Inflatable Jumpers for Toddlers—the Dangers


The inflatable bounce house for sale are like a trampoline but safer. They are structured to help give them a bit of safety and help prevent them from falling off them and getting hurt unlike what could happen if they were jumping on a regular trampoline.  Although these may be fun, there are some dangers that can be associated with them, especially if they are toddlers.


  • Falling—in a bouncy house part of the fun is bouncing and falling down but they can still get hurt. There have been reports of toddlers being injured or even killed in one of these types of houses.  If they accidentally fall and land incorrectly or another child in there falls or steps on them, the toddler can be injured with a broken bone, or bruises.  This is especially true if your child is in there with a child much older or larger than they are.  You should make sure that the children playing the house are similar in size and age.
  • Weather—always make sure that the bouncy house is secure but things can happen. All it takes is one big gust of air to rip it from the ground and send it airborne or tumbling over the ground.  High winds can also blow up dust and debris that can get into a child’s eyes.
  • Loss of air—you always need to make sure that the bouncer house maintains air because if they lose air a child could be at risk of suffocation. The plug of the fan gets pulled out, all the way or partially, can cause loss of air.  If the heavy material topples over on the toddle and covers them, it can cause suffocation.  The reason is that though the houses are made of plastic the material can be hard to move quickly to get it off them.  This can result in the child being suffocated.

Safety measures you can take

You can help to reduce the dangers of inflatable jumpers for toddlers being prepared and making sure that everything from set up to supervision is done correctly.  Some safety tips you can follow include:

  • Supervise your child when they are playing in the bouncer house. Never let them play unsupervised no matter their age.
  • Make sure that it is anchored securely
  • Do not let them play around the cord that connects the fan to the house
  • Make sure that the children in the bounce house are close in age or size. If not it is possible that a larger child could accidentally fall on a small child and cause injury.
  • Make sure that they are not trying fancy flips and such that could hurt them
  • Never use it on a windy day.

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