The Perfection Of the Proper Playground Option



Opening a covered playground can be a great investment considering the growing demand from families of equipped areas where they can let their children play safely throughout the year. Also because recent studies have confirmed that around 92% of the activities related to the amusement of children and families is a winning result, and of this 92% 65% is growing.

But to open a playground in good standing it is necessary to know the procedure to follow so as to have no problems once it has been opened. So let’s see together, step by step, how you can start this fruitful activity: what permits will be needed, how you can get, and everything you need.

The First Steps To Open A Covered Playground

First of all, to open a successful playground, the first thing you need will be a capital to invest. Surely the best thing would be to be able to find trusted partners willing to undertake this new business. If you still have difficulty covering your expenses, you should go to a bank to get a loan. It will not be so difficult to obtain it if a good project based on concrete grounds for future gain is presented to the banking office.

In this regard it is possible to turn to a company expert in planning in the entertainment industry, which will carry out a feasibility study (aimed at examining the possible costs and profits deriving from the business, justifying the necessary investments), a business plan (to define the necessary investments and expected earnings, but also the type of amusement park, the operating method and the marketing plan) and a detailed organization of the playground (a description of the various specific attractions offered and any included services, such as for example restaurants, with the annexed visual design of the park with a scale model). For the 안전놀이터 this is important.

Obviously, turning to this type of company will have an additional cost that must be taken into account.

The Choice Of The Right Local To Open A Playground

In reality at the beginning it is not strictly necessary that the area chosen to open a covered playground is enormous. The ideal would be to start from a 150 square meter room upwards. After all it will be advisable to invest a lot also on the attractions that the playground will host, so it is advisable not to waste the entire capital for the purchase of the premises.

Turning to the technical characteristics of the shed or room, this must be at least 3 meters high. But if the idea is to open an inflatable playground, then it would be advisable for the height of the room to reach at least 5 meters, so as to be able to add inflatable slides with a greater height, attracting even older children.

Furthermore, as regards the structural requirements, the room must have a good amount of light, electrical and hydraulic systems in accordance with the law, be built in compliance with the architectural standards and have the numbers of services suitable for the size of the room. Let’s not forget the intended use, the room must be intended for commercial use.

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