The Challenging Times for NAC Breda



NAC was known to be the highest level playing team after the World War II. It was the year of 1949 when the chairman of Honor C.J. Asselbergs died who was present at the foundation of NAC. In the year 1954, football was introduced in Netherlands professionally where new champions and completions were introduced at the international level. NAC entered the league of 1A in 1955 and became the champions of the same. When the championship ended, NAC won the second place after Willem II Tilburg, which was the biggest competitor of NAC. 

Match 14, 1960 was one of the darkest evenings for NAC as Antoon ‘De Rat’ Verlegh died in a car accident on the same day. He was known to be one of the most important players of Dutch football. He was involved in major segments of the games including financial discussions. He played an important role in the Royal Dutch Football Association. 60s were quite tough when it comes to NAC football club. TNAC lost Chairman Jacques Piederiet and Le Fevre. As a matter of fact, in 1964-1965, NAC was relegated for the first time in their history. 

The relegation defined the complete reconstruction of the club management. The board already resigned by then and NAC was intending to return back to the highest level championships. It was realized a year later when NAC entered the highest level again and qualified for KNVB cup, where they lost against AFC Ajax. However, the club was allowed to play for UEFA Cup. In this championship, NAC managed to reach the second round after defeating Floriana FC. However, NAC then lost to Cardiff City in the followed rounds. 

NAC witnessed heavy struggles after relegation including the financial debts, although they remained to the highest football level team in Netherlands. Another benchmark in the history of NAC was played on May 31, 1973 when won the KNVB cup’s final against NEC Nijmegen. They won the match in front of 25,000 Breda locals and managed to regain their trust again, especially Marcel Van Hoojidonk who is a real estate tycoon and one of the followers of NAC. 


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