The Opinions Offered by Yousef Al-Obaidly: More About It


The current president of beIN Sports France and the parent company beIN Media Group, Nasser El-Khelaifi, has decided to promote Yousef Al-Obaidly as president of beIN Sports France. BeIN Sports is a popular sports channel that was launched in November 2003 and was originally founded as Al Jazeera Sport. After that, recently he has opined about how the ownership rights over the sports has created media bubble. You can catch more of it in

About beIN Sports

beIN Sport-Arabia has full broadcasting rights for the 2018 World Cup and the 2022 World Cup for North Africa and the Middle East. It is the only licensed broadcaster in the region.

  • It is worth considering the fact that, together with the abolition of censorship and the destruction of the state monopoly on the media sphere in the early 90s. of the last century, there is a significant expansion of the range of audio and television products in electronic media. Radio and television broadcast new genres and formats brought in from abroad, often without any license or copyright. The number of game programs on various topics, including sports ones, is growing sharply. And if it was unlikely that anyone would be surprised by the broadcast of a football match, then games based mostly on the “guessing” principle, when, without applying intellectual efforts, you could win a prize, aroused interest among the audience.
  • Economic conditions also influenced the broadcasting policy regarding sports on the television screen, when the cost of showing an average American film was clearly several times lower than the cost and organizational costs of preparing and producing one sports broadcast. Given the growing pressure from the advertising market, the broadcasting policy regarding sports has undergone a significant correction. Her traces are visible today. Indeed, the features of a sports spectacle are such (especially in game sports) that advertising in small blocks is possible only in between parts of the game, i.e. every 30–45 min, while when showing films or TV shows or broadcasting any other WUA, this can be done 3-4 times more often. Inside the match broadcast, small advertising inserts are possible, but only if a stop occurs during the game.

Present Appearance in the market

The appearance on the market of private radio and television broadcasters, the state’s refusal to fully finance media of all levels and types, the sharp increase in the influence and importance of advertising in the practice of print and electronic media all these circumstances have changed the approach to organizing media work, including electronic. Forced to earn most of the money themselves, radio stations and television channels were mostly interested in the commercial and image-giving impact of the launched projects. 

Las Words

The exception was politically oriented analytical and information broadcasting. The opinion of the audience, and, accordingly, of potential advertisers, was of interest to top managers much more meaningful and semantic aspects of the produced audio-visual product (WUA).


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