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A certified label guarantees that an online store is reliable and offers a certain level of service. In addition, a certification mark inspires trust in the customer. This is important because trust plays a role in increasing the conversion of your online store. But how do you know which brand of quality really means something and which is nothing more than a beautiful image? We list reliable quality marks and indicate what you can look for when you make your choice. In man cave you can have the best option now.

The advantages of a certified label

Thinking about a certification mark may not be your priority when creating your online store, but it can offer many benefits for both the consumer and the merchant:

  • Your customers can shop safely and reliably, which increases conversion.
  • Customers have a clear and transparent view of your products, prices, additional costs, shipping costs and payments.
  • You can apply to your brand for complaint mediation and legal assistance.
  • During the certification, you will be subject to legal, financial and security control, and you will receive practical advice on how you can still improve.
  • Clear rules and better protection for both the consumer and the retailer.

What is a certified label and which one to choose for your online store?

The importance of a certified label

Research has shown that consumers attach great value to the label of an online store, especially since many frauds are committed online nowadays. And although the consumer does not know the difference between the different labels, we find that it relates to the guarantee offered by your online store in terms of delivery, service and time to think. These guarantees differ according to the quality label, so you must determine what you find important for your customers.

What should you watch out for?

There are certain factors that can help you in choosing your certified label:

Transparency: The communication of a label must be reliable and honest. What you need to pay attention to is whether it is easy to find what the label represents and what are the requirements to comply with that label.

Confidentiality: A certification mark must keep your information secret and not share it with other parties.

Response time: The quality label must be accessible to both online merchants and consumers.

The various labels certified

You have the choice between different quality labels. There are recognized labels in Belgium and all over Europe. It is important to look at what you think is important for your online store, and what quality label fits you.


A quality seal is a good way to gain the trust of your (potential) customers. If you have a quality label, make sure it’s visible somewhere on your website, for example on the home page, near the shopping cart or next to the order button. Your online store supplier can help you best position the brand of your online store.

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