Get in touch with game directors and scouts via the messaging system


More than 10,000 professionals to take a chance on the exchange market. Start exploring negotiations using our professional messaging system. We are here to connect professionals in the football field.

Player agents, scouts and game directors have already converted 500,000 messages.

Join this network!

Want to buy a new player for your team?

Set your search parameters like maximum market value, salary range, stock and a country of birth and submit your request to our site.

Agents, other clubs or players will send you a list of candidates, which you can then analyze.

Find a new team for your players

The Transfer Zone allows you to place unwanted players on the market and negotiate with interested clubs, in addition to player search.

Enter your player’s number parameters and find clubs interested in buying him.

Make promotional videos in a few minutes

Select clips from your players’ best sporting events: create promotional playlists and send them to anyone interested in your players.

Create and Draw the Best Playlist: Save Online Playlists with Powerful Infographics in Minutes.

Save time on video production

The Wiscoad tool for online editing allows you to create playlists directly from our online site. You can instantly compose every clip you want to use, without having to download it.

Your playlists are readily available online and ready to be shared. You also save time uploading!

With our integrated workflow you can save up to 300% of your time on video production!

Draw directly on the frames

You can add tactics, maps and charts to any clip from the playlist you work with. All of these things can be done online conveniently using a freeze-frame from the clip.

The Wisecut Drawing Tool allows you to…

For example, show offline lines and ball routes quickly

Highlight areas of the field

Highlight specific players

Otherwise you can enter the names of the players selected directly from the database.

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