How to Pick the Right Workout Clothes for Yourself?


Intense workouts can be tough, but wearing a wrong pair of clothes can make it even tougher for you. Adjusting your sagging leggings or soaking in sweat can break your workout make it difficult for you to perform well. Choosing the right active wear and Training shirt [เสื้อเทรนนิ่ง, which are the term in Thai] can help you increase your performance and also protect you from the risk of injury. It can be overwhelming to choose the right workout clothes when you hundreds of options in the line store shelves and online stores. Also, there are some budgets constraints can make go wrong while making the right decisions. But here we are to help you out, how to choose the right workout clothes for yourself. 

– Choose the Breathable Fabric

Some fabrics are made to handle the intense sweat as they can help sweat evaporate quickly from your body. If you are involved in an intense workout, then you must choose the breathable and wicking fabrics like Nylon, Spandex, polypropylene, etc. These fabrics are best when it comes to wicking the sweat away from the skin. If you are involved in the low-intensity workout like yoga, then cotton is the best fabric to choose. Cotton wicks the moisture like a sponge. If you sweat a lot and worry about the smell of sweat, then you can go with the workout clothes that have antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria reducing the smell of the sweat.

– Choose according to the Season

If you are involved in outdoor workouts, then choose your clothing according to the season. You can shop for polyester t-shirts that wick sweat and also protect you from UV rays in the hot sunny day. For winter you can add an extra layer of clothing made of fleece, to keep you warm.

– Find the Right Fit

It is very important for you to choose comfortable clothing for yourself, as choosing the too tight, too loose or baggy can reduce your performance during the workout. Do the squat test before buying your leggings. Also, make sure to choose the moisture wicking fabric when choosing tight clothes for you.

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