Sassano: the investor accused of culpable homicide and not volunteer.

Has been validated today the arrest of Gianni Paciello, the young man of 22 years that Sunday afternoon caused a terrible accident to Sassano, municipality in the province of Salerno. The young man, driving his Bmw, invested and killed four boys who were sitting at the tables in front of a bar in the country. In the tragic incident lost their lives the two sons of the owner of the bar scene of the incident, the 16-year-Giovanni chain finger and his brother Nicholas of 22 years, the 19-year Paciello and Daniele Gianni Paciello, 15 years old, the boy’s brother arrested. Three of the victims died instantly, while a stopped breathing during the ride to the hospital. The funerals of four young vittimesono been celebrated in recent days, at times and different churches between the emotion in the entire country. The accusation against Gianni Paciello was described by murder, as suggested earlier, for multiple aggravated manslaughter. At first, the 22-year-old had been denied the murder and for the presence of alcohol in blood three times over the limit allowed for the speed of the car. Young drove in more than 100 miles an hour on a country road. Today the derubricazione probably because it was felt that Paciello, when it was put at the helm, had no intention of causing a fatal accident. . You can check this site to read more on this interesting topic.

Teach you to fly and ‘ pole-dancing craze.

the dream of Icarus became reality: just rely on an aluminum pole, for a hammock or a fabric that oscillates in a vacuum. The first laboratory dedicated to aerial sports Arts: Seventy-five square meters, right in front of the station is the terminus of the metro B Laurentina in via di Vigna Murata, to liberate the craving of dancing flying. The Vertical Dolls studio, the most prestigious pole dance school in Rome, is the bis and in addition to the headquarters of Ughelli, near the via Latina, opens wide the doors of the Vertical Lab, a new space dedicated to pole-mania. From courses to who on a pole it never climbed choreographic lessons for those of the pole made his personal challenge, to strengthening and stretching workouts. But not only here in fact land directly from the world of the circus Aerial Hop lessons, or fabric and circle plane, with Ilaria De Novellis champion to drive for the Air Corps. The Vertical Lab also the latest fitness news sweet, antigravity yoga: yoga in suspension, movements and postures of Oriental art executed literally hanging for a cot. The one hand, it would seem, for santa who has problems with back pain and cervical massage. "The birth of the new school is an important goal," said Simona Nocco, founder of Vertical Dolls. "Finally the passion for pole dance is exploding: are increasingly numerous requests that arrive from every neighborhood in Rome. But we want to go even further and anticipate new trends: in addition to the pole lessons for all levels and tastes, the VerticalLab will be a real reference point for those who love aerial acrobatics ". And even for those who want to make the passion for the post a real profession. "The courses to become instructors are literally taken by assault: dates set for mid-October are jam-packed," said Simona Nocco. "Girls Come from all over Italy to follow the lessons and take the exam to obtain certification as a teacher." . You must read the following to discover more on this interesting topic.

New book: Hape Kerkeling about the trauma of his childhood.

Hape Kerkeling has spoken for the first time publicly about the suicide of his mother. What he had experienced more than 40 years ago, was "the most terrible, that is me in my life to date happen to", said the 49-year-old entertainer "Stern" magazine. He does not talk about the scene that he could experience, eight and wool. "It was traumatic." He describes it in his new book "The boy must to fresh air", which appears on the 6th October and describes Germanys childhood in Recklinghausen. The autobiography depicts Germanys childhood in a Catholic environment, cared for by aunts and grannies. From the early death of his mother he pulled its own consequences. "For me, the worst thing was (,.)" the question: What has left you in this world? Where are their nachfühlbaren or traceable tracks? ", said Kerkeling in the ‘Star’-interview." As a child he didn’t identify anything. "As I have made me to clear, unambiguous traces in my life.". You should read the following to learn more regarding this great topic.

Today is grandparents day (that save a family about three).

It celebrates grandparents day today. Coldiretti: With their savings help to more than a three-family (37 percent) but 17 percent are also a source of useful tips and tricks that sometimes turn into job opportunities for young nephews ‘ ‘. Today is the national day of grandfathers and grandmothers, the "party elders" that, at least in our country, represent a key element in these years of crisis. On their experience, but even their support, they have millions of Italian citizens. His grandparents asked un saluto anche il Presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano: "all the best wishes to the Italians, the Italians and to those in our country benefit from affectionate bond with each other and their grandchildren. I however my greeting and my best wishes to the women and men of younger generations, including young, who with their mothers and fathers of their parents share positive feelings, knowledge, companionship. The feast today concerns them. Is the transmission of memories and teachings by the elderly and elderly and valuable incentives on the part of younger and younger one of deep inner well-being sources for a company. Good day of grandmothers and grandfathers, therefore: to them and not only to them. Greetings to those who find support from grandmothers and grandfathers’s contribution to the growth of younger generations, with children and grandchildren who give attention, and in many cases, assistance to the celebrated today so encouraging the circulation of vital energy resources for the citizens of the country as a whole ". That grandparents represent an essential element of the company also reveals Coldiretti: "grandparents with their savings help to more than a three-family (37 percent) but 17 percent are also a source of useful tips and tricks that sometimes turn into job opportunities for young grandchildren." Data that emerge from a survey of trade association disclosed on the occasion of the 60th year since the birth of "Women Enterprise" Coldiretti with the first view on the business of the traditions that turn your past experiences in entrepreneurial ideas that create employment and contribute to the economic recovery. "The return of natural fabrics from silkworm calling the workshop through the skillful weaving on a frame of 200 years ago at ancient farmers but driven by a particular solar system, from accessories country increasingly demanded by new generations to ecological agridetersivi exploiting the many properties of herbs, from the original agribomboniere line and innovative service of ‘ green ‘ wedding planner to hypoallergenic clothes with vegetable dyes but also the rediscovery of conserve of grandmother and recovering ancient beverages do not fear the crisis are just some of the suggestions of the grandparents who nurture the traditional business, surveyed by Coldiretti ", continues the note. "These are small great secrets closely guarded in the countryside and now transmitted by new generations of agricultural entrepreneurs eager to put their knowledge at the disposal of all modern women and not only. The inventiveness of the entrepreneurs of Coldiretti demonstrating concretely that tradition can be a real business is truly remarkable and is present in all regions of Italy. Among the ideas more details there are that of Sardinian entrepreneur that starting from the silkworm breeding di razza ‘ Orgosolo ‘ gets through a skilful weaving on a frame of ancient 200 years ago ‘ on Lionzu ‘ the headgear of the traditional female costume of Orgosolo, a bandage of ochre-colored raw silk which wraps completely the boss ". . Extended facts can be found reading

M5S, EDF energy: “We the people, but not ideas”. And attacking cricket.

Parma Mayor Federico Pizzarotti returns to the attack of 5 Star Movement, with which he was elected in the city of Emilia, and Beppe Grillo leader. "The fundamental concept that has marked us has always been how to choose ideas than people. Now we have the people, but not the ideas, "said in an interview to" Agora "on Raitre. "It’s one thing I’ve said many times before, and I also think it is shared by a large part of grassroots activists, many people who would like to understand what we propose to do, but we don’t have a program to offer and unfortunately with shackle no mention ever of programs". EDF energy, already previously starred in several clashes with the 5-star leader claims the freedom to tell her. "When you have to choose between citizen and citizen, I choose the policy and I think it is acceptable by all. The moment in which we find ourselves-Pizzarotti-concluded predisposes to anger if you’re not with me you are against me. I think you can talk about, trying to get to a result. Are not in conflict with anyone, but I’ll say my opinion getting ‘ ". . You should read this to learn more on this great matter.

Poll: slight rise in Manuel Valls.

Conversely, the two heads of the Executive earn 2 points to the right. Perhaps the effect of a sequence of authority marked by the renewal of the Government of Valls and the sacking of the Minister of the economy Arnaud Montebourg. Perhaps the effect of the war in which the France is committed to the side of the United States against the Islamic State and the General emotion felt in France after the death of the hostage Hervé Giordano. In this context, the Prime Minister, who celebrated this week its six months at Matignon, remains "cautious". "There is still a distrust and an incomprehension at the internal debates of the left and Slingers, explains in his entourage. But the Government’s policy is better understood. We must continue to restore confidence with a lot of determination in shedding light on the future, speaking concretely. » Face «impatience» views of the field, Manuel Valls should clarify in the coming weeks a "reform agenda" specifying their pace without help to announce news. . You should read the following to read extra on this great matter.

Lack of ice, 35,000 walruses run aground in Alaska.

"It was close to 24 times more," insisted Megan Ferguson, specialist aerial monitoring of marine mammals for the American Agency Oceanographic and atmospheric (NOAA), who attended the conference. It stressed that it was a Visual estimate of the experts from NOAA and USGS, and that this figure would be refined. Mr. Ferguson also noted that more brown bears had been noticed in the same place and that in contrast, grey whales that were present in the vicinity until in the 1990s, had disappeared, "sign of a change of the Arctic environment. Usually, animals living on the sea ice and fish in shallow water. But with snowmelt important ice this summer, walruses are found at depths too important to be able to feed themselves and they have therefore sought refuge on the Mainland to fish more easily, said Mr. Jay. This phenomenon to the Pacific walrus and more precisely of the Chukchi Sea, according to the USGS, "did not happen 10 years ago", says the Institute on its website. If the experts do not know yet if this change of behaviour of walruses may have an impact on their mortality, they believe that baby walruses are more fragile on the Mainland and that animals lose more energy to search for prey on land when they are installed on the ice. . Extended information can be read visiting

United States: EV – D68, this rare virus which killed a first child.

The virus isolated in 1962 in California, apparently, is transmitted when a sick person coughs or sneezes, or when someone touches an infected surface. First American homes were discovered in August in Kansas City (Missouri, centre) and Chicago (Illinois, North). Young patients had six months to 16 years. Since then, hundreds of children have been hospitalized, often having difficulty breathing. Some, as in the Colorado end September, showed also neurological symptoms with muscle weakness like a form of paralysis. There is no vaccine for EV – D68 and experts do not understand why this virus is being spread. The US health authorities had last month expressed their concern after the discovery of more outbreaks of the virus in the same family as that responsible for polio. The situation is rapidly evolving and I would not surprise me if there were more households, had said Anne Schuchat, Director of the national Center for immunization and respiratory diseases. This is not a new virus, but EV – D68 is quite rare and we know not much on him compared to other viruses in its class, she added. . Additional information can be inspected clicking resource.

Controversial natural gas production: fracking opponents urge Federal Government to completely ban.

The rules and regulations in the departmental votes to go soon. But also from the ranks of the black red coalition penetrating criticism of the fracking course of the Federal Government. The SPD environment expert Nina Scheer calls to revise the planned 3000-meter limit. Fracking for commercial purposes must be excluded also in lower layers of rock, she says. The interests and the protection of the local population should have top priority. But reform is complicated. Especially over the duration of the partial ban, there is disagreement in the Federal Government. The Ministry of economy it favors that the moratorium simply expires in 2021. That could extend the possibilities for fracking in Germany over the long term. In the Ministry of the environment, they want that the Bundestag must vote on a possible connection law 2021 Once again extra. On Tuesday Chancellor’s Office Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) was reportedly so with Hendricks. Nothing was known about results. Whether the Bill rather will accommodate the ecologists or the oil and gas companies, could show up in the coming week. Any time soon, it is To give a Bill, promised Hendricks on Tuesday. . For extra data on this matter read web site.

Toni Iwobi, new head of immigration is of color.

Iwobi, Toni from 38 years in Nigerian Italy, officially became the head of the new Security and Immigration Department of the Northern League.  At present it was Federal Secretary of the Carroccio, Matteo Salvini, who could not help but respond to allegations of hypocrisy for choosing a representative of color after criticising several times, and also pretty hard, the Government Minister Seen by Cecile Kyenge. "Iwobi made Councillor and Councillor for many years and participates in the life of the community. I don’t know what he did Kyenge before making the Minister but I know what he did as Minister, i.e. nothing, and thankfully, was a left-wing Government to fire her without article 18 ".  And yet, Salvini said: "I’m sure that will make more Tony for regular migrants in a month than did the same Kyenge, and if someone defines the hypocritical this is because the real racism is left". Iwobi presentation at the demonstration against the Mare Nostrum organized for Saturday 18 October in Milan. "It’s an action typically masked racism of a civilized country towards its citizens" and "a great nonsense and also a lack of respect towards migrants are lured under false pretenses, knowing that you will be able to guarantee a future," said Iwobi. On immigration, said that there are two types: "that regulate that well is illegal and that is a crime". And then he asked significantly: "why do we have to import new poor without being able to guarantee them a future?". It was Shaun Kitchener site to give a clarification on who’s in charge of the new Security and Immigration Department of the Northern League: "Toni Iwobi was born on April 26, 1955 to Gusau, Nigeria. Fifth of 11 brothers, did his studies in his country and graduated in information science in the United States. He arrived in Italy in 1977, to Blow (Bergamo), which is part of the Board monocolour League. He touched the election in Lombardy in 2013 and refused for personal reasons the European candidacy offered by Salvini. He married a bergamasca and had two sons. Now is the grandfather of two grandchildren. " . For more data about this topic check page.