BodEBall – The Ball of the Future


Important Insights About BodEBall

BodEBall is a multipurpose ball that provides additional fun to different games. It is almost the size of the standard Racquetball, which makes it perfect for various sporting activities. The ball responds to hits with different lights, allowing players to know how they are playing, either hard or soft. Also, BodEball is the Official Game Ball of BodEball.

Whenever you are watching baseball or football, visualize what individuals like you will be watching in the future. Let say about one hundred or two hundred years to come. Two hundred years back, Baseball was not a sport that people were familiar with. Basketball and football were not even something to think about at that time. Even though these sports may appear interlaced with our lives, they are new in the Human Timeline and incredibly new in Cosmic Timeline. We can agree that sports are continually evolving, the old is quickly giving space to the new way, and for you to remain relevant, you have to think critically.

BodEBall was designed to move sports a step higher. BodEBall has a mission, which emphasizes on innovation and fun as formidable forces in the growth of mind-blowing activities and games. We are certain that lovers of sports are going to adore what we have been able to develop. From gamers to sports enthusiasts to athletes to dancers to teens to office workers to content creators to kids and above. Individuals all over the globe will like BodEBall and its flashing and bright colors.

How it operates

BodEBall plays a significant role in lighting up the game with various colors. A single bounce makes BodEball turn into a neon blue color. In case of a soft hit, the ball turns into a neon green color, which lasts in half a second. On the other hand, a hard hit turns the ball into a red glow. Hits that are extremely hard register a reward of bright white glow. Individuals involved in the game can compete to keep up their hit strength, regardless of whether it is a competition to light up the ball either red or green for whatever length of time that they can.

Ideal for everyone

The most entertaining thing concerning BodEball is that the whole group can be included. You can mobilize your friends for a night to have fun or welcome some of your family members to have a feel of the new game. BodEBall is a game, which enables anybody to feel like a part of the gaming activity. The adaptable size makes it extraordinary for playing catch, paddleball, handball, racquetball, or another game that you cherish. The whole family can be part of this game, or children can invite their friends for ordinary games. BodEball doesn’t have an age limit; it was designed to bring everyone on board. It can be played by adults, kids, sports enthusiasts, athletes, college students, handball players, competitive individuals, paddleball and racquetball players. The game is also ideal for people who are in search of alternative workouts.

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