The Top Golf Gambling Games Available Online 



Other than live betting on golf tournaments which are in progress, there are other golf gambling games which offer both excitement and an opportunity to win cash. Since the game of golf is a game which can either be played individually or as teams, online websites like have a number of games dedicated to golf which cater to the fancies of the wannabe golf punters.

Some of the top golf gambling games which are very popular today are:

  • Nassau: Originating in the Long Island, the $2 or the $5 game format is the most popular golf game available today for playing at popular online games websites. 
  • Pressing: This is a variation of the Nassau, and enables players or teams who are down by 2 holes to start a fresh bet which is equal in value to the original.
  • Skins: Second in popularity only to Nassau, this is a very flexible game in which the match play format is followed wherein the team or player that has the hole with the lowest score, wins all points or dollars that the hole has been allocated.
  • If 1 ties, everyone ties: When 2 players are at par and other players score less than them, points allocated to a hole get tied and its value get carried forward into the next game. But all participating players need to be in sync with each other.
  • Vegas: This is for the uber cool professional punter who has no fear of risking and losing everything. This daring game of golf has two teams competition in a unique manner with a very ingenious system for scoring holes. 
  • Wolf: Even though this game is as yet not very popular, playing it instils confidence among golf games players who can thus perform better under pressure.

There are many other different types of golf games available on online gaming websites. Thus it is possible for the gambler of online casinos, to never stop placing bets on golf.

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