Pau Gasol dominating the Mundobasket and makes forget Carmelo Anthony in Chicago.

Pau Gasol impressive performance so far in the world of basketball is filling energy to his new team, the Chicago Bulls, who now relamen to the level that is showing the Spanish pivot. "The world is being wonderful for the Bulls", reads an article on the website of the team. "You have to come to the most dominant player of the World Championship to play for your team. Yes, Pau Gasol is unstoppable. Sam Smith, important analyst of the Chicago Bulls signed the article. "Pau was able to neutralize Nene, something that the Bulls players were unable to do in the play off of last season," he said slyly. For this veteran journalist, Spain scare. "The first quarter before Brazil was a basketball clinic. It would be a surprise that United States win Spain". Also a blog of the Chicago Tribune, the largest newspaper of the city, echoes what is getting Pau Gasol. "It seemed that it was a consolation prize for many people in the market for free agents," begins, in reference to the social mass of the Bulls wanted to. "But if they are seeing the basketball world probably now think, who is Carmelo Anthony?In this publication, they invite skeptics who spoke about his age to watch the matches of Spain. "It is showing without any room for doubt that remains one of the domestic players with more talent in the world." Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls coach did not hesitate to ensure that "Pau Gasol is at its best". . For additional about this matter read web site.

Ukraine crisis: Putin: if I want, taking Kiev in two weeks.

Kiev Mayor Wladimir Klitschko calls on the Federal Government to supply the Ukrainian army with military equipment. So far in vain to support, the former boxing champion, in a guest column for the Bild-Zeitung writes the lead in Kiev please for three months at the NATO States. Not rocket launchers and rifles, but helmets and West were asked how the Federal Government now send the northern Iraqi Kurds. It comes that the Ukrainian soldiers are better protected in their fight against separatists. Vladimir Putin loves the provocation. Last Saturday at the EU Summit José Manuel Barroso reported the heads of State and Government, that the Russian President openly told him on the phone: if I wanted to, I could take Kiev in two weeks. The Italian newspaper La Republica reported over the episode, the Spiegel Online of a diplomat was confirmed. Between the Ukraine and Russia, a great war has erupted after the words of the Ukrainian Verteidigungsministerrs Waleri Geletej where tens of thousands of deaths are feared. A great war has reached our doorstep, as Europe No more has seen him since the second world war, writes Geletej on his Facebook page. Unfortunately the losses in such a war will not be hundreds, but be measured in thousands and tens of thousands. After a month break, meets the Ukraine contact group involving the pro-Russian separatists in Minsk. Two negotiators of the rebels from Donetsk and Lugansk talk the Ukrainian side about the crisis in the Belarusian capital. Give Russia and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel warns of a larger deployment of troops in Eastern Europe. In the face of Russian aggression in the East and South-East of Ukraine I understand Very good the concerns of Eastern European States in particular in the Baltic States and Poland, explains the head of the SPD in Berlin. But I advise urgently, to keep a cool head. Now to terminate the NATO-Russia Act and to adopt a permanent stationing of combat troops, in Eastern Europe the risk of further escalation mountains. Neither weapon deliveries to the Ukraine are still NATO combat troops now the right answer, so Gabriel. In particular, the SPD opposes to the incipient slander of diplomacy. The scorn of the diplomacy and the loud call for hard action leads to a dangerous dead end. In the 100th year of the first world war, you learned that the neglect of diplomacy had led to the war. We must not repeat these mistakes. The planned tightening of EU sanctions against Russia will pull the German economy suffered according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Merkel says she pointed out in the CDU Presidium In the morning, it Of course can mean something for German companies, after the Panel’s meetings in Berlin. Ukrainian Defense Minister Waleri Geletej had the television station inter said on Sunday evening that Russian troops in Donetsk and Lugansk were present. There were the recent allegations against Moscow, to be active directly militarily in the Ukraine. Today, the Ukraine contact group members come together in the Belarusian capital of Minsk again. Less than two weeks after the last interview of the representatives of Moscow and Kiev and the Organisation for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE), also a member of the leadership of the separatists to the negotiations to happen This time. He does not expect a breakthrough, but cited the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS Andrei purpose Ganapathy, Deputy Prime Minister of the people’s Republic of Donetsk proclaimed by the pro-Russian separatists. The meeting was just a first step in the negotiations. . Related information can be read visiting

Carvings in rock wall discovered: already the Neanderthals wanted to live better.

For the first time, researchers rock engravings of the Neanderthals have discovered. In a cave in Gibraltar, the international team was cross-shaped grooves that are at least 39 000 years old. Cave art was clearly written to so far only modern humans (Homo sapiens). The scientist Ruth Blasco and Clive Finlayson of the Gibraltar Museum in Gibraltar exclude that the wells have been created accidentally. They report their discovery in the journal PNAS. The Gorham’s cave in Gibraltar is located on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It has long been known that Neanderthals lived there once. The researchers discovered the engravings on an about a square meter, natural platform that was about 40 centimeters above the level of the cave floor. They dated the lowest layer of the engraving with geochemical analyses on an aged 39. 000. The symbols themselves must be so older. At the time, modern humans Not yet in this area had arrived, the experts To write. The tools found in the surface layer are associated with the so-called Mousterian culture, and therefore the Neanderthals. . For more regarding this matter click

Speed control: Lower Saxony tests track radar.

Hamburg/Hannover – Lower Saxony tests a route radar, where the speed is controlled by motorists over a longer period as the first State. Each vehicle is the start of the section from the back photographed and stored the data encrypted. It is covered again at the end of the line. The average speed is determined via way-time calculation. The rider was too fast, is flashed from the front – the vehicle with driver and official flag – and the data transferred to a violation file. The strict regulations of the German data protection are adhered to in the pilot project, Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) said on Monday in Hanover. The 18-month test will begin in the spring of 2015. In Austria and the Netherlands, there is the route radar for years. The experiences in neighboring countries were positive, to harmonize the flow of traffic and increases the safety will also approximately demonstrably in construction sites or tunnels, so Pistorius. . Additional facts can be found visiting

School rhythms: warning to recalcitrant mayors.

The contested reform of school rhythms will apply to all schools and recalcitrant mayors expose themselves to sanctions, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem assured Monday on the eve of the new school year for 12 million students. Monday’s re-entry of professors, new rhythms in the primary, which will now apply to 24. 000 municipalities with a school, with the re-establishment of a fifth worked morning, have dominated the traditional press conference of new national, named Education Minister last week. As any reform, it creates friction here or there, but in the vast majority of the communes concerned (,.) things should happen, said Ms. Vallaud-Belkacem. According to the Executive Director of school education Florence Robine, about twenty municipalities have warned that they will boycott the reform. In the Essonne, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, President of standing the Republic (DLR) and Deputy-Mayor of Yerres, has already promised that hundreds of common cadenasseraient their schools Wednesday to protest a disastrous reform. The school is not an option, it is compulsory, said the Minister. And when it goes in contravention of the Act, there are sanctions that fall. If necessary, prefects will override the elect to open schools, she warned. Here is what you imagine children who, because of resistance or the unwillingness of some local councillors, lactation the first hours of their learning reading, writing or calculation? Where is it?-60% of the French against the reform – but, according to a CSA for RTL published Monday, 60% of respondents disapprove this reform, while a year ago 53% of those polled believed instead that it was a good thing. For activities extracurricular, vested in the Commons, but many elected officials denounce the difficulties of organization and cost, we hope that mayors will take their responsibilities to give flesh to the reform, the Minister said. Marseille, putting in? promises to work hard. The first magistrate UMP Jean-Claude Gaudin called for not to return the responsibility on the mayors of France. For Ms. Vallaud-Belkacem, re-entry will happen however for the better, because it meets the requirements with more teachers, again trained teachers, the launch of the priority education reform, development of the digital. . . The rhythms are not the alpha and omega of this autumn, she insisted. Tuesday, François Holland will go as well with the new Minister at a college in Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis), cradle of the riots in the suburbs in 2005. One day before the 12 million students (including 6 million in public schools), they are more than 800. 000 teachers who found their class Monday. It is a strange comeback, according to Frédérique Rao of Snes-FSU (secondary). It has opened a series of boxes, but it’s not clear what content is going to give them. Some reforms have led, as the consolidation of the priority education that starts this week, giving additional resources to institutions to reduce school failure in under-resourced settings. Creations of posts are scheduled this year, in accordance with the promise of creating 60. 000 on the five-year period. Nevertheless, these creations will not be enough to absorb the strong demographics of students and classes will be still overloaded. New teachers, the first from the schools the teaching staff and education (Espe), began teaching part-time, finishing their master. The Espe have been created in 2013 for initial training of teachers deleted under the right. Other projects have not started or are blocked: the reform of the college, the redesign of programs postponed for a year, evaluation of students, continuing training. Teachers are disillusioned, said Christian Chevalier, of the second SE-Unsa teachers ‘ Union, and the alterations of course, Minister, chip breaks are no strangers. . Additional info can be read clicking

Close the casinos in Atlantic City: 6,000 workers risk it posed.

The rich also cry. In Atlantic City, the casino industry is experiencing a seemingly irreversible crisis. Gaming premises close one after the other and the old nostalgic does not remain that little chance. Tomorrow will close its doors the Revel, 47 years building, then it will be the turn of Showboat and Trump Plaza. A few months ago it was the turn of Atlantic Club Casino Hotel (800 rooms). As is always the case, however, the crisis of a specific sector inevitably impact on armature, so workers who are likely to remain seriously walk is 6,000.   In fact, the closing of the Casino tells the end of a dream: to become rich by relying on a lot of luck and a bit of cunning among the gaming tables. The history of Atlantic City is linked to the development of casinos: the first was born in 1978, while the boom there was in ‘ 80, when the city became one of the most visited destinations of America. Much of its charm Atlantic City the must, however, at the time of prohibition, when it became one of the "capital" of dishonesty, including smuggling of alcohol, beautiful women, corruption and jazz music. In fact, for years the city grew very thin wire that separates legality to lawlessness, focusing almost entirely on gambling. A decision that today the Wall Street Journal rejects decidedly, explaining how long the city would pay the competition from casinos in neighboring States like Pennsylvania and Delaware.   . You should check the following blog to learn extra on this amazing topic.

Nude pictures hack on Jennifer Lawrence: so your photos in the iCloud are safe.

In the past, Apple repeatedly stressed the own safety requirements for your cloud service are as high. The data on the server as well as the shipping are encrypted, with photos, documents or contacts there is a 128-bit AES as minimum encryption. Although promises a better encryption AES-256, it applies the 128 standard commonly referred to as secure. User names and passwords are not stored within the official Apple apps, third-party applications receive the data only through the secure SSL encryption with access to iCloud. So far neither confirmed that the images directly from the iCloud were stolen, nor that Apple’s online store in any way on the hack was involved. May be a previously unknown security flaw that allows hackers access to private data exists. Until that is not occupied, there is to doubt no reason the safety if you followed all of the above advice and dealing carefully with the own data according to Mashable. The more important question, which should – switch users no matter whether they iCloud or use Google or OneDrive or dropbox-, is whether they can trust themselves. . For extra regarding this topic click source.

Manage-taxes and out-suoceraEcco the ten most desired app.

Dine by the detested MILF, suffer the romanzine of head and face long lines to pay their bills in the mail. All commitments to which most people would more than gladly. The 82% of Italians asks the technology gurus to design revolutionary applications that save them from these unwanted moments. More than a million applications available, not enough to meet the needs of the people of Italy: Italian 8 on 10, in fact, asking that they designed new apps that help them perform those daily tasks that they hate and they would gladly except. On the throne of the most desired applications by the Italians the "manage-taxes" (85%), the "Scaccia-MILF" (78%), and the "free me from head" (75 percent). Women are demanding instead that both invented the app "Friend of the heart" (66%), which dispenses advice and confidence as a real friend, while men crave a Measure "Latin Lover" (59%), the app that is missing to measure sexual prowess and erotic charge of the "macho latino", less and less confident. And ‘ what emerges from a study by Found!, the first mood communication agency in Italy, about 1800 people, men and women aged between 18 and 60 years, achieved with methodology WOA (Web Opinion Analysis) through an online monitoring on major social networks, blogs, forums and community dedicated to understanding what the app that the Italians would need to attend more quickly or commitments to fight their own insecurities. The sociologist Saad Found, founder of Found!, explains that "In an era where technology becomes the companion of life preferred by millions of Italians in solving many practical problems of everyday life, we wanted to ask them what are the desires that cannot occur when using preferred instrument: the app. With a pinch of irony and imagination, we discovered ‘ desires ‘ impossible really details that affect mainly the family and professional ball, hinges of modern life ". From North to South, 82% of people then asks a technology solution to really simplify everyday life. Because of the invasion of mobile, social networking, tablet PC, and the technology is coming strongly in everyday life of everyone, but despite the exponential evolution, not yet able to remedy these problems, much needed as annoying. In first place among the applications not yet invented that Italians would not never ever is the "save time": well the 85% of the inhabitants of the boot would have created an application that can automatically pay the fines and the many odious taxes. The app would avoid time loss during the long queues that you are to create offices or in common, source of stress and excessive nervousness. The second step of the podium instead for "Scaccia-MILF" (78%), the app that serves to break commitments taken reluctantly with the hated her mother-in-law. The device should be able to invent and automatically send on your smartphone of "his" an excuse really credible, that would finally "marinating" the dreaded dinner on Friday. Bronze Medal for the "free me from head" (75 percent). Who has not dreamed of being able to silence with a wand your employer that pours all its tension and its stress on direct lessons to their employees? Redemption for employees throughout Italy could get then from this innovative application which, thanks to the ultrasonic air spreads to particular frequencies, the boss would relax allowing the victim to wriggle from the outburst. In fourth place the "truth machine" (65 percent), a truly revolutionary app that should measure, through the camera and microphone included into your mobile, the degree of openness of the words exits from the mouth of the interlocutor. A novelty that would become the nightmare of all crafty and Liars, even within couples and friendships. Closes the top 5 Finally the apotheosis of lazy, salvation for lovers of sofas, the "remote control-everything" (62 percent). Thanks to this application, while comfortably seated on an armchair in their living room, you will be able to check all electronic equipment present in the House: washing machine to your home stereo, from the oven to your pc, this app will be able to handle, turn off or turn on any technological device while sitting, with only the power of your finger touches the screen of your mobile phone. There are app to give advice on how to dress, what to Cook, plan a trip or control the actions, it has not yet been created and placed on store "Friend of the heart", an application capable of giving advice and listening to confidences as a true ally, at any time of the day and especially in those hard, as long the 66% of women. In this digital society, where friendships are increasingly confined behind a computer screen, Italians feel the need to confide in a friend who, if not physically present, must speak by phone. Among the most original app you want of Italy’s "how it’s cool?" (54%) able through the camera show the degree of freshness of food on the shelves of supermarkets, and the "master of bon ton" (48%), which should instead tell mates and children, with sms sent automatically when appropriate, how to correct those behaviors just suited to civility, how to raise the tablet of the toilet, put your hand in front of your mouth before you yawn or call into the room. Italian men, despite being recognized as one of the best lovers in the world, are losing their securities and ask the computer scientists of inventing a "latin lover" Measure (59 percent): this mechanism should measure the performance of human sex, calculate the pleasure brought to partner and provide advice on how to improve its performance "calienti". To take into consideration "a champion for coach" (52 percent), a collection of recorded video from your favorite to follow step by step training course, which can be modified according to the chosen champion secrets revealed, and the "find all" (48%), the application to find, through the gps signal based on recent history "disappeared", all objects that are lost on a daily basis or that you do not manage to findeven within the home, such as glasses, mobile phones, lighters, socks and agendas.   . For extra insights regarding this subject read resource.

These secrets hiding in the world heritage sites on treasure hunting in North – Rhine-Westphalia.

It sounds like a declaration of love to a familiar country. Every year more and more Germans have, to discover their homeland. That is expressed in numbers: come from the 412 million people that make a holiday in Germany, whopping 83 percent from their own country. It is to discover A lot in the Republic. Example historically cultural: Unesco has currently 39 German sites on its World Heritage list are running also celebrities such as Cambodian temple complex Angkor, India’s Taj Mahal, the Acropolis in Athens. There are five world heritage sites in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia alone. We have used these five jewels in scene and want fun tour! No one can throw with so many superlatives around such as the Cologne Cathedral: as one of the most visited monuments in Germany he attracts 6.5 million tourists. Which Marvel already given its size: with a length of 144 meters, the Gothic structure is one of the largest cathedrals in the world. With an altitude of 157 metres, it is the second tallest Church in Germany. . Root facts could be read clicking the following

Diabetes in old age – frailty: prevention is possible.

Take measurement, tablets, spray or pump control – what young people play & learn, often difficult older. "I’m unsure and A little bit overwhelmed with the whole shebang," sighs Ottilie Stork. "And then one makes mistakes quickly." Her proven counter program is in between a stationary training at the diabetes clinic Bad Mergentheim: "Here I’m well cared for and be back on the right track." Her perfectionism is sometimes in the way. Because actually Ottilie Stork mastering their diabetes management very fine, as you assert the clinic supervisor. At her age, that’s no given. If someone in the position is still to learn the gift of insulin, can be the most brain power tests unfortunately not forecast to. The simple money counting test brings the most trusted information. While the patient from a purse to totalize namely exactly a defined amount – 9.80 euro – coins and a Bill. Who creates it in 45 seconds, is Very much likely also have to inject insulin. Because this exact same skills are in demand: well see, have fine motor skills, deal with numbers and total have enough brain power. . Related data can be read clicking