The Finer Options for ROK Download Now


This is a very important advice on pumping your heroes. Do not seek to immediately raise the level of the new hero, which you received. Consider the fact that most heroes have exactly the first skill (sometimes the first and second) most important and strong. It must be raised to level 5 necessarily. Some believe that if you don’t upgrade level one to level 5 and discover new skills, you will ruin the commander almost forever. For the rok download option is open now. After all, in order to later pump the first and second skills up to level 5, you will most likely have to pump all the golden statues only into this commander. So that everything was good, the tactics for pumping commanders are as follows:

Got a first-level hero – pour figures of this hero or golden statues into him

After raising the first skill to the last fifth level – pump the hero to the next star level to open the second skill for pumping

Pour in hero figures or golden statues into the second skill

After pumping the first two skills up to level 5, you can continue to raise the hero’s star level further and more often without restrictions. By the way, the highest level of any commander in the game is 60.

Many, before starting to play the game, think about whether it is worth it. Will it be interesting? How does the investment of money on the balance. Now I will describe my vision of this game.


The first thing we see is beautiful graphics. Yes, the developers have tried, the game has very good graphics and does not slow down. All transitions and switching are smooth. The game is pleasing to the eye both in the village itself and on the general map.

Understandable management

The game is clear where the menu is located. After a couple of hours you don’t need to remember where to go to see the army or send scouts. The main functions are at hand, the rest in clear menus. The screen is not cluttered with different buttons, everything is just the most necessary.

Huge and real world

The developers have tried and made just huge maps. Even scouts will take an enormous amount of time exploring all this land. And about the army at all keeps quiet. From one corner of the map to another, you can send an army for 3 hours. Rivers, mountains, lakes, snow. Just like in the real world. The change is of night and day. It sometimes rains. All this is very beautiful and realistic.

A large number of people playing

Every day comes a new server, which is instantly populated by players. Yes, many are moving from earlier ones, but on the whole you will always find a world full of people. And with each passing day, the share of new players is increasing and increasing.


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