What Are Power Pedestals And Do You Need Them? 


Boaters are simple people, but let’s not mistake this simplicity for something else. Just like anyone else they appreciate the finer things in life, otherwise they wouldn’t have a boat. Yes, they love to spend time on the docks but this doesn’t mean that the dock has to look like a pile of wood leaning up against the shore with ropes, hoses and electrical cables hanging out of every crevice and corner. Boaters have become accustomed to seeing an old boat dock and the wood post with cables hanging from it to offer power to boats. These old power posts are ugly and make the dock look old and worn. As a marina owner, you need to watch out for these small details, or risk having your boat owners become fed up with the way your marina looks and go out and find a new marina. Part of the problem are the old power boxes attached to wood posts. They make the mirena look old and dilapidated. Aside from this, those power box posts are unsafe and could create a fire hazard.

This way of doing business is not very productive and creates an unprofessional environment. In the end, not doing anything to replace those old power posts could cost you much more in the long term, and could even at some point, damage the marina itself.

Whether you own a marina or even just a private dock, the solution may be to invest in new power stations. These are power units that meet the needs of both commercial and small boat shore power applications. The designs are both functional and attractive but what really makes these power columns a great value is that they’re tough enough to endure severe weather conditions and they keep the Marina looking clean, organized and modern.

Turn key power colum units provide a storage area for all of the electrical equipment for docks.

Power Units

The classic style unit stores all of the important electrical components but makes them easily accessible to boaters. All you have to do is remove the panel. If there is something wrong with the electrical cabling, an electrician can easily access all installations and cables by loosening the screws. 

By using a pedestal all the electrical components are sealed with copper on the screws. The copper serves as an electrical conductor to allow for better flow of electricity. There is an additional safety factor in that all the screws and bolts are made of stainless steel and nylon washers are used between the metal parts to keep corrosion from affecting the bolts.

Why Invest in Marina Pedestals?

When a potential customer comes to see a marina, they want to see a luxurious environment. This is a home away from home for them, a place where their precious boat is stored. They want to see a place that is fun to be, a place to spend the weekend enjoying the outdoors. As such, the place where they keep their boats needs to be attractive, clean and usable. Boaters will choose a marina just as they choose a car, a home or neighborhood to live in. Your potential customers want to see that this is a relaxing place they will enjoy coming to visit. Marine power unit pedestals are an important part of creating this atmosphere and environment that looks safe and inviting. 


A power pedestal adds to the services offered by your marina. It offers an attractive appearance and creates an atmosphere of luxury and quality. This makes it more inviting and more likely for customers to select your marina as a destination of choice. Don’t underestimate the power of persuasion, and an attractive marina will visually persuade your potential customers.


The safety of a boat is a shared responsibility, between your marina and the boat owner. Marina pedestals make the marina safer and offer a single place to store all the components needed to power the boats. Pedestals are UL compliant and meet industry standards, and the design makes it easy for boaters to hook up while keeping the dock cord-free and clean. It is an environment that gives boaters and customers peace of mind. Of course you also want to keep in mind that having these units installed could also reduce your insurance premiums. We have to admit that the use of power pedestals has a number of advantages and the biggest of these is that your mirena could increase sales and save money at the end of the day.


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