Thuringia State election: Greens Merkel warns of Karl Marx.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has warned against participation in a Government under the leadership of the left the Greens in Thuringia, Germany. She have respect for the Greens, of which many 25 years ago had campaigned in the new forum and other East German civil rights movement for freedom, Merkel said on Saturday at the CDU election campaign statements in Apolda. Same Greens are now ready to work with the left. There, the Karl Marx in the Chancery should be taken now. You can’t not be, said Merkel. In Thuringia, it could To give a Red Red-Green Alliance under the leadership of the party after the regional elections this Sunday for the first time. Prerequisite is that the Greens in the Parliament of the move – and willing together with the SPD to form a Government as a junior partner of the left, whose leading candidate Bodo Ramelow. Nationwide the first time is that the traditionally strong in the East left party will nominate a Prime Minister. So far the Social Democrats in Thuringia in a grand coalition under Prime Minister Christine Lieberknecht (CDU) rule. The SPD has not set himself deliberately on a coalition statement. The Greens, who have to come according to current figures of ZDF to 5.5 per cent and so tremble to their renewed entered the Landtag are another uncertainty factor. In Brandenburg the Social Democrats can choose expected their future coalition partner. So far, Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) ruled in a red red coalition. After the regional elections, the SPD could enter also a coalition with a pro-reform CDU. The Social Democrats are in Brandenburg since nearly a quarter-century in Government. The right-wing conservative alternative for Germany (AfD) should insert – after her success in Saxony two weeks ago – now also in Potsdam and Erfurt in the Landtag. In Thuringia the AfD can count according to current polls about 8 per cent, in Brandenburg even with 9.5 percent. The FDP must, however, is expected to move out of two provincial assemblies. She was sitting then in no East Parliament more and nationwide only in 6 of 16 State parliaments. Merkel urged citizens on Saturday to go to the election. In her appearance before around 2000 people in Apolda, the constituency of Lieberknecht, the Chancellor also with criticism faced. With placards, demonstrators protested against weapon transports in war zones and the free trade agreement of TTIP. In addition they requested in the Ukraine crisis negotiations with Instead of on sanctions against Russia to put. .

Washington wants to cut economic links between the Russia and the EU, according to Moscow.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs accused Saturday the United States of wanting to cut economic ties between Moscow and the European Union, in the wake of the entry into force of new EU sanctions against Russia because of his alleged involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. America wants to take advantage of the current situation to cut economic ties between Europe and Russia, including to impose EU deliveries of gas whose prices are significantly higher than those of Russian gas, said Mr Lavrov, quoted in a statement by Russian diplomacy, in an interview with the Russian television channel TV Centre. Washington wants to ensure the most favourable conditions in the negotiations on the creation of a commercial transatlantic partnership and investment, he said. Thus, the United States tries to impose on Europe deliveries of gas liquefies American at prices that cannot be competitive with the price of Russian gas, the Minister said. He also accused the EU of being prepared to sacrifice its economy to the political, stressing that Brussels had decided to prepare a new set of sanctions against Russia on September 5, the day an agreement on the cease-fire in Ukraine was signed in Minsk, thanks to an initiative of the Russian president Vladimir Poutine. .

The average Italian salary to EUR 1,327. Nearly seven million under a thousand euros per month.

Milan-The average monthly net salary of an Italian worker in 2013 is equal to 1. 327 euros. Those who earn while working, less than one thousand euros per month range from six to seven million people. E ‘ quanto emerge from the payroll of the Isrf report Lab-curated by the Secretary General of Fisac Cgil, Agostino Megale, in collaboration with Nicola Cicada-titled Poor wages. A young graduate was precarious if okay average fluctuates between 800 and 1. 000 per month until thirty-five years. While over seven million pensioners receive less than 1. 000 euros per month. And if the net salary was up just over 1. 300 euros per month, compared with that of a German worker is unforgiving: the latter, as it is underlined in the study, earn an average of 6 thousand euros more per year. Among the most affected by the wage issue, there are young people. Megale in complaint, in fact, as a young degli anni ‘ 70 earn on average 10% more than the national average during the years of crisis, instead they take home the 12% less. JOBPRICING. Calculate how much should be your stipendioLa inequality, as emerges from the report is the result of a progressive long-term inequality: In 1970 a manager gained twenty times.

Energy: Full gas storage make miserable operator.

In October, the gas supply in Germany is again A little bit safer. Then the memory operator Storengy at Salzwedel offers customers to fill the fifth and final cavern of its underground storage. Thus, more than 24 billion cubic meters of gas can be stored in Germany. This is more than a quarter of what German consumers and businesses burn in a year. And so the Federal Government despite growing tensions with the main gas suppliers Russia remains approved, are filled to more than 90 percent of the local stores before the heating season starts. Scientists of the University of Cologne just confirmed that. RWE is not alone. Almost any of the two dozen store operator in Germany has problems with the current business, looking for ways to improve the margin, has deferred expansion plans. Leader Eon had already declared that you’ll "No more more memory invest in projects". Also, Arno Büx, German CEO of Storengy, which has natural gas storage company of French energy giant GDF Suez, book values must adapt to the reality. On the question of whether Storengy had made a profit last year, he says: "We are To write black in 2014." Since the beginning of the year is also known, that wants to sell a midsize store at Hamburg Reitbrook Storengy. All in all could expansion plans be buried in the past few years up to 10 billion cubic meters, estimated a long-time industry insider. However, still projects that might push the maximum volume of the work of German memory up to 30 billion cubic metres are in the list of projects continuing each year meticulously by the lower Saxon State Office for mining, energy and geology; that would be one-fifth more than it is today. .

Questions & answers: Ankara’s problems IS fighting.

Istanbul – Turkey has joined the ten Alliance at the NATO Summit in Wales, who wants to stop the terrorist militia IS. Only State from this group, Turkey borders both the Iraq and Syria, where the extremists on the rise. What does IS against Turkey in hand? Three months ago, IS fighters stormed the Turkish Consulate in Mosul, Northern Iraq. Since then, 49 Turks in the violence of extremists, including the Consul-General are according to official data. The Government in Ankara argues that it should not endanger the lives of the hostages. That IS not reluctant to kill foreign captives, the extremists demonstrated not least with the murder of two US journalists. When air strikes with the support of Turkey, IS could abuse the hostages as living shields. Doruk Egan of the thinktank Edam says: has networks in Turkey IS and could attack either on the border or in major cities of Turkey. The Turkish Government wants to deliver IS no excuse for an attack. Occasionally, IS fighters have already threatened Turkey. According to media reports Turks IS joined around 1000, they could carry the terror in their home. The Middle East online magazine Al-monitor thinks should be smashed the terrorist militia one day, will be the first country, in that she pulls back and reorganize into cells, Turkey. The Turkish Government is working on a peace process with the banned Kurdistan Workers Party PKK. The Government in Ankara’s plans aim to disarm the PKK fighters. At the same time, Western States prepare how Germany the northern Iraqi Kurds in battle long since the PKK fight IS with weapons – on their side. Turkey is accused, she let foreign fighters of IS and other groups a long time over the border to Syria unhindered. The Government in Ankara was contributing to the overthrow of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, where she sees one of her nemeses. Turkey is displeased that the goal of Assad fall on the priority list of the West beyond the fight against IS slipped. That the Turkey not controlled the flow of foreign Jihadists, was accused her, to have contributed to the rise of IS. Turkish media reports the authorities had deported 830 extremists from European countries in the past two years. Anti-terrorism and intelligence units were deployed at border crossings. In June, the Government had communicated a ban had been imposed on 5300 suspected extremists from abroad. From Western security circles, it is still, the Turkey do not everything that was in their power to control the borders. .

Fi, Thick attacks the Stunned Rossi. Which titles he?.

Leave the astounding fact that Mr Berlusconi would allow Senator Rossi to distribute, review, release or withdraw ‘ patent ‘ the legality of stay in the party, and correctness of political opinions and arguments of others. Raffaele Fitto writes on his blog commenting on the statements of Dennis Rossi, administrator of the party. I believe that neither the Senator nor other Rossi, in a liberal movement, can only imply no such thing. Just as I believe that neither the Senator nor Rossi have titles or other technical-juridical legitimization and statutory and policy to speculate such things, adds Thick I think-ends-which is always stronger the discomfort of many fellow MEPs, directors, members and militants, for a method that grieve and perplexing. And it says-be clear-those who, like me, has always considered and considers that Italy has been Strong, both will still also home. In an interview with the Republic Senator Rossi is back to talk about the economic situation of the party and threatened the morosi: We made very badly. There is a penny. I’m angry: we must realize that the President has given us a lot and for us, now, it’s time to give. Those who do not understand-says-can’t stand the new Forza Italy. In conversation with the newspaper edited by Ezio Mauro, the Rossi criticizes the same Thick, which claims the primaries: everyone has their own ambitions. The primaries but are not required. We don’t talk about, maybe you can try elsewhere ,. Then, of course, everybody can say whatever, but us-for our history and our culture-we do not need it. We have a coalition leader, without primaries. The Senator said then that you will vote in 2015 and that it is essential that a new alliance between FI and Ncd Alfano. The leader? A Berlusconi, says Rossi. .

Interactive: our members earn so A lot at the same time.

Peer Steinbrück should have guessed Right away that this would bring him in emergency of Declaration of: when in April 2012 ticker the first reports of the ran, the SPD candidate for Chancellor have in addition to his political work lectures at various companies millions earned, was hit by a heated debate on the German policy. Can a politician especially that, and a Chancellor candidate? Is proper, not only for the work in the service of the people paying for it themselves, but also by the economy, and that even so princely? Steinbrück had to react and revealed all of his perks after a few days. But a question German policy after that never got rid of: what do our MPs, if they are just sitting in the Chamber or in a Committee? And above all: what do they get for it? Under the Parliament Act, activities are "professional and other types in addition to the mandate basically allowed". To allow the voters "to make a picture about possible links of interest and the independence of the perception of the mandate," the Bundestag delegates must disclose now almost her entire current work life. This applies to the last exercised professional as well as for perks in addition to the mandate and functions in companies, entities and institutions of public law. Also (volunteer) functions in clubs, associations, and foundations are a notifiable disease, as well as investments in capital or partnerships and agreements on future activities or financial benefits. .

Pistorius, waiting for the verdict.

‘ Manslaughter ‘. Unfazed, standing, Oscar Pistorius has listened to the reading of the judgement from the judge, while Thokozile Masipa tribune of Reeva’s family audience were in tears. The Paralympic athlete guilty Yes, therefore, of murdering his girlfriend the night of Valentine’s day last year, but only by mistake. For the Pistorius ‘ judge fired intentionally through the bathroom door, but had no intention to kill Reeva and acted negligently. The culpable homicide is punished with a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. Pistorius came around the Italian Court 9 in Pretoria. Face strained but less terreo compared to the first hearing. Knew to be already escaped a life sentence. But it was still long and restless waiting for the judgment of Paralympian, that the February 14, 2013 killed his girlfriend by shooting through Steenkamp Reeva bathroom door. The first part of the sentence, begun Thursday, Thokozile Masipa, the judge ruled that Pistorius acted conscientiously, but without premeditation. The accusation, according to the judge, has not produced sufficient evidence to prove the athlete’s intention to kill his girlfriend. Therefore, dropped the main charge, voluntary and premeditated murder, Pistorius has avoided a life sentence. The judge ruled Pistorius ‘ guilty ‘ of gun ownership for the episode of shots fired at a restaurant a few weeks before the death of Reeva. Judge Thokozile Msipa, reading the verdict for the death of girlfriend has faced other allegations against him for possession of firearms. The episode dates back to January 2013. The judge felt rather ‘ not guilty ‘ for shots fired on another occasion, the transparent roof of his car. Criticism rained on the 66enne after the first court hearing. Some South African lawyers are wondering how it is possible to exclude the premeditation. "I’m shocked," said the France Presse the legal expert Martin Hood, of Johannesburg, "the overall impression is that the judge committed an error." The advocate of Johannesburg, Audrey Berndt says: «Masipa is a well-known, well-respected judge. Certainly everyone expected a conviction for murder with premeditation, but after listening to the judge’s reasoning, I understand better your decision. ‘ Tough the judgment of James Grant, Professor of criminal law at Wits University in Johannesburg: "How do you shoot voluntarily four bullets through the door of a bathroom and do not think you can kill someone? At the very least Pistorius should be convicted of manslaughter ". .

Merkel protects Hollande by ex.

Valerie Trierweiler does not cross the Rhine. According to the Figaro, his book won’t be published in Germany, at least at the moment. The Germans will then read the confidences of former first lady with all spicy stories related to her relationship with Hollande. There are two reasons. The first is purely political. The France faces Germany on everything that concerns the European Union. And Angela Merkel doesn’t want to offend the French Head of State. According to a survey, half of French people disapprove of the decision to publish a book that puts in place the more intimate side of the President. The second reason relates to the actual contents of the book, which according to the agent contacted by the Publisher Les Arenes, is not attractive enough for German readers. In short, inverted the parts the French public would have bought the book on extramarital romances of the Chancellor? It is not safe. However, it is not excluded that the bestselling could however find a buyer at the Frankfurt book fair to be held from 8 to 12 October. It’s the biggest event in the world in the literary field, with 300,000 visitors. Meanwhile, Valerie’s book soon will arrive in Italy, United States and Viet Nam. .

Towards a hard strike at Air France?

Because the new PERFORM 2020 plan that takes subsequently TRANSFORM 2015 plan which allowed the departure of 8,000 employees mainly on the ground. Alexandre de Juniac, CEO of Air France-KLM before the press and financial analysts yesterday detailed the new plan which includes the rise of Transavia, the low cost of Air France airline. A very ambitious plan which should enable the company to position itself on the market of leisure in Europe. Alexandre de Juniac does no less than 20 million customers and 100 aircraft in the colours of Transavia. In terms of the CEO, there are 3 companies Transavia: 2 existing, Transavia France and Transavia Netherlands and that is where the shoe pinches, airline Transavia Europe. The latter will be based in Europe (term, 10 cities could accommodate these European databases) and the drivers will benefit from local contracts it means that they will be paid less than their colleagues from Air France. They demanded the direction that all aircraft in the colours of Air France and Transavia over 110 seats are flown by pilots of Air France with Air France wages. The negotiations ended in failure. The CEO of Air France-KLM has maintained, without hesitation, that pilots unions call a relocation in Europe. Other PERFORM 2020 measures are the creation of a business unit which includes branded HOP! regional regional Britair and Airlinair subsidiaries as well as point to point of Air France flights. This entity brings together 38 Airbus A320 and 61 regional aircraft. These lines are currently losing EUR 200 million per year, the balance being promised for the season 2016/2017. The novelty is that these crews of HOP! are mounted to the niche to explain that they do not appreciate to see devices over 110 seats are operated by pilots under a single contract of Air France. And drivers of Hop! explain their side in a press release that they will know how to defend their perimeter and their jobs, their growth and their know-how. By also a pilots Union, the regional SPAC called drivers to do everything to break the strike by Air France pilots. They are even ready to take command of the aircraft cockpits would be deserted by the members of the SNPL. .