Smart Moves by the Makers of Sonic the Hedgehog


As announced , Paramount Pictures finally broadcasted, Tuesday, April 30, the very first trailer of the movie “sonic the hedgehog“. But it has clearly not unanimous among fans.

Of a duration of comfortable 2 minutes and 46 seconds, this sonic movie gives a first glimpse of the adapted film of the famous video game of the 1990s, and confirms, moreover, that it is indeed Jim Carrey who embodies the big bad guy, Dr. Robotnik . Earlier in the week, a photo leaked about it (see below).

In the film, Dr. Robotnik is mandated by the US military, who seeks to find out why the United States is facing a giant blackout, when it is, of course, there the work Sonic , the blue hedgehog that has the distinction of exceeding the speed of sound, or 1.224 km / h, running.

Sonic Mania: a vibrant tribute to Sega’s hedgehog

Sonic, whose American voice is provided by Ben Schwartz , will meet the police officer Tom Wachowski (screened by James Marsden ) and team up with him to “save the planet” from Dr’s madness. Robotnik.

The Sonic the hedgehog movie, which is made by Paramount, can be seen in the US cinema from November 15, 2019. That the film was coming was already announced in 2016.

The release date mentioned by The Hollywood Reporter is later than expected. When Sega announced in an interview with The Worldfolio that there would be a Sonic film in 2016, a release was announced in 2018. At the time, Sega said it was a ‘live action and animation’ hybrid, indicating that Sonic is animated, but that people and real environments may also be present in the film.

It is known that Paramount makes the film and that Jeff Fowler is the director. He has no major productions to his name, but received an Oscar nomination in 2004 for his short animation film Gopher Broke.

Nothing is yet known about the storyline of the Sonic film. The Sega character has been featured in games since 1991. The Mega Drive was the first console for which a Sonic game appeared. Sega was looking for a new game character that could also serve as a “mascot” for the company to compete with Mario. That eventually became Sonic the Hedgehog. The eponymous game appeared in June 1991 and the blue hedgehog became the mascot Sega wanted. Bundling the game with the Mega Drive is seen as a big reason for the success of the console.

Fans in general not convinced

But if fans of Sonic waited impatiently for the trailer, it is clear that the first reactions are mixed to the least, given the various messages posted on social networks .

First grievance made by the fans, on the screen, the famous mascot Sega does not look like, according to them, not at all what it was in the video game. A reproach that also concerns Jim Carrey, physically far removed from Dr. Robotnik, especially at the level of the mustache.

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