Murder trial in Dresden: death at the place for quiet tourism.

Now this Friday begins the process for murder and disturbance of dead calm against Detlev G., and that this process causes such great interest of not only of the media, lies on one of the events in October and November of last year, and on the other on the memories, which aroused the depiction of these operations in many. To the events. The 59 year old businessman Wojciech S. from Hanover and the now 56-year-old detective Detlef G. meet in October 2013 in a very special forum in the Internet intrinsically advertised as no. 1 site for exotic meat. Only chat and email the two men later write SMS, they phone also and they make an appointment. Wojciech S. adheres to the appointment, he climbs on November 4 to 6 50 am in a bus and travels to Berlin. There he gets to, in Dresden Detlef G. pick finally him with the car. The two men go also Valley of the mills in the Gimmlitztal in the Eastern Ore mountains, called, where G. alongside operates a boarding house with his partner. In the cellars of this pension on the same day what, that is in the post mortem report by Wojciech S.: he died of strangulation. After the death of S. G. should have dismembered long four to five hours his body in some cases very small-scale parts, then he buried it in the garden, in different places. It takes a week to see is reported missing, digital tracks eventually lead the investigating officers to Detlef G., a font experts from the Saxony Landeskriminalamt. In the first hearing after his arrest G. admitted the fact investigators according to motif he should have called the killing desire of S., he denied sexual motives for the crime. Probably again the words of Rotenburg and Cannibal will occur in the reports on the process, and so the memory of the year 2001 when Armin Meiwes had a big man with whose consent killed, dismembered and partially eaten. Meiwes is currently serving a life sentence in prison. Also in the case of Detlef G. rumors of cannibalism came up – because of the exotic Forum, in which s and he had met, but also because of the obvious difficulty, fragmented scattered one completely buried body to recover. . You should read this to read more about this great topic.

Revolt at the “mirror”: 225 editors rehearse the uprising.

When 225 "mirror"-Redakteure agree, which is saying something. This Thursday evening it is: 225 editors of the magazine and a number of employees from the documentation and the secretariats call on the representatives of the employees KG, at the meeting of the shareholders on Friday the plan of editor in Chief Wolfgang Büchner for a "mirror 3. 0" reject. This also calls for the Central Works Council. You wouldn’t want to be in the skin of the five representatives of the employees KG now. An enormous pressure weighs heavily on them and it all depends on their votes. Because it is not to assume that the other shareholders – Gruner + year and the Augstein’s heirs – Büchner editor-in-Chief and Managing Director Saffe pull the rug from under the feet. You should the plans for the "mirror 3. 0" rather support. In the management of staff KG, it seemed last tie to stand: two representatives of the Büchner-Saffe course, two against one unclear. That it the "mirror 3. 0" to reject is now abundantly made them a part of the workforce and the Works Council. That sounds good, this is the squaring of the circle, that is the question on which the future of press houses decides that some need even any journalistic competitors and not the overwhelming online companies look bad. You break down into groups, happen in power struggles and disassemble itself. At the "mirror", you can see how to do it. It is an example for the struggle of the culture of quality journalism. These online editors, where everything can go not fast enough encounter traditionalists, who gladly would have served the coffee in her Office, with the correct number of pieces of sugar, please. Against the employees KG, nothing goes in the "mirror", and so it was of course, that the Managing Director Ove Saffe last Tuesday the five representatives of the employees KG over the in-house decisive step in terms of "mirror 3. 0" informed: all head offices should be put out for tender, and the Department heads will be responsible for contributing to the printed magazine and the online presence. Previously, it had said that the editorial staff of the "mirror" and of "Spiegel Online" are not merged. With the new cut of the head post that looks different at the same time. It would be nice, though not necessarily, if the employee KG could behave in this week the CEO said Saffe. . For additional insights about this subject check blog.

GP of Belgium: Jean-Eric Vergne considers that his place is in F1.

The French Jean – Eric Vergne, 24 years, will no longer be Toro Rosso driver in 2015 but includes the decision to substitute a teenager, Max Verstappen, and think have proven that it has its place in formula one. Q: How did you react to the announcement of your replacement by Vasquez, 16 years?A: I have only one thing to say: I’ll be always grateful for what did Red Bull for me, they came to take me when I was very young and they brought me up to F1. They give the same chance to Verstappen they gave me three years ago, therefore, I quite understand this decision. Toro Rosso is a team for young drivers, maybe I should shave to make a little younger,. Q: and what do you think of the way?A: there is no right or wrong way to announce this new kind and I am strong enough to overcome this kind of things. I’d rather save my energy and focus to do good races. And even if I had the 5th and the 6th places this year, this would not have changed the decision. The team knows that I have done my job well and I have no hard feelings. I proved I could do good Grands Prix with a car that often was not the height. I had my dose of bad luck and I always knew bounce, GP after GP. All these difficult times were not only to build my strength of character. Q: this changes your way of approaching the end of the season?A: Ca will not change my way to fly. The eyes are going to be a little more trained on me because I will not label Toro Rosso and some will watch perhaps more me than before. It’s going to be the time to show my strength, because it is in difficult times to show it is the best. It already happened to me in my career and it’s a big challenge that awaits me. I’m ready with a positive mindset. I did not anger, it is useless. If I have a little bit of anger, I will put it behind the wheel and it will show. Q: your experience (50 F1 GP) is still an asset in F1 that rejuvenates eyes?A: I have proved that I had my place in F1 to win races. Because when I see what did Daniel (Ricciardo) at Red Bull (winner in the Canada and Hungary), and if I look at last year, when I was playing with him, it gives me a lot of confidence, as well as to people who look at me for a long time. They expect me to stay strong, and on this side, there is no problem. Until the last race, I way not the arm. Q: where will you be in 2015?A: I do not know for the moment. Currently, I am in F1 and concentrate on eight next races. There are a lot of people who spontaneously called me to help me, including Alain Prost (Quad F1 world champion), but I think that the best help that can be given to me, it will be my results, so I put all my energy on that goal. Today, I am in F1, I showed my potential and I believe that my place is in F1. I’ll do everything to stay there in a good team. I already have contacts but it is too early to talk about. . You can visit the following url to read more about this great subject.

Paris: arrested drunken driving, Shy’m has been released.

After an episode which it would be well spent, singer Shy’m was released of the commissariat of the 1st District at the end of morning.  The ex-juror of the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, aged 28, was arrested around 5:30 Thursday morning in Paris, while she was driving drunk. Controlled by the rue du Louvre police, Shy’m seemed drunk, and the forces of order have decided to submit to an alcohol test. The test proved positive: she had almost a gram of alcohol in the blood. The singer has therefore placed in drunk tank at the police station of the 1st arrondissement of Paris. She had neither insurance nor license on it, but that does not mean that it did not permit abroad. His last ‘post’ on Instagram dates from just a few hours before his arrest. Its 260,000 subscribers, she has shared a portrait of her with a caption which opens the field of possibilities: ‘Scars are like tattoos but with better stories,. "Which translates into"scars are like the tattoos but with better stories.  Obviously the singer lived a complicated evening. Born in Trappes, Shy’m is one of the figureheads of a new ‘ generation Goldman "adopted by adolescents. Discovered by Quebec rapper K-Maro and revealed to the public in 2006 with the title "Woman of color", it has already published four albums, of which the last, "Chameleon", is released in 2012. She was twice designated artist female francophone of the year during the NRJ Music Awads, in 2012 and 2013. The singer of 28 years, Tamara Marthe by her real name, is also part for two seasons of the jury of the "Dancing with the stars" show, on TF1. In June, she announced her departure from the show via a post on social networks, which is an assiduous user. . For additional information about this subject click url.

Beach libraries, now also an app to find the lido where you can read for free.

Read under the umbrella is one of the more relaxing activities for spending time on the beach, but we often forget to bring a good book. But now there are no more excuses: with "beach Libraries", an initiative supported by Legambiente Campania, many establishments are open bookcases, managed entirely by tourists. The idea came to a teacher, Dave Chandler, in 2012: "I realized that many people in the seaside resort were bored," says the fattoquotidiano. it, "so I’ve been thinking about a way to disseminate the books on the beach". But in the beginning the project collided with the skepticism of many: "If you steal them, I said" recalls Chandler, "but I have decided however to inaugurate six experimental libraries and after a week we recorded the boom of people who read and that, in turn, brought more books". The road was all downhill: "In 2013 tourists returning to the same Beach, in addition to suitcases, carried envelopes filled with books to donate," he says. In most weapon is hidden in the very nature of the subject: "we give a second life to the works" sleepers "who are in any case and that for decades are not read." "The goal is to promote reading on the beach," stressed, "in the summer, people are more relaxed and a good book is always welcomed with pleasure. The project owes its success to anonymity: "we must not register or leave your name, anyone can go, choose a title, read it and then put it back in place," said the Manager. And even if there is someone who takes away a book, "does it because he wants to finish it, and then we hit the goal of promoting reading," he says. The first six shelves were concentrated in Campania, in the Cilento area, but within two years the project has expanded and now involves over one hundred bathing establishments throughout Italy. By this summer, there is also an app dedicated to the project, City Teller, "anywhere you inform Beach library closest to you and the distance that you find," says Chandler. Among the new municipalities for the summer 2014 have decided to join the initiative there are also Siniscola (Nu) in Sardinia, Polignano a Mare (Ba) in Apulia, Falerna (Cz) in Calabria, but there are signatures from the North, from Ravenna to La Spezia. "Beach Libraries" proves that self-government works fine, just a bit of commitment: "this is a pure volunteer initiative," recalls Chandler, "libraries to stylize the shelves until the donation of books". Promoting reading in Italy is an important responsibility; According to the Istat census of 2014, the Italians who read in Italy fell from 46% to 43% of 2012 of 2013. And territorial differences feel: Northern regions law more than half of the population by the age of 6, while in the South and the readers share falls to 30.7%. For this "beach" Libraries has also designed a series of initiatives to spread the pleasure of reading, primarily submitting new texts: "these events have great success," confirms Colella, "people actively participate and concern themselves more and more to this world". . For more information regarding this topic click reference.

Five measures iconoclastic to reduce unemployment.

This law is currently exploding the undeclared work in all small businesses. And in large enterprises, it removes little by little small part-time. For partial times of longer duration? No, of course. We are back to the good old overtime. Or, more frequently, it is doing by absorbing the additional work, even if it means doing the impasse on the quality of service,. or on internal usability. Again, wrong signal: contracts on time partial less than twenty-four hours per week would be a form of anomaly to fight. Currently, a simple defect in shape can transform the DDC in TDCI. It is necessary to the contrary that the employer has no concern to hire someone whenever a need arises. That it is not found in the pillory, as seen too often in the Labour Court, because he wrote: "M.  X accountant, was hired to replace M.  Y accountant, sick.  "The mere oversight to cite, for example, the profession and the classification of the predecessor person sufficient to recharacterize the DDC in TDCI. Must be the conclusion of a CSD a banal Act for the company, requiring not to whenever the consultation with an expert in social law. Teleworking at home is an interesting approach, especially for start-ups and SMEs, which can reduce their overheads and promote development and hiring. But this must be out of the obligations related to safety in the workplace (electrical installations, space, ergonomic seat, etc.) and from all prohibitions and constraints of the Labour Code, which are intended to apply to the same for telecommuters, but which, taken literally, would make impossible fact practice of telework and even its relevance to teleworkers. Need to overcome telework to a large part of the Labour Code. What to do in the event of decrease in activity? Formerly, it was possible to two companies, one in understaffed and other overstaffed, to be able to afford the staff. Jurisprudence and legislation, so-called «Cherpion», visited the almost impossible facts labour loan, except to put the company at risk. Therefore, free labour to not-for-profit loan. . Related text can be inspected reading page.

Star column Winnemuth: Snap to the light.

From Austria dune singing I heard in February, now I wanted to be part of it. The story goes thus: in 1965, a full maehniger student named Eckart Strate turned with his guitar in the landscape, everything from Cat Stevens sang Franz Josef Degenhardt and animated listeners to sing along. It was so successful that he got from the Kurverwaltung for four mark and overnight stay permit in the huge Hall, which holds the beach chairs in the winter – without water and electricity, has been showered on the beach. Meanwhile, he is 73 and sets the tone in the 50th year, still tanned in short shorts and with a strong voice. The choir: People in bathing suits and shorts and with Sonnenhütchen on picnic blankets and towels, with children on her lap. Hot singing a small Canon by Henry Purcell from the 17th century. Exactly to this experience – you can always more than you think – it goes Strate, he tells afterwards with coffee. To encourage people and surprise, of them the comfort and relaxation (Strate says: "discharge") to teach through music, to bring a community experience. So all that which the Church has previously done, and what there is today an increasing demand gap? Strate laughs and says: "the other day one told me: actually I should to a weekend of therapy, but I would rather come to sing.". For extra data about this topic read web site.

Chatel: Holland declarations not up to par.

Luc Chatel, acting general Secretary of the UMP, said that the statements by the president of the Republic is not equal to the gravity of the situation Wednesday in a statement. After the Thunder d? a growth zero to the first and second quarters 2014, Mr. Holland, that July 14 announced one more time + the + recovery to the French, now seems as overtaken by l? scale of its own failures, says Mr Chatel. According to him, because? he n? has clearly not taken the measure, the president of the Republic n? appear in a position to cope with the deep confidence crisis facing our country. The Covenant of responsibility, announced in January and that, more than six months after, n? is still not being implemented (,.) appears primarily as the symbol d? a president of the Republic unable to move from words to deeds, continues. Been announced one + fusion of premium for l? employment and income solidarity + active, thus qu? a + amendment of the schedule of l? + income tax. But it does s? is actually that d? a replacement device imagined in a hurry after the snub, beginning of August, the censorship of the Constitutional Council, also provides. Responsible for UMP, the trust is no longer there (,.) the employees, like the French, are not fools. Mr. Hollande is more concerned with lowering the pressure within the Socialist Group, that d? increase their power d? purchase, says. François Hollande launched Wednesday a battery of initiatives facing a dire economic situation. . Extended data can be read reading reference.

The Federal Government’s digital agenda: nothing but beautiful confessions.

In Germany at the broadband expansion lags far behind, the own expectations and the rest of Europe, as for example just data showed the European Commission. How should it work so suddenly but by 2018? Might have been Yes, that the digital agenda that actually provides the answers. But she doesn’t. Instead, there is just cloudy Absichstbekundungen and beautiful confessions in the paper announced by the three Ministers with large bow wave. A contrast between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ world does not exist, is there, and that nationwide broadband Internet is the prerequisite for equivalent living conditions in town and country. Remarkable words for new country-Merkel and her Government would not so damn little behind. When it comes to the objectives of the broadband, is available in the agenda many times we want to and we are too rare. And the only approach of a concrete strategy is an olle Kamelle: market-driven expansion. This means that the State is in the nets here and there a little bit of money and hopes that the network operators take care of the rest. But to have little interest to lay fibre-optic cables in the last Hyderabad and instead squeeze profit out of their old copper cables every last dime, is known. As you can tell so long medium-sized entrepreneurs in the country, who need to surf in the year 2014 with modem speed, 4 0 total networked industry – so she will not come. Nothing but platitudes so in the digital agenda – and problem-solving approaches that have emerged long ago as wrong. If this Federal Government political power at some point once seriously wants to be accepted, she must come up with something better. . For extended facts on this topic check homepage.

Pets: dogs are the face-lift, +80% in 4 years in the UK.

Milan, Aug 19. (Reuters Health)-Bulldog, Shar-Pei, carlini. The dogs ‘ with folds ‘ should always be more fashionable, chosen by many stars such as inseparable companions of life and so popular by those who choose to adopt a four-legged friend. The result is boom of facelift for Fido, gone under the knife to remove the excess skin often responsible for infections, respiratory problems, sight or hearing. To reveal the trend are veterinarians English: in 4 years, calculate, interventions have increased by more than 80%. We travel at a rate of 4-5 operations per week and the figure is growing, evidenced by Gert ter Haar of the Royal Veterinary College. Especially the interventions on Pugs are increased by 8 times. If 5 years ago the average was 30 per year now exceed 260. The price? Up to 2 thousand pounds, about 2. 500 euros. But beware: the expert points out that this is not cosmetic tinkering, but operations performed for medical purposes and often real life-saving interventions. If owners and admirers is virtually impossible to resist the desire to sink their hands between the soft folds of the nose of certain dog breeds, animals with these ‘ wrinkles ‘ there are health problems are a real risk. First of all-ter Haar-explains their Airways can be obstructed: creases can cover your nose and prevent the animal to breathe. In other cases, in the crevices of the skin can develop serious skin infection, in others the animal threatens the blindness or hearing loss. Obviously you don’t act ever unless there is a medical reason for doing so established, ensures the veterinarian on the ‘ Telegraph ‘. (more). For extra data on this matter check