Betting on Sports in Korea or Where to Go If You Can’t


Currently, Toto site is the most popular sports lottery website in Korea. Sports betting are developing rapidly in line with the development of the mobile Internet, which is vertically rising. Thanks to it easy-to-use betting and convenience, current games provide a lot of fun for its users with various games as well as quick results.

In the past

This is contrary to the environment of the past. There is a situation in today’s world where you can enjoy sport Toto site anytime and anywhere online. But, the development of this age has not only created good conditions for the culture of sports betting. On average, hundreds and hundred of billions of bets everyday traded on several Sports Toto sites, and many sports. Toto sites do not implement “safe and honest transactions” that are necessary for a healthy betting culture.

South Korea

In South Korea there are multiple choices for sports betting. Sports Proto (fixed odds) and Sports Toto (pari-mutuel betting) are 2 local companies taking bets on soccer, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball and golf.

Other options

Another option in betting online that is possible by using websites that are licensed and legal in foreign countries. These internet sites usually have odds that are better on most markets. There are two selections on betting on the internet. Asian bookies that support the Korean language, and South Korean accounts that accept won (KRW) and accept bank transfers with no fees. You can register a new account then click on live chat to ask the operator for banking details. Then transfer money by online transfer. If you only bet on soccer (football) Asian bookies are good choices as baseball is covered also.

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