For the High Quality Football relay


High-quality placement of athletes in playing positions brings the maximum performance of matches, due to the full disclosure of advantages. To find the best place on the site will help knowledge of the types of roles in football. Forward, defender and goalkeeper these are far from all concepts. 

Behind each of them lie a more accurate division and specific skills that not only the coach who regulates the tactics of the game should know, but everyone who enters the field. In total, there are 11 football roles, 10 of which are considered field players and the goalkeeper. In football, the goalkeeper is an ongoing role; the rest must also have a share of versatility to change their position in football at the right time. You can read more about the principles of football. Now with the MLB중계 football relay the options are perfect.

Goalkeeper (goalkeeper) of a football team

  • The first number in the team is traditionally given to the goalkeeper, because according to some sources, half the success of the entire team lies behind the quality performance of his duties. The most famous football goalkeepers are Oliver Kahn, Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper task (GK, GK, and VRT) to prevent the opponent from scoring a goal. 
  • Among the features is the fact that this is the only player on the court who is allowed to play with his hands, but it is forbidden to catch a pass from his teammates. It is mandatory for a football goalkeeper to wear gloves that protect against injury by type of dislocation. Features relate to the goalkeeper’s football uniforms. It should be different from the whole team. 
  • To play in this position, you need to have such qualities as jumping ability, high reaction speed, the ability to “read” the actions of the opponent and high physical strength to reflect the flying ball. In addition, ART has the ability to score a goal on their own. This is possible if he leaves the gate and enters the field. Rene Igita, Manuel Neuer and Jorge Campos had a passion for such maneuvers. Or when making free and long-range strikes.

Defense Players (Defenders)

Regardless of the location on the field, the defender in football is a player whose task is to defend and maintain safety from opponent attacks. This category of players rarely goes to the opposite side of the field and participates in attacks. Geographically, the backs are assigned a place on the field between the goalkeeper and midfielders. A football quarterback is also sometimes called fullback. Fullbacks have two defense strategies – personal defense, during which there is a pursuit of a certain striker, and zone, when everyone controls only his zone.

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