Anthology Kinks for everyone at the opening of the 49 Jazzaldia.

A splendid, of the few of this month of July afternoon, received simultaneously in the three areas of the Kursaal at the Columbia Jazz Band, the American singer René Marie, who resorted to the range after a suggestive interpretation of Peel me a grape, and Bilbao saxophonist Víctor de Diego, who defended the excess of light with sunglasses while he played with his trio a beautiful version of My heart belongs to daddy. But it was still daylight when the strumming of guitars the band of Ray Davies started the first notes of In need you in the Green stage of the beach, which is often meet more young people and more supporters of other music to jazz fans of the festival. So has resorted to topics like Where have all the good times gone, I’m not like everybody else, Dedicated follower of fashion, which has crept to San Sebastián in the letter, and Sunny afternoon, with the audience began making its first timid choirs. Then came Till the end of the day and a sense A Long way from home, which took the opportunity to warn the public that one must never forget where it comes from. With the fun Come dancing printed March again and with All day and all of the night showed that one of his most acclaimed songs and, in this case, is also the more song, more even than Lola, who left for the end. Their Celluloid heroes was also heard the last stretch and Days rang to farewell hymn, just before You really got me, his first number 1, who will be half a century a day of next August. . For extended information on this topic check

A young doctor: “later I can say that I was in the war” (1914).

It was the Friday of this month, to 8 p.m. 35. After a pretty laborious night, I’d just sleep and I slept deeply enough, when all of a sudden, debashis_dti! glingue! glingue!,. This alarm clock makes me draw up on my bed. My windows were shattered and my quilt was covered with plasters and Earth. Then I rushed in the cellar, my panties and my boots on the arm, deploying a banner as an improvised parliamentary malgré lui, and there, under the tutelary shelter of a very coarse limestone, I put a dress envelope to my anatomy. Soon, the charming hospital, of which I am chief physician, shook on its foundations, my cow made the soul to that most powerful of the enemy gun, and it is thus that, in less than an hour; of the more nifty ambulance of the day, it remained only ruins. . . . Arrived in the post of relief (1) where I was going to pick a doctor from another regiment, I had immediately visit a BIMA shells in the room adjoining one where I was. Unpleasant impression; but as I do not expect, that had no other importance. The next Tuesday (Dec. 8), we identified and canonnés. A shrapnel bursts on the road that runs alongside the House; others later. No incidents. Day which I will remember: canonnés the morning without results, canonnés evening. A shell falls on the House opposite; nothing, except property damage. But it becomes impressive, and my stretcher-bearers, twenty, begin to sing loudly to hear do not get shells. Me, I pretend to sleep around midnight, it was all over. Wednesday, calm day, as for us. However, as I wandered around the post, I have heard on several occasions several "pstt» extended with bullets, which forced me to greet from afar who sent them to me. -Thursday, new balls; but it’s over, there is used. New cannonade. A stretcher-bearer, presumably to put me to the test, propose to shave while shells pass over the post. I accept, and I put before the House, in the open air. I them have all impressed. I did not flinch, I was used; It must be said that I had noticed that the shells were more for us, but for the housed later colonel. All of these soldiers are really smart and brave, in good condition, poking fun at everything. One of them told me, and it’s true, that he had gone to a few meters from the Germans stripped of its weapons and papers a BIMA officer. She shot; He has left to do, and came back. Another day he went between the German and French lines seeking souvenirs, with, to protect themselves, an umbrella that he opened. The umbrella that I’ve seen is riddled with holes; the man had nothing, or almost. . . . I will remember this Tuesday night, where shells broke out on all sides, where bullets whizzed around, and where German Rocket us lit for better reach us. Finally, now, I’m happy; later I can say that I have been at war, and will be able to talk to those who remained in the deposits, etc. For extended on this topic visit

Götze – praises Sammer only winners write such a story.

"Only winner types can write such a story.  Because winners don’t give up in difficult times", said Sammer in the"sports figure"(Wednesday). "Mario had to go through a steel bath – with FC Bayern, at the World Championships. But never gave up, he is very strong mentally. "Götze had scored the decisive goal in the World Cup final against Argentina in overtime. That Götze go on its way, was the most important, stressed the sports Board of the German record master of football. "We need not to talk about the quality of Mario. If, then it goes to the consistency. "Looking forward with anticipation Sammer of the eighth Franck Ribéry Bayern season.""Franck mentally as well as never goes there, he is so hot as never before", said the sports Board through the midfield player which injured had to miss the World Cup. "He wants to prove once again it all just after the missed World Cup." You will see from the first day of the game at a very strong Franck Ribéry. . For extended data on this matter visit

Events pro – Gaza: why so little arrests?

44 people were t interpell es Saturday, Barb s (Paris), when the prohibited event to support Gaza. It is more than the 18 arr t s Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise) Sunday, on the sidelines of a gathering also ill gal. The Government and the Prefecture of police of Paris pr wish to confine a simple treatment of public order of these events, regrets the ex-pr fet Hugues Moutouh, joined by the Express. I don’t think that there is an ideology behind id but a certain amateurism. The forces of order are disciplin es. When I was pr fet and wanted some inquiries, I said. This is how it sends a close message. S Barb, the police ensure only they have re u of the instructions of late stops. What led make the situation even more tense. A teal, we talked about was pleasant t of technical reasons to explain the low number of interpell s. We cannot be everywhere. Our initial mission was to safeguard internal security of synagogues, police stations and shops not to detain, diagnostic Thierry Maz, secr Secretary zonal to the Alliance police Union, in charge of the great Parisian Crown. Unlike the demonstrations for all, we had to hold our positions. Teal Police regret also the lack of staff: reinforcements from Seine-Saint-Denis have d tre s appeal. And, in fact, they are mostly officers of the BAC that proc tooth stops and non-CRS, d l gu s internal security. Further arrests should n nevertheless take place in the coming days, including gr this vid encounter, according to Thierry Maz. However, profile of the interpell people are then sentenced es on the sidelines of events queries. It is very far from individuals radicalis s and dangerous, as might suggest the declarations of some politicians. The term wild horde was notably used by the Mayor PS de Sarcelles, Fran ois Pupponi. Teal, four of the five pr come have m me not particip demonstration, reported France Inter. Among them, a l ve mod, which if appr return you to pr pa, was sentenced one fine just to have MySel a pack of cigarettes after the looting of a tobacco shop. The most dangerous o the feeling that individuals have escaped the police. There are some who run faster that others had r sum, without wanting to the Chairman of the Court of Pointoise pr. Also in Paris, the impression is the me. None of five from pr s sentenced to stay not poss had criminal records. And one of them, an ing NIOR m me affirm that it still Palestine, both Kurdish. And Ashur he found in the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel that the real thugs is well fled were, but need to make sales and there arr t what fell under the hand, has e indign counsel for the hearing from pr. In addition, none of the s interpell teal and s Barb have t s sentenced for acts or antis comments mites. Then m es me that this type of violence have Tower t sentenced by Bernard Cazeneuve and Manuel Valls. Almost all were prosecuted for acts of violence against the security forces. Co coincidence or not, on France Inter, the Minister of the Interior has indicated that all those who will cry death to Jews and other words of this type the manifestation of this Wednesday will be s interpell. Before launching this warning: If there are provocateurs, the forces of order are organised from mani re be able to neutralize them. � . For more insights on this matter visit

Not a Sprint – a marathon: ABB attuned to lean times.

ABB has taken over with solar and wind power plants and do not get large projects in the handle. Spiesshofer had then blown into parts of the business with renewable energy to retreat and exacerbated the rehabilitation program of the group. He wants to hang on to the main business of Division, which offers systems for power transmission and distribution, but. ABB kept the sales in the period from April to June with $10.19 billion on the previous year’s level. Orders rose 13 percent to $10,57 billion. Has been investing more in infrastructure especially in America and Asia. In our two largest markets, United States and China, we achieved very promising growth in the second quarter, said Spiesshofer. The Group classifies large orders – as such orders above $15 million–accounted for around half of the growth. The problem Division power systems shone with an order over $400 million for a power line in Canada. In the Outlook, the ABB Chief who last September had been the successor of longtime group handlebar Joe Hogan, remained vague. It accounts for short-term positive signals in the United States, while he is cautious given the economic growth in some emerging markets. In September, he announced new financial targets. . You can read this to read extra regarding this amazing matter.

Boarding school of the Mexico horror: “without discipline, there nothing.

At the origin of the release of the "Great family" home children, recent complaints claiming that young people there were retained forcibly. A charge that the sleep Lady swept aside before the journalist of channel Univision Noticias. "Home is not a boarding school or a daycare where I take you morning and I rebuke you evening. Parents who have placed their children in Zamora could claim them as once reached the age of 18. "We are a family, and it breaks not daily relations with his family," yet justified the old lady. Mama Rosa’s real name Rosa del Carmen Verduzco is a local figure in Zamora. Its thirteen years this daughter of wealthy industrialists decided to help the street children. In the institution she had founded and kept for over 60 years, poor children found shelter and education. Admired by former Mexican president Vincente Fox or the Jean-Marie Le Clézio writer, it is still defended in the country and in particular by intellectuals like historian Enrique Klaus. The journalist who got his exclusive interview is the son of the latter. In Mexico, the drift of this old woman arouses controversy. If the senility of Mama Rosa prevents trial, six employees of the home – five men and a woman – will be presented to Mexican justice. They are accused of kidnapping minors and trafficking in persons for the purpose of forcing them to beg. Three of them also are being investigated for sexual assault against internees. Justice will also shed light on the slowness of the authorities to discover (or react) on what was happening behind the walls of "great family". . You should visit the following blog to discover more regarding this great matter.

Israel offers alternative airport of Ovda North of Eilat.

Meanwhile, the American Secretary of State John Kerry arrived for talks on the Gaza conflict in Israel. The politician on Wednesday aboard a US air force landed on the Ben-Gurion airport of Tel Aviv, a spokesman confirmed the American Embassy in the Israeli capital. According to media reports, Kerry wanted to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu, as well as Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas. Kerry had spoken earlier on the day with the leadership in Egypt. Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had demanded an immediate end to the violence on Tuesday. Kerry appealed in particular to Hamas to agree to a cease-fire with Israel. Egypt had proposed a ceasefire, which rejects Hamas, however. Core demand of Hamas for a truce is a lifting of the blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt. The recent escalation of violence was the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers and the alleged revenge murder of a Palestinian boy. A 2012 agreed truce between Israel and Hamas, which since 2007 in Gaza there is, was affiliated final waste. . Similar information can be inspected checking link.

Philipp Lahm: my life belongs to me.

The failure in the Champions League final 2012 let him mature knowledge against Chelsea, that athletes are in a constant depending on coincidences, of things that we can not influence – some things are just too lucky. The premier class victory 2013 have encouraged him to Borussia Dortmund then to take his life into their own hands. In other words: make decisions before they catch up with me. Already he decided in the autumn of last year, to end his national team career after the World Cup in Brazil. The decision was so dependent on winning the title: it should stop when it is at its best, wrote down in time. But I also would have resigned if we had went home without this triumph. Lahm, Bayern wants to focus only on its leadership as a captain at FC. Lame stressed again that it was time for new structures in the national team. Now comes the next generation in the responsibility, the boys are in part eight, nine years younger than me and must find an own headman in their group, they respect and with whose support they still develop. Lame, last week surprisingly resigned from the team shortly after winning the World Championships in Brazil, had announced in the. The kicker had Lahm said on Monday: I think the team doesn’t need me anymore. The team would no longer be dependent on him as captain. It goes without me. . For additional data regarding this matter read web site.

Crash of MH17 flight: the plane shot down by mistake by pro-Russian separatists?

The Boeing 777 of the Malaysia Airlineshas probably shot mistakenly by pro-Russian separatists. It is the most plausible explanation to the crash of flight MH17 advanced by the American intelligence services Tuesday evening. The missile was fired by a poorly trained crew, while the system used – a Russian-made surface-to-air Akash missile battery – demand a certain know-how and training, thus said intelligence officials on condition of anonymity.   Of many grey areas persist however, according to them, including on the presence or absence of Russians at the time of the shooting or on the formation of the separatists by the Russians to the use of the Akash, a relatively modern and sophisticated anti-aircraft system. Whatever it is, for US, the scenario of the Russians on the catastrophe referring to the responsibility of the Ukraine does not route. The Ukrainian soldiers should have been indeed resume going to the rebels to install the anti-aircraft battery, fire the missile and then leave. Impossible, according to the U.S. secret service. . Similar information can be read reading

More productive – use style, shortcuts, text: learn the best tricks for Microsoft Word.

Use the built-in styles from Microsoft Word to consistently styling through your document. After Setup, you need just a click to customize your text. Your text is uniformly designed especially for longer documents, you save so much processing time You can also use so the word navigation bar and jump into the text to the desired location. If you want to make when writing, for example, a text of the heading, simply highlight the text and click on the style of "Heading" above the bar. So a new item appears in the navigation bar. If you change the template later, adjusted all previous headers with. At the beginning, usually only the author of the document is available. To add even entries, highlight the relevant section in the document and then select "Quick parts", "AutoText", "Save selection to AutoText Gallery". If you want to use the corresponding section, just type the first few letters, until a tool tip appears. By pressing the Enter button, the quick parts is then easily inserted. . Inspirational facts may be read reading the following page.