Smartest Choices in the Right Professional Sports


It can be one or more operators, depending on the amount of cameras used. This professional is responsible for choosing the best angle and the best way to register the event. He works in conjunction with the cutting director through a device called an intercom. Thus, the director can talk to all operators at the same time, give framing commands and tell which image is in the air. With the MLB중계 this is the best deal now.

Streaming technician

It is the person who places the image and audio selected by the cutting director on the live streaming platform, redistributes the transmission on the desired sites and monitors the internet and data server so that the transmission is stable.

It’s time to put the transmission in the air

Before making the transmission, it is worth mentioning the importance of conducting a technical visit with the on-site production team. This way, professionals can check issues like structure and lighting and do some testing so that there are no errors in the day.

Crossed out all the checklist items and already know how to broadcast live professionally? So get ready to go live. As you can see, doing a professional live involves many more factors than just mobile phone transmission. If you do not have the time and money to follow all the steps, buy equipment and hire a team, the best choice is to opt for a specialized live streaming service.

The treasurers of the sports federations know it well. A goal more or less, a feat or otherwise a performance of the national champion, and all their accounting can be transformed.

At the hit parade of the most fit sports, the prize goes to rugby, whose numbers have exploded. According to an unofficial study of the National Olympic Committee (NOC), the Rugby Federation registered 413,000 members in 2011, an increase of 13% over the previous year. The World Cup of Blues has passed by.

Two mastodons in small form

Despite its high visibility and the omnipresence of its champions in advertising campaigns, rugby remains a minor sport in number of licensees since it is in eighth position , far from the two behemoths that are football and tennis, only disciplines to exceed one million. These two heavyweights had a bad year in 2011.

Football, which has been steadily declining for the past five years, dropped below 2 million in 2011. The image of the sport is increasingly associated with financial drifts, violence in the stadiums, the behavior of internationals at the World Cup in South Africa and the mixed results of the team of France.

Tennis also saw a drop in attendance in 2011, despite a brilliant end of year 2010 (final of the Davis Cup) and the presence of locomotives like Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or Gael Monfils, popular with the public. The case is all the more curious as the leaders of the Tennis Federation announce, meanwhile, very good prospects in 2012.

Basketball and handball powered

Two other group sports are propelled big winners of the year behind rugby, according to the NOC’s study: basketball and handball. In both cases, the cocktail is the same: some friendly Blue (Joakim Noah for basketball or Claude Onesta for handball) and good results for teams in France. The example of handball is speaking. Starting from 180,000 in 1992 (year of the bronze medal of the French at the Barcelona Games), the number of licensees exceeds in 2011 the 440,000, with a sharp increase in women’s practice, linked to the good performance of the Bleues, vice- World Champions in 2011.

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