Three Wheel Bowling Machine


A cricket bowling machine enables you to allow a batsman to coach, hone skills and overcome weakness in the particular shot by pitching the ball continuously in the certain length, line and speed.

Bowling machines have been in existence since plenty of years. These treadmills are a couple of wheeled bowling machines obtaining a simple technology.

They aren’t compatible for cricket balls and are widely-used to practice a specific shot with constant height, line and length.

Both of these wheeled cricket bowling machines haven’t altered significantly since their overview of cricket.

While using the advancement in technology nowadays two wheel machines can also be made compatible for leather cricket balls with random line, length and trajectory change obtaining a press button. These treadmills are available in market also.


I still identify the 2 wheeled bowling machine technology to obtain outdated after operating a 3 wheel Bowling machine in a single of my friend’s house.

Entering the facts it’s a 3 wheel bowling machine that may simulate just about all human bowling variations like googly, wrong united nations, ball which swings in which is from the pitch etc.,

This machine functions getting three wheels, not two, associated with pension transfer traditional bowling machines and works together cricket balls also.

Unlike other machines, this 3 wheel bowling machine has wheels with flexi buds that permit gripping of leather cricket balls to produce more/less revolutions within the ball as preferred.

Hence control of the spin and swing is much more giving greater precision on relieve the ball.

As being a player I strongly think that practicing obtaining a cricket ball within the bowling machine creates match feel.

The bounce simulation feature may be the usp during this bowling machine. It could extract or simulate low bounce and bounce deliveries. For example, you are able to simulate low bounce and bounce deliveries from various spots on a single pitch i.e. you may create Mohali pitch bounce in Rajasthan as being a reference pitch.

During this 3 wheel bowling machine the road, length and trajectory (height within the machine) may be altered very quickly while using the press of the mouse button.

Continuous difference in trajectory and line and length, changes the career of delivery to attain numerous variations. This provides an uncomfortable practice for the batsman.

This will make the batsman to obtain alert constantly and makes him prepared to face any unknown delivery.

This bowling machine may be operated with Acer tablet computer which really is easy to make use of. Everything you should do is select a delivery and run the command for the machine to create to the next delivery. The system instantly switches for that requested delivery and ejects the balls.

This computerized programming during this machine includes random delivery mode, niche and customised bowling variations aside from regular bowling.

You are able to program favorite worldwide player’s deliveries and fitness. (Ex: 10 wickets haul in the bowler or wicket taking deliveries)

“History” of balls performed at the time-to-day basis may be reviewed after numerous practice sessions.

Video may be previewed for every preset delivery prior to the ball is ejected in computerized mode.

It’s also digitalized with 1000 preset variations. You may also self-program a delivery as preferred.

Necessities such as highlights of the three wheel bowling machine which i’ve operated and practiced.

I must consider it as being as Bowling Robot compared to a bowling machine due to the Robotics technology incorporated there.

It is a wonderful experience facing this excellent three wheel bowling robot created by Leverage Sports Technologies INDIA.

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