Is It Safe To Deposit To An Esports Betting Site With PayPal?


Ever since esports betting started gaining prominence in the gambling industry, bettors have been searching for easier, safer and faster methods to fund their betting accounts with. This became necessary because many pundits like placing in-play esport bets and they need a payment method that offers them an easy way of making deposits and a fast way of cashing out their winnings. 

Thankfully, PayPal has grown to fit the demand of every esport bettor around the globe. PayPal is one of the oldest and most popular payment systems in the world. It has been used by people all over to make online monetary transactions for both business and personal purposes. Many bettors prefer PayPal to other options because of its relatively low fees, guaranteed safety and ease of use. 

Whether you are a League of Legends enthusiast, a Dota 2 lover or a CS:GO addict, PayPal has got you covered. Instead of using debit or credit cards, PayPal provides bettors with the quickest and safest way of making deposits and withdrawals. With PayPal, you never have to reveal your personal information or financial details to make your deposits. eBetFinder has written a great piece on PayPal betting that gives you more relevant info. 

Why Is PayPal Such A Safe Method?

One of PayPal’s score points is its reputation to carry out safe online transactions. All payments processed by this brand are fully encrypted, making your withdrawals and deposits 100% secure. With just your email and password, you will be able to make your deposits with PayPal. You are not required to reveal any sensitive details like you have to when using debit cards to fund your esports account. This makes PayPal a lot safer. It provides you with an extra security layer other than that of your financial institution and the betting site. In Addition, PayPal has certain mechanisms that keep your regular funds separate from your betting budget, making it easier to keep your esports betting and online gambling responsible.

A Short History of PayPal 

The PayPal brand came into existence in 1998 and is one of the oldest payment options in the world. Although, it has witnessed numerous ownerships and branding, its core concept hasnever changed. If anything it has continued to improve, providing people (businessmen, bettors and so on) with the easiest way of making online money transfers.

The beginning of 2019 has seen the number of PayPal accounts and users increase to over 250 million around the world. Whether you are using PayPal to buy items on Amazon or Ebay; transferring funds to your family and friends; or using it for gambling purposes (betting on esports), it is evidently lucid that PayPal has evolved to become one of the most popular online payment methods in the world. 

One of PayPal’s greatest advantages is its ease of use. All you just have to do is to sign in to your PayPal account, link it with your esports betting site and you can start depositing and withdrawing funds without having to input any details every time you would like to make a transaction.

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