Ajax Fans Set Off Fireworks Outside the Tottenham Hotspur Hotel


Ajax Fans just went too far. As the Tottenham players were sleeping, Ajax fans decided to disrupt them with annoying fireworks at 5 AM. This development has just occurred as Ajax and the Tottenham Spurs are preparing to face each other on their second leg of the Champions League semifinals. The team of thugs is known as F-Side, which is also responsible for similar activities to disrupt the Real Madrid team in Amsterdam some time ago.

The Spurs were understandably annoyed by the wake-up call that they did not anticipate. One of the players said that the early morning fireworks blitz was so loud that one could think it was a bomb. The worst part is that there was nothing that could be done by anyone including the authorities because the damage was already done.

Even though the police would normally have acted by now to prevent such an occurrence in the future, no arrests have been made yet. Probably, this was a highly organized disruption that even the police cannot unravel by holding anyone responsible.

A Cool Evening

As the Spurs arrived in the city of Amsterdam the previous night, there was no sign of trouble at all. Perhaps, it is because all the fans were watching Barcelona and Liverpool in every possible joint, especially the bars. The Spurs were just tired and wanted to rest before they faced their opponents the following day. Most of them had been training and exercising hard to obtain full benefits from the gear they bought from reputable sellers.

Back to our main focus, the Tottenham Spurs rested early after catching up a bit at a restaurant and agreeing on their breakfast time ahead of their busy day. Every one of them retired to their rooms for the night without any hint of what would happen in the morning.

Well-Planned Disruptions

All Spurs team members believe that this attack on them was meant to shift their focus from the most important task ahead. They agree that this attack was well planned and that the thugs were not interested in giving them any hints. Their aim was to surprise the team, and indeed, they did.

The bad part is that they sent their message and affected other guests in the hotel as well. The fireworks set off by the F-Side Ajax fans woke everyone and disrupted operations for the better part of the morning. It was not certain whether they would return although there was a heavy police presence on the premises. They even went ahead and uploaded videos on social media as they said ”good morning” to the Tottenham Spurs.


Although Ajax fans did this, the Spurs remained unshaken and went ahead to make preparations for the game. The morning routines continued until the match time. However, this action by the F-Side and Ajax fans has been condemned all over the world, and everyone hopes that such a disruption will not happen again in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world.

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