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It has been already over 5 years that the Superman of Indian Cricket, the Master Blaster and Little Master, Sachin Tendulkar has taken retirement from cricket. The World Cup fantasy cricket fans understand exactly how much we all miss him. While none can stand where he stood, one man, regarded as being his heir, is eyeing the throne. You may not agree but the similarity between Sachin and Virat, be it the devotion, style or the aura of when they hit the pitch, is something surreal.

The shouts of ‘Sachin! Sachin!’ have now changed into ‘Kohli! Kohli!’. If one is a master, then the other is a King. But you can be the Master of the Kings. Read on to find out how. Think that you are an expert and know more about cricket than anyone else. Well here’s your chance to earn and hone your expertise. While your favourite cricketers, do 11Wickets on-ground, you can do 11Wickets from anywhere in the world.

11Wickets – Your Ultimate Cricket World Cup Fantasy League Destination

From crossing the borders and seven oceans to making the most absurd of excuses, the dedication and love for the game is such that a die-hard fan can do anything for it; and we being the previously mentioned “die-hard fan”, are here to connect you with the game, for the love of the game. Here’s what’s in store for you when you choose to do 11Wickets:

  • Daily cash rewards
  • Gel with other cricket-crazy fans
  • Play anytime, anywhere
  • Feel the excitement of managing your own fantasy cricket league team

What will surprise you is that there’s still a lot more to come your way:

  1. A true-blue cricket fan’s dream

From classic fantasy to bowling fantasy and then onto batting fantasy, live it all, live all that you love with India’s leading fantasy cricket site,

  1. A bonus because why not?

On signing up, you will get a bonus of ₹ 25 that will give you the kick-start you need to be a pro at fantasy cricket.

  1. Bringing you together, just like Cricket

Who better to banter with than your childhood buddy or your cousin? 11Wickets lets you invite your friends and your loved ones so that whether you guys are together or not, the fun doesn’t stop.

  1. More to earn, nothing to lose

When you refer the 11Wickets to your friends and family, both you and your friend will get a Rs. 50 bonus. The more you refer, the more you will earn this amount and can play with this cash bonus.

  1. Real-time update, because that’s how cricket fans like it

Do you have the urge to inquire about the score from time to time? Let the live scoreboard on the 11Wickets give you the answer.

  1. Deposit and withdraw your money securely

Wherever money comes, there is an issue of trust. 11Wickets care to retain your trust and hence the user can deposit money to play the fantasy cricket game using Amazon Pay and PayTM, which are the most trusted payment gateway for the users.

Earn money with your knowledge of the sport!

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!


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