In France, a quarter of new physicians are trained abroad.

Each year in France, a quarter of new physicians have been trained abroad, mainly in Romania, Algeria or in Belgium. But this influx does not resolve the thorny question of medical deserts, warned Thursday the national Council of the order of physicians (Cnom). Four years ago, a doctor in four newly registered is not a graduate of a French University, announced Thursday the Dr. Patrick Romestaing, presenting the results of the first study of the Cnom on migration flows and pathways of doctors. The Council has identified 22. 568 holders of a foreign diploma in France, a figure that increased by 60.2% from 2007 to 2014. Among them, 19. 044 are in regular activity (or retired, or replacing), on nearly 200. 000 doctors. If these data exclude the fringe of foreign doctors practice in french hospitals without being registered in the roll of the order, they still draw up a detailed portrait of these practitioners. Thus, outside the European Union, international medical graduates abroad were mostly trained in Algeria (55.6%), due to the historical ties uniting the country to France, according to the Cnom. Then there are licensed doctors of a Syrian diploma (10.6%), who were 375 to join the ranks of practitioners in France since 2007. A brain related to the conflict ravaging the Syria for more than three years. Graduates from the Morocco (10.1%) arrive in 3rd position. European, the effects of enlargement are felt, the number of people trained in Romania increased by 520% since 2007, date of the entry of this country in the EU. Thus, Romanian graduates make up the majority (40.9%) of European diplomas, before Belgian graduates (19.1%) and Italian (11.5%). The immigration of Romanian doctors in France began before 1989 and the fall of the Communist regime, says Dr. Calin Ciofu, vice-president of the association of Romanian doctors of France. But for the past five, six years ago a mass exodus, confirms. As the Polish plumber or the Bulgarian Mason, they come to seek a better life, summarizes it. He talks of better salaries and conditions of exercise in Romania, where doctors are particularly confronted with corruption. -Doctors tempted by wage-labour – of cultural factors also explain the preponderance of doctors who came to Italy, Belgium and Romania. The great advantage is the French language, very practiced in Romania, according to Mr. Ciofu, if they do know not (doctors, Editor’s note), they can learn it very quickly because Romanian is a Latin language, which explains that they prefer France to the Germany, for example. It is tempting to see this influx of foreign doctors in a solution to the shortage of general practitioners, in particular, sensitive in some areas. It is nothing, yet ensures the Cnom. Because the majority of holders of foreign degrees (62.4%) turned to wage-earning, especially public hospital services, and forsake the opening of liberal cabinet. Everywhere the wage system is predominant in areas that are in difficulty as the Centre region, Picardy, Nord, details Patrick Romestaing. In Ile-de-France, as lack of practitioners increases, only 23% of trained doctors abroad exercise liberal. Another observation raised by the Cnom: the regions already best staffed care which seduce them the most, namely Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes and Paca. These doctors want to have a mode of organization that makes everything is not based on their shoulders, share their exercise more, time, have administrative support, explains Patrick Romestaing. It is the same desire which is shared by young people, whether they are from French University or University located elsewhere. The study of the Cnom details not the number of French who go to study medicine abroad to circumvent the numerus clausus, a still marginal phenomenon, according to Jean-François Rault, the CNAME, which notes nevertheless that the Belgium is the most successful country in this area. . For extended information about this topic visit

Ecopop initiative: Shut the Swiss?

The Ecopop initiative, the Swiss voters on Sunday decide on who wants two things: the annual migration in the Switzerland should to 0.2% of the population are limited. Representing approximately 16 000 immigrants NET, i.e. after deduction of the emigrants. Since 2007, full freedom of movement applies with the EU, were net 80 000 immigrants per year in the Switzerland – not anticipates man immigrants against, were clearly more than 100 000 people newly in the Switzerland. The second requirement: Ten percent of Swiss development aid budgets should flow in voluntary family planning in the future. Is meant: pills and condoms for the poor in the recipient countries. The initiators want, that people in Asia and Africa less get how current children, so that the world population is growing not so much. Both claims relate to the exploitation of nature: with fewer people will be better citizens and the environment. Opponents of the initiative call the second point xenophobic, neo-colonialist or simply a racist expression of a self-appointed Lord people. They see the first as a definitive rejection of the bilateral agreements with the EU, which brought a very decent economic growth of Switzerland since 2002. This is the more important point. Because compared to many countries in the euro zone the Switzerland experienced in the last years a success story: positive statements on federal level, low unemployment, boom, thriving export. Also, the Swiss franc has become so strong that travel are historically favourable to EU countries, but also to America – also for average earners. Now, the basis for this was not the conservative environmentalists, which formed in the early 1970s. The overall mood was simply too progressive and business-friendly. But the Association of the two French words ecology and population (ecology and population) makes Ecopop, founded shortly after the first report of the Club of Rome under a different name and is, is benefiting from the gradual conservative revolution to watch the Switzerland for around a decade. A success of Ecopop initiative could now send a pan-European signal, as it did already adopting the mass immigration initiative for the Euro-sceptics. Therefore the proponent will be optimistic, and the enemy panicked. Perhaps rightly. All parties, all business associations, the Federal Council and Parliament were in unison against the initiative. And in the 1990s, an initiative without support only one party would have absolutely no chance. The modernized version of direct democracy, which is not so sure. . For extra facts on this subject click

France, the tested Motta is expensive to Brandao: one month in prison.

Bad news for the Brazilian striker Brandao of Bastia. After Thiago Motta header trimmed to 16 last August at the end of the match against Psg, gesture for which the player was 34 disqualified for 6 months, now worth far exceeds the sport justice. The Court of Paris, in fact, has inflicted a month in prison for the ugly gesture to the italo-Brazilian midfielder. A surprising decision, given that the Prosecutor had demanded eight months ‘ imprisonment with parole, but the judge-according to the L’Equipe-decided to one month in prison and a fine of 20 thousand euros. Disassembled so the 34 year old lawyer Brazilian striker who had defended his assisted by Thiago Motta warhead an act irrational, a sudden impulse, but for the Court of Paris the Act of Bastia player is premeditated and willful and show the images that reflect aggression to Thiago Motta in the tunnel of Bastia Stadium locker room. The judge would have suggested, according to the account of Agence France Presse, that the player could benefit from a conversion of the penalty and then not go to jail.  In terms of sporting justice, last week the appeals body of the French Football Federation confirmed the six months suspension inflicted to the player who will serve his sentence (u.s.) in mid-February. . You can click the following to learn more on this interesting matter.

International Organization of la francophonie: what place for Africa?

While Africa includes the largest francophone community in the world, the possibility to see the general Secretariat of the international organization of la francophonie escape an African would cause deep discomfort within the institution. Several names are vying to succeed Senegalese Abdou Diouf, but few are all attributes of the perfect candidate. Will Africa be the big loser in this chapter of history not so innocuous as it seems? The international organization of la francophonie is preparing to welcome a new Secretary general with the end of the mandate of Abdou Diouf (age 79). Like any election to a position of this importance, the competition sharpens the appetites and once is not custom, many beautiful applications compete. Yet few winners potential would make a (or a) Secretary general (e) able to embrace all of the very delicate issues facing la francophonie today. The value of women and men who present themselves is of paramount importance, the context of the election is as much. Rare, Africa depends on the fate of an election to an organization of global dimension. The africainsconstituent country a quota of 30 countries on the 77 members of the OIF. The weight of the continent weighs heavy, although it is not necessary to reduce African States to a single entity which would vote with one voice. Even though no one may arrogate a position according to its geographical origin, the OIF has a duty to respect the balance that make it what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. The face of the francophonie is today African and will be more tomorrow. Five candidates applying with Michaëlle Jean as a single woman and from a country of the North (Canada). Equipped with a good resume, hoist Michaëlle Jean at the head of the OIF would be tricky because of his Canadian origin. The country already holds a highly important position with Clément Duhaime, administrator general, and appreciated by all. His work has recently publicly praised by Abdou Diouf himself. Can OIF afford a game of musical chairs to negative sum to separate from his Deputy not to do the OIF a Quebec turf? Difficult to have a Secretary general who is not African with a continent that will include close to 80% of francophones in the world by 2050. The France and the Canada will remain headlights illuminated the Francophonie, but turn back to Africa on this issue, at this precise moment, is ensure a first class funeral to the French language in the medium term. And Abdou Diouf has demonstrated over the past twelve years, the choice of an African is not just political, it is a understanding of the francophone issues in this unmissable continent. Remain then four interesting applications that fall within this perimeter. Jean-Claude the Estrac, former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Mauritius seems fish in terms of connections with African policy makers, because the political weight is required to fill the head of the OIF. Indeed, under the aegis of Diouf, the OIF has worked extensively in favour of democracy and human rights. So yes, the balance is not perfect, far from it, but sensitive changes take form as in Burkina Faso. The country is in the process of democratization and the ongoing fragility of the new institutions will leave place to democracy fortified through the OIF. Personal connections are so a factor to be taken into account and this little game Pierre Buyoya seems to be best placed. The former president of Burundi is appreciated by the heads of State, African and has an address book useful to prevent and resolve conflicts quick to burst. Unlike some well-known international organizations, the vote for the leadership of the OIF is not played in advance. Programs (little publicized, it is true) play a real role in the hushed countryside who currently plays. Pierre Buyoya is based on three axes: the promotion of the French language in cultural diversity, the continuation of the efforts in the field of democracy, peace and the rights of man, not to mention the economic dimension. In short, a simple program but which embraces all issues must tackle the francophonie. Helped an international experience of very high level, the chances of Buyoya to succeed Diouf are large unless the curriculum vitae of Henri Lopes it is shadow. The man is an (unfortunate) elections to the OIF and it keeps the sympathy of many influential people. That remains the former Congolese Prime Minister and Deputy Director general of Unesco is handicapped by his age (age 77). The fourth and last African candidate, Augustin Nze Nfumu must face several challenges including the country of origin – the Equatorial Guinea which is in vast majority composed of Spanish speakers. A leader of la francophonie from a country not having french as their language of use would be quite incongruous. Nothing is so simple with a tray of good quality, even though it is clear that Africa cannot afford to lose this battle political and symbolic. Deprive it of a representative capable and eager to top wear the colors of the francophonie would be perceived as a very bad signal across the world and participate of the decline of the french movement in some countries. When Africa will be firmly anchored in the role of leader of the francophonie, it then may be time to leave the place of Secretary-General to a non African. So will the political balances that it is good to respect to best manage the common home of the international organization of la francophonie. . 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Video: Police officer in Cleveland scored immediately on twelve.

However, the nationwide protests due to the death of 18-year old Michael Brown, who also had come in the small town of Ferguson (Missouri) in August by police gunfire killed petered off noticeably on the night of Thursday. According to US media, it came in Ferguson and Los Angeles only to smaller incidents. St. Louis bordering on Ferguson, members of a protester group comprising about 200 people tried to reach on Wednesday in the Town Hall. According to media reports, police officers resorted pepper spray against them. Riots had erupted in Ferguson on Monday after a court jury said that Brown’s death shooter must not answer. At the federal level holder due to the death of 18-year old, as well as against the conduct of the police in the following riots is determined according to US Attorney General Eric yet. Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States – Thanksgiving is one of the highest holidays in the country. . You must read the following to discover more on this interesting topic.

Sports day in the ticker – Nowitzki-Gala against New York.

Tennis Olympic Champion Andy Murray stands despite a disappointing season trainer Amelie Mauresmo. This was announced on Wednesday the Scotsman. Murray, who 2014 not tied at the successes of the past, but waives assistant coach Daniel Vallverdu and fitness coach Jez green in the coming year. Both had accompanied the Wimbledon champion from 2013 for years on the tour. "We have us assembled at the end of the season and decided that a change is best for all of us is," Murray said in his last game of the year at the world tour finals in his homeland London against Roger Federer had experienced a debacle (0:6, 1:6). Murray had parted in March by coach Ivan Lendl, who had led him to the Grand-Slam titles at the US Open (2012) and Wimbledon, as well as to Olympic victory in London. After the French open in Paris, the former world-class player Mauresmo signed the 27-year-old, failed but at Wimbledon and the US open in the quarter-finals. . For extended facts about this topic read info.

The CGT scandals: Thierry Leapon charge his opponents.

In relation to the expensive work made in his office, Thierry Lepaon explains that they were made "in the framework" of the central headquarters renovation in Montreuil, near Paris. To justify the amount of 62. 000 euros, the patron of the CGT said it was necessary to redo ‘electricity, heating, air conditioning and soils. As for the furniture, which would have cost 21. 500 euros, or one third of the total amount, according to the satirical newspaper, "there is a meeting table which allows to work at eight, a wooden and glass desk, Chair and a cupboard. ” "The particularity of this furniture is that it has an atypical form: the roof of the Cabinet looks like a factory roof. And add: "it was designed by the architect. I discovered the furniture once it was installed. "After interviewing the Secretary general of the CGT Wednesday evening, Europe 1 was able to go to his office and shoot the piece. . You should visit this to discover extra on this great topic.

Ebola, first positive results from an experimental vaccine.

A healthcare in Africa (Afp) Ebola has so far killed nearly 5. 500 people and affected more than 15 thousand inhabitants of West Africa. Half of these numbers for Liberia. The epidemic in place, close to a year now beginning, does not seem to shut down also because for months were not intercepted all cases of infection. And still no one knows how many are infected by the virus of the bat that escape to isolation. Luckily awaked rich countries, perhaps afraid, from this new virus potential terrorist weapon and before long drugs and vaccines are under study in humans if not experienced on the ground, on the sick. The 90 percent funded by the armed forces of different countries: United States, Russia, China. Ebola also frightens as a weapon and the antidote is priority research. And here’s the first possible success in a non-military vaccine, but of the multinational GlaxoSmithKline (Gsk). In phase I, the one who has to prove the non-toxicity of the product, Administration of the vaccine in Niaid of 2 September (Ap) volunteers test object in the United States, twenty men between 18 and 50 years, have all developed within a month a high level of immunity to Ebola-specific. GSK has already begun the production of 24 million doses for use in West Africa in efficacy trials (phase II and III). The positive results of CAd3, this vaccine the initials, were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In 2015 we start with tests in Africa. The American public health Institutes (Nhi of Bethesda) participated in the creation the vaccine intramuscularly was developed at Niaid and at Okairos, a biotech company acquired by GlaxoSmithKline. Contains genetic material from two strains of Ebola-Zaire, responsible for the current epidemic in West Africa and Sudan-but does not contain live virus and cannot cause the disease. The studio has enlisted volunteers aged between 18 and 50 years. Half of them received a low dose and the other half a higher dose. All 20 have developed Ebola antibodies within four weeks, and those who received the highest dose have more products. Daniel Bausch of Tulane University, who wrote an accompanying commentary to the publication of the study, called the results promising, but warned that there are many other challenges before they are established safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Another GlaxoSmithKline vaccine against the strain, Zaire is being tested in England, Mali and Switzerland, while one of NewLink Genetics, based in Iowa, is being tested in Maryland. This week, Merck announced that it would buy the rights to the vaccine NewLink to 50 million u.s. dollars. The study of a vaccine against Ebola by & Johnson Johnson is scheduled for January. . For extra data regarding this matter visit resource.

There is still much work to be done, but there were important advances. The interests of Iran and the Government’s commitment to Rouhani is to close successfully the negotiations on nuclear power. Masoumeh Ebtekar’s is a familiar face of Iranian politics: today is Deputy President Hassan Rouhani and Minister of the environment, as well as in the late 1990s was the first woman vice President in Iran, working with Mohammad Khatami. Since 1979, the Islamic revolution, explode the Ebtekar was able to gain another role: then was the spokeswoman of the students who occupied the American Embassy, the legendary sister Mary as the renamed American media. The rest of his career path was still on the razor’s edge, militating in groups and political parties that often ended up in the crosshairs of the reactionary right of Iran. On a visit to Rome, met with Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, which confirmed that Italy for Iran is the gateway to Europe, binds us an Alliance of civilizations. And then the speaker of the House Laura Boldrini, with which he dealt with the issues of the protection of the rights of women. Since 1979, the Islamic revolution, then many things have changed, especially in relations between Tehran and Washington. Iran and Usa today actually fight together against the Caliph Al Baghdadi, and especially for months are working to clear the field from the possibility that Iran will equip atomic weapon. For the reformist Iranians Rouhani it is vital that the United States accept as soon as possible to lift economic sanctions imposed on the country after they were found by the UN some violations to the non-proliferation Treaty that Iran had signed. For us there is first a need to figure out how long it will take the penalties, in addition to the appearance of nuclear installations inspections required by the UN. The Ebtekar avoids commenting on the last words of ayatollah Khamenei, while open to the words of the Secretary of State, John Kerry and European envoy Catherine Ashton: were very positive declarations, this convinces me that there is a real possibility to continue negotiating to reach an agreement that protects the interests of both parties. Even in Iran, as in every other country has its policy choices, its trends. I have been in Government with Khatami, in a period of high hopes. I think some posts by Khatami, some guidelines are essential. For example, the concept of dialogue among civilizations is taken from those who now works for an Alliance against violence. An Alliance that now you must commit against terrorism of Isis, an organization totally contrary to any principle of Islam. Many are opposed to a process Iran’s opening to the world. There are countries that from the outside have urged to make more difficult the negotiating conditions. The Zionist entity (Israel Iranian terminology, ndr) for example has mobilized public opinion in the United States against the agreement. Sure, there are in our country political groups suspicious of the negotiations. The Government Rouhani is supported by reformists, as am I, and from political groups, Centre principalisti. But Iran is still very strong, even at the level of public opinion, the suspicion of foreign powers that for too many years they interfere with our internal affairs: radical and extremist groups try to blow up any agreement. The day of the announcement of the continuation of the negotiations a newspaper came out with a full-page headline: NOTHING!. As if anything the fact that for months the Iran trades, discusses, compares substantially with larger world powers after years of clashes and misunderstandings. Many of these critics have linked to the previous Government, that of Ahmadinejad. But it is crucial the support that the Supreme Leader, ayatollah Khamenei, has offered the President and Foreign Minister Zarif to continue to negotiate and defend the interests of Iran. By Ghoncheh Ghavami is a complicated case, but I am convinced that on appeal the sentencing verdict can be overturned. Now was put back into the wild and is anyway a good thing: in Iran there are some circles who believe they can put pressure on the judiciary, but essentially our judges are independent and balanced and know how to evaluate wisely. . Related facts can be found visiting url.

Has a tumor: MOM 26 builds the wishlist on her last Christmas.

Aimee Willett is planning for his family a very special Christmas. As for the 26 English, will most likely be the last. To Aimee, Michael’s girlfriend and mother of Charlie, 8 years and 3-year-old Kaleb, was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and doctors say he may not get to 2016. For this, Aimee has compiled a great list of very special desires to accomplish before the next year: in first place we pass to his children and his family a Christmas that will remember forever. The young MOM discovered to be sick last year after her first pap test, which England becomes mandatory after 25 years. He thought for a routine examination, the results have forever changed his life: Aimee at the dawn of his 26 years already had a tumor at the Terminal. But Aimee first, even before his health, his family there: after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy has decided to only think to enjoy the time that remains, and to make his children happy. For Christmas we will surprise the kids and take them to Lapland (Santa Claus theme park, ED) and on Christmas day then we will as a family, he explained, moved. Second in the wishlist there marry fellow Michael: could be a bit problematic from an economic point of view, but somehow we do, tells the girl, determined to realize his dream of love with the man of her life. And the honeymoon? In Paris, of course: before dying Aimee wants to watch the spectacle of lights on the Eiffel Tower and take the kids to Disneyland Paris. I also want to run the Race for Life-Aimee pointed out-that it is on my legs, crawling or push from someone, I make. The last wish aimed at all the other women and the national health service. You have to lower the age at which the first pap smear becomes mandatory, explains Aimee-always thought to be too young, but the cancer does not choose a band of et. The last commitment of the young MOM will prevent other girls happen what happened to her. . You can read the following home page to read more on this great matter.