrest. The Court ruled that al-Nashiri compensate Poland and Zubaydah 100,000 respectively and 130mila euros for the damage suffered. Polish officials have consistently denied the existence of Cia prisons on national soil. The United States admitted that he had arrested al-Qaeda suspects out of the jurisdiction, but they never confessed in which country these illegal detentions occurred. The scandal of Cia prisons in Europe was blown up in September 2006 when he was US President George w. Bush to admit that the Cia ran secret prisons scattered around the world. Thanks to these black sites, as they were defined, the American intelligence services could override American laws and use the most effective interrogation methods but prohibited by international conventions. Polish President Lech Kaczynski had opened an investigation to find out whether his country had hosted these illegal detention centres. The Cia is not new to the legal limit operations carried out outside the USA. In Italy the most striking case was that of Egyptian imam Abu Omar, abducted in February 2003 by nineteen American intelligence agents because it suspected of terrorism.   . For extended information regarding this topic visit

Dl competitiveness, suppressed in Commission rule on compound interest.

Night marathon of Industry and Environment committees of the Senate to conclude the examination of Dl competitiveness. The final rush of this morning to approve the latest amendments and give the mandate for rapporteur slipped in the afternoon to allow Senators to attend the plenary session on the reform bill. The measure was expected already this afternoon before the House for the go-ahead, with likely vote of confidence, given the tight (expires on August 24 but must be also approved by the House). Meanwhile go on meetings between the Government and the majority to dissolve the last dual Opa nodes and smears-incentives. Green light subcommissario environment and resource usage view shore for Ilva two other important news were introduced by the majority in the package presented by the Government as Ilva amendment Dl competitiveness. The Commissioner will have powers ad hoc Ilva in environmental matters and may go to the reorganisation of the company seized the Bank resources. The two proposals were underwritten by the majority. Nodes to dissolve on Opa and splama double-incentives Are however still two open matches. That, by the political implications, on the introduction of the double threshold for the Opa. Problems also on smears incentives: the new article, on some specific paragraphs wouldn’t have got the ok from the Accounting; in particular the nodes identified by the technicians would be those relating to the transfer of shares (up to 80%) from the beneficiaries of the incentives to European traders. Also under the lens there would also be the part of the article with which trying to avoid litigation. . Original facts may be read reading this website.

Friendly: Manchester United peals out Los Angeles.

Manchester United did not detail Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Galaxy, men newly trained by Luis Van Gaal winning 7 to 0 in a Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena where is were pressed more than 86. 000 spectators. Under the direction of the Dutch technician, which resulted in the Netherlands until semifinal at the Brazilian, three players Mancunians have managed a double: Wayne Rooney at the end of first period, Reece James (62nd, 84th), and Ashley Young, who scored two goals in two minutes at the end of match. Another Manchester team, City, is also widely imposed against Sporting Kansas City 4-1 to Kansas City. AS Monaco has also got a win relatively easy against Nacional of Medellin 4-2, in Miami. After having led 3-0 in the 38th minute of play, Monegasques are released leaving back the Colombian team to 3-2 in the second period. But the young midfielder Belgian Yannick Ferreira Carrasco sealed the fate of the meeting for the ASM in extra time. A Boston: AS Rome (ITA) def. Liverpool (ENG) 1-0But:AS Rome: Agger (90 c. s. c.)A Toronto: Tottenham (ENG) defeated Toronto (CAN) 3-2Buts:Tottenham: Lamela (16, 40), Townsend (85) Toronto: Wiedeman (64), Hamilton (72) A Dallas: Aston Villa (ENG) defeated Dallas (USA) 2-0Buts:Aston Villa: Weimann (44), Nzogbia 49) A Kansas City: Manchester City (ENG) defeated Kansas City (USA) 4 1Buts:Manchester City: Zuculini (3), Johnson (45), Kolarov (72 s. p.), Iheanacho (88) Kansas City: Sapong (30) in Miami: Monaco (FRA) defeated Nacional of Medellin (COL) 4 2Buts:Monaco: Martial (5), Berbatov (16), Fabinho (38), Carrasco (90 + 1) Nacional of Medellin: Trellez (63), Perez (87) A Pasadena:Manchester United (ENG) defeated Los Angeles Galaxy (USA) 7 0Buts: Manchester United: Welbeck (13), Rooney (43 s. p., 45), James (62, 84), Young (88(, 90). For additional facts regarding this matter visit

The second installment of manufacturing at a crossroads, the investigation of the Sun 24 Hours that got underway Tuesday, 22 July, from which emerges a Italy by two faces: on the one hand, businesses that even during the crisis have gained and have grown, the other companies are struggling and are in danger of being overwhelmed by stagnation. One of the keystones of our manufacturing exports remains, whose June data, however, show a worrying braking, especially in non-EU markets and our historical partners such as Russia. Weigh on ongoing wars and the devaluation of currencies, in particular the Brics countries. In General, the positive news is that the Government Radio announced measures to support the internationalisation of businesses. According to Scenari Immobiliari monitors for years now this sector of the market, the trend is growing, and it is expected that the 2014 will finish with about 45,000 purchases. In addition to classic destinations such as London, New York and Paris, there is a strong interest for Latin America from Brazil to Mexico, where there are still bargains and a good quality of life. . Inspirational facts could be read checking this source.