Ken Rosenthal declares Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen as the person to transform Citi Field into a fortress


Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen will do wonders in the coming future of New York Mets as he has promised to take the Citi Field to its new heights according to the recent news by Ken Rosenthal. Ken Rosenthal has been following Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen for quite some time now. He has all the latest news on Brodie’s movement since he has moved to New York for Mets. The Los Angeles born former sports agent Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen has moved to New York after the news was announced by the Mets that he will be the new General Manager of New York Mets. Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen didn’t waste time here and there and started the work he was supposed to do.

Brodie Ryan has been known for his very professional, expert, and deep analytical approach when it comes to sports management. He has been very productive in his field since his early years in the sports management industry. He has worked with some of the best players and represented all sorts of sports including basketball, baseball, and football among others. He always wanted a great future for baseball by achieving excellence. And the reason why he has become the General Manager of New York Mets from being the best sports agent explains that he has got what it takes to be on the top of something. The way he handles things says that he is the right type of management for the New York Mets.

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen is expected to make a lot of changes to make his team competitive in MBL Games after their bad performance in 2018. He has shown the interest of transforming the Citi Field into a large and iconic arena for baseball. He wants to make the champion stadium again. He also seems to run things in the different than most of his predecessors. He believes in changing along according to people’s needs. He hasn’t wasted any time and made some key acquisitions for their championship charge. He is not only interested in the stadiums, but he is managing team by keeping the numbers in his mind. Just after he took the position of General Manager at the New York Mets, he has signed over so many good players including Jeurys Familia, Edwin Diaz, Wilson Ram, and Robinson Cano at a very high price. He is not interested in money, but he wants to take the open approach so that players get what they deserve. He has also hired staff to sort out players issues and conflicts in the management. Buying the players in such a short time proves the abilities of Brody Ryan Van Wagenen as the best sports agent. All of these choices were carefully made to make the team stronger and improve it for future games.

Ken Rosenthal has mentioned in the news that Van Wagenen will make Citi Field a fortress again as in citadel but only time will tell what will be the end look of Citi Field. His move to the top position in New York comes with a lot of challenges in his career and of course his net worth.


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