Things to Consider When Investing in Second Hand Golf Clubs


Today, one of the easiest way to purchase your own golf gear is to purchase second hand golf equipment. It allows you to spend less and still be able to lay your hands on professional golf equipment brand which may out of your reach if you have thought to buy it first-hand. It is also a good option for those who have just started golf and want to enhance their skills up and improvise. Once you turn a professional, you can invest in a new set. However, finding used golf clubs isn’t a simple mission. Some take some time to think before purchasing second hand equipment.

Some of the things you should keep on mind before purchasing second hand golf equipment are:

Look for your purpose and durability needs

You should be clear of the main purpose for buying second hand golf equipment. If you are looking forward to get a practice club, then you may want it at the best price, rather than making quality or brand your preference. But, if you want main set of clubs, then you should look out for long and durable lifespan of the equipment. Be sure that you have clear reasons to buy the equipment for your golfing so that you don’t regret your purchases later. Do not get seduced by the big brand names. Consider your practical needs and choose your options.

Know how frequently you will use the equipment

How often do you plan to use your golf clubs is yet another factor to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing second hand golf clubs? Golfer who need the equipment to play all the year around, or for different seasons, need different equipment than golfers who just play it for one season of the year. If you are going to play for one season, then you can buy second hand golf clubs.

However, if you are a passionate golfer and you play golf several times a week, then you need durable sporting equipment. This factor is important to consider when you are thinking about investing in golf equipment. You don’t want to get disappointed by seeing your equipment wear and tear because of frequent use.

Some other points to consider when purchasing second hand golf clubs are:

  1. Inspection of the shafts: Ensure that there aren’t any indentations in the equipment which can weaken it. For steel shafts, see if they aren’t bent back in shape.
  2. Assess the club heads: Look for a shiny place which shows that the clubs have been used a lot. Do not buy clubs with indentations as they impact the flight of the ball.
  3. Evaluate the grips: Look for the splits, depreciation and cracks. You may have to re-grip the clubs but remember your price should go extra high while doing so.
  4. See if your set is consistent: Do all the club line up and see if you have the right set of clubs for you. You don’t need a concoction of different clubs from different sets.
  5. Compare the prices: Check out the prices of the newer models from the same line and find out if buying second hand is feasible for you or not.

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