Smartest Details in Airsoft Guns


Before embarking on specific examples, we will ask ourselves some questions, always with a novice look, to guide the choice of a replica. You can visit for the best deal of variety here.

Electric, spring or gas?

First choice to make, the ball propulsion system. AEG, Spring or GBB? You do not know what to choose? It’s normal it’s still a little abstract. We’ll see in detail what these initials mean, the advantages and disadvantages of each propulsion system.

Operating principle of an gearbox

This type of replica uses an electrical system contained in a component called gearbox. They are powered by model batteries and more and more by Li-Po batteries (reduced price and increased battery life). They do not offer the feeling of recoil like a GBBr model. They are less expensive from a consumable point of view (battery vs gas) and offer a capacity of balls largely superior, up to 350 approximately.

The advantages for noobs:

  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Better accuracy and better rate
  • Works in all weather

The Issues:

  • Lack of realism
  • slight delays between the moment we press the trigger and the start of the ball
  • The automatic thrower GBBr ( Gas Blow-Back Riffle )

How a GBBr replica works

This type of replica works on the principle of a semi-automatic mechanism. A pressure on the trigger will trigger a percussion on a valve that will release a portion of the gas contained in a tank. The pressurized gas will propel the ball and return the cylinder head back and forward by means of a return spring. It is good to note that for the sake of realism, the charger of a GBBr has as many balls as a real one, in general, you have 30 balls in store. It will therefore recharge more often, it can complicate the approach for a novice.

The advantages for noobs:

  • Best realism
  • Better sensations

The disadvantages

  • More complicated maintenance level
  • Can fall in cold weather
  • Cost of consumables (gas)
  • Spring launcher (spring)

Spring models are more rarely recommended for beginners but they exist, just like the electric model the balls are ejected by a spring. The reloading is manual.

What replica model to start?

In all the jungle of the launchers, one can distinguish 4 big families of current replicas: M4, AK, MP5, G36. Each family has variations and variants, including bare models, with options or customized. Then we find SMG type machine guns like the O’Neil P90 in Stargate (and wow my mouth). In discussing the boss of Airsoft Operation, he told me that the M4 was the most popular replica family. They have an obvious practical aspect, with 4 RIS rails (Rail Interface System) they offer the possibility to add many options.

Choosing a replica of one of these families is sure to come across something that is proven (given the many retex available on the net and on YouTube). It will also be very easy to find spare parts and many compatible accessories.


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