How to select the best bicycle helmet for kids?


It is very necessary for the kids to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. It is the duty of the parents to teach their kids the practical significance of wearing comfortably a helmet before teaching them how to ride the bicycle. Just helmet is one of the websites that is providing a good quality of kids bicycle helmets. To choose the right kids bicycle helmet, keep in mind the following features that are basic and should be present in the best bicycle helmets for kids you choose.

  1. Construction of the helmet:

Bicycle helmets typically consist of two layers, the outer hard layer, and the inner soft layer. The outer hard layer distributes the force caused by an impact towards the borders so that the effect of the force can be minimized. On the other hand, the inner soft layer absorbs the remaining force so that less force transmits to the head. The inner softer layer additionally provides comfort to the head and grip.

  1. Chin strap:

The chin strap helps the bicycle helmet to keep it in place. The chin strap should be easy to lock and unlock. It should not be so tight that your kid feels irritated and cannot be able to focus on riding the bike. Many bicycle helmets come with cushioned guard under the chin strap. These kinds of chin strapped helmets are more comfortable and fulfill their duty of protection at the same time.

  1. Size of the helmet:

The bicycle helmet should be 1 inch above the eyebrow and covers the full head of your kid to give the maximum protection to your kid. On the other hand, the bicycle helmet should be light in weight.

  1. Ventilation:

The bicycle helmet should provide good ventilation so that the kid doesn’t distract and irritate from the sweat and can focus and enjoy riding on the bicycle.

  1. Visor:

The visor protects the eyes from the burning sun. Most of the helmets have built-in or clip-on visor to protect the eyes from the negative effect of the burning sun. The visor adds a bit of weight to the bicycle helmet, so you should keep this reason, in mind and go for the light bicycle helmet in weight with the visor.

  1. Multi-directional Impact Protection System technology:

This technology provides further protection to the head. This technology supports the head from the rotational forces that inevitably occur during a destructive impact. It has an inner plastic cage attached to the inner soft layer of the bicycle helmet. This cage rotates around the head when you inevitably encounter a harsh impact while rotating it severely reduces the rotational force that transmits to the sensitive brain.

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