There is still much work to be done, but there were important advances. The interests of Iran and the Government’s commitment to Rouhani is to close successfully the negotiations on nuclear power. Masoumeh Ebtekar’s is a familiar face of Iranian politics: today is Deputy President Hassan Rouhani and Minister of the environment, as well as in the late 1990s was the first woman vice President in Iran, working with Mohammad Khatami. Since 1979, the Islamic revolution, explode the Ebtekar was able to gain another role: then was the spokeswoman of the students who occupied the American Embassy, the legendary sister Mary as the renamed American media. The rest of his career path was still on the razor’s edge, militating in groups and political parties that often ended up in the crosshairs of the reactionary right of Iran. On a visit to Rome, met with Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, which confirmed that Italy for Iran is the gateway to Europe, binds us an Alliance of civilizations. And then the speaker of the House Laura Boldrini, with which he dealt with the issues of the protection of the rights of women. Since 1979, the Islamic revolution, then many things have changed, especially in relations between Tehran and Washington. Iran and Usa today actually fight together against the Caliph Al Baghdadi, and especially for months are working to clear the field from the possibility that Iran will equip atomic weapon. For the reformist Iranians Rouhani it is vital that the United States accept as soon as possible to lift economic sanctions imposed on the country after they were found by the UN some violations to the non-proliferation Treaty that Iran had signed. For us there is first a need to figure out how long it will take the penalties, in addition to the appearance of nuclear installations inspections required by the UN. The Ebtekar avoids commenting on the last words of ayatollah Khamenei, while open to the words of the Secretary of State, John Kerry and European envoy Catherine Ashton: were very positive declarations, this convinces me that there is a real possibility to continue negotiating to reach an agreement that protects the interests of both parties. Even in Iran, as in every other country has its policy choices, its trends. I have been in Government with Khatami, in a period of high hopes. I think some posts by Khatami, some guidelines are essential. For example, the concept of dialogue among civilizations is taken from those who now works for an Alliance against violence. An Alliance that now you must commit against terrorism of Isis, an organization totally contrary to any principle of Islam. Many are opposed to a process Iran’s opening to the world. There are countries that from the outside have urged to make more difficult the negotiating conditions. The Zionist entity (Israel Iranian terminology, ndr) for example has mobilized public opinion in the United States against the agreement. Sure, there are in our country political groups suspicious of the negotiations. The Government Rouhani is supported by reformists, as am I, and from political groups, Centre principalisti. But Iran is still very strong, even at the level of public opinion, the suspicion of foreign powers that for too many years they interfere with our internal affairs: radical and extremist groups try to blow up any agreement. The day of the announcement of the continuation of the negotiations a newspaper came out with a full-page headline: NOTHING!. As if anything the fact that for months the Iran trades, discusses, compares substantially with larger world powers after years of clashes and misunderstandings. Many of these critics have linked to the previous Government, that of Ahmadinejad. But it is crucial the support that the Supreme Leader, ayatollah Khamenei, has offered the President and Foreign Minister Zarif to continue to negotiate and defend the interests of Iran. By Ghoncheh Ghavami is a complicated case, but I am convinced that on appeal the sentencing verdict can be overturned. Now was put back into the wild and is anyway a good thing: in Iran there are some circles who believe they can put pressure on the judiciary, but essentially our judges are independent and balanced and know how to evaluate wisely. . Main data could be found visiting this

Has a tumor: MOM 26 builds the wishlist on her last Christmas.

Aimee Willett is planning for his family a very special Christmas. As for the 26 English, will most likely be the last. To Aimee, Michael’s girlfriend and mother of Charlie, 8 years and 3-year-old Kaleb, was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and doctors say he may not get to 2016. For this, Aimee has compiled a great list of very special desires to accomplish before the next year: in first place we pass to his children and his family a Christmas that will remember forever. The young MOM discovered to be sick last year after her first pap test, which England becomes mandatory after 25 years. He thought for a routine examination, the results have forever changed his life: Aimee at the dawn of his 26 years already had a tumor at the Terminal. But Aimee first, even before his health, his family there: after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy has decided to only think to enjoy the time that remains, and to make his children happy. For Christmas we will surprise the kids and take them to Lapland (Santa Claus theme park, ED) and on Christmas day then we will as a family, he explained, moved. Second in the wishlist there marry fellow Michael: could be a bit problematic from an economic point of view, but somehow we do, tells the girl, determined to realize his dream of love with the man of her life. And the honeymoon? In Paris, of course: before dying Aimee wants to watch the spectacle of lights on the Eiffel Tower and take the kids to Disneyland Paris. I also want to run the Race for Life-Aimee pointed out-that it is on my legs, crawling or push from someone, I make. The last wish aimed at all the other women and the national health service. You have to lower the age at which the first pap smear becomes mandatory, explains Aimee-always thought to be too young, but the cancer does not choose a band of et. The last commitment of the young MOM will prevent other girls happen what happened to her. . For extra insights regarding this matter visit

The intervention would only cheques to ‘ grand commis ‘ cleared by 2015. With a last-second blitz, Government sources said, the Ministry of economy is preparing to present to the House Budget Committee an amendment other than that provided by the Government and approved by the Minister of Forests on a favourable opinion of the Ministry of labour and, informally, Inps. The change relates to a substantive point perch is without prejudice to all ‘ pensions d’Or already in the enjoyment in that, according to the MEF-that as point out the sources interviewed-should be limited to assessing the financial cover profiles, otherwise the rule would be unconstitutional. As a result of the new thread, who so far has benefited from a clearly unjust discipline, would continue to do so: unless the Senate the Government and the majority doesn’t run for cover. The text states that the amount of the pension cannot be higher than what would have been paid with the old payroll system, but does not specify have elapsed since (in the first version of the amendment was established from the date of entry into force of the reform Fornero). And therefore would apply only to pensions awarded as of January 1, 2015, the date of entry into force of law of Stability. . Main facts could be read clicking the following page.

Allergies, restaurants required to report hazardous substances.

Are eight million allergic to foods in Italy and half risks his life to anaphylactic shock if you eat what is prohibited. Twelve million are the intolerant and, finally, almost one and a half million diagnosed coeliacs. For all these citizens a delicacy, aside from a taste, to be sure. Menu transparency becomes an obligation from December 13, in application of European regulation 1169 of 2011, already applied by other Eu States. From us only the 28 November application decrees will be discussed with the ministries of economic development and health: procedures and sanctions. From December 13, entering a restaurant, a self-service restaurant, a bar, a cafeteria, in ice cream, in a deli, the different proposals of menu will be accompanied or «leaflet» (as for medicines) that will report, if applicable, one or more of the 14 major nutrients source of allergy. Or presented by a ‘ allergens ‘ that attache li lists when choosing a dish, adding the waiter and the sommelier. And everything will be updated changing menus. Transparency of ingredients, even if hidden in the natural folds of the conservation though. See the sulfites to «Polish» fruits and vegetables or those of white wine, see lactose in Salamis, see sugar in bread, see egg lysozyme which enriches the grana padano cheese but not the reggiano. An allergic to eggs should know what grated on pasta was. The EU also provides for a continuous updating of allergens. . You can visit this to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.

PHOTOS. The Search: interview with Michel Hazanavicius then released his film on the Chechen conflict.

CINEMA РWith The Search, in theaters Wednesday, November 26, Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist, OSS 117) has immersed himself in the second Chechen war and its procession of horrors, to fix on film and fiction through a conflict that has left the indifferent world. One of the inspirations for filmmaker has been the feature of Fred Zimmermann, the angels marked, released in 1948 and taking place in a Germany defeated and destroyed. Hazanavicius camera remains here in the most close to the characters, poignant, such as the Hadji boy or soldier Lokesh. Michel Hazanavicius: This choice is not insignificant. I do not feel obliged to laugh all the time. I have an empathy for these people who have not only lost the war but have also been ill-treated by history. In France, many still believe that the Chechens are all dangerous terrorists. The conflict was swept at mind-bending speed, what is even more serious that the current situation is echoed. What happened there is a little matrix of events in Georgia and those that take place in Ukraine today. It is not me who will find ideal operation of the institutions. I know that before each intervention, there is a real complexity: understanding the situation, know the details of the context. I note that it is very complicated to engage and that some sort of tape paralyzes. Inertia is not a good solution. I tried to be more humane in the treatment of the characters. I did not want the European played by B̩r̩nice Bejo take precedence over others. In this kind of movie, it is often the Westerner who has the most important or most interesting place. It seems to me that in a conflict, people who have histories strongest are those who lived, the Chechens or the Russians. Michel Hazanavicius: This film is not harmless so I was kinda K. O. It was my first reaction, then you do not indefinitely remain in this State there, you streamline and you back at work. I took advantage of the fact that the film came out in the wake of the festival to take the time to reassemble. We can always blame the critics but I think have improved it and, in the end, it is better than what it was at Cannes. History: rather than locating the action on the front, the filmmaker chose to follow the destinies of four characters that the conflict will lead to interbreed. There are first Hadji, nine-year-old boy who saw his parents being massacred and fled his village, his little brother in arms, thinking that he did no other survivor in his family. Actually Radford, its big sister, escaped the slaughter. Finding the empty House, she went to turn on the roads of the exodus quest for his brothers (The search means + quest +). Meanwhile, thousands of kilometres away, Lokesh, young Russian for 19 years, is enrolled almost by force into an army that will gradually dehumanize it. Carole (B̩r̩nice B̩jo), project coordinator for the European Union, is convinced that ideas can prevail over the administration, and wants to adopt Hadji, it collects at the border where refugees are crammed. The naivety of the young woman is opposed the wrath of Helen (Annette Benning), responsible for the Red Cross and exasperated by the indifference of the West. . Inspirational data may be read checking this

Sara Carbonero flashing with your slides.

Alien to his treacherous transparencies, Sara procedures to the presentation n the book and explained the grounds as you hab an led to accept the invitation n of doctors become writers. Made me very ilusi’n n that John [Jos Vidal] and Elena [Carrillo], which is my ginec propose it I loga. As my son was born here, is doubly special, VAT statement at press conference, not without influence also in the solidarity aspect of ‘Womanhood’: the recaudaci n of copyright is intended fully to M doctors without borders and the fundaci n society protective of the Ni os. After the formal ceremony, coal access to the media, although avis: to the first question that is not about the book, short. As it is as the journalist revel which is at its best as a woman and the argument with these words: I am a mother and I am in the thirties, which is a good stage for women. I feel very good. On the other hand, coal destac the following of ‘A woman’: cap title of Elena – I quite liked his ginec loga – on fertility. I then focused on the subject of motherhood, that talks about breastfeeding and everything to do with the time I have lived recently. But they finished the journalist words as soon as the questions took a different course: said that does not have to thought to write ning n book – at the moment do not see – or repeat short term experience of being a parent: buttonhole may come a little brother for Mart n, but still to no, said before departing. Thank you, Sara. . For extended data regarding this subject click source.

Anesthesia: Death after dental surgery.

Both probably in Augsburg the case: the 46-year-old patient suffering from down syndrome. Qualified assistance for the anaesthetic was not local, also no irregular post-op. Hendrik Liedtke, appraisers and anesthesia chief physician in Halle/Saale speaks of backyard anaesthesia: the number of black sheep is small. But we have too many cases involving alleged petty anaesthesia killed patients, especially also keep coming back children. On a dental surgery, patients must pay mostly itself an Anaesthetic – from misguided sense of loyalty, some dentists opt for a low-cost structure. In Berlin, we commit practices randomly. But it is not everywhere so done, says Christel Stoeckel Heilenz, anaesthetist and Vice President of the German society of practice clinic. If we wanted to check the dental surgeries, we would have no access at all. Must apply for all: just who provides the quality standards, may settle to anaesthesia. A statutory registration register for anaesthetic incidents does not exist in Germany. . Original source can be studied clicking the following

Putin announced the creation of the free trade area with the Viet Nam.

Russian president Vladimir Poutine announced Tuesday the creation of a free trade area between the Customs Union led by the Russia and Vietnam, after a meeting Tuesday with the number one Vietnamese, Nguyen Phu Trong. The talks are at the stage of finalization, and the Viet Nam will become the first country with which an agreement will be reached, said M. Poutine, at the end of a meeting with the general Secretary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam in Sochi, on the Black Sea. Founded in 2010, the Customs Union between Belarus, the Kazakhstan and the Russia exempts customs duties goods moving between these three States and allows their free movement within the Union. Moscow and Hanoi also agreed agreed on increasing shipments of Vietnamese agricultural products on the Russian market, according to M. Poutine. In August, the Russia had instituted an embargo on most food products from countries of the European Union, in response to the Western sanctions against him. On the other hand, the Russian gas giant Gazprom announced in a release signed an agreement with the Vietnamese public group of oil PetroVietnam on the joint exploration of deposits in the Orenburg region and the autonomous district of Yamalo-Nenets (Northwest of Siberia). Another agreement provides for the delivery of Russian oil from the VSTO (ESPO) brand to Viet Nam by the Gazprom Gazprom Neft, the oil industry group. Trade between the Russia and the Viet Nam can reach up to 10 billion dollars within a few years, welcomed by Vladimir Poutine. Seventeen investment projects amounting to more than $ 20 billion are underway, according to the Russian president. The Russia was always one of the main partners of the Viet Nam, recalled Nguyen Phu Trong, advocating the strengthening of cooperation with Moscow to change the relations between the two countries to a new, higher level. ml/mp/st/eb. Related info can be found checking

Internet: grow audience and advertising, dominates the mobile web. Opportunities in the big date and in SMEs.

We are in a time of Digital Renaissance: with this Declaration of optimism Carlo Noseda, President Iab Italy, opened this morning in Milan the Iab Forum, two days of meetings, workshops and reflections on current digital marketing to MiCo-Milano Congressi (25/26 November). A Renaissance which see in the growth of digital advertising market the tangible evidence of a countertrend: the economic Digital Advertising in Italy increases of 12.7%, thus consolidating the position of the internet as a medium for advertising after a tv market by 2 billion euros. Leisure Consumer segments and investing more Opportunity in the big date and in SMEs-digital spending of Italian companies reached 23.1% (in line with the global average, says D’hooge): between the various market segments, leisure (43%) and consumer goods (27 percent) invest more. The market growth has exceeded expectations by at least four points-explains ANSA Marzan-: Italy in 2014 will be the fourth in Europe for online marketing. -According to the Deputy Director of Iab Italy more opportunities in the future are not only big date (but I prefer to talk about smart data: the customer appreciates an advertisement that gets closer and closer to him), but also for the digital market entry for small and medium-sized enterprises: the 50% of them still doesn’t have a website, can invest in Search and Social. And if advertising grows, the audience to which this is marketing is no different. Domain of the mobile Internet according to preferred medium-In digital listening data presented by Enrico Gasperini, President Audiweb, emerges the mobile domain: From mobile phone fanatics we’ve become fans of smartphones, says Gasperini. About 21.2 million users on the average day, indeed, 15 million access from Smartphones (data September 2014), making this privileged instrument in Total Digital Audience. For 11.2 million users your smartphone then is the only access road to the web: inside the mobile experience the 87% of the time is spent on the app (WhatsApp in the lead, followed by Facebook, Google Search, Facebook Messenger and YouTube). -Access to mobile web trolling the internet’s consolidation as the second favorite medium, with 20.4 million people for 2:43 hours daily, while the only mobile exceeds listens on tv in the morning. After a decline between 2012 and 2013 ( -5.9) access to the digital medium is in fact back to grow in the last year (+58.7 per cent), especially among women (+60.7%) and young people (18-24: +124.8%, 25-34: +96.5). The over-55 viewership remains instead a minority: only 22.3% of them is online and only 47% accessed from PCs. This is a generational digital divide, no less serious than that of broadband, says on the sidelines Enrico Gasperini, President Audiweb.   . You must visit this blog to learn more on this great subject.

Households, very specific employers.

Why do a little simpler when you can do much more complicated? Less than a month after introducing 50 measures designed to simplify the life of entrepreneurs and individuals, the Government is struggling to not ask the question. Evidenced again yesterday evening at the Assembly second reading of the 2015 budget of social security, its willingness to restrict the scope of an exemption intended to alleviate with a rare lack of discernment, of,. 75 cents the cost of working at home time set by the employer. Bercy has devised nothing better that to benefit only hours in the custody of more than six years, but not those devoted to household chores, be made by the same person – as is most often the case in ‘real life ‘. That is, applied to households, the painfulness account syndrome imposed on firms: impractical theoretical scaffolding developed from brains that have never used anyone. But, even more, this willingness of the Executive to oversee an exemption from contributions of individual employers demonstrates the misunderstanding sovereign they suffered on the part of public authorities. Households employing domestic workers are subject to State discrimination without political color. When is decided a measure of decrease of the cost of unskilled labour, it is never for them, which do however work 1.7 million people without qualification. The reduction in charges in respect of tax competitiveness employment credit? Not for them. But La Poste, she can touch them shamelessly for its postal,. Fillon relief? No more. The inequity of treatment which is reserved for them goes further. For three years, their expenses continued to increase, and very strongly, as a result of the removal, in 2011, for the reduction in Borloo (15 points of employer contributions) and at the time of judgment given in 2012 to the possibility of calculating contributions, package, on the basis of the minimum wage. To defend its so-called generosity to individual employers, the State regularly opposed the tax reduction they enjoyed: 50% of loaded salaries, within the limit of 7. 500 euros per year,. Curious way of presenting what is, in reality, a tax rate of 50% of the remuneration paid to their staff! What other employers are treated in this way, to pay 50% tax on remuneration? Presumed patterns for personal convenience, households do not have a status of employer. It is unfair. And it is ineffective. Since almost 30 months, Payroll employment at home continues to decline. Fewer jobs, fewer hours declared: these are in-home employees who make charges. . Extended text can be found clicking fact.